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FAQ Part II: Composers and Frequently discussed musicals

# = new or significantly revised

       6.1.1 Shows to Date
       6.1.2 Current Projects
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       6.1.4 Miss Saigon Magazine
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   7.1 CHESS versions/recordings [ELN]
   7.3 CARRIE [AK]

   8.1 Michael Ball [RS]
   8.2 Sarah Brightman [SP]
   8.3 Michael Crawford [SP]
   8.4 Frances Rufelle [SP]
   8.5 Lea Salonga [SP]
       8.5.1 Is that *really* Lea Salonga posting to the Internet?
   8.6 Colm Wilkinson [LJ]
   8.7 Julie Andrews [HG]
   8.8 Anthony Warlow [LW]     
** 6. COMPOSERS  ********************************************************

For foreign recordings, try Footlight or Dress Circle (see section 4.1)

Symbols for the Recordings Listings:

*  = show
>  = audio recording (running time) - label, if known
V> = video
B> = book



LA REVOLUTION FRANCAISE - Boublil and Schonberg's first musical,
    produced in the early 1970's.  Very rock beat and completely in
    French.  About the French Revolution.  Even has Schonberg in a 
    singing role.

LES MISERABLES (1985) - Musicalization of the Victor Hugo novel.  Won
    the Tony Award for best musical in 1987.
  >>There is a mailing list, les-miserables, for discussion of this
  >>musical.  See section of the FAQ for more details.
  >>There are some LES MISERABLES-related files from Cameron
  >>Mackintosh's management company; they are located at:

MISS SAIGON (1989) - Madame Butterfly-type story taking place during
    and after the Vietnam War.  Nominated for best musical Tony Award in
  >>There is a mailing list, miss-saigon, for discussion of this musical.
  >>See section of the FAQ for more details.
  >>There are some MISS SAIGON-related files from Cameron
  >>Mackintosh's management company; they are located at:


Boublil/Schonberg are currently working on a musical version of the
movie THE RETURN OF MARTIN GUERRE (recently remade as SOMMERSBY).
Cameron Mackintosh will produce, with an opening scheduled for spring
or summer 1996 in London.  No cast has been announced but the director
will be Declan Donnellan and the designer Nick Ormerod.  The
Boublil/Schonberg production is not to be confused with MARTIN GUERRE,
the Ames/Harrington musical produced at Hartford Stage in 1993
starring Patrick Cassidy and Judy Kuhn, or THE HOUSE OF MARTIN GUERRE
a musical produced in Toronto in the spring of 1993.

WALL, BIRDY] was initially chosen by Cameron Mackintosh to direct the
movie for Tristar Pictures.  Parker pulled out, as did two subsequent
directors: Bruce Beresford [DRIVING MISS DAISY, BLACK ROBE] and Richard
Attenborough [GANDHI, A CHORUS LINE - THE MOVIE].  The current credits
are as follows: David Matalon (exec. producer), Cameron Mackintosh
(producer), Chris Kenny (co-producer), Alain Boublil and Claude-Michel
Schonberg (screenplay, music, lyrics), Herbert Kretzmer (English 
lyrics), and John Napier (production designer).  Mackintosh is still
planning on making a movie once an appropriate director is signed.



>Original French Cast - First Night


>Original 1980 French Concept Album (90 min.) - First Night
   - Before this was the musical as it is known now.  Much more rock/disco 
     with some different music and extra characters. 
>London Cast Recording (100) - First Night
   - First english production.  Contains "Little People" and "I Saw Him
     Once' which were cut for the Broadway version.
   - Cast: Colm Wilkinson    Valjean
           Roger Allum       Javert
           Patti LuPone      Fantine
           Michael Ball      Marius
           Rebeccah Caine    Cosette
           Frances Ruffelle  Eponine
           David Burt        Enjolras
>Broadway Cast Recording (100) - Geffen
   - Production as it is now.  Includes Tony Award Winners Frances Ruffelle 
     and Michael Maguire.  Won Grammy Award as well.
   - Cast: Colm Wilkinson    Valjean
           Terrence Mann     Javert
           Randy Graff       Fantine
           David Bryant      Marius
           Judy Kuhn         Cosette
           Frances Ruffelle  Eponine
           Michael Maguire   Enjolras
>Symphonic Recording (165) - First Night
   - This is the only recording of the entire show.  Cast members come
     from different productions from all over the world including London, 
     New York, Sydney, Los Angeles and Tokyo.  Won Grammy.
   - Cast: Gary Morris       Valjean    New York
           Phillip Quast     Javert     Sydney
           Debbie Byrne      Fantine    Sydney
           Michael Ball      Marius     London
           Tracy Shayne      Cosette    New York
           Kaho Shimada      Eponine    Tokyo
           Anthony Warlow    Enjolras   Sydney
>Hungarian Cast (60)
>Austrian Cast (100)
>Israeli Cast (45)
>Japanese Single
   - 2 songs:  "On My Own" sung by Kaho Shimada and "Do You Hear the 
     People Sing"
>Japanese Cast--Kaga or red version (140)
   - Recorded live, and has almost the entire show
>Japanese Cast--Takita or blue version (140)
   - Recorded live, and has almost the entire show
>Swedish Cast (70)
>Manchester Cast Highlights
   - Cast: Ria Jones         Fantine
           Philip Quast      Javert
           Meredith Braun    Eponine
           Jeff Leyton       Valjean
           Mike Sterling     Marius
   - 5 songs: "I Dreamed a Dream", "Stars", "On My Own", "Bring Him Home",
    "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables"
>Dutch Cast (Mercury Records 120)
>1991 Original Paris (Trema Records 120)
>Prague Cast 
>Danish Cast
>Korean Cast
>Spanish Cast
>Tring Highlights (unauthorized and generally inferior to to
    sanctioned recordings)
>"On My Own" rock single with Frances Ruffelle
V>Stage by Stage: Les Miserables
   -  Video with clips of show around the world plus clips of 
      production team.
B>The Complete Book of Les Miserables - Edward Behr


>London Cast (120) - Geffen
   - Cast: Lea Salonga       Kim
           Jonathan Pryce    Engineer
           Simon Bowman      Chris
           Peter Polycarpou  John
           Claire Moore      Ellen
>Japanese highlights
   -7 songs including "I'd Give My Life for You" twice by 2 Kims.
>Complete Japanese Cast recorded live
>Tring Highlights (unauthorized and generally inferior to to
    sanctioned recordings)
V>The Heat is On: The Making of Miss Saigon
B>The Story of Miss Saigon book by Mark Steyn and Ed Behr

6.1.4 MISS SAIGON magazine

Sun And Moon
c/o J. Jennifer Kang
16 Maltbie Avenue
Ridgewood, NJ 07450
email: JAJ8684@ACFcluster.NYU.EDU


  >>There is a mailing list, alw, that is devoted to discussion of the
  >>works of the composer.  See section of the FAQ for more


Each title is followed by name of lyricist.

JEEVES (Alan Ayckbourn)
EVITA (Tim Rice)
CATS (T.S. Eliot)
STARLIGHT EXPRESS (Don Black and Richard Stilgoe)
THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (Charles Hart and Richard Stilgoe)
CRICKET (Tim Rice)
ASPECTS OF LOVE (Charles Hart and Don Black)
SUNSET BOULEVARD (Don Black and Christopher Hampton)
  >>There is a mailing list, sunset-blvd, for discussion of this
  >>musical.  See section of the FAQ for more details.


