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UnixWare Frequently Asked Questions (Overview)

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UnixWare Frequently Asked Questions (Overview)


This is the Overview section of the UnixWare Frequently Asked Questions file
maintained on the Internet for the Usenet newsgroup comp.unix.unixware.misc.
Its maintainer is Andrew Josey (andrew(at) Suggestions
and contributions are always welcome.

This document and the other FAQ files may be found on the world wide web at

This document may also be obtained by anonymous ftp from the freebird
archive at


Small print: This file is Copyright 1997-1998 Permission is
granted for copying for non-commercial use. Many proper names of companies
and software mentioned in these files are trademarks of their respective
owners. All views are those of the individual contributors and not of their

This article is posted monthly around the middle of the month.

The FAQ is divided into the following categories:

* (O) Overview, this document describing other documents which compose the
      total UnixWare FAQ and pointers to other UnixWare resources.
* (D) Developer, for items of interest to software developers/programmers
* (A) Autoconfiguration, describing use of the Device Configuration Utility(DCU)
* (M) Mailsurr, describing the  Email system
* (T) Troubleshooting, describing UnixWare 2.x installation and miscellaneous topics
* (G) General, for items of nonspecific interest
* (N) How to setup Networking.
* (U) UnixWare 7 specific qustions.

A Meta FAQ is now available - see

(The following are now looking a bit dated and could do with
an update)

* (U) User, for items of interest to general users
* (S) SysAdmin, for items of interest to UnixWare system administrators

Each of these category is now a separate file; together, along with this
overview, they are the UnixWare FAQ. They are posted to the Internet
newsgroups  comp.unix.unixware.misc and comp.unix.unixware.announce, and
related groups, including  and , roughly once a
month. Readers of these files with access to the Internet should be able
to find them archived in the  archive at and
available by anonymous ftp Its location is:



This section gives pointers to other UnixWare and UNIX system resources.
Suggestions and contributions to be added to this section
are always welcome.

O1) Where can I get  Freeware and shareware for UnixWare?
O2) Where can I get Information on setting up Internet Services on UnixWare?
O3) What is PDF and where can I get a PDF viewer for UnixWare?
O4) Where is the comp.unix.unixware.misc news archive?
O5) Where can I find the official UNIX system manual pages?
O6) Where can I find SCO Documentation?
O7) Where can I find links to other UNIX system resources?

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