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Section - 8. London Underground Facts and Figures

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Average Train Speeds:

Average scheduled train speed (including station stops) 33 kmh (20.6 


The main depots on each Underground Line are:

Bakerloo                        Stonebridge Park 
Central                         West Ruislip/Hainault 
District [1]                    Ealing Common/Upminster 
East London                     New Cross 
Hammersmith & City and Circle   Hammersmith 
Jubilee                         Stratford Market
Metropolitan                    Neasden 
Northern                        Golders Green/Morden 
Piccadilly                      Northfields/Cockfosters 
Victoria                        Northumberland Park 
Waterloo & City                 Waterloo 

[1] The Wimbledon - Edgware Road District Line service operates from 
Hammersmith depot as it uses the same stock as the H&C and Circle 

Other depots/sidings:

Bakerloo                        Queen's Park
                                London Road, Lambeth
                                Elephant & Castle
                                Harrow & Wealdstone
Central                         White City
                                Newbury Park
District                        Parsons Green
                                Ealing Broadway
                                Putney Bridge
Hammersmith & City and Circle   Barking
                                Edgware Road
                                Parsons Green
                                Triangle Sidings (between Earl's Court &
                                High St Kensington)
Jubilee                         Stanmore
                                Willesden Green
                                Wembley Park
                                West Hampstead
Metropolitan                    Uxbridge
                                Wembley Park
                                Rayners Lane
Northern                        Highgate
                                High Barnet
Piccadilly                      Acton Town
                                Down Street
                                Acton Town
                                Rayners Lane
                                Arnos Grove
                                South Harrow
Victoria                        Walthamstow Central

Maximum depth below mean sea level 
Northern Line, just south of Waterloo station  21.3m (70ft) 

Maximum depths below ground level 
Deep-level tube lines 
Northern Line, Holly Bush Hill, Hampstead  67.4m (221ft) 

Sub-surface cut & cover lines 
East London Line, Wapping  18.29m (60ft) 

Average depths below ground level 
Deep level tube lines 24.4m (80ft) 
Sub-surface cut & cover lines 7.3m (24ft) 

Deepest station  
Hampstead 58.5m (192ft) below ground level

Most distant places served Approximate distances from central London 
                           km miles 
(north) Epping             29 18 
(south) Morden             16 10 
(east)  Upminster          29 18 
(west)  Amersham           43 27 

Length of route run over 
392 km (243 miles)

Length of route owned/managed 
                        km miles
Single lines            14     9 
Double lines           342   213 
Triple lines             5     3 
Quadruple lines & over  30    19 
Totals                 391   244 

Length of route in tunnel 
sub-surface cut & cover  32   20 
deep level tube         139   86 
Totals                  171  106 

Proportion of total route in tunnel 42% 

[Editors Note: The above figures are taken directly from the London 
Transport website. Please direct any errors in their direction.]

Longest continuous tunnel 
Northern Line, East Finchley to Morden (via Bank) 27.8km (17.4 miles)

Longest journey without change 
Central Line, West Ruislip to Epping  54.9km (34.3 miles)

Longest distance between stations 
Metropolitan Line, Chesham to Chalfont & Latimer 6.26km (3.91 miles)

Shortest distance between stations 
Piccadilly Line, Leicester Square to Covent Garden 0.26km (0.16 miles)

Electricity Supply:
Number of traction substations 115 

Substations output voltage 630v DC 
Nominal track voltage 630v DC 

On sections served exclusively by London Underground trains, this is 

Centre Conductor : -210v
Outside Conductor : +420v

On sections shared with Railtrack 3rd rail stock, the fourth rail is 
bonded to the running rails and is, therefore, at 0v, with the outside 
conductor rail at +630v.  

Highest point above mean sea level 
Metropolitan Line, beyond Amersham Station 150m (492ft) 

Highest station above mean sea level 
Amersham 147m (482ft) 

Greatest elevation from ground level 
Northern Line, Dollis Brook viaduct, over Dollis Road, Mill Hill 18m 

Number of escalators 303 (417 with Jubilee Line Extension)

Station with the most escalators: Bank 15 (plus two sloped moving 

Longest escalator: Angel 60m (197ft) with a vertical rise of 27.5m 

Shortest escalator: Chancery Lane Station, 9.1m (30ft) with a vertical 
rise of 4.6m (15ft)  

Number of lifts: 64

Deepest lift shaft: Hampstead 55.2m (181ft) 

Shortest lift shaft: Chalk Farm 9.3m (30.5ft) 


The Bakerloo Line is 22.5 km (14 miles) in length and serves 25 
stations between Elephant and Castle & Harrow and Wealdstone. The line 
carried 84 million passengers in 1996.   

