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alt.alien.visitors FAQ Part 4 of 7

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Archive-name: ufos-and-aliens/part4
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              alt.alien.visitors Frequently Asked Questions
              This FAQ was last updated: 15th November 1994
			  This is part 4 of 7
       It currently takes up 150k (around 85 printed pages) in all
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=== UFO Organizations

Throughout the world there are many civilian organisations which either have
the study of UFOs or extraterrestrials as their main object of interest or
include them as part of a wider remit.  Each organisation has a different
view of the subject ranging from the basically scientific to, in some cases,
the frankly nutty.

This list is not exhaustive, but is fairly extensive.  The names of the
officers and subscription rates of organisations may change and, unless
the editor is informed, the updated information may not be available here.
This is, of course, not the only list of organisations produced in the 
world.  Readers are urged to consult other lists as well such as the excellant 
list of UFO organisations produced by John A. Hayes for UFOnet.

11.00: Aerial Phenomenon Research: The Indiana Group
18 Davis Drive Mt. Vernon, Indiana 47620 
Francis L. Ridge (Director)
812-838-3120 / 812-838-9843 
Publishers of : Indiana UFO Newsletter 
Founded in 1986 
A statewide organization which attempts to immediately respond to UFO

11.01: The Aetherius Society
6202 Afton Place Hollywood, 
California 90028-8298
Detroit Branch 
17670 West 12 Mile Road 
Southfield, Michigan 48076 
313-552-9153 / 313-552-9159
Reverend Lesley Young 
(General Committeee) : 213~65-9652/ 213~67-HEAL (4325)
Publishers of : The Aetherius Society Journal : Cosmic Voice 
Founded in 1960 
The Hollywood, California office is the American headquarters for The
Society which was founded in England in 1955. In the US, the Society was
incorporated in 1960 as a non-profit religious, scientific, and educational
The Society is a metaphysical, channeling organization whose
founder/president, Sir George King, is a Western Master of Yoga and who has
been in contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligences for over 35 years. He
acts as a channel for the dissemination of Higher Wisdom from These
The Society's objective is to explain the presence of UFOs around the Earth
and to make known knowledge given to their president by Advanced Beings who
reside in this Solar System. This information is disseminated through
books, pamphlets, cassettes and albums and two newsletters, "The Aetherius
Society Journal" and "Cosmic Voice".
Also, study courses in: "Metaphysical and Occult Sciences" and "Cosmic
Revelations" to further spread the word and to explain the cosmic
significance of messages received from the Advanced Beings. Regular
meetings at the U.S. and England headquarters as well as by associated
branches throughout the world.
Prayer Circles are organized during a Spiritual Push (or Magnetization
Period) at different holy mountain sites, when the giant Interplanetary
Spacecraft is brought into Earth's orbit by a Cosmic Master. Helpers who
attend these Power Circles send out the Spiritual energies from this Cosmic
Master to help mankind.

11.02: Ancient Astronaut Society
1921 St. Johns Avenue 
Highland Park, Illinois 60035-3105
Gene M. Phillips (Founder) :708-295-8899 
Publication is Ancient Skies
Founded in 1973. non-profit, tac-exempt organization operated for
scientific, literary and educational purposes. The primary objectives of
the Society are to search for evidence of whether Earth was visited in the
remote past by intelligent beings from outer space and to determine whether
a highly developed, technological civilization existed on Earth before our
recorded history. 
The Society also provides complete study courses in: "Metaphysical and
Occult Sciences" and "Cosmic Revelations" to explain the cosmic
significance of messages received from Advanced Beings. 

11.03: Ancient Truth Research Foundation
6146 Eleanor Avenue #205 Los Angeles, California 90~036 
Albert Rainey
Publication is Cosmic Current News
Interested in many New Age topics, including UFOs.

11.04: The Awareness Reserch Foundation, Inc.
DeSoto Square
No. 29, 35 Ritter Road
Hayesville, North Carolina 28904
Helen I. Hoag (Executive Director)
New Age organization with many interests, including UFOs; investigates
various metaphysical activities and issues findings through publication of
various books.