SUNSET BOULEVARD - ALW's musical version of the Billy Wilder movie 
   opened July 12/93 at the Adelphi Theatre in London, starring Patti 
   LuPone and Kevin Anderson.  The Los Angeles production opened 
   December 9/93 at the Shubert Theatre, starring Glenn Close (Norma), 
   Alan Campbell (Joe), George Hearn (Max), and Judy Kuhn (Betty).  The 
   LA version differed from the original London production in several ways, 
   including the addition of a new song ("Every Movie's a Circus"), more 
   musical underscoring, driving a Bentley onstage, etc.  The Broadway
   production with Close, Campbell, Hearn, and Alice Ripley (Betty) opened 
   on Nov. 17/94.  Glenn Close's last performance on Broadway was 
   Jul. 2/95; she was replaced by Betty Buckley.  Buckley's opening night
   was July 20/95, and initial reviews have been reasonably good.  
   Elaine Paige is currently playing Norma in London, and Diahann Carroll
   will star in the Toronto production, which opens in autumn/95.  The
   creative team for SUNSET BOULEVARD includes Christopher Hampton, 
   who wrote the book (although it appears to have been taken mostly 
   from the movie), Trevor Nunn (direction), and John Napier (sets). 

EVITA movie - This project has a long history.  Actresses rumored to
   have been cast in the title role include Meryl Streep (directed by 
   Oliver Stone; Streep pulled out at the last moment, citing exhaustion 
   from her previous movie), Barbra Streisand (listen to Forbidden 
   Broadway for this version), Sarah Brightman, and Madonna.  Touchstone/
   Disney was going to produce the movie, to be directed by Glen Gordon 
   Caron (writer/producer of TV's MOONLIGHTING and director of CLEAN 
   AND SOBER) and wanted Madonna but Lloyd Webber didn't like the idea 
   (for one thing, Madonna wanted some new songs written for her).  
   Oliver Stone had reactivated the project in 1994, to star Michelle 
   Pfeiffer, Antonio Banderas (Che) and Raul Julia (Peron) but Stone 
   pulled out in mid-July/94 after budget disagreements with
   Hollywood Pictures.  Alan Parker is the current director, and
   as of September/95, it looks as though Madonna will star, with Banderas 
   as Che and Jonathan Pryce as Juan Peron.  The movie is scheduled 
   to begin shooting in December/95.

THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA movie - This is another one that has been
   rumored for quite a while yet never seems to get made.  Rumored leads
   have been Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman and one would assume
   Steve Barton.  Joel Schumacher (ST.  ELMO'S FIRE, THE CLIENT, BATMAN
   FOREVER) was initially scheduled to direct but he pulled out.  Franco
   Zefferelli and Jerry Zucker have been considered as directors.  The
   movie remains in the development stage for Warner Bros.

ASPECTS OF LOVE movie - This is another rumored project that hasn't
   begun filming yet.  Supposedly Lloyd Webber wants Brightman as Rose
   and this wouldn't be surprising since he has had her playing Rose on
   Broadway, London and for part of the American tour.

CATS animated movie - Currently in pre-production with shooting scheduled
   to begin September/95 for Universal, and co-produced by Steven 
   Spielberg and Andrew Lloyd Webber.  Initial reports had Tom Stoppard
   writing the script, but as of July/95, the script is being credited 
   to Patricia Knopp.  ALW has reportedly written a new song for the 

WHISTLE DOWN THE WIND - ALW is currently working on a musical movie 
   version of the 1961 Hayley Mills movie WHISTLE DOWN THE WIND, with 
   a change of setting to the American South.  ALW is the composer, Jim 
   Steinman (BAT OUT OF HELL) is the lyricist, and Johnny Depp and 
   Kirsten Dunst have been mentioned as possible leads.  According 
   to a Liz Smith column, a draft of the movie was performed at 
   ALW's Sydmonton estate in July/95.  This version is not to be 
   confused with a stage musical by Russell Labey and Richard Taylor, 
   produced in 1994 at Britain's National Youth Music Theatre.

A STAR IS BORN - ALW has purchased the rights to produce a stage version
   of the 1954 Judy Garland-James Mason movie.  He will not write any
   original music, but rather retain the Harold Arlen-Ira Gershwin score
   and add other songs from the Arlen repertory.  Larry Gelbart
   (CITY OF ANGELS) has been sought to write the show's book, and
   Stephen Pimlott (the recent JOSEPH... revival) is scheduled to direct
   (ALW will act as producer).  The production is scheduled to open 18-24 
   months from the time of the project's announcement (which was March/95).  

JEEVES - ALW has revamped this 1975 flop.  A UPI report in June/95 stated
   that ALW would preview the new version at his upcoming Sydmonton 
   festival, and if was a success, he would take the show to a regional
   theater in England and then to the West End in London, and possibly
   Broadway.  There have been no reports that the Sydmonton staging took
   place (see WHISTLE above).



This is the first musical that Lloyd Webber and Rice had produced. 
Originally it started off as a piece for a Children's choir and later
became a Broadway musical.  The original production was only 15 minutes 
long (the first recording ran about 1/2 an hour) but as the years went 
by more songs were add to it so that the Broadway production of the early 
80's ran for 60 minutes.  In 1991 a new production was staged in London 
which is currently running.  This show now lasts about 2 hours with the 
introduction of more dance sequences and the repeating of songs. A 
production with Donny Osmond is touring the United States and Canada and 
a production with Michael Damian is currently running at the Minskoff
Theater on Broadway (closes May 29/94)

>Original 1968 Cast (25 min)
   -This has Tim Rice playing Pharoah.  It is very 60's rock and similar
    to the new production.
>1973 Young Vic production
>1974 London Cast
>1979 London Cast
>1982 Broadway Cast (60) - Chrysalis
   -Stars Bill Hutton as Joseph and Laurie Beechman as the Narrator.  
    This is a much more musicalized version of the show.  It was nominated 
    for a Tony Award and runs about 60 minutes.
>1991 London Cast (72) - Polydor
   -Stars Jason Donovan as Joseph and Linzi Hately as the Narrator. This is
    a very modernized, rock version of the show.
>1992 Toronto Cast (72)
   -Stars Donny Osmond as Joseph and Janet Metz as the Narrator.  Same
    production as the 1991 London.
>1993 Los Angeles Cast
   -Stars Michael Damian as Joseph and Kelli Rabke as the Narrator.  This 
    is the cast that will play on Broadway.
>South African Cast
>Irish Cast
>Israeli Cast
>Mexican Cast


This is Lloyd Webber's and Rice's musical detailing the last days of Jesus. 
Some argue that this should have been called Judas Iscariot Superstar
since the show is basically detailing Judas's dilemma in betraying
Jesus.  There have been a lot of new recordings and productions coming out
to celebrate its 20th year Anniversary.  Some music from this show came
from the Original Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

>Original Concept Recording (90)
   - Cast: Ian Gilliam             Jesus
           Murray Head             Judas
           Yvonne Elliman          Mary Magdalene
   - This is the original studio version before this became a musical.  
     Very rock and features the voices of Rice and Lloyd Webber as 
     chorus members.
>Original London Cast
>Original Broadway Cast (45)
   - Cast: Jeff Fenholt            Jesus
           Ben Vereen              Judas
           Yvonne Elliman          Mary Magdalene
>Motion Picture Soundtrack (100)
   - Cast: Ted Neely               Jesus
           Carl Anderson           Judas
           Yvonne Elliman          Mary Magdalene
>Hungarian Cast
>German Cast
>French Cast
>Russian Cast
>Original Australian Cast(45)
>Japanese Cast
>Mexican Cast
>Danish Cast
>Brazilian Cast
>Swedish Cast
>20th Anniversary Recording(100)
   - Cast: Paul Nicholas           Jesus
           Keith Burns             Judas
           Claire Moore            Mary Magdalene
>Australian Cast(60)
   - This is an even more rock version of the show in the same manner of 
     the new Joseph production.  Features among other performances, a 
     heavy metal "Herod's Song" and a very Top-40 "I Don't Know How to 
     Love Him."
V> Movie directed by Norman Jewison


>Original London Cast(50)
   - There is indeed a recording for Lloyd Webber's only flop.  This is 
     based on the Jeeves novels by P.G. Wodehouse.  One of the criticisms 
     of this show is that the book dragged it down and the Jeeves was 
     just a background character.  Sadly, the record is out of print.  
     Some rare record store might have it but expect to pay up to $200 
     if you are lucky enough to find it.  The recording is missing some 
     of the show's songs but in the end proves to be a pretty good listen.


