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Welcome to

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Archive-name: tv/red-dwarf/welcometo
Posting-Frequency: every 14 days
Last-modified: 2000/04/06
Version: 1.3.7
Maintainer: Tafka <>
Disclaimer: Approval for *.answers is based on form, not content.

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|          Welcome to         |

If you somehow find yourself feeling at home here in
and even want *more*, then don't fret, the fun just doesn't stop!

 Welcome to is archived online.
 If you want to check for the latest version then look online:

|or if the above hasn't been updated for a while, try

 You can get the *very* latest version in HTML format (who did that?)
 here - useful for websites etc.
 Other links are listed below which also contain versions of this.
 SmegWeb ATVRD carries the latest plain text version.

1 Live!

  The'ers invaded IRC some time ago, and regular 
  get-togethers used to take place on Sunday nights around 20:30, UK 
  time. This is still a peak time, but there is nearly always someone 
  on at any time.
  Although #starbug started out as a newsgroup channel, it has grown 
  to be more than that, with some regular people that have not even 
  heard of It has it's own webpage at:

  It's worth noting that what used to be EFNet has now split into two
  separate networks, IRCnet and EFnet.  Check which network your 
  server will connect you to!

  For the temporally challenged =), here's a little table.

 Continent :     North America     :      Europe      :    Australia

 Time code :     PST        EST    :   GMT     CET    :   WST      EST
 Example   : Los Angeles  New York :  London  Paris   :  Perth  Sydney
 Time*     :    12:30      15:30   :  20:30   21:30   :  05:30   07:30
 From GMT  :    -8hrs      -5hrs   :   ---    +1hr    :  +9hrs  +11hrs

 * Times may be wrong, but, well... they're close, okay? Mail Tafka =)

  For lots of spiffy information on accessing and using IRC, look out
  for the fabby FAQs posted in the "alt.irc" newsgroup, or hop on the
  Web at ""

  For some information about EFNet (the IRC network that #starbug is
  on) and some server information look here: ""

2 on the Worldwide Web

  We do have a *small* physical presence.  The only problem is that
  its always shifting around a lot.

  In the mean time here is some music:
  The UNofficial ATVRD pages:
  Containing lots of RD documents and pictures of posters
  SmegWeb's ATVRD section

  A listing of atvrders pages can be found here:

3 Post Of The Month

  Something which you may not be aware of is the monthly awards 
  ceremony that goes on peacefully in darkened corners of the group.  
  If you see a post that particularly tickles your fancy, either for 
  comedic value, information content, or sheer hard work =), why not
  nominate it as Post Of The Month?

  It's easy; just forward the post by email to Starbugaboo at:

  Lee (Epideme) retired recently after running Post of the Month for
  the past year and a bit. Big thanks go out to Lee! don't even have to say *why* you're nominating, though it
  might help Starbugaboo to tell her in the Subject line why you're
  sending her email...  =)

  At the end of each month, Starbugaboo will re-post all the
  nominations she has received, giving each a number.  Mail her again,
  telling her which number post you think is best.  The votes are
  tallied, and the winning post and the runners-up receive immortality
  on the newsgroup webpages! Yay!
  As there are no official webpages at the moment and none that carry
  results Lee has a full listing on his web page of past results:

4 UK meets

  There is a meets list for people who wish to get together.

  To subscribe visit the groups homepage at
  or e-mail Tafka ( and ask to be added.
  There is also an online archive of messages so you can 
  'get the feel' before subscribing.
  Look at the webpage for lots of options. 

  This has replaced the old service and the
  newer service.

5 The Birthday List
  Tafka, myself, maintains a list of atvrder's birthdays. Posted 
  monthly it is used for reference and vanity. To get in the list 
  with your own entry then just e-mail Tafka 
  ( and then copy and paste the below, 
  changed with your own info:

  Name   E-Mail Address             DD  MM  YY  IRC Nick

  Bazza      29  09  70  BazB

6 News - Answers to Questions

  Posted twice monthly or when updated, atvrd News is maintained 
  by Tafka on behalf of atvrd and SmegWeb. Containing all the latest
  news and information it aims to inform even the most informed. 
  It's archived online (see above). If you know anything e-mail 
  Tafka (

Thanks, and see you in the drive room...

The boys and girls from the Dwarf.


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