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Archive-name: tv/mad-about-you/faq/part9
Posting-frequency: quarterly
Last-modified: 97-01-30
Version: 5.1
Copyright: (c) 1994-1997 by Ramaswamy []

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Frequently Asked Questions list (9/9) for
       "Mad About You"  and the
  Usenet newsgroup


Archive-name: tv/mad-about-you/faq/part9
Posting-frequency: quarterly
Last-modified: 97-01-30
Version: 5.1


This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list for the TV Comedy show
"Mad About You" is, as a collection of information,
Copyright (c) 1994-1997 by Ramaswamy [].
All Rights Reserved.

This document may be freely distributed in electronic form for
personal use only, provided it is distributed in its entirety
and with all original author and copyright information intact.
Distribution by any other means must be by permission of the
copyright holder. This material is for non-commercial use only
and any sale for profit is expressly forbidden. It may not be
included in any commercial documents, archives or CD-ROMs, nor
uploaded to any BBS or online service without the permission
of the copyright holder. The removal of this copyright notice
is prohibited.


Sections with updates will be flagged with asterisks (*) in the
Local Table Of Contents below. Almost all sections have
updates in this re-organized document, hence none is flagged.


Please send in corrections/comments to: []


Main Table of Contents

Local Table of Contents

  9.0     Where can I find some Newsgroup related information?

    9.1   What is this Newsgroup all about?
    9.2   Does the cast and/or crew of MAY read this newsgroup?
    9.3   Is there a mailing list for MAY?
    9.4   Where can I find the episode guides for MAY?
    9.5   Is there a Mail Server Site?
    9.6   Are there any Anonymous FTP Sites?
    9.7   Are there any World Wide Web (WWW) Sites for MAY?
    9.8   Are there any non-English WWW sites for MAY?
    9.9   Is there an Inter-Relay Chat (IRC) channel for MAY?
    9.10  Are there any other chat-rooms for MAY?


9.0    Where can I find some Newsgroup related information?

  This is where any new member of the
  newsgroup is expected to start, but sometimes there is no logic
  to the organization of a document! But since you have found this
  section, please read on...

9.1    What is this Newsgroup all about?

  The group was created in February 1994.

  If you are sending a message to the group for the first time, we ask
  only that you send a message that is appropriate for the group and
  that it is not insulting. It also helps to read the group for a few
  weeks until you get a general feel of it.

  Please refrain from using this newsgroup for personal messages.

  This newsgroup is not to be used for commercial purposes.

  - On posting "Spoilers":

  MAY is not a mystery series, but some members do not care to have
  advance word on story and plot lines, so if your post includes such
  details well in advance, please include the phrase "spoiler" in the
  subject header and toss in about 25 blank lines (spoiler space) at
  the beginning. Please do not include any spoiler information in the
  header itself, and remember the East Coast vs West Coast time
  differential in North America if you are posting comments on a new
  episode immediately after it has aired on the East Coast!

  Typically this rule applies only to North American telecasts,
  international viewing being a few weeks to a few months or even a
  few years behind, but you may extend consideration beyond the shores
  as well. However this FAQ does not attempt any such thing in these
  sections, beyond a statement in the Introduction section.

  - On posting Binaries:

  Posting binaries to the group is not forbidden, but is strongly
  discouraged. It is easier to post locations of FTP or WWW sites
  and let interested people retrieve the files, or to post them to one
  of the alt.binaries.* groups (following their guidelines for
  posting) and let this newsgroup know. Typically, images should be
  posted to, sound-clips to and MPEG clips to alt.binaries.multimedia

  Besides, some site administrators are known to object to binary posts
  in non-binary newsgroups such as ours, and could decide to stop
  carrying at your site... and who'd want THAT
  to happen?

  - On responding to Spams:

  Spamming is the posting of the same article to multiple newsgroups
  (usually every possible newsgroup) regardless of the appropriateness
  of the topic. If anyone spams Usenet, including our group, please
  DO NOT followup to the article.