Musical of the life of Eva Peron.  Winner of Best Musical and Best Actress
Tony Awards among others.  Started off as a concept recording like Jesus
Christ Superstar and was later turned into a staged musical.

>Original Concept Recording - MCA(120)
   - very rock and contains the song "The Lady's Got Potential" as well as
     Che's insecticide plot line which were eventually dropped for staged
   - Cast: Julie Covington         Evita
           C.T. (Colm) Wilkinson   Che
           Paul Jones              Peron   
>Original London Cast(60)
   - They only released a highlights recording of this cast.
   - Cast: Elaine Paige            Evita
           David Essex             Che
           Joss Ackland            Peron
>Original American Cast(110)
   - Cast: Patti Lupone            Evita
           Mandy Patinkin          Che
           Bob Gunton              Peron
>Spanish Cast(110) - Epic
>American Touring Company
>Australian Cast
>New Zealand Cast
>Korean Cast
>Brazilian Cast
>Hungarian Cast
>Mexican Cast
>South African Cast
>German Cast
>Israeli Cast
>Japanese Cast


I can't remember if you listed a Hungarian Evita or JCS, but they were
probably there.

>Original London Cast(120)
   - This recording has Elaine Paige, Paul Nicholas, Brian Blessed, and
     Sarah Brightman among others.  It has a different version of 
     "Mungojerrie and Rumpleteaser" from the future productions and 
     includes the song the "Ballad of Billy McGraw".
>Original Broadway Cast(120)
   - This recording has Betty Buckley, Terrence Mann, and Ken Page among
     others.  In order to make fun of those who claimed he had stolen from
     Puccini, Lloyd Webber wrote "Growltiger's Last Stand" to replace the
     "Ballad of Billy McGraw" as a Puccini parody.
>Australian Cast(90)
   - This is the only english recording with the "Pekes and the Pollicles" 
     on it.
>German Cast(60) 
>German Cast live(120)
>Japanese Cast
>Japanese Cast (second recording)
>Dutch Cast
>French Cast(120)
>Mexican Cast
>Hungarian Cast


Song and Dance is a combination of Tell Me on a Sunday and Variations. 
Unexpected Song was added for the Broadway version.

>London Cast with Marti Webb(100) 
   - This was recorded live and contains both the Song and Dance portions.
>Broadway Cast with Bernadette Peters, songs only(60) - RCA
>London with Sarah Brightman
>German Cast
> Tell Me on a Sunday Swedish recording.
V>BBC broadcast with Sarah Brightman


>Original London Cast - Polydor(100)
   -with Frances Ruffelle as Dinah
>American Concept Recording - MCA
>German Cast(60)
>German Cast live
>German Cast - 1993
>Australian/Japanese Touring Company (in English)(45)
>1993 London Starlight Express


This is Andrew Lloyd Webber's biggest hit yet.  One of the most often
talked about subjects is who is the best Phantom.  Phantoms that a large
number of people appear to like include Michael Crawford, Colm
Wilkinson, Davis Gaines, and Dave Willetts.  This show has played to sell
out crowds on London and Broadway since it opened in 1987 and 1988
respectively.  Alan Jay Lerner was going to write the original lyrics for
this show but died before he could begin work.  This is also relevant
because a lot of people accuse Lloyd Webber of having stolen "Music of the
Night" from "Come to me, Bend to me" from Brigadoon, but this does not
appear to have attracted notice from that show's lyricist.

>London Cast (100 min.) - Polydor
   - Cast: Michael Crawford        Phantom
           Sarah Brightman         Christine
           Steve Barton            Raoul
   - This is the same cast that went to Broadway.  
>collector's edition 24K Gold release of London Cast (831 273-2G)
>collector's edition 24K Gold release of London Cast Highlights
>Toronto Cast (70) - Polydor
   - Cast: Colm Wilkinson          Phantom
           Rebeccah Caine          Christine
           Byron Nease             Raoul
   - This is a highlights recording but it does include the Hannibal opera 
     which was not on the London Cast Recording.
>Hamburg Cast Highlights(50 min)
>Vienesse Cast(120)
>Swedish Cast(110)
   - Basically the whole show recorded live.
>1988 Japanese Cast(120) 
>1992 Japanese Cast(120)
>Dutch Cast Highlights
>studio cast - TER
   - Cast: Graham Bickley          Phantom
           Claire Moore            Christine
           John Barrowman          Raoul


Lloyd Webber's musical based on the David Garnett novel.  This show has
met mixed success.  It played 3 years in London but didn't even last one
year on Broadway.  It is currently touring the United States in a revamped
Robin Phillips production.  Some people complain that this show consists
of 1 song others are quick to point out the many musical themes in this
show.  There has been debate about the relationship between the beginning
and ending of the play and it has been generally resolved that the
beginning takes place right after Alex has left Rose and Jenny and has met
Giulietta.  In the touring production this means that it is actually
George's body in the casket.

>Original London Cast(137) - Polydor
   - Cast: Michael Ball            Alex
           Ann Crumb               Rose
           Kevin Colson            George
           Kathleen Rowe McAllen   Giullieta


Musical version of the Billy Wilder movie, which opened in London
July 12, 1993.  The London Cast Recording (a.k.a. World Premiere
Recording) was released in England in August 1993, and is now
available domestically in the U.S.  The LA cast has been recorded,
and the CD was released September 13 1994.

>Original London Cast - Polydor
   -Cast:  Patti LuPone            Norma Desmond
	   Kevin Anderson          Joe Gillis
	   Meredith Braun          Betty Schaeffer
           Daniel Benzali          Max von Mayerling
>American Premiere Cast - Polydor
   -Cast:  Glenn Close             Norma Desmond
           Alan Campbell           Joe Gillis
           Judy Kuhn               Betty Schaeffer
           George Hearn            Max von Mayerling
>Sunset Boulevard Single (Michael Ball)
>The Perfect Year Single (Glenn Close)