11.05: Borderland Sciences Research Foundation (BSRF)
P.O. Box 429
Garberville, California 9544429
Contact : Tom Brown 
Telephone Number : 707-986-7211
Publication is : Journal of Borderland Research
Founded in: 1945
Functions as clearinghouse, specializing in rare and unusual information.
BSRF is an alternative  scientific movement which deals with a variety of
borderland subjects, including UFOs; a
non-profit organization; its members are people who take an active interest
in observing the physical, mental, and spiritual environment. In addition
BSRF studies: Light & Color affects on people, Radionics, Dowsing, Free
Energy, Orgone Energy, Hollow
Earth Mysteries, Anomalies, Fortean Phenomena, Hypnosis, Photography of the
Invisible, etc. and offers a catalog of available books, reports, and

Commonly called BUFORA. It was formed in 1962 as a federation
of eight regional UK UFO groups. These included the London
UFO Research Organisation (LUFORO, founded in 1959) the largest
UK group at the time and the British Flying Saucer Bureau (BFSB,
founded in 1952) which was the oldest UK group.

BUFORA publishes six issues per year of the A4 magazine UFO TIMES.
Current annual membership subscription is 18 pounds sterling. 
Approx membership 500.  Current senior officers include Stephen
Gamble (Director of Research) and John Spencer (Chairman).

Contact address : BM BUFORA, London, WC1N 3XX

11.07: California UFO
1800 South Robertson Blvd
Box 355
Los Angeles, California 90035
Vicki Cooper (Editor); Don Ecker (Researcher)
Telephone Numbers : 213-273-9409 /818-951-1250
Publication : UFO
Publishes the bi-monthly UFO" magazine. Additionally, this organization
sponsors annual conferences which concentrate on a variety of UFO-related

11.08: Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS)
P.O. Box 218                            c/o Mr. Lawrence Fawcett
Coventry, Cormecticut 06238     [or]    471 Goose Lane
Peter Gersten (Director)                Coventry, Connecticut 06238
Lawrence Fawcett (Asst Director & Publisher)
Barry Greenwood (Research Director & Editor)
        P.O.Box 176, Stoneham, MASS, 02180, USA
Publication is : Just Cause
Founded in : 1978

A non-profit organization to uncover all existing documentation relating to
governrnent involvement in UFO investigations and research. To accomplish
this, CAUS files numerous Freedom of Inforrnation Act (FOIA) lawsuits in an
attempt to get the governrnent to release relevant documents.Their "Just
Cause" quarterly newsletter carries events and provides updated UFO news
from around the world. They published a book too -- "Clear Intent"

11.09: Committee for the Scientific Investigation of 
       Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP)
Refer to: The Skeptical Inquirer
P.O. Box 229
Buffalo, New York 14215{)229
Paul Kurtz (Chairman - Skeptical Inquirer)
Philip J. Klass (UFO Subcommittee)
Lynda Harwood (Public Relations)
 "The Skeptical Inquirer" is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization.
CSICOP is headed by Paul Kurtz and investigates claims of the
Paranorrnal, including UFOs and UFO-related activity.The committee's
investigations, findings, commentaries, etc. are published in "The
Skeptical Inquirern.

Bulletin Board system run by UFO Reporting and Information Service. Date of 
formation not known. Information director : Dale Goudie, SYSOP: Jim Klotz
Based Seattle, Washington, USA. Board number +1 206 776 0382, parameters
300/1200/2400 bps 8 bit no parity 1 stop bit.

11.11: Contactee
P.O. Box 12
New Milford, New Jersey 07646
Ellen Crystall (Director)
Studies UFOs by direct observation; quarterly newsletter, "Contactee"
details activities.Tne primary goal of Contactee is to educate about
world-wide contacts being made with UFOs and to disseminate information to
all interested parties.
Contactee also sells books and sponsors various conferences.
Regular Member (those who claim to have had alien contact) and
Auxiliary Member (those who do not claim UFO contact) 
membership fee is $20.00 per year and includes the newsletter.
Contactee accepts articles for its newsletter.

