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Archive-name: uk/theatre-faq
Disclaimer: Approval for *.answers is based on form, not content.
Posting-frequency: bi-monthly
Last-modified: April 16, 2001
Version: 2.05
Copyright: (c) 1999-2001 Jeremy McNeill
Maintainer: Jezza <>

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the newsgroup

About this FAQ
This FAQ has been compiled by Jezza (Jeremy McNeill) to whom
suggestions may be mailed.  It may also be appropriate to post
suggestions for this FAQ in the newsgroup
Thanks also to Blade Runner, David Lewis, Andy Broomsgove for
their suggestions. 

The URL for this FAQ at will be
posted bi-monthly in the newsgroup

A text only version is available at
I'll do my best to update it as quickly as possible when (and if)
people send me more information or I notice something relevant in

An archive of postings to is available.
Part 1 (upto Mar 24th 2000) at - 183 kb
Part 2 (Mar 27th 2000 - September 14th 2000) at - 519 kb
Part 3 (September 15th 2000 - November 7th 2000) at - 212 kb
Part 4 (November 9th 2000 - April 16th 2001) at - 503 kb

Changes from version 2.04 - addition of link to archive Part 4 (ukcat004.txt) and
updating of web site links list
Changes from version 2.03 - revision of wording in section 1.4
Changes from version 2.02 - addition of link to archive Part 3 (ukcat003.txt)
Changes from version 2.01 - addition of link to archive Part 2 (ukcat002.txt) and
updating of web site links list
Changes from version 2.0 - addition of link to archive Part 1 (ukcat001.txt)

1.1: Legal Stuff

1.1.1: This document, hereafter known as
the FAQ, is copyrighted by Jeremy McNeill (Jezza). All rights
reserved unless expressly hereafter waived. The author's moral
rights are asserted.

1.1.2: Any person may post the FAQ complete
(including this section complete) to any usenet newsgroup in
which theatre is usually discussed.

1.1.3: Any person may post extracts from
section 1 of the FAQ and all sections thereafter, or e-mail such
extracts to any person, provided that the source of said extracts
is acknowledged as the FAQ.

1.1.4: The FAQ is published for recreational use and enjoyment
only. Any person who relies on any statement herein, or within
any site to which a link appears in the FAQ, does so solely at
his/her own risk. All liability (whether by statute, in tort, or
however arising, and whether or not by the negligence of any
person) on the part of the author or any contributor to the FAQ,
is hereby excluded.

1.2: What is is the main news group for discussing
theatre from a UK perspective.
The news group was proposed by Jezza:

1.3: Where is the charter?
The charter can be seen in full at
but there are really only a few essential points to observe which

Advertising is forbidden, with these exceptions: Suppliers
of goods and services relevant to professional and amateur
theatre in the UK may post, not more than once every 3 months,
an invitation of four lines or fewer, to visit their web site or
request details. The subject line should begin "ADVERT: ", except
vacancy adverts, when it should begin "JOB ":, or if relevant

Binaries are not permitted but you can post binaries to a binary
or (even better) on a web page and post the URL to ukcat.

Post in plain text only, not HTML or RTF.  Find out how to do
this at

1.4: What is regarded as on topic in
Anything to do with theatre!  This can include discussion of
theatre in other countries from a UK perspective.  Professionals,
amateurs, playgoers welcome.  It is a news group and it belongs
to the users.  Group was created on September 2 1999.
Please note that posting adverts for local productions is
probably not very effective as readers of the group could be
anywhere in the world!  It would most likely be more efficient to
post such adverts (but only if permitted by charter!) in your
uk.local newsgroup.
There are other theatre newsgroups in other languages, (listed
below at 1.7).

1.5: How do I avoid being flamed?
You will not get flamed unless:

(a) you deserve it
(b) you post to the group
(c) you can take it
(d) you post to the group
(e) you post questions such as: I've got to do an essay on
Shakespeare as a playwright.  Can anyone help?  Is he any good?
(f) you ask how to make a telephone ring on stage! [Hint go to FAQ  -- for the answer]

1.6: Do you know of any good newsreaders (free), that I can
Free Agent at

1.7: Beside, what other theatre news
groups are there?

English language newsgroups
alt.acting - International acting newsgroup - Australian newsgroup - Miscellaneous international discussion - Musicals - Plays - Stage Management, design, lighting,

Foreign language newsgroups - Chinese newsgroup - Dutch newsgroup - French newsgroup - German newsgroup - North German newsgroup
it.arti.teatro - Italian newsgroup
pl.hum.teatr - Polish newsgroup
es.soc.cultura.teatro - Spanish newsgroup

1.8: OK, I give up. What is the preferred
and accepted Netiquette on ukcat? (Or any part of usenet?)
It's ever so simple really:

a) Always post at the bottom of the message to which you are

b) Clip any part of the quoted message that isn't relevant to
your post, (especially the sig unless you have some comment to
make about it).

c) Having made a note of (b) you must also remember that posting
a reply without quoting any of the message to which you're
replying is a
heinous crime.

It really just takes a bit of common sense. Make your post as if
someone was reading the thread for the first time. Will that
person be able to understand to whom you are replying and the
point you are trying to make?

1.9: Useful urls for those interested in theatre

Albermarle London Theatre Guide  --

AmDram - Amateur Theatre UK  --

Arts Council of Great Britain --

Arts Info  --

Association of British Theatre Technicians  --

Association of Lighting Designers  --

Association of Professional Theatre for children and young people

British Actor's Equity  --

British Theatre  --

The Clowning Register  --

Circus, Theatre & Music Hall Families page  --

Conference of Drama Schools  --

Directors' Guild of Great Britain  --

Entertainment Artistes Benevolent Fund  --

Samuel French  --

Glossary of Technical Theatre Terms  --

Independent Theatre Council  --

International Centre for Women Playwrights  -- 

Internet Resources for Theatre & Performance Studies  --

NODA North West  --

National Association of Youth Theatres  --

National Council for Drama Training  --

Production Services Association  --

PLASA (Professional Lighting and Sound Association)  --

The Puppetry Homepage  -- FAQ - Part One -- FAQ - Part Two -- FAQ - Part Three -- FAQ  --

Rogues and Vagabonds resources links  --

Rose Bruford's Unofficial Information page  --

The School Show Page  --

Scene 4 Magazine  --

Script layout advice from Yorkshire Playwrights  --

Shakespeare Online  --

Society of British Theatre Designers  --

The Spotlight  --

The Stage  --

UK Stage Management web site --

Stagespecs Online --

UK Actor's Register  --

UK Theatre Web  --

What's on Stage  --

Individual company and theatre links are not listed above as they
can be found by using the links above and internet search
engines.  Please send details of broken or other useful links to

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