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2.03 Bios of the six main stars

Biographies of the main cast are by Ken Gidley (

Jennifer Aniston

     Jennifer Aniston, who plays Rachel on Friends, was born in CA (the
     Valley, so yes she's a Val!), and raised mostly in New York. Her
     father, John Aniston, is an actor on "Days of Our Lives", so young
     Jennifer was around acting from an early age. Her godfather was Telly

     Jennifer has Greek ancestors, and actually spent some time in Greece as
     a child, before settling in New York because of her father's acting
     career (specifically he landed a role on "Love of Life"). She first
     acted at around age 11, as part of the Rudolf Steiner School's drama
     club. Jennifer says that she was always interested in acting, but it
     Rudolf Steiner's free-spirited atmosphere that encouraged her to make
     it her career.

     Jennifer started her professional training at New York's High School
     for the Performing Arts as a drama student. She graduated in 1987 (she
     is 26). She appeared in Off-Broadway productions of "For Dear Life" and
     "Dancing on Checker's Grave", before her first TV role on "Molloy".
     Other TV shows graced with her presence include "The Edge", "Ferris
     Bueller" (the TV version), a recurring role on "Herman's Head", and
     even some guest appearances on "Quantum Leap" and "Burke's Law".

     Jennifer is also an artist. At age 11 (busy year), one of her paintings
     was selected for display in the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art.
     She still spends much time on art projects, including charcoal
     drawings, clay sculptures, and paintings.

     Jennifer was born on February 11, 1969. In her spare time, she enjoys
     hiking, camping, and getting closer to nature. She currently lives in
     Los Angeles.

     Additional Information
     Additional information provided by Kim Clark

     "January 13, 1995 Blade-Citizen Preview, page 3. "Jennifer Aniston
     having fun with NBC's 'Friends.' Written by Cheryl Lavin, Tribune

     Vital statistics on Jennifer Aniston:
        o Occupation: Actress
        o Birthday: Feb. 11
        o Birthplace: Sherman Oaks and raised in NYC
        o Current home: LA
        o Marital status: single
        o Working on: "Friends," on NBC-TV
        o The last good movie I saw was: Quiz show
        o I stay home to watch: Seinfeld, MAY, and ER
        o The book I've been reading is: The Celestine Prophecy by James
        o Favorite pigout food: Give me a giant bowl of tortilla chips,
          salsa and guacamole and forget it.
        o Prized possession: My dog Katchina. She's a mix, a golden
        o Personal heroes: Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett.
        o Every New Year's I resolve: to be completely healthy, especially
        o Nobody know's I'm: Greek
        o I wish I could stop: The violence in this country.
        o I've never been able to: Get back to my art work. I draw, paint
          and sculpt.
        o I'm better than anyone else when it comes to: Putting on makeup.
        o I'd give anything to meet: Barbra Streisand. She's a strong chick.
        o My fantasy is: I get on a plane, fly to San Francisco, see a show,
          have a great dinner and fly back.
        o The one thing I can't stand is: People who are overly protective
          of me. I want them to trust my judgment.
        o If I could change one thing about myself, I would: Finish the
          things I start.
        o People who knew me in high school thought I was: Bitchy.
        o I knew I was a grown-up when I: Forgave my parents.
        o The price I've paid for my success: A lot of hurt and rejection.
        o If I weren't an actress, I'd be: A therapist.
        o Major accomplishment: Getting my career started.
        o My most humbling experience: Every time I'm with my family; they
          ground me.
        o Three words that best describe me: Curious, caring and fun.

Lisa Kudrow

     Lisa Kudrow was born on July 30, 1963 in Encino, California, (Yes, she
     too is a Valley girl! Oh-My-God) and was raised Tarzana, CA. She
     attended Vassar College in New York and graduated with a B.S. in
     Biology. She planned to follow in her father's footsteps (a famous
     headache expert) and moved back to L.A. to do medical research. She
     would most likely be doing research now, if not for the
     encouragement/inspiration of her brother's friend, Jon Lovitz (of
     Saturday Night Live fame).

     Lisa tried out for The Groundlings, a famous improvisational theater
     group in L.A., but was initially rejected due to her lack of
     experience. She was referred to a well-known comedy instructor, Cynthia
     Szigeti, to learn the improvisational trade. While attending this
     training, she met and became friends with Conan O'Brien, an unknown at
     the time. In 1989 she went back to The Groundlings and was accepted as
     a member of the troop, thus fulfilling her dream of being a

     In addition to Phoebe on "Friends", Lisa has played other roles on TV
     including Ursula, the ditzy waitress, on "Mad About You"; a recurring
     role on "Bob"; and guest appearences on "Cheers", "Coach", "Newhart",
     and "Flying Blind".