The Central Line is 74 km (46 miles) in length and serves 49 stations 
between Ealing Broadway or West Ruislip and Woodford (via Hainault) or 
Epping. The line carried 156 million passengers in 1996.  

Circle Line trains run over a combination of the central sections of 
the Hammersmith & City and District Lines. The line is 21 km (13 miles) 
in length and serves 27 stations, connecting most of London's main line 
railway termini. The line carried 67 million passengers in 1996.   

The District Line is 64 km (40 miles) in length and serves 60 stations 
between Upminster and Ealing Broadway, Richmond or Wimbledon, with 
other branches to Edgware Road and Olympia. The line carried 181 
million passengers in 1996.   

East London 
The East London Line is eight km (five miles) in length and serves 
seven stations (eight in peak periods) between Whitechapel (Shoreditch 
in peak periods and on Sunday mornings) and New Cross or New Cross 
Gate. Hammersmith & City The Hammersmith & City Line is 26.5km (16.5 
miles) in length, and serves 28 stations between Hammersmith and 
Barking. The line carried 43 million passengers in 1996.   

The Jubilee Line is 22.5 km (14 miles) in length and serves 17 stations 
between Stanmore and Charing Cross. A 16 km (ten-mile) extension from 
Green Park to Stratford is currently under construction and is due to 
open in 1999, increasing the number of stations served to 27. Once the 
extension opens, the line between Green Park and Charing Cross will be 
semi-retired for emergency use and special events only. The line 
carried 59 million passengers in 1996.   

The Metropolitan Line is 67 km (42 miles) in length and serves 34 
stations between Aldgate and Amersham, with branches to Chesham, 
Watford and Uxbridge. The line carried 54 million passengers in 1996. 
This is the only Underground line with Local, Semi-Fast and Fast 

The Northern Line is 58 km (36 miles) in length and runs between Morden 
and Edgware, Mill Hill East or High Barnet, with two central London 
branches via Bank or Charing Cross. The line carried 184 million 
passengers in 1996.  

The Piccadilly Line is 71 km (44.4 miles) in length and serves 52 
stations between Cockfosters and Heathrow or Uxbridge. The line carried 
174 million passengers in 1996.   

The Victoria Line is 21 km (13.1 miles) in length and serves 16 
stations between Walthamstow Central and Brixton. The line carried 174 
million passengers in 1996.   

Waterloo & City 
The Waterloo & City Line is 2.25 km (1.4 miles) in length and links 
Waterloo and Bank, with no intermediate stations. The line became the 
responsibility of London Underground in 1994. The line carried 12 
million passengers in 1996.   

Passenger journeys in 1995/96  784 million 
Passenger kilometres in 1995/96 6,337 million 

Number of drainage pumps 700 pumps at 400 sites 

Rolling Stock:
Number of cars in the fleet 3,988 
Surface stock 1,179 
Tube stock 2,809 

Served 267 
Managed 246 

Busiest stations (passengers starting/ending journeys or changing 
between lines)  
Victoria 86 million 
Oxford Circus 85 million 
King's Cross St. Pancras 69 million 
Liverpool Street 44 million 
Baker Street 43 million 

Stations with the most platforms: 

Baker Street 10 
4 Metropolitan Line (1-4)
2 Hammersmith & City and Circle Lines (5/6)
2 Bakerloo Line (7/8)
2 Jubilee Line (9/10)

Bank/Monument 10
2 District and Circle Lines (1/2)
2 Northern Line (3/4)
2 Central Line (5/6)
2 Waterloo & City (7/8)
2 Docklands Light Railway (9/10)

Station Car Parks
Number of stations with car parks 65 
Car parking spaces 11,400 
Largest car park, Epping 599 spaces

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foster foster-spragge
Hello I have Two questions, do you know the vertical height of each step on an escalator? and do you also know the 5 oldest escalators on the London Underground? Please Thank you Foster
Christy Fleming
The central line runs under my house my postcode is ig27by . What I would like to know is what is the distance from ground level to the tube tunnel below my house? Thank you

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