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U.C. Davis USENET FAQ Part 3 of 6

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                     The U.C. Davis USENET FAQ Part 3 of 6
               Frequently Asked Questions at and about U.C. Davis
                           (c) Copyright 1995 & 1996


                             David F. Prenatt, Jr.
                            King Hall, 1995 Alumnus
                            U.C. Davis School of Law
                            University of California
                              Davis, CA 95616-5210

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The U.C. Davis USENET FAQ may be comprised of more than one part.  If it
is, please see the TABLE OF CONTENTS in Part One for a complete list of the
questions that I have attempted to answer and for other important legal
information.  Caveat emptor:  I assume no obligation to anyone through the
publication of the U.C. Davis USENET FAQ.  Furthermore, all versions of the
U.C. Davis USENET FAQ are my personal property and are protected by
applicable copyright laws.  All rights are reserved except as follows:  I
hereby give my permission to anyone who has access to this version of the
U.C. Davis USENET FAQ to reproduce the information contained herein for
non-profit purposes, provided that proper credit is given to me as the
author of this FAQ and that I am notified of any use other than personal
use.  I may revoke permission to reproduce any version of this FAQ at any

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                     The U.C. Davis USENET FAQ Part 3 of 6
               Frequently Asked Questions at and about U.C. Davis
               (c) Copyright 1995 & 1996 by David F. Prenatt, Jr.


3.5.1)  Intercollegiate Athletics. [Rev]

     U.C. Davis has 11 men's varsity teams and 9 women's varsity teams that
     compete in the National Collegiate Athletic Association's Division II.
     Intercollegiate sports programs at U.C. Davis suffer from a dearth of
     funding for athletic scholarships.  Notwithstanding this dearth of
     funding, the quality of U.C. Davis sports teams is outstanding.
     Unfortunately, U.C. Davis sports teams cannot compete in Division I
     sports without offering athletic scholarships.
          But for the lack of Division I sports competitions, U.C. Davis
     would be a household name.  Accordingly, the U.C. Davis move to
     Division I athletics was planned to take place recently.  However,
     Phase 3 budget cuts prevented this.  Thus, U.C. Davis remains in the
     shadow of its sister U.C. campuses at Berkeley and Los Angeles as far
     as intercollegiate athletic competitions.
          Admission to home games is free to undergraduates.  For more
     information, call the Aggie Sports Hotline at (916)752-1700.  Readers
     with a web browser may visit the U.C. Davis Athletics Home Page on the
     World Wide Web (<!Info.html >) or
     visit one of the home pages listed below:

          Baseball Team
          < >

          Men's Basketball Team
          < >

          Women's Basketball Team
          < >

          < >

          Cross Country
          < >

          Football Team
          < >

          < >

          Women's Gymnastics
          < >

          Outdoor Track & Field
          < >

          Men's Soccer Team
          < >

          Women's Soccer Team
          < >

          < >

          Men's Swimming
          < >

          Women's Swimming and Diving
          < >

          Men's Tennis
          < >

          Women's Tennis
          < >

          Volleyball Team
          < >

          Men's Water Polo
          < >

          < >

3.5.2)  Intramural Sports and Sports Clubs.

     For information about Intramural Sports and Sports Clubs at U.C.
     Davis, visit Room 140 in the Recreation Hall or call (916)752-3500.



     Registration takes place through RSVP automated phone-in registration,
     (916)752-RSVP.  Contact the Registrar's Office at (916)752-2973 if you
     need further information.  Readers with a web browser may view the
     schedule of classes at the Registration Home Page on the World Wide
     Web (< >) [This
     navigational link was not working the last time that I checked.]


     Contact the Financial Aid Office at (916)752-2390.  Readers with a web
     browswer may also visit the Financial Aid Home Page on the World Wide
     Web (< >).