>The Premiere Collection (50) - MCA
   - 14 singles from Superstar to Phantom, including the Phantom rock
     version with Steve Harley and Sarah Brightman.
>The Premiere Collection Encore (60) - Polydor
   - 16 singles from Evita to the new production of Joseph, including
     "Amigos Para Siempre", the 1992 Summer Olympics theme.
V>The Premiere Collection Encore (90) - Polydor
   - 16 videos based mostly on songs found in the two Premiere
     Collection recordings.
>Requiem (70) - EMI
   - A Latin mass written in tribute to ALW's late father. Features
     Placido Domingo, Sarah Brightman, and Paul Miles-Kingston.
>Variations, 1978 (40) - MCA
   - These variations on Paganini's 24th caprice in A minor were
     written for Julian Lloyd Webber's cello/rock band. This work was
     later adapted into the dance portion of Song and Dance.
>Variations, 1986 (40) - Philips
   - A reworking of the original Variations for full orchestra.
>The Magic of Andrew Lloyd Webber
>The Magic of Andrew Lloyd Webber II
>The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber (60) - First Night
   - 15 songs from Superstar to Phantom, featuring Paul Nicholas
     and Stephanie Lawrence
>Andrew Lloyd Webber Love Songs (50) - Silva
   - Somewhat of a misnomer--after all, "Don't Cry for Me Argentina"
     can hardly be called a love song. Dave Willetts is one of the 
     featured singers.
>Essentials (70) - Koch
   - 17 songs from Evita to Aspects. One of the featured singers is
     is Claire Moore
>The Odessa File soundtrack
>Gumshoe soundtrack
>"Amigos Para Siempre"
   -Lloyd Webber was commissioned to write this theme for the 1992 Summer
    Olympics in Barcelona.  It is sung by Sarah Brightman and Jose Carreras
    and has lyrics by Don Black in English and Gloria Estefan in Spanish.

*Artists who have put out Andrew Lloyd Webber collections:

Sarah Brightman
Michael Crawford
Marina Prior
Jose Carrerras
Stephanie Lawrence


Touring schedule by city in alphabetical order
Last updated: 10/10/94

For detailed performance schedules please contact the local ticket agency 
or the theatre. In order to qualify as a group and be eligible for possible 
group discounts all you need to be is a group of 20 or more individuals 
who want to the see the same performance. The following information is 
subject to change. We do not take any responsibility for the accuracy of 
this posting or actions that might result from it.

For group Tickets call: 1-800-334-8457

                                      BEGIN          TIX
Columbus OH      Ohio Theatre         Jul 08, 1995  614-431-3600
Minneapolis MN   Orpheum Theatre      Jan 14, 1995  612-989-4545
New Orleans LA   Saenger Theatre      Jan 06, 1995  504-522-5555
New York NY      Majestic Theatre     Jan 26, 1988  800-334-8457
Orlando	FL       Bob Carr Auditorium  Apr 15, 1995  407-839-3900
Philadelphia PA  Forrest Theatre      Mar 18, 1995  215-336-2000
San Antonio TX   Municipal Auditorium Feb 24, 1995  210-224-9600
San Fransisco CA Curran Theatre       Dec 12, 1993  415-776-1999
West Palm        Kravis Center        Jun 02, 1995  407-966-3309
  Beach, FL

As posted by (Gretchen Armato).  The source is
Niko Associates.  This is a non-Equity production starring Ted Neeley.

Sep 26-28   Ft Collins CO      Lincon Ctr. Perf Hall
Sep 29      Colorado Spgs CO   US Air Force Academy
Sep 30      Rapid City SD      Rushmore Place CC
Oct 1       Billings MT        Alberta Bair Theatre
Oct 3       Mankato MN         Civic Center
Oct 4       Davenport IA       Adler Theatre
Oct 5       Ames IA            Stephens Auditorium
Oct 6       Manhatten KS       McCain Auditorium
Oct 7       Columbia MO        Jesse Auditorium
Oct 8       Salina KS          Bicentennial Ctr
Oct 10      Hays KS            No Theatre Listed
Oct 11      Pittsburgh PA      No Theatre Listed
Oct 12      Ft Smith AR        No Theatre Listed
Oct 13-14   Little Rock AR     No Theatre Listed
Oct 15      Fayetteville AR    No Theatre Listed
Oct 16-19   TBS
Oct 20-22   Huntsville AL      No Theatre Listed
Oct 24      Beaumont TX        No Theatre Listed
Oct 25      McAllen TX         No Theatre Listed
Oct 26      Corpus Christi TX  No Theatre Listed
Oct 27      Waco TX            No Theatre Listed
Oct 28      Galveston TX       No Theatre Listed
Oct 29      College Station TX No Theatre Listed
Oct 30-31   TBS
Nov 1       Blacksburg VA      No Theatre Listed
Nov 2       Greenville SC      No Theatre Listed
Nov 3-5     TBS
Nov 7       Williamsport PA    No Theatre Listed
Nov 8       TBS
Nov 9       Jasper IN          No Theatre Listed
Nov 10      Decatur IL         No Theatre Listed
Nov 11      TBS
Nov 12      La Crosse WI       No Theatre Listed
Nov 14-19   Madison WI         No Theatre Listed
Nov 21/
Dec24       TBS
Dec 26-31   Philadelphia PA    No Theatre Listed


as posted by Keith Bauer (

September 12 through 24                 Thousand Oaks, CA
September 26 through October 1          Salt Lake City  UT

October 3 through 8                     Pasadena CA
October 10 through 14                   Cupertino, CA
October 16 through 18                   Palm Desert, CA
October 20 through 22                   Tucson AZ
October 31 through November 5           Rosemont IL

November 7 through 12                   St. Louis  MO
November 14 through 19                  New Orleans, LA
November 21 through 26                  Wichita KS
November 28 through December 3          Raleigh, NC
December 5 through 10                   Tampa, Fl

December 12 through 24                  New Haven CT
December 25 through 31                  Columbus OH

6.2.8 The Phantom Appreciation Society

The Phantom Appreciation Society in the UK has 250 members
internationally, and produces a quarterly newsletter/magazine.  

Would you be able to add our address to the FAQ?  People
can either e-mail Christine Daae (she had it legally changed!)
at for more information, or write to:

The Phantom Appreciation Society
Gt Canfield
Bishop's Stortford
CM22 6SX


  >>There is a mailing list, sondheim, that is devoted to discussion of the
  >>works of the composer/lyricist.  See section of the FAQ for more


Broadway musicals unless otherwise indicated.  Each title is followed 
by year of first production and name of librettist.

  Shevelove & Larry Gelbart after Plautus)
ANYONE CAN WHISTLE (1964; Arthur Laurents)
EVENING PRIMROSE (1966; James Goldman after Collier) 
  television musical
COMPANY (1970; George Furth)
FOLLIES (1971; James Goldman)
A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC (1973; Hugh Wheeler after Bergman)
THE FROGS (1974; Burt Shevelove after Aristophanes)  play
  with music, Yale School of Drama
PACIFIC OVERTURES (1976; John Weidman)
  Wheeler after Bond)
MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG (1981; George Furth after Kaufman &
INTO THE WOODS (1987; James Lapine)
DICK TRACY (1990)  songs for film
ASSASSINS (1991; John Weidman)  off-Broadway
PASSION (1994; James Lapine) LYRICS ONLY  

Composer listed first, then librettist.
WEST SIDE STORY (1957; Leonard Bernstein; Arthur Laurents)
GYPSY (1959; Jule Styne; Arthur Laurents)
DO I HEAR A WALTZ? (1965; Richard Rodgers; Arthur Laurents)
THE EXCEPTION AND THE RULE (project abandoned 1968; Leonard
  Bernstein; John Guare after Brecht)  also known under the
  working titles THE ROAD TO URGA and A PRAY BY BLECHT
CANDIDE (additional lyrics for 1973 revision; Leonard
  Bernstein; Hugh Wheeler after Voltaire)


PASSION (1994; James Lapine)
   The new Sondheim-Lapine collaboration was initially announced 
   to be 2 one-act musicals sharing the theme of physical beauty: 
   one based on the book MUSCLE, about bodybuilding, and the 
   other based on FOSCA, a 18th century Italian novella by Iginio 
   Tarchetti (already filmed as PASSIONE D'AMORE.)  Since then, 
   PASSION has been expanded into a full-fledged show, and in 
   October 1993, a workshop was held at Lincoln Center Theater. 
   PASSION began previews March 24, 1994 at the Plymouth Theater 
   in New York, opened May 9, 1994 to mixed reviews, and closed
   January 7, 1995. The original cast included Donna Murphy, Jere 
   Shea, Marin Mazzie, Gregg Edelman, Tom Aldredge, Francis 
   Ruivivar, Chris Groenendaal, and Matthew Poretta.  The cast
   recording (single CD) was released August 23/94.  The week 
   after PASSION closed on Broadway, the production was filmed 
   for subsequent airing on TV (no broadcast date or network
   has been announced).  