     Lisa spends her free time performing with the improv group Transformers
     and with The Groundlings, where she also teaches. She also played
     tennis in high school and college, and is known as a pool shark. She
     apparently grew up with a pool table and has mastered many different
     trick shots.

Courteney Cox

     Courteney Cox, who as we all know plays Monica Geller on "Friends", is
     originally from Birmingham, Alabama. She moved to New York City after
     graduating from high school and did some time with the Ford modeling
     agency, where she appeared in such glamorous roles as TV commercials
     for Noxema, Maybelline, and even the New York phone company.

     Courteney made her acting debut in 1984 on the daytime soap "As the
     World Turns", and later that same year, she was in Bruce Springsteen's
     video for "Dancing in the Dark" (she was the girl pulled from the
     audience to dance with 'The Boss'). Her most familiar TV series role
     was as Michael J. Fox's (or rather Alex P. Keaton's) girlfriend Lauren
     on "Family Ties". Her other TV appearances include being a regular on
     "Misfits of Science" & "The Trouble with Larry", guest-starring
     appearances on "Murder, She Wrote", "Seinfeld" (where she played
     Jerry's pretend wife), and HBO's "Dream On", several TV movies
     including "Prize Pulitzer", "Battling for Baby", and "Curiosity Kills",
     and even a mini-series, Judith Krantz's "Till We Meet Again".

     Courteney has appeared in several movies, including the wildly
     successful "Ace Ventura: Pet Dectective" with Jim Carrey, and some not
     as successful films including "Down Twisted", "Masters of the
     Universe", "Cocoon: The Return", "Shaking the Tree", "Mr. Destiny",
     "The Opposite Sex and How to Live with Them", and "Blue Desert". Her
     stage work includes "King of Hearts" at the Tiffany Theatre in L.A.,
     where she starred with Michael Spound.

     When Courteney is not working (and it doesn't seem like there's much of
     that), she enjoys decorating and remodeling homes. Her birthday is June
     15, 1964, and she lives in Los Angeles.

     Courteney has been dating Michael Keaton (of "Batman" fame; not to be
     confused with the character Alex P. Keaton played by Michael J. Fox)
     for a couple of years.

David Schwimmer

     Anyone want to contribute a bio for David Schwimmer? It must not be a
     copy of any copyrighted material. Please send your entries to

Matthew Perry

     Anyone want to contribute a bio for Matthew Perry? It must not be a
     copy of any copyrighted material. Please send your entries to

Matt LeBlanc

     Matt LeBlanc (aka Joey Tribbiani on "Friends"), at age 8, enjoyed a
     brief career as an amateur motorcycle racer with aspirations of
     becoming a pro. However, his mother put the kibosh on that and
     redirected his talents elsewhere. Matt was trained in carpentry and
     tried to do it with an artistic flair.

     After high school graduation, Matt travelled to New York City to make
     his fortune. By 1987 he had appeared in several national TV
     commercials, including ones for Levi's 501s, Coca-Cola, and Doritos. He
     appeared in a Heinz catsup ad that won the1987 Cannes Film Festival's
     Gold Lion Award.

     Matt began formal acting training in 1988 and within a year found work
     as one of the stars of the TV series "TV 101". He moved to L.A. and
     subsequently has appeared in several TV series ("Top of the Heap",
     "Vinnie & Bobby"), the TV movie "Anything to Survive" (with Robert
     Conrad), and a guest appearance on cable's "Red Shoe Diaries".

     Matt appeared in his first feature film in 1994, a movie entitled
     "Lookin' Italian" He is also scheduled to star in the last installment
     of "Rebel Highway", a series of remakes of famous 'teen angst' movies
     shown on cable.

     Over the last 10 years, Matt has developed a passion for photographing
     landscapes which has taken him to various parts of the world including
     Amsterdam, Switzerland, Germany, & Vancouver, as well as to many places
     in the U.S.

     Matt's birthday is July 25, 1967. He currently lives in L.A., with one
     of the first friends he made after arriving in Los Angeles: his dog


2.04 Filmographies of the six main stars

Filmographies are from The Internet Movie Database at

If you know of a part one of the six main characters played that is not
listed here, you should update the Internet Movie database since it is the
source for this FAQ's information regarding their filmographies!