     I cannot express strongly enough how important it is to comply with
     the various regulations that U.C. Davis imposes upon students,
     faculty, and staff.  Officials at U.C. Davis will usually bend over
     backwards to address your concerns.  If they don't, virtually any form
     of effective protest that you can imagine can be accomplished without
     violating any U.C. Davis regulations.
          If you have any questions about U.C. Davis regulations, you can
     contact Donald Dudley (< >), King Hall
     Class of 1993, at Student Judicial Affairs (SJA), (916)752-1128.
     SJA's bark is usually worse than its bite.  In many instances, SJA
     simply puts you on notice about a potential problem.  Ignore SJA at
     your own risk:  You may invoke any of a number of very serious


4.4.1)  Campus Information.

     Campus information is available at Information Centers in the Alumni
     and Visitors Center, the Memorial Union (916)752-2222 and the booth at
     the entrance to U.C. Davis on Old Davis Rd or you can call Information
     Services at (916)752-8111 (TDD 916-752-2228).  Readers with a web
     browser may also visit the Campus Information Home Page on the World
     Wide Web (< >)

4.4.2)  Library Services.

     There are four major libraries on the U.C. Davis campus:  The Health
     Sciences Library, the Physical Sciences Library, Shields Library, and
     the Law School Library [note:  the law library catalog is available by
     public telnet session (< >; account/password
     = guest)]; there are also a number of departmental library
     collections.  Most of these collections are listed on MELVL which is
     available by public telnet session (< >
     account/password = guest).  Books can be obtained from the four major
     libraries at U.C. Davis, department collections, and other libraries
     in the U.C. system and elsewhere through interlibrary loan.  Contact
     Shields Library at (916)752-6561 for more information.  Readers with a
     web browser may visit the General Library Home Page on the World Wide
     Web (< >).

4.4.3)  Books and Supplies.

     There are two bookstores on the main section of the U.C. Davis Campus.
     One is located in the Memorial Union and the other is located in the
     Silo Complex.  The Memorial Union also has a number of other shops.
     There are also a number of off-campus book stores close to campus.

4.4.4)  Campus Escort Service.

     U.C. Davis students can get a free escort from the Cal Aggie Hosts by
     calling (916) 752-1727.

4.4.5)  The Disability Resource Center.

     The Disability Resource Center (DRC) offers a number of services for
     students with disabilities, including those students with temporary
     disabilities (e.g., sports injuries such as sprained ankle or a broken
     leg).  Students with disabilities should contact the DRC as early as
     possible at (916)752-3184 (TDD 916-752-6TDD) for more information on
     the assistance, academic and otherwise, that the DRC provides.

4.4.6)  Cowell Health Center.

     Contact Cowell Health Center at (916)752-2300 with your questions
     about student health services.  Please note that all graduate and
     professional students are required to purchase the Graduate Student
     Health Insurance Plan at the time registration fees are paid unless
     they provide proof of comparable insurance coverage.  For more
     information, contact the Insurance Office of the Student Health Center
     at (916) 752-2612.  Every entering student must also complete a
     medical history form and provide proof of immunity to rubella and

4.4.7)  Counseling Services.

     Psychological and psychiatric services are available through North
     Hall, (916)752-0856, or by referral from the Cowell Student Health

4.4.8)  Veterans Services.

     Contact the Veterans Affairs Office at (916)752-2020 for information
     on veterans services at U.C. Davis.

4.4.9)  Computer Services.

     See Section 11 for information on computer services at U.C. Davis.

4.4.10)  Transportation and Parking Services.

     Contact Transportation and Parking Serives (TAPS) at (916)752-TAPS for
     information on parking permits, bicycle licenses, and related
     services; contact Unitrans at (916)752-BUSS for information on bus
     services.  Unitrans is free to U.C. Davis undergraduate students who
     pay for this service with their registration fees; discount bus passes
     and tokens are available for graduate and professional students.  See
     also Section 6.5.2 for information on shuttle services for U.C. Davis

4.4.11)  Financial Aid.

     See Section 4.2 for information on financial aid services.

4.4.12)  Legal Services.

     The ASUCD Legal Service provides free legal services to U.C. Davis
     undergraduates.  For more information, contact the ASUCD Legal Service
     at (916)752-1990.

4.4.13)  Academic Advising Services.