INTO THE WOODS film (199?; Lowell Ganz & Babaloo Mandel) 
   In October 1994, and all-star reading of the script was held
   at the home of Penny Marshall.  Participating in the reading
   were Robin Williams (the Baker), Goldie Hawn (the Baker's Wife), 
   Cher (the Witch), Steve Martin (the Wolf), Danny DeVito (the 
   Giant), Elijah Wood (Jack and the Beanstalk), Roseanne (Jack's 
   mother), Bebe Neuwirth (Cinderella's stepmother), Mayim Bialik
   (Little Red Riding Hood), Samantha Mathis (Rapunzel), Brendan 
   Fraser (Rapunzel's prince), Moira Kelly (Cinderella), Kyle 
   MacLachlan (Cinderella's prince) and Michael Jeter (Cinderella's
   father).  Marshall is attached as director, though an item
   in Marilyn Beck's gossip column in February 1995 reported that
   a co-director may be brought in because of the size of the
   production.  No cast nor start date has been announced.

SWEENEY TODD film (199?; no screenwriter announced)
   Tim Burton plans to direct a movie version of SWEENEY, possibly
   after the completion of his current movie, MARS ATTACKS!  Sondhiem
   will write new songs and update older ones for the SWEENEY movie.

SINGING OUT LOUD (199?; William Goldman)
   A film musical project to be directed by Rob Reiner.  
   The project has reportedly been abandoned.

   Sondheim has abandoned work on MUSCLE, which Lapine is 
   now developing with William Finn and Ellen Fitzhugh.

   Co-written by Sondheim and George Furth, this play opens
   Sept. 16/95 at the Old Globe Theatre in La Jolla, CA and
   may possibly transfer to Broadway in the fall or next
   spring.  The production will be directed by Jack O'Brien.  
   Two earlier titles, GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER and GUILT BY 
   ASSOCIATION were found to duplicate a movie and book title,

[untitled project]
   Sondheim's new musical comedy will be about the Mizner 
   brothers: Addison (an architect) and Wilson (playwright, 
   prospector, and businessman).  The show is thought to be
   based on the book, THE LEGENDARY MIZNERS by Alva Johnston.
   There will be a workshop in fall 1995, and a full production
   at Kennedy Center in the fall of 1996.

      (OC = original cast) Shows (as composer and lyricist)


Sondheim's first Broadway musical, abandoned when its producer 
died.  Several of its songs have been recorded in anthologies 
(see below).

A fast-paced farce in which the songs serve as interludes.  
The film dropped many of the songs and was overproduced, but 
does preserve the performances of Mostel and Gilford.

>OC: Broadway Angel CD 
   - Cast: Zero Mostel, Jack Gilford.


A 9-performance flop.

>OC: CBS CD; the CD adds music omitted from the LP. 
   - Cast: Angela Lansbury (her first musical), Lee Remick, Harry


Based on a short story; score comprises only 4 songs. No 
recording except for a medley of the songs on Mandy Patinkin's 
"Dress Casual" CD (Bernadette Peters as guest artist).

The show that established Sondheim's stature, a mixture
of musical and revue with urban life and personal commitment 
as the themes.

Tony awards:  Musical, Music, Lyrics, Book, Director, Scenic 
>OC: CBS CD.  
   - Cast: Dean Jones, Barbara Barrie, Elaine Stritch, Donna 
     McKechnie, Beth Howland, Charles Kimbrough, George Coe.  
   - There is also a "London Cast" album which is the OC with 
     Dean Jones's voice tracks replaced by those of his 
     replacement, Larry Kert (to be reissued on CD on English CBS).
V>Video documentary of recording session: RCA Video.


None of the three recordings conveys the full stature of
this score and show, arguably Sondheim's finest.  The first 
is too truncated, the second inattentive to dramatic values, 
the third unwisely revised; all are seriously incomplete.

Tony awards:  Music and Lyrics, Director, Choreographer,
     Scenic Design, Costumes, Lighting, Actress (Alexis
>OC: Broadway Angel CD.  
   - Cast: Alexis Smith, Dorothy Collins, Yvonne De Carlo, 
     Gene Nelson, John McMartin, Mary McCarty, Ethel Shutta.  
   - CD contains 1 song not on LP.
>Concert cast: RCA, 2 CDs.  
   - Cast: Barbara Cook, Lee Remick, Carol Burnett, George 
     Hearn, Mandy Patinkin, Elaine Stritch, Comden & Green, 
     Liz Callaway, Howard McGillin.
>1987 revision, London cast: First Night, 2 CDs.  
   - Cast: Julia McKenzie, Diana Rigg, Delores Gray, Daniel 


Based on the Bergman film SMILES OF A SUMMER NIGHT, with an 
operetta score based on variants of triple meter.

Tony awards:  Musical, Music and Lyrics, Book, Actress
     (Glynis Johns), Supporting Actress (Patricia Elliott)
Academy award [film version]:  Adaptation Score
>OC: CBS CD.  
   - Cast: Glynis Johns, Hermione Gingold, Len Cariou,
     Patricia Elliott, Victoria Mallory, Laurence Guittard.
V>The film version is too poor to be worth much attention. 
V>The NY City Opera production televised on PBS is better, 
  but not commercially available.


Originally done in and around a swimming pool.  No recording; 
2 songs ("Invocation and Instructions" and "Fear No More"--
lyrics by Shakespeare) have been recorded in compilations.


A depiction of the recent history of Japan in modified Kabuki 
style, with an all-male (till the finale), originally 
all-Asian cast.

Tony awards:  Costume Design, Scenic Design

   - Cast: Mako, Soon-Teck Oh, Sab Shimono, Gedde Watanabe, 
     Isao Sato.
>English National Opera production: TER, 2 CDs (complete 
     including dialog).


Sondheim's closest approach to opera, a large-scale piece
in which all but about 15 minutes is set to music, and which 
has been done by opera companies.

Tony awards:  Musical, Book, Score, Actor (Len Cariou),
     Actress (Angela Lansbury), Director, Scenic Design,
     Costume Design

>OC: RCA, 2 CDs (highlights on 1 CD).  
   - Cast: Len Cariou, Angela Lansbury, Victor Garber.
V>Video of LA stage performance (RKO Video)
   - Cast: Lansbury, George Hearn, Cris Groenendaal, Betsy Joslyn.

A Broadway failure which has often been performed by schools 
and universities, and which has been repeatedly revised by its 

>OC: RCA CD.  
   - Cast: Jim Walton, Ann Morrison, Lonny Price, Jason
>Leicester Haymarket (1992, released 1994): TER CD.
   - Cast: Michael Cantwell, Maria Friedman, Evan Pappas 
>York Theater Company (1994): Varese Sarabande CD.
   - Cast: Malcolm Gets, Amy Ryder, Adam Heller


An examination of the artist's changing role in terms of
the painter Georges Seurat and a modern counterpart.