Jennifer Aniston

     (From The Internet Movie Database:,+Jennifer)

       1. "Friends" (1994) 1994 [Rachel]
       2. "Muddling Through" 1994 [Madeleine Drego]
       3. Leprechaun 1993 [Tory]
       4. "Edge, The" 1992
       5. "Ferris Bueller" (TV Series) 1990 [Jeannie Bueller] [Note, this is
          the TV Show, not the movie!]
       6. "Molloy" 1990 [Courtney]
       7. Camp Cucamonga (TV) 1990 [Ava]

     Note titles in quotes (") are TV series

     Please note that we are referring to "Ferris Beuller" the short lived
     TV series, not the motion picture. In the movie, Jennifer Grey played

Lisa Kudrow

     (From The Internet Movie Database:,+Lisa)

       1. "Friends" (1994) 1994 [Phoebe]
       2. "Mad About You" 1992 [Ursula]
       3. In the Heat of Passion 1992
       4. Unborn, The 1991 [Louisa]
       5. "Newhart" (Year & Character unknown, it was one episode)
       6. "Coach" (Year & Character unknown, it was one episode)
       7. "Cheers" (11/23/89) [Emily]

     Note titles in quotes (") are TV series

Courteney Cox

     (From The Internet Movie Database:,+Courteney)

       1. Sketch Artist II: Hands that See (1995) (TV)[Emmy] (actress)
       2. "Friends" (1994) 1994 [Monica Geller] (actress)
       3. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994)[Melissa] (actress)
       4. "Trouble with Larry, The" (1993) 1993 [Gabriella] (actress)
       5. Battling for Baby (1992) (TV) 1992 [Katherine] (actress)
       6. Opposite Sex and How to Live with Them, The (1992)[Carrie
          Davenport] (actress)
       7. Blue Desert (1991) 1991 [Lisa Roberts] (actress)
       8. Curiosity Kills (1990) (TV) 1990 [Gwen] (actress)
       9. Mr. Destiny (1990)[Jewel Jagger] (actress)
      10. Shaking the Tree (1990)[Kathleen] (actress)
      11. Roxanne: The Prize Pulitzer (1989) (TV) 1989 [Jacquie Kimberly]
      12. Till We Meet Again (1989) (TV)[Freddy] (actress)
      13. Cocoon: The Return (1988) 1988 [Sara] (actress)
      14. I'll Be Home for Christmas (1988) (TV) (actress)
      15. Down Twisted (1987) 1987 (actress)
      16. If It's Tuesday, It Still Must Be Belgium (1987) (TV)[Hana
          Wyshocki] (actress)
      17. Masters of the Universe (1987)[Julie Winston] (actress)
      18. "Misfits of Science" (1985) 1985-1986 [Gloria Dinallo] (actress)
      19. Misfits of Science (1985) (TV) 1985 (actress)
      20. "Family Ties" (1982) 1982-1989 [Lauren] (actress)

     Note titles in quotes (") are TV series

David Schwimmer

     (From The Internet Movie Database:,+David)

       1. "Friends" (1994) 1994 [Ross]
       2. "Monty" 1994 [Greg Richardson]
       3. Wolf (1993) 1993 [A Cop]
       4. "NYPD Blue" 1993 [4B]
       5. Twenty Bucks 1993 [Neil Campbell]
       6. Crossing the Bridge 1992 [John Anderson]
       7. Flight of the Intruder 1990 [Duty Officer]
       8. "The Wonder Years" 19?? [Michael]

     Note titles in quotes (") are TV series

Matthew Perry

     (From The Internet Movie Database:,+Matthew)

       1. "Dream On" (1995) 1995 [Character unknown]
       2. "John Louroquette Show" (1995) 1995 [Victim of that weird cop]
       3. "Friends" (1994-1995) 1994-1995 [Chandler]
       4. "Home Free" 1993- [Matt Bailey]
       5. Deadly Relations (TV) 1993
       6. "Beverly Hills, 90210" 1991 [Roger]
       7. "Sydney" 1990 [Billy Kells]
       8. "Growing Pains" 1989 [Sandy]
       9. She's Out of Control 1989 [Timothy]
      10. Dance 'Til Dawn (TV) 1988
      11. "Second Chance" 1987-88 [Chazz Russell] (The show's name was
          changed to "Boys Will Be Boys" in Jan '88)
      12. "Charles In Charge" Dates unknown
     Note titles in quotes (") are TV series

Matt LeBlanc

     (From The Internet Movie Database:,+Matt)