11.12: Cosmic Awareness Communications
P.O. Box 115
Olympia, Washington 98507
Vikki T. (Correspondence Secretary)
Pulication is : Reveltions of Awareness
A tax-exempt organization.
Studies New Age subjects, including UFOs. This group is centered around the
"channelings" of a "Force" which refers to itself as "Cosmic Awareness". CA
believes that this "Force" has expressed itself through selected people in
history including Jesus, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, and Edgar Cayce,
among others.
Publication, "Revelations of Awareness, has published over 300 editions and
details various New Age subjects. Subscribers receive a catalog listing all
available back issues and subjects covered. Membership is $30.00 per year.
Will accept memberships for three month periods ($3.00 per month), prepaid.
Individual/Family $ 3.00/ month or $30.00/ year New Age-related (including
UFOs) books and tapes available.

11.13: CSETI
Dr. Steven Greer 704-274-5671 

11.14: Delval UFO, Inc.
948 Almshouse Road
Ivyland, Pennsylvania 18974
Anthony Volpe (President)
Publication is the Awakening; the group was founded in 1973.
A channeling, contactee UFO organization, founded in 1973.their publication
"Awakening", is offered nine 9 times a year; they sell UFO-related books
and tapes.

11.15: The Fair Witness Project, Inc.
Parent Organization: William L. Moore Publications & Research
4219 West Olive Avenue Suite #247
Burbank, California 91505
Publication is : Focus 
A non-profit corporation whose income is used to fund the research efforts
of qualified persons selected by the Directors of the Fair Witness Project.
They accept donations and will send an acknowledgement of that donation for
tax purposes.
11.16: The Federation
The Federation is a group of people who feel it is high time we got
off this rock and started exploring the great unknown of space.  The 
Federation has drawn out in blue print form a drive system that is a a super
semi conducting crystaline structure. To get more information on the 
Federation send a 3.5 floppy and they will place an info packet on it and  
it back to you. You must have a mac that has 5.0 microsoftword or better.Send 
to this adrress:

The Federation
C/O Lady Rhavyn
Po box 231772
Anchorage, Alaska

If you have any questions feel free to send to this account.

11.17: Flying Saucer Information Center
7803 Ruanne Court
Pasadena, Maryland 21122
James H. Wales : Update
Founded in 1954
Acts as a clearing house for the distribution of UFO information to the
general public. Laura Mundo began this organization in 1954.
Group feels the Earth is in danger due to upcoming radical changes in the
atmosphere (sunspot activity) and Space Beings are here to help. They will
be able to either solve the problem or take selected Earth people to safe
locations (inside their insulated spaceships) until the atmospheric
activity calms down. When humans return to Earth after surviving the
atmospheric instability, they will begin the Universal Way of Life, which
is a standard way of life on other planets. Also believe Space People
living on Earth today are to here to monitor us and help.

This was founded in 1982 by Ray Boeche and deals with all aspects of Fortean
Phenomena. The current Director is Scott Colbourn. The contact address for
the Center is P.O.Box 94627, Lincoln, Nebraska, 68509, USA. The Center runs
a Bulletin Board on +1 402 488 2587.

[Duplicated entry - see 11.20  SG]

11.20: The Fund for UFO Research, Inc.
P.O. Box 277
Mt. Rainier, Maryland 20712
Bruce Maccabee, PhD (Chairman)
Publication is: Quarterly Report
Founded in 1979
2000 Members
A non-profit, tax-exempt organization based in Washington, D.. whose
mission is to provide grants for scientific research and public education
projects dealing with the UFO phenomenon. Since 1979 has raised more than
$150,000.00 from more than 2000 contributors. Also sponsors and awards the
annual Donald E. Keyhoe Journalism Award."
The Fund sponsors such projects the release of U.S.
Government documents concerning UFOs under the Freedom of Informatioon
Act,computer-aided analysis of UFO photographs, research into major UFO
sightings around the world,
research into "Operation Majestic 12", psychological testing of people who
reported being abducted by apparent aliens, international symposiums and
conducts interviews and lectures.
The Fund takes the position that many reported UFOs cannot be identified as
conventional aerial vehicles or phenomena. Thus, UFO reports are
potentially of enormous significance and merit serious scientific research.

11.21: Gulf Breeze Skywatch 
904-433-2737 (Bruce and Ann Morrison)

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