Tony awards:  Scenic Design, Lighting Design
Pulitzer Prize for Drama (1985)

>OC: RCA CD.  
   - Cast: Mandy Patinkin, Bernadette Peters, Charles Kimbrough, 
     Dana Ivey, Cris Groenendaal, Barbara Bryne, Robert Westenberg,
     Brent Spiner.
V>Video of stage performance:  original cast. (Karl-Lorimar Video)

This combination of 4 traditional fairy tales with a new one, 
examining the aftereffects of their stories, provided Sondheim 
with his longest Broadway run since FORUM.

Tony awards:  Score, Book, Actress (Joanna Gleason)

>OC: RCA Victor CD.  
   - Cast: Bernadette Peters, Joanna Gleason, Chip Zien, Tom 
           Aldredge, Robert Westenberg, Chuck Wagner, Kim Crosby, 
           Ben Wright, Danielle Ferland.
>London cast: RCA Victor (one new song in this version). 
   - Cast: Julia McKenzie, Imelda Staunton.
V>Video of stage production:  Original cast. (only available
  on laserdisk)


Academy award: Original Song ("Sooner or Later")

   - 5 "period" songs.  3 sung by Madonna (one as a duet with
     Mandy Patinkin); they are performed by her (not the
     soundtrack performances) in her album "I'm Breathless." 
     The other 2, background choral numbers in the film, can
     be heard on the Carnegie Hall concert recording.
V>Film available on video (Touchstone/Buena Vista)


A 90-minute one-act show, an examination of the role of 
assassins in American history in revue-like nightmarish
>Original cast: RCA Victor CD.  
   - Cast: Victor Garber, Jonathan Hadary, Terrence Mann, Annie 
     Golden, Debra Monk.


A one-act chamber musical, set in 19th century Italy, about an 
ugly, sickly woman in pursuit of a handsome soldier.

Tony awards:  Musical, Score, Book, Actress (Murphy)

>OC: Angel CD.
   - Cast: Donna Murphy, Jere Shea, Marin Mazzie, Gregg Edelman,
     Tom Aldredge, Cris Groenendaal, Francis Ruivivar, George 
     Dvorsky Revues, Concerts, etc.

SONDHEIM: A MUSICAL TRIBUTE (1973; tribute concert), RCA 
  Victor, 2 CDs
SIDE BY SIDE BY SONDHEIM (1976; revue), RCA, 2 LPs, not
  reissued on CD
MARRY ME A LITTLE (1981; revue), RCA CD
  program available for performance as YOU'RE GONNA LOVE
SONDHEIM (1985; newly recorded anthology), Book-of-the-Month
  records, 2 CDs
A COLLECTOR'S SONDHEIM (1985; reissue anthology), RCA, 3 CDs
  concert), RCA, 2 CDs.  Abbreviated (90-minute) version on
  RCA Video
PUTTING IT TOGETHER (1993; revue), RCA 2-CD recording

6.3.4 Newsletters/Journals The Stephen Sondheim Society

The Stephen Sondheim Society, based in Britain, was formed 
in 1993 to promote the works of the composer.  US membership is 
20 pounds, and benefits include a newsletter listing British
professional and amateur productions of Sondheim shows, reviews
of new recordings, and other Sondheim-related articles.  This is
a "sanctioned" appreciation society.  For more information, 
write to:

The Stephen Sondheim Society
c/o Dress Circle, 57/59 Monmouth Street
Upper St. Martin's Lane
London WC2H 9DG
UK The Sondheim Review

The Sondheim Review is a quarterly journal devoted to Sondheim's
works.  The cost is $19.95 for 4 issues.

The Sondheim Review
Box 11213
Chicago, IL 60611-0123

or phone 1-800-584-1020

** 7. FREQUENTLY DISCUSSED MUSICALS  ************************************

7.1 CHESS versions/recordings [ELN]

The "original" CHESS recording is the black & white "London" CHESS.
This is the concept album, recorded when they were touring with the
show in England as a concert to raise money to stage it.  They got the
money, songs became top 10 hits, and they put it on as a musical with
Michael Bennett as the director.  They ended up with most of the
touring singers as the actors, so they did not record the London Cast
Album even though there were changes to the show.  Michael Bennett fell
ill shortly before the show went up, and Trevor Nunn was hired.  He
did not like Bennett's work, and when the show moved to Broadway he
took the opportunity to re-work the show in his own style.  Likewise,
the politics of the show were updated to reflect the current
situation. The Broadway version, with a new director, new cast, plot
changes, and some songs added and dropped, was recorded as "the
Original Broadway Cast Recording".  This recording has the red, white
and blue logo with the figures running.  The show didn't do as well as
hoped (closing after running only a few months), so the next few
productions did more plot changes and more song re-arranging.  None of
these productions has been officially recorded.

Andrew Lloyd Webber often released albums of the music in order to
gauge the reaction and raise money.  JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR and EVITA
were handled this way.  Since Tim Rice had worked with ALW, he knew
the "Original Concept Album" was a Good Thing.

Current licensed productions of CHESS are based on the Broadway
production.  Changing the show to be more like the London Concept
Album is considered a breach of copyright, and the show will be shut
down.  (see archives on CHESS)


The show began as a concept album (on the BMG label), really a pop
album showing the type of songs that might be used. It was never
intended to be staged in that form, and there were only 2 singers on
the album: Linda Eder and Colm Wilkinson.  Linda Eder was a newcomer
at the time. Her only previous experience was being a grand prize
winner on "Star Search".  You can probably still find copies of the
album around.

The first staging, at the Alley Theatre in Houston in 1990, had lots
of new songs, and a large cast.  Jekyll was played by Chuck Wagner (he
was one of the princes in _Into the Woods_, and is currently
understudy for the Beast in the Broadway _Beauty and the Beast_.)
Eder played one of two major female roles, a prostitute named Lucy. It
was very well received, but no one thought it was ready for Broadway.
They planned a New York staging in 1992, and it was workshopped there,
with Terrance Mann playing Jekyll, and lots of new songs and changes
to the book, but it was not staged.

The Alley and TUTS are co-producing a new version in the 94-95 season,
with more new songs, more book changes, and a much more lavish
physical production (sets, costumes, lighting, etc).  The production
will tour and, if it's a success, may end up on Broadway.  A recording
of the new version has been made, with an Australian musical star
named Anthony Walow as Jekyll.  It was released in January, 1995 to
coincide with the opening of the Houston production (starring Robert
Cuccioli and Linda Eder).  A multi-city tour begins summer/95.
The creative team behind J&H is Frank Wildhorn, the composer, and
Leslie Bricusse, book and lyrics.  Wildhorn has compsed many pop
songs, for singers like Whitney Houston.  He and Linda Eder are
married, and he writes many of his songs with her voice in mind.  She
has sung in all productions of _Jekyll and Hyde_, and her voice is a
big reason for the show's success so far. She has a successful career
as a cabaret singer, with a recent long run in Los Angeles and at
least 2 solo albums.

Other personel on the _Jekyll and Hyde project have changed over the
years, thoguh Wildhorn has developed a group of regulars (musicians,
directors, etc), with whom he works regularly.  If J&H is a success,
there are 2 other Wildhorn musicals in development: _The Scarlet
Pimpernel_, with lyrics by Nan Knighton, which has been done as a
concept album, and _Svengali_, which has had 2 stagings, at the Alley
Theatre in Houston and in Sarasota, Florida.