       1. "Friends" (1994) 1994 [Joey]
       2. Lookin' Italian 1994 [Anthony Manetti]
       3. "Top of the Heap" 1991 [Vinnie Verducci]
       4. "Married With Children" [Vinnie Verducci]
       5. Anything to Survive (TV) 1990 [Billy Barton]
       6. "TV 101" 1988-89 [Chuck Berder]
     Note titles in quotes (") are TV series


2.05 What does the cast think of all the fan stuff on the Internet?

JG: "I'm the most Netaholic member of the Friends family, though several of
the other writers and producers also read the mailing list, as do a few
people from Warner Brothers. If I come across anything especially amusing or
provocative, I tack it on the bulletin board next to the writers' room.

"For example, somebody recently quoted a line from Mad About You in which
Ursula mentioned her brother. Well, if Ursula has a brother, so does Phoebe,
and we writers need to be aware of that.

"There was also a post on the newsgroup which confidently asserted that the
character of Carol, the pregnant lesbian ex-wife, was 'based on Friends
Executive Producer Marta Kauffman.' Marta really got a kick out of that one,
as did her husband and two kids.

"I don't think any of the cast members are wired as of yet, though I did
circulate the Drinking Game to them. They loved it, and expressed amazement
that people knew the show that well."


2.06 How did they all meet?

JG: "O.K., here's the quasi-definitive answer as I know it, as we writer
folk have discussed it over the course of the season...

"In the pilot, we established that Monica, Rachel and Ross all went to
Lincoln High School together. Monica was fat; Rachel was popular and
possibly bitchy; Ross was a nerd. Rachel says that she and Monica were
close, but in the time since, they've drifted -- enough so that Rachel
didn't think to invite Monica to her wedding.

"We also established that Ross had a crush on Rachel back then; she knew
this, but thought of him as 'Monica's geeky older brother.'

"During the making of 'The One Where Nana Dies Twice' [108], Schwimmer and
Perry wondered if Chandler and Ross might have gone to college together. We
writers agreed that it might be nice for two of our other characters to have
a history together, so we wrote it in.

"Therefore, my guess is that when Monica graduated college and was looking
for an apartment, Chandler (who was living with his first roommate Kip --
the one Joey is jealous of in 'Dozen Lasagnas' [112]) alerted her to the
fact that an apartment was opening up across the hall from him. Monica found
Phoebe through a roommate-matching service and moved in.

"One of the ways we've justified -- to ourselves, at least -- this amazing
place Monica lives in (on an assistant chef's salary!) is that it's probably
an illegal sublet. Several plot lines revolving around this fact were
discussed over the course of the season, but never amounted to anything."

     (Alexa later added: "Rachel and Monica live in a rent-controlled
     apartment Monica's grandmother left her (not Nana - the other one)
     This information was actually in an episode, but cut out for

JG: "Anywaaaaaay... When Kip got married, he moved out and Joey (who
Chandler probably also met through a roommate-matching service, or by
putting up flyers at the laundromat) moved in. Around the same time,
Phoebe's grandmother needed some kind of taking care of, so Phoebe moved out
of Monica's to live with her. This is another element we talked about a lot
over the course of the season, but it never found its way into a story.

"As for the timing of the events surrounding Ross's divorce, that's
something we've consciously avoided getting into. The more you think about
it, the more troublesome it becomes: Was Carol already involved with Susan
when Ross got her pregnant? We invite viewers to figure this one out for


2.07 All about Marcel

JG: "Marcel is actually played by two female monkeys named Monkey and Katie.
Both appear in 'Outbreak' and have made several appearances in television
shows, movies and commercials over the past few years.

"In fact, when we were initially casting Marcel, we were told that no
capuchins were available because all of them were in Malta shooting

[See also 1.10]


2.08 How do I write to the cast?

When the show is in production, mail to the cast gets delivered right to the
set. Now that they are on hiatus, the letters will go the their respective

Things may change if the flow of mail gets to be a flood, but for now you
can send your correspondence to:

"Cast Member's Name"
Warner Bros. Studio
300 South TV Plaza
Build. 136, Rm 226
Burbank, CA 91505

[See also 5.07]


2.09 How do I write to the writers/producers?

c/o Friends
Warner Bros. Studio
300 South TV Plaza
Build. 136, Rm 251
Burbank, CA 91505

See also question 0.03 and 0.04


2.10 Where in New York City do the characters live?

Someone on the net who lives in New York City wrote sent in the following:

     I just watched the 3/21 episode on tape, and noticed that in the
     bumper shot leading to Chandler's scene with Eddie, they showed
     the street sign. I live one block away from their building - it's
     the corner of Grove and Bedford streets in the West Village. Also,
     every once in a while they have a bumper shot before scenes at
     Central Perk that shows a red Village Cigars sign. This sign is
     located at the corner of Christopher Street and Seventh Avenue.
     (about two blocks away from the corner of Grove and Bedford)


     AJ: "Ross lives across town [from Monica's apartment]. Phoebe
     lives nearby."