  When someone spams, chances are that person will NOT read our group,
  or any other group, to see your witty followup, which will therefore
  be directed only at other readers who ALREADY know the irrelevance
  of the original spam post. If you see a spam show up in our group,
  DO NOT followup. With your followup you will be perpetuating the spam.
  Even if the original article is cancelled by a newsadmin, chances are
  none of the complaining followups will be.

  Please note that trimming the string from
  the newsgroups: header and reposting a spam article does absolutely
  no good; it merely starts a new thread with which you'll have spammed
  every OTHER group still left on the header.

  If you feel compelled to respond, send email to the poster (chances
  are the address will be bogus), CC:ing the postmaster at that site.
  Rest assured that many FAQ authors will be replying to the postmaster
  at the offending poster's site.

  Also note that a followup to the original spam post appearing in our
  newsgroup may have got there as a result of a cross-post from another
  group. Simply treat it as another spam, which it is.

  If your newsreader has the option, by all means set kill filters to
  avoid other folks's followups.

  - In summary, the best course of action is to IGNORE spams.

9.2     Does the cast and/or crew of MAY read this newsgroup?

  As far as can be determined, no writer or cast member of MAY even
  lurks at this newsgroup.

  It is likely that one infrequent, essentially anonymous poster (who
  shared some inside knowledge from the Set) lurks here. Towards the
  end of season #4 another anonymous poster kept exhorting the
  membership to "have faith in the writers" but said little else, and
  disappeared after the season finale. It is possible he/she was not
  a member of the production crew, but affiliated with NBC or

  Folks from NBC (and possibly also Tristar and Sony) are known
  to lurk in here, primarily to monitor audience reaction.

  But if a MAY writer/cast-member were to join us:

  Some of the free-wheeling discussion style of the newsgroup will have
  to be curbed. Discussion of past and present events on MAY will
  continue to be fair game (including any spoiler posts about episodes
  already filmed), however ideas about new plot-lines etc. must be
  avoided. This is not a matter of violating anyone's freedom of speech
  and such -- it is a matter of legalities. If a new idea is raised in
  this forum that a MAY writer and fellow-newgroup-member happened to
  be (coincidentally) working on at the same time, the writer is
  obliged to scrap the idea and start all over again. They don't like
  that, and will naturally opt out of the newsgroup.

  In other words, if this newsgroup were to have MAY writer or cast
  participation, any new idea raised in this forum is by definition
  destined for the waste-basket/dust-bin.

9.3     Is there a mailing list for MAY?

  No, there isn't. At least none that is widely known.

  Unlike newsgroups like which began as a mailing
  list, members of this newsgroup lived for the most part at
  (and before was created.

  However there is nothing to stop you from creating a mailing list
  for MAY. All you need is a mail server host, some disk quota and
  knowledge of listserv, and once set up, you could let other people

9.4     Where can I find the episode guides for MAY?

  If you are reading this section at a WWW site, chances are the
  season-by-season episode guides are right here. Otherwise, you
  can usually find the latest copies at the news.answers
  Mail Server site and the following Web sites:


  There is also a compact all-seasons guide available for the first
  4 seasons (in text format) from Donna R. Lemaster at:


  Carl Sobeski had also maintained a guide through the first 2 seasons
  at the Tardis archive, now gone dormant.

9.5     Is there a Mail Server Site?

  The news.answers archive at can provide a
  document via email, usually within a few hours.

  Depending on whether you wish to retrieve a single season's guide or
  all the guides, send email To:
  with anything you like in the Subject: line (it will be
  ignored) and one request per line of text in the body of
  the e-mail:

  send pub/usenet/news.answers/tv/mad-about-you/season1
  send pub/usenet/news.answers/tv/mad-about-you/season2
  send pub/usenet/news.answers/tv/mad-about-you/season3
  send pub/usenet/news.answers/tv/mad-about-you/season4
  send pub/usenet/news.answers/tv/mad-about-you/season5
  send pub/usenet/news.answers/tv/mad-about-you/season*

