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Married... With Children FAQ []
Section - 3.1. What happened to David Garrison (Steve Rhoades)?

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David left the show to further his Broadway career. He was not fired, he
bought out his own contract.

The last show that aired with Steve Rhoades as a regular character was
_Rock and Roll Girl_. This was slightly confusing to some viewers, since
R&RG was not written to be his last show. _A Taxing Problem_ was
actually the last regular Steve Rhoades episode to be shot, and sets up
his departure better.

In _You Gotta Know When To Fold 'Em_, Steve's disappearance is explained
-- he left Marcy to become a forest ranger in Yosemite national park.

He has returned 4 times, in "The Egg And I", "Peggy and the Pirates",
"Get the Dodge out of Hell", and "Radio Free Trumaine".

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