     AJ: "It's 'less than a hundred steps' [from Monica's building to
     Central Perk] because Joey has counted them."


3.0 Plot Questions

This next section may contain spoilers if you have not seen every episode to
present. I will avoid posting anything I learn about future episodes unless
it really can't be helped. And even if I do I will post spoiler warnings.
Either way, to be safe, you should read this only if you are sure you don't
mind knowing. Some things may be spoilers to you and not to others. In
short: you have been warned.

3.01 Will Ross & Rachel ever get together?

Where ya been? They are! Finally. Phew. Now let's hope that after all that,
they stay together!


3.02 Can Chandler get a Brian?

As one mailing list member put it "Does he want a Brian?" This question
refers to episode [108] where one of Chandler's co-workers mistakes him for
being gay while trying to fix him up with someone at work. Chandler asks
this co-worker who she was going to fix him up with and it is someone he
isn't very impressed with. He asks why she couldn't have fixed him up with
someone like Brian? She says that Brian is out of his league. Ultimately, we
have seen and heard enough to be pretty sure that Chandler is not at all
gay. So, even though he insists he can get a Brian, he doesn't really want

JG: "Oh, come on. Chandler's not gay. Though back in college, there were a
lot of girls who thought he was..."


3.03 All about the Phoebe-Ursula Connection

Simple: They are twin sisters born on February 23 (year unknown). Lisa
Kudrow plays both Phoebe on Friends as well as Ursula on Mad About You. Both
characters are similar in their air-headed nature (though Phoebe is far more
developed owing to it being a larger role than Ursula).

JG: "The Phoebe/Ursula thing (which precipitated the Helen Hunt/Leila Kenzle
[crossover from Mad About You]) was necessitated by the fact that Lisa
Kudrow was playing two different roles on back-to-back sitcoms. Rather than
just pretend Mad About You didn't exist, it was decided to make Phoebe
Ursula's twin sister, and deal with the issue head-on in the 2/23 episode.
[116], [117] "

Finally, in response to whether we will see Ursula again...

JG: "We've kind of already done that bit. But when we did 'The One with Two
Parts', we didn't even know that Ursula and Phoebe had a brother -- we were
belatedly informed of this by, yes, you folks on the 'Net. So who knows?"


3.04 Will we see Rachel's Parents?

We have not yet seen Rachel's father but her mother, played by Marlo Thomas,
appeared in "TOW the Lesbian Wedding" [211] and told Rachel that she is
leaving her husband.

JG: "Well, not [in the first] season, but probably sometime in the future.
There was originally a subplot involving Rachel and her dad in 'The One
Where Underdog Gets Away' [109], but we re-thunk it.

"Note that Rachel's dad has been an offscreen presence in the pilot (she's
on the phone with him, trying to justify her decision to leave Barry), 'The
One with the East German Laundry Detergent' [105] (he offered her a
Mercedes, saying she'd never make it on her own), and sort of in 'The One
Where Underdog Gets Away' [109] (she's going on a ski vacation with her


3.05 Will there be a follow-up to the Joey-Phoebe Kiss from 'Two Parts'?

JG: "Probably not. We were actually quite surprised that people thought we
were opening up the possibility of a Joey/Phoebe romantic thing with that
kiss. To us, it was a wonderful one-time thing between two friends who care
about each other very much."


3.06 How could Monica not remember Ross was allergic to kiwi?

AJ: "She spaced it. It hadn't come up since they were kids."


3.07 Who is Ugly Naked Guy?

AJ: "Originally, he was pure conjecture - based on various Ugly Naked Guys
many of the writers had lived across from (especially those who'd lived in
New York city)

However, we received a letter from a woman who grew up in the building you
see in the stock footage shot of M,R,C & J's building who said there was, in
fact, an authentic Ugly Naked Guy living across from her and 'how did we
know?' LIfe is crazy, huh?"