  Similarly for the multi-part FAQ (of which this is part9),
  whose updated sections are flagged in the Main Table Of Contents
  in part1, specify any or all of the following requests:

  send pub/usenet/news.answers/tv/mad-about-you/faq/part1
  send pub/usenet/news.answers/tv/mad-about-you/faq/part2
  send pub/usenet/news.answers/tv/mad-about-you/faq/part3
  send pub/usenet/news.answers/tv/mad-about-you/faq/part4
  send pub/usenet/news.answers/tv/mad-about-you/faq/part5
  send pub/usenet/news.answers/tv/mad-about-you/faq/part6
  send pub/usenet/news.answers/tv/mad-about-you/faq/part7
  send pub/usenet/news.answers/tv/mad-about-you/faq/part8
  send pub/usenet/news.answers/tv/mad-about-you/faq/part9
  send pub/usenet/news.answers/tv/mad-about-you/faq/part*

  This access method will work for ANY document posted to or
  cross-posted to the news.answers group. Use the published
  Archive-name: with a prefix of "send pub/usenet/news.answers/"
  (without the quotes) in the body of your mail, and wait...

9.6     Are there any Anonymous FTP Sites?

  Most news.answers anonymous FTP sites archive this FAQ and the MAY
  episode guides. Many FAQs, including this one, are available at these
  sites in the US and abroad. The guides are archived in the MAY
  directory itself, while the parts to this FAQ are to be found in a
  'faq' sub-directory. The Universal Record Locator (URL) format of
  the address is:

  - the // element is the site name,
  - everything else that follows is the directory-name,
  - EXCEPT for the last element, which is the filename.

  For example:

  Most of these FTP sites can also be accessed in this format
  using a World-Wide-Web (WWW) browser to effect the transfer.
  Just try the following for size:


  The flagship news.answers archive site is and
  the following mirror sites around the globe (along with their
  mad-about-you main archive directories) are known to archive
  MAY files:


  Unfortunately not all news.answers mirror sites archive MAY files.

9.7     Are there any World Wide Web (WWW) Sites for MAY?

  There are many World Wide Web sites devoted to MAY, and new ones are
  coming online all the time. There are sites devoted to MAY, to Helen
  Hunt, or to both, and then there are those "official" sites
  maintained by Sony and NBC.

  The following WWW sites are maintained on a non-profit basis by fans
  of the show; some archive the latest versions of the MAY episode
  guides and FAQ, and most also have links to many other MAY sites:


    Tom Witelski put together the first known MAY page on the Web.
    It archives the FAQ and Episode Guides, as well as Mark Plumb's
    Quotes library. Along with cast biographies and filmographies,
    there are also links to other MAY pages.


    Mikhail Choo and David Kenwright (who originally created the first
    Down Under MAY page) now maintain the above page in Singapore,
    with the sounds of MAY and other goodies, like a newsletter called
    "The Buchman Broadcast" being edited by Claire and Udi.


    Udi Goldstein maintains this page in the US from Israel.

    A recently relocated site, maintained by Jeremy Johnston, offers
    the sights and sounds of MAY, as well as transcripts of interviews
    with Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt and the weekly Neilson ratings for
    the MAY time-slot:


    Then there is a site devoted entirely to the sounds of MAY,
    maintained by Vik Anand. If you have a sudden craving for
    "Clamenza!" feel free to drop in at:


    Another site with extensive sound-clips is the MAY page maintained
    by Andrew 'Cracker' Horne, with graphics by David Kenwright:


  The following sites, originally maintained by Kurt Pifer
  and Dave Chapman respectively, have gone dormant:


  There is still some hope for a new Captain Kurt site, while
  Mario Mazzoni's site, still linked to from many other places,
  has simply disappeared:


  The first known Helen Hunt page on the Web is maintained by
  David DeAngelo, with a wide assortment of JPG/GIF images and
  some other interesting information, including an old old
  opening quote:


  Another Helen Hunt home page is maintained by Matt Harrah,
  with an exotic assortment of images, and a FAQ all its own:


  Tony Delia's page is also extensive and well visited:


  Finally there is a significant new arrival on the scene,
  maintained by Jessica Rothschild:


  Last, but far from least, there are the two official sites:


  Maintained by Sony Pictures Entertainment (TriStar is owned by Sony),
  this site has extensive biographical information about cast members,
  pictures and sometimes a few MPEG clips (1.4MB each) as well.
  There is usually a write-up on upcoming MAY episodes (under Show
  Of late, the site also carries US syndication telecast schedules, but
  the updates have been known to be unreliable and only reflect part of
  the schedule in most markets in the US.