     There is no shortage of academic advising services at U.C. Davis.
     Each college maintains its own set of advising services, and these
     advising services are complemented by various other advising services
     that purport to address specialized needs and/or simplify the red tape
     that one encounters when seeking academic advising services.  However,
     it is virtually impossible to know whom to trust when seeking academic
     advice, and the more people whom you consult when making a decision,
     the less likely you are to be happy with the end result.
          There really are no shortcuts.  Before seeking any academic
     advice, you should familiarize yourself with any and all official
     academic regulations that might affect you.  And when you finally do
     seek academic advice, you should be as clear and firm as possible
     about your objectives and what kind of advice that you want.  If you
     are uncertain about who to contact for the advice that you need,
     contact The First Resort at (916)752-2807 or visit the office in
     person at Temporary Building 98 between the hours of 10am and 4pm; the
     Academic Peer Advising office in 227 Voorhies Hall can be reached at
     (916)752-3000 for more specific information and referrals.



     Contact the Student Housing Office (< >) at
     (916)752-2033 for information on housing options at U.C. Davis.  The
     USENET newsgroup ucd.housing (<news:ucd.housing >) also addresses
     issues about housing at U.C. Davis.  See also the Davis USENET FAQ for
     information on housing options in the City of Davis (see Section 1.5
     for information on how to obtain the Davis USENET FAQ).


     There are a number of places to eat on campus.  However, most people
     eat at the Silo or the Coffee House.

5.2.1)  What kind of food can I get at the Silo?

     There are several fast food restaurants at the Silo, and the Silo Pub
     serves a good sit-down lunch.

5.2.2)  What kind of food can I get at the Coffee House?

     The Coffee House has a large variety of foods prepared the way you
     like them.

5.2.3)  Where else can I get something to eat on campus?

     You can purchase meals at the dorms, eat at the Sub City in Wyatt
     Pavillion (on the main part of the U.C. Davis campus near Putah
     Creek), go to one of the espresso carts found at various locations on
     campus, or use one of the many vending machines scattered around the
     campus.  The town of Davis also has a number of restaurants on the
     edge of the campus as well.  See the Davis USENET FAQ for more
     information (see Section 1.5 for information on how to obtain the
     Davis USENET FAQ).


5.3.1)  What sort of social activities are there on the U.C. Davis campus?

     Movies, plays, concerts, sporting events, etc. take place regularly on
     the U.C. Davis campus, as well as many recreational activities and
     special events that take place from time to time.  Movies are shown in
     Chem 190 at a low admission price and the Departments of Music and
     Drama sponsor a number of public concerts and theater productions.
     See Section 3.5 for more information about sporting events.  RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES ON CAMPUS.

     Readers with a web browser may wish to visit the following URLs for
     more information on recreational activities on campus at U.C. Davis:

          Craft Center
          < >

          Equestrian Center
          < >

          Outdoor adventures
          < >

          MU Art Gallery
          < >

          Recreation Pool
          < >

          Summer Youth Program
          < >  Campus Recreation.

     Contact Campus Recreation at (916)752-1730 to request a catalog or
     visit the Campus Recreation's Home Page on the World Wide Web:

          < >  Campus Cinema.

     Call (916)752-FILM for information on the dates and times of films
     being shown by the UC Davis Campus Cinema.  All films are shown in
     Chem 190.  The Memorial Union (MU) Games Area.

     The MU Games Area contains Davis' only bowling alley and one of the
     few pool halls where those under the age of 21 can go.  For more
     information, readers with a web browser may visit the MU Home Page on
     the World Wide Web:

          < >  Presentations by the Departments of Music, Drama, and Dance.

     For information on the events sponsored by the Departments of Music,
     Drama, and Dance, visit the MUSDRA Home Page on the World Wide Web
     (< >).  SPECIAL EVENTS ON THE U.C. DAVIS CAMPUS. [Rev]  UC Davis Presents.

     Contact UC Davis Presents at (916)757-3199 on information on the
     cultural events that it sponsors.  Readers with a web browser may
     visit the UC Davis Presents Home Page on the World Wide Web:

        < >  Picnic Day.