4.0 Miscellaneous Questions

4.01 What are Friends fans called?

Collectively we are "The Friends Zone". Normal fans are "Crapweasels" and
the really rabid fans are "Frienatics". Yes, we have too much free time on
our hands.


4.02 What TV themes are they humming in "The One With the Dozen Lasagnes"?

At the beginning of [112] they were singing "The Odd Couple" and the
beginning of "I Dream of Jeannie."


4.03 What do W.E.N.U.S and A.N.U.S. stand for?

W.E.N.U.S. = Weekly Estimated Net Usage Statistics

A.N.U.S = Annual Net Usage Statistics

JG: "As written in 'Stoned Guy' [115], it was 'Weekly Estimated Net Usage
Statistics'. Matthew said 'Systems' instead of 'Statistics', but we decided
to let it go because basically the joke was over as soon as he said the word

"Then, when we did the WEENUS/ANUS call-back in 'Two Parts' [116 & 117], we
decided to go back to 'Statistics' 'cause it makes more sense -- knowing
full well that sharp-eared 'Netters would probably catch us at it."


4.04 Why is there never a number six?

  1. Often on lists sent to the Friends mailing lists you will notice that
     number six is missing.
  2. Sometimes it is there but it has some quip like "there is no number
     six" or somesuch.
  3. The origins of this practice come from Monty Python's Flying Circus.
  4. Specifically, the Bruce's Sketch.
  5. Their list never had a number six.
  6. There is no number six.
  7. I (Andy) started using this years ago and it became habit.
  8. Other people on the list picked it up.
  9. To date, the only person who has used a number six (that I know of) is
     Jeff Greenstein.
 10. Is that a sign?
 11. :-)


4.05 Why do people sign their names all smooshed together on the mailing

Darcy Partridge, (DARCY_PARTRIDGE@NOVELL.COM) writes:

     "Well, I can't say I'm the first to ever use smooshed-together
     middle names to express my mood or attitude, but I was the first
     person to habitually do it on the Friends list. After a while, it
     caught on. Other people started doing it and saying "Sorry,
     Darcy... didn't want to steal your trademark." I said they could
     all do it as much as they liked.... and that it may be the only
     trend I ever set anywhere."


4.06 Where can I get copies of episodes on VHS?

Unless you tape them yourself, you're out of luck. Some people have tried to
make trades on the mailing list and/or newsgroup but this is illegal and you
are on your own. The official word is Don't Do It.

As a postscript to the above, Andy cannot, via his contacts at the show, get
you copies nor can he make you copies of his collection (which is,
ironically, incomplete anyway!).


5.0 Friends Internet Resources

5.01 The Friends Mailing List

There is a mailing list at Dartmouth for Friends. You can subscribe to it by
sending a message as follows:

Subject: Irrelevent, can be left blank
Body of message:

subscribe friends firstname lastname

(obviously, substitute your first and last name for "firstname" and
"lastname" above.)

There is a help file for this mailing list at


5.02 The Friends Zone Mailing List

There is a mailing list at Dartmouth for The Friends Zone. This list is for
discussion of the Friends Zone, a virtual community created by fans of the
show. (The Friends Zone will soon have an FAQ. Watch the WWW and ftp sites.)

You can subscribe to it by sending a message as follows:

Subject: Irrelevent, can be left blank
Body of message:

subscribe friendsz firstname lastname

(obviously, substitute your first and last name for "firstname" and
"lastname" above.) There is a help file for this mailing list at


5.03 The Friends Media Mailing List

The Friends Media List is a weekly newsletter which is distributed Monday
evenings (with the exception of 'hot' information which is sent out when
received). It consists of information compiled on cast appearances,
articles, and anything fun and exciting on the NBC sit-com 'Friends'.

To subscribe, please send a message to Carolyn Gregersen as follows:

                Subject:   Friends Media List
        Body of Message:   subscribe Media List firstname lastname

(Obviously, substitute your first and last name for "firstname" and
"lastname" above.)

NOTE: You will receive a confirmation that you are subscribed within 24
hours. If you do not receive this, please send a note to Carolyn to verify
the status.

To unsubscribe, please send a message to Carolyn Gregersen as follows:

                Subject:   Friends Media List
        Body of Message:   unsubscribe Media List firstname lastname

(Obviously, substitute your first and last name for "firstname" and
"lastname" above.)

There is an FAQ for this mailing list at

[ Continued in Part Three... ]

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       State Trooper: "Do you realise how fast you were going?"
          Heisenberg: "Yes! But I have no idea where I am!"

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