  Maintained by NBC, this page has cast biographies, schedule and
  synopsis of the upcoming episode, trivia challenges and often a
  sneak preview of things to come.

  Having said all that, and for benefit of all that have read this far,
  here are two bookmarks you may save to get to all these places:


  A WWW browser is needed for accessing these sites.  The setup is
  non-trivial, so if you have WWW problems from your site, please
  contact your site SysAdmin for information and help.

9.8     Are there any non-English WWW sites for MAY?

  A few new fans of the show have put up bi-lingual MAY pages on
  the Web. A MAY page for Spanish speaking fans is maintained by
  Tomas Neira Ojeda from Santiago, Chile:


  For the German speaking audiences, there are three known sites.
  So if you wish to look up the titles in German of MAY episodes
  (no, they are not literal translations, and yes, they are quite
  inventive) and sample sound-clips of Paul and Jamie's exchanges
  in dubbed German, follow the yellow brick links below:


    Maintained by Alexander Poropatich and Michael Straszniczky
    in Austria, with miniature flags to indicate the German vs
    English preferences, devoted both to "Verrckt Nach Dir" und
    Helen Hunt, or if you prefer, "Mad About You" and
    Helen Hunt.


    Maintained by Stephan Lerchegger in Austria as part of a much
    larger domain of Episode lists and guides; there is even a FAQ
    for the site:


    Maintained by Torsten Kracke in Germany, in spite of the  fact
    that MAY has not yet started its run on German TV.

  A sample conversation, transcribed by Alexander Poropatich and
  Michael Straszniczky, should be easy enough to place:

  Paul:  "Du willst kein Bing und Bang?"
  Jamie: "Anfangs wollte ich das..."
  Paul:  "Und Jetzt?"
  Jamie: "... bin ich darueber hinweg."
  Paul:  "Du bist eine sehr komplizierte Frau."
  Jamie: "Du willst keinen Boom?"
  Paul:  "Natuerlich will ich einen Boom. Die Jungs wollen immer nur
          den Boom. Bing und Bang haben wir nur erfunden um zu
          Boom zu kommen."
  Jamie: "Ich dachte Dir gefaellt Bing und Bang."
  Paul:  "Ich liebe Bing und Bang, aber ich brauche sie nicht immer."
  Jamie: "Ich auch nicht."
  Paul:  "Warum streiten wir dann?"
  Jamie: "Wir streiten nicht!"
  Paul:  "Na gut."

  If you have a Web browser, the unzip utility, a sound-card and
  speakers on your system, download the following exchange in German:


9.9     Is there an Inter-Relay Chat (IRC) channel for MAY?

  The first publicized attempt at an IRC channel for MAY was
  moderated by Mikhail Choo from Singapore on Undernet in August
  1996. The inaugural session on September 14 had 47 participants
  online for a session lasting about 4 and a half hours. The forum
  is still an experimental venture:

    Time:    12:00 USNO/EST
    Days:    Saturdays
    Channel: #madaboutyou

  Another channel in the offing is on DALNet, and the time and day
  of convening appears to be flexible, but usually 11PM Down Under
  time, which is early morning US East coast time (and even earlier
  for the US West coast). The moderator is an Aussie who goes by
  the nick of "muldoon" and the channel is not very busy at
  the moment as the Australian MAY telecasts are dormant, awaiting
  the start of season #5:

    Channel: #Mad_About_You

9.10    Are there any other chat-rooms for MAY?

  Subscribers to America Online in the US have access to a
  "Mad About You" chat room (keyword: MAY) on Tuesdays.
  Addition information is usually also available at the NBC
  booth (keyword: NBC).

  An effort is underway to get a free chat room set up under the
  auspices of Ultimate TV. If you are interested, please request
  its creation when you register at:


  and if enough folks (30? 35?) register themselves and also
  request it at the time of registration, a "Mad About You"
  chat room could be online soon.


Please send in corrections/comments to: []


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