[Most of the following information comes from Ken Mandelbaum's
 book "Not Since Carrie: 40 Years of Broadway Musical Flops"
 St. Martin's Press, ISBN 0-312-06428-4.  An entertaining read, and
 highly recommended.]

Yes, there indeed was a musical based on Stephen King's 1974 novel.
A workshop of the musical was done in 1984, with book by Lawrence D.
Cohen (who also wrote the screenplay of Brian DePalma's movie), 
music by Michael Gore (FAME, TERMS OF ENDEARMENT), and lyrics by
Dean Pitchford (FAME, FOOTLOOSE).  The Broadway production was
financed by Friedrich Kurz, a West German producer famous up to
that point for producing German productions of ALW hits, and co-
produced by the Royal Shakespeare Company (they had no financial
stake in the show).  The Anglo-American cast, headed by Linzi
Hateley as Carrie and Barbara Cook as Mrs. White, had a brief
sold out run at Stratford upon Avon in February 1988.  Cook was
nearly decapitated by the set on opening night, and left after the
show finished its Stratford run.  When the show began previews on 
Broadway on April 28, 1988, Mrs. White was played by Betty
Buckley.  After two weeks of previews, CARRIE opened May 12, 1988 to
horrible reviews (but praise for Hateley and Buckley) and closed on 
May 15, 1988, four performances later.  The production lost $8 million.

Audience reaction was reportedly wildly mixed, ranging from boos to
cheers and wild applause.  Those who have heard the show's music
have said that it compares favorably with modern pop/middle-of-the-road
scores, most partcularly, CHESS.  Sadly, a cast recording was never
made, as was initially planned.  A concert version of the show,
to be recorded, also fell through, although the song "When There's
No One" appears on Betty Buckley's solo album "Children Will Listen".
At the end of 1993, there was renewed talk of a cast recording being

** 8. PERFORMERS ON RECORD AND VIDEO  ***********************************

Please note that some recordings may have been deleted from
catalogs or be available only as imports.  Try Footlight Records or 
Dress Circle (see section 4.1)

   Explanation of Categories:

   Cast Recordings: lists all cast recordings, including studio recordings
   Solo Recordings
   Singles: the release of singles for radio airplay is more common
            in the UK, so many recordings listed here may only be
            available as imports
   Other Recordings: this list includes compilation recordings (where
                     the singer in question may have included only
                     a single track), "guest appearances" on 
                     the solo recordings of others, and movie soundtracks.  
   Music Video: like Singles, more of a UK phenomenon, so these may
                be difficult to find in the US.  Note that the
                North American and European video standards (NTSC and
                PAL, respectively) are NOT compatible, and converting
                between the two is expensive.
   Other Video: full length concert or theatrical performance; some
                may have only aired on PBS or the BBC, and may not be
                available commercially.
   Fan Club: We do not vouch for the quality of any clubs listed below.


  Cast Recordings
     Les Miserables - London recording (1986 First Night)
     Les Miserables - Symphonic Recording (1988 First Night)
     Rage of the Heart - London (1989 First Night)
     Aspects of Love - London (1989 Really Useful Group)

  Solo Recordings
     michael ball (1992 Polydor Ltd. UK)
     Always (1993 Polygram TV, Polydor Ltd UK)
     Once Careful Owner (1994 Columbia UK)
     The Best of Michael Ball (Polydor Ltd UK)

     Love Changes Everything
     The First Man You Remember (with Diana Morrison)
     It's Still You
     One Step Out of Time (includes two songs not found in other 
        recordings: No More Steps to Climb and We Break Our Hearts)
     If I Can Dream (4 songs from Always)
     Sunset Boulevard
     From Here to Eternity (includes Sandman's Coming, and on CD format, 
        the Highland mix of the title track)
     From Here to Eternity (includes If You Really Love Me and the Vision 
        mix of the title track.  On CD format only)
     The Lovers We Were (includes She's Not There and, on the CD format, 
        the Saxy mix of the title track)
     Wherever You Are (includes the Lee-Rig mix of My Arms Are Strong
        and an instrumental selection, One Careful Overture)

  Other Recordings
     Andrew Lloyd Webber Premiere Collection (Love Changes Everything,
        Seeing is Believing, The First Man You Remember)
     Save the Children: Christmas Carols (When a Child is Born)
     West Side Story - Studio Recording (1993 IMG records)
     The Best of Andrew Lloyd Webber (Love Changes Everything and 
        Sunset Boulevard)

     michael ball - video collection, with interview
     Save the Children Christmas Spectacular video
     Andrew Lloyd Webber Primiere collection video (Love Changes
        Everything, The First Man You Remember)

     Television appearance in the 1988 (?) and 1992 Royal Variety 
     Has a new television series beginning late summer/93

  Fan Club
     Organized by Maureen Wilkinson-Rouse and Gill Oakley. PO
     Box 2073, Colchester, UK CO4 4YN. Membership is 15 GBP a
     year, and includes up to date information, biographical
     facts, a personal welcoming letter and autographed photo,
     as well as the newsletter "On the Ball". Very well organized,
     and highly recommended

  Mailing list:
     To join the Internet Michael Ball mailing list, send
     a message to:     
     with the command:          subscribe michael-ball 
     in the body of the message.
     See FAQ section 2.2 for


  Cast Recordings
     Cats - London
     Phantom of the Opera - London
     Carousel - studio

  Solo Recordings
     As I Came of Age
     Songs that Got Away
     Sarah Brightman sings Andrew Lloyd Webber
     Song and Dance

     Amigos Para Siempre
     I Lost My Heart to a Starship Trooper
     Captain Nemo
     Phantom of the Opera

  Other Recordings
     The Nightingale - children's operetta
     Benjamin Britten Folk Songs
     Andrew Lloyd Webber Premiere Collection
     Andrew Lloyd Webber Encore Collection
     Save the Children - Christmas Songs
     Andrew Lloyd Webber's Requiem

  Music Video
     Phantom of the Opera single
     Music of the Night
     All I Ask of You
     Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again
     Pie Jesu
     Andrew Lloyd Webber Encore Collection
     Save the Children - Christmas Songs

  Other Video
     Song and Dance
     Andrew Lloyd Webber's Requiem
     Captain Nemo

     Tell Me on a Sunday

  Fan Club
     Sarah Brightman Fan Club(SASE for info)
     c/o Jay Brightman
     Britania House
     Glenthorne Road
     London W6 OLF


  Cast Recordings
     Billy - London
     Flowers for Algernon - London
     Barnum - London
     Phantom of the Opera - London

  Solo Recordings
     Phantom Unmasked/With Love
     Songs from the Stage and Screen
     Michael Crawford Performs Andrew Lloyd Webber

     Waltzing Round
     The Knack
     Lady from LA/I Missed the Last Rainbow
     Disney Girls/True Love Ways
     The Music of the Night
     Only You

  Other Recordings
     Andrew Lloyd Webber Premiere Collection
     Andrew Lloyd Webber Encore Collection
     Save the Children - Christmas Songs
     Barry Manilow - Showstoppers
     Barbara Streisand - Back to Broadway
     The Little Sweep soundtrack as Michael Ingram - 12 yrs old
     Hello Dolly soundtrack
     Once Upon a Forest soundtrack
     The Knack...and How to Get It soundtrack
     The Games soundtrack

  Music Video
     Music of the Night
     Only You 
     Andrew Lloyd Webber Encore video collection
     Save the Children - Christmas Songs

  Other Video
     Some Mothers Do 'ave 'em - 1st 6 on PAL
     Torville and Dean

     A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
     Hello Dolly
     Once Upon a Forest
     Soapbox Derby
     Blow Your Own Trumpet
     Two Living are Dead
     The War Lover
     Two Left Feet
     The Knack...and How to Get It
     The Jokers
     How I Won the War
     The Games
     Alice's Adventure's in Wonderland

  Fan Club
     MCIFA - Michael Crawford International Fan Association
     7605 Santa Monica Blvd, Dept 644
     West Hollywood, CA 90046
     $25 per year.  Send name, address, phone(home and work), and
     date of birth.  Members receive packet which includes bio,
     pictures, newsletters, and telephone hotline phone number.
     Supports several charities including Sick Children's Trust of
     which Crawford is president.