     Picnic Day is an annual day long festival that takes place at U.C.
     Davis on a Saturday during April.  Every department of the university
     participates and sponsors special events.  For example, King Hall (the
     U.C. Davis law school) sponsors the Neumiller competition on Picnic
     Day, featuring oral arguments between the top two Moot Court teams
     from the year long Appellate Advocacy program.  The Whole Earth Festival.

     The Whole Earth Festival, described by one commentator as the
     "U.C. Davis Freak Show," is a week long event that takes place in
     April and is sponsored by the Experimental College.  It can best be
     described as a celebration of alternate lifestyles that centers around
     environmental awareness (for better or for worse).


     That's a personal decision, but it's not a very hard one for most
     people to make.  The Greek system is primarily a social institution.
     Those people who want to join a fraternity or sorority in the greek
     system usually want to make new friends.  Personally, I think that
     pledging such a fraternity is a waste of valuable time that could be
     put to better use; Greek sororities are generally kinder and gentler
     than Greek fraternities and do serve useful social purposes for women
     who are away from home for the first time.
          In a recent discussion on (< >), many
     people drew a distinction between the "social fraternities" and "other
     fraternities" (i.e., "community service fraternities") within the
     Greek System, particularly the co-ed fraternities.  However, in my
     personal opinion, this is not a meaningful distinction.  While the
     attempts to create kinder, gentler fraternities within the Greek
     System are laudable (and sometimes even successful), if you wish to
     join an organization that serves the community, there are already many
     such organizations outside of the Greek System that do just that.
          All groups generally suffer from some type of dysfunctional
     behavior, but the Greek System is a dinosaur that poisons the hearts
     and minds of most of the young people whom it touches.  Nonetheless,
     there are many people who do not know any better or simply enjoy being
     part of an organization -- any organization -- that gives them a sense
     of belonging, no matter what the cost.  All who enter the Greek
     System, abandon hope of thinking for yourself.
          Please note that many organizations that are not part of the
     Greek System use Greek letters to identify themselves (e.g., honor
     societies).  Indeed, I am a member of a legal fraternity, Phi Delta
     Phi, with a chapter at King Hall.  However, be very skeptical about
     the purpose of any organization that identifies itself with Greek
     letters and purports to be independent of the Greek System.  What is the purpose of hazing pledges?

     The hazing of pledges is all about power.  Those pledges who submit
     themselves to hazing will usually do so voluntarily because they have
     a strong desire to become a member of a fraternity and acquire the
     power to haze others.  Such people do not respect fraternities and
     fraternity members who do no hazing at all.  Thus, those people who
     haze pledges are more powerful and influential than those who do not.
          Unfortunately, most people who haze pledges are former victims of
     hazing themselves.  By becoming a perpetrator, one can escape the role
     of victim while being rewarded with intoxicating popularity.  And such
     popularity can hide a multitude of character flaws.  Isn't hazing illegal? [Rev]

     Many things are illegal, but that doesn't mean that they don't take
     place.  You should expect to get hazed if you join a fraternity, *any*
     fraternity, so be ready to tolerate a certain amount of hazing and to
     draw the line and say no to someone who tells you to do something that
     is illegal or morally repugnant to you.  Hazing is the price of
     belonging to a fraternity.
          On December 5, 1995, the Leeza show focussed on some instances of
     fraternity hazing that had tragic consequences ("Frat Boys:  Hazed and
     Abused").  Unfortunately, the message was not one of personal
     responsibility.  Most people on the show advocated stricter anti-
     hazing laws and greater enforcement of the anti-hazing laws that are
     already in force.  Only one young man on that show pointed out the
     awful truth that no one warned him of what to expect from the Greek
     System during his college orientation.
          While I am not an official spokesperson, I am here to warn you
     about the Greek System.  Some of my best friends are proud members of
     Greek fraternities, and when they witness hazing they speak up.
     However, they are not always around when hazing happens, so much of
     the hazing that does occur gets swept under the rug.

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End Document:

                     The U.C. Davis USENET FAQ Part 3 of 6
               Frequently Asked Questions at and about U.C. Davis
                           (c) Copyright 1995 & 1996


                             David F. Prenatt, Jr.
                            King Hall, 1995 Alumnus
                            U.C. Davis School of Law
                            University of California
                              Davis, CA 95616-5210

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