  Mailing List
     See section (Part 1) of this* FAQ

  Cast Recordings
     Starlight Express - London
     Les Miserables - London
     Les Miserables - Broadway
     Apples - London
     Children of Eden - London

     On My Own
     Stranger to the Rain
     Children of Eden
     Only You
     Lonely Symphony
     Is This a Broken Heart
     In Another World
     Love Parade (containes: Love Parade, Shinging Light, Be Wild My 
        Little Child)
     God Watch Over You (contains: God Watch Over You, Jennifer's
        Garden, Crazy)
     Lose Your Illusions (contains: Lose Your Illusions, Can We Make
        Love?, Destiny)

  Other Recordings
     Save the Children - Christmas Songs
     Mack and Mabel in Concert
     Christopher Cross - Back of My Mind 
     Michael Crawford Performs Andrew Lloyd Webber

  Music Video
     Children of Eden
     Stranger to the Rain
     Only You
     Save the Children Christmas Special

     P'tang Yang Kipperbang
     The Wild Cats of St Trinian's

8.5 LEA SALONGA [compiled by SP]

  Cast Recordings
     Miss Saigon - London
     Little Tramp - studio
     The King and I - studio

  Solo Recordings
     Small Voice - 1980 
     Lea Salonga - 1988 
     Lea Salonga - 1993

  Other Recordings
     Aladdin soundtrack
     "Bakit Labis Kitang Mahal" or "Why Do I Love You So Much" soundtrack

     "Bakit Labis Kitang Mahal" or "Why Do I Love You So Much"

  Other Video
     The Heat Is On - The Making of Miss Saigon
     Philippines Tourist Video

  Fan Club
     LEA - Lea Salonga newsletter
     It comes out every two months, and it has two versions: e-mail and US
     Mail. The newsletter's purpose is to promote Lea's career and will have
     news that all Lea fans must know! It's free! Submissions are welcome! If
     you want more information about the LEA, please contact Erin Blair via
     e-mail -  

     US Mail: Erin Blair
              c/o LEA
              420 Arlen Drive
              Rohnert Park, CA 94928

     To join the Internet Lea Salonga mailing list, send
     a message to:    
     with the command:          subscribe lea-salonga
     in the body of the message.
     See FAQ section 2.2 for

8.5.1 Is that *really* Lea Salonga posting to the Internet?

     Yes, is indeed Lea Salonga.  Please don't 
     waste her time asking her to prove who she is.  There are
     plenty of people who can vouch for her identity.  Lea
     has granted permission to be included in the FAQ, so this
     entry is not an invasion of her privacy.


- to be submitted by Lois Jolson


  Cast Recordings
     The Boy Friend - Original Broadway Cast (1954)
     My Fair Lady - Original Broadway Cast (1956)
     My Fair Lady - Original London Cast (1959)
     Camelot - Original Broadway Cast (1960)
     Putting It Together - Original Off-Broadway cast (1993)

  Soundtrack Recordings
     High Tor (TV; 1956)
     Cinderella (TV; 1957)
     Julie and Carol at Carnegie Hall (TV; 1962)
     Mary Poppins (1964)
     The Sound of Music (1965)
     Thoroughly Modern Millie (1967)
     Star! (1968)
     Darling Lili (1970)
     Julie and Carol at Lincoln Center (1971)
     10 (1979)
     Victor/Victoria (1982)
     Julie and Carol Together Again (1989)

  Studio Show Recordings
     Rose-Marie (1958)
     The King and I (1992)

  Solo Recordings
     The Lass With The Delicate Air (1957)
     Julie Andrews Sings (1958)
     Broadway's Fair Julie (1961)
     Don't Go In The Lion's Cage Tonight (1962)
     A Christmas Treasure (1967; Originally under Firestone Series, 1966))
     An Evening With Julie Andrews (Live Japanese Import; 1977)
     The Secret Of Christmas (1972)
     Love Me Tender (1983; additional songs on UK version)
     Love, Julie (1988)
     The Sounds Of Christmas (1990)  
     Broadway-The Music of Richard Rodgers (1994)

  Other Recordings:
     Starlight Roof (Revue cast includes 12-year old JA singing
          "Je Suis Titania"; 1948)
     Tell It Again (Nursery Rhymes, with Martyn Green; 1958)
     The Pink Panther Strikes Again (JA performs
          "Until You Love Me" as a male drag singer; 1976)

     Julie Andrews Sings Her Favorite Songs (Concert performance, 1989)

     Mary Poppins (1964)
     Americanization of Emily (1964)
     Sound of Music (1965)
     Hawaii (1966)
     Torn Curtain (1966)
     Thoroughly Modern Millie (1967)
     Star! (1968)
     Darling Lili (1970)
     Tamarind Seed (1974)
     10 (1979)
     Little Miss Marker (1980)
     S.O.B. (1981)
     Victor/Victoria (1982)
     Man Who Loved Women (1983)
     That's Life! (1986)
     Duet For One (1986)
     Our Sons (TV; 1991)
     A Fine Romance (originally, Tchin-Tchin; 1992)

  TV Series:
     The Julie Andrews Hour (24 episodes, 1972-23)
     Julie (5 of 6 episodes broadcast, 1992)

  Future projects:
     Victor/Victoria (1995) -- Stage version of 1982 film is slated for an
     October bow on Broadway.

  Fan Clubs:

     To subscribe to JULIE ANDREWS mailing list, send e-mail addressed to:     

     With the following message:

        subscribe julie_andrews


  Cast Recordings
     Les Miserables - Complete Symphonic Recording - 1988
     Jekyll & Hyde - the gothic musical thriller - 1994
     Jesus Christ Superstar - New Zealand cast - 1994

  Solo Recordings
     Centre Stage - 1990 - Polydor Records Australia
     On The Boards - 1992 - Polydor Records Australia
     Back In The Swing - 1993 - Polydor Records Australia
     midnight dreaming - 1994 - Polydor Records Australia

  Other Recordings
     Reckless Kelly - Movie Soundtrack - 1992
     Great Moments In Australian Theatre

     Anthony has appeared in a number of recordings of Australian
     Opera performances:
        Dialogues of the Carmelites

     Warlow's World is edited and published by Leanne Richard
        84 Bruce Street
        COOKS HILL
        NEWCASTLE  NSW  2300

     Issue cost is one 70c stamp (Australia) or 2 International Reply 
     Coupons (O/S) per issue.  Issues are produced on average every
     two months and are posted to the Anthony Warlow Home Page as they
     become superseded.

  Web Page
     There is now a web site devoted to Anthony and his career.  Its URL is:


     To find out more, contact Leanne via e-mail

  Mailing List
     See section (Part 1) of the* FAQ.


Andrew Ku                             |               |    "And what are you that live           |     with Lucifer?"  |

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