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Frequently Asked Questions

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                            4/14/96 TEXT Version

                 Compiled and (C) 1994-1996 Andy J. Williams

     Friends is a weekly 30 minute length sit-com airing on NBC. It
     premiered in September of 1994 and has been receiving good reviews
     and excellent ratings (#1 in summer reruns in 1995). It is the
     on-going story of a group of twenty-something friends who live in
     New York City.



Questions listed with ** are new to this edition.
Questions listed with * are updated in this edition.

0.0 Meta-Questions about this FAQ
     0.01 Where can I find this FAQ?
     0.02 Who wrote this FAQ?
     0.03 All about our contacts at Friends
     0.04 I have a question about X...

1.0 Filming, Writing, and other Production Issues
     1.01 When can I see Friends?
     1.02 All about attending tapings
     1.03 All about the episode titles (What's 'TOW' mean?)
     1.04 How far in advance are storylines planned?
     1.05 All about submitting or acquiring scripts
     1.06 How is the stage set up?
     1.07 All about the theme song
     1.08 How did they tape the opening to "The One with the Boobies"?
     1.09 What is the life-cycle of a typical show?
     1.10 Was Marcel dancing or was that a tape loop?
     1.11 Flubs, gaffes, and improvisations
     1.12 How did the cast/crew feel about the move to 8PM?
**   1.13 Who are the writers for the show?

2.0 Character/Actor Information
*    2.01 All About the Main Characters
*    2.02 Supporting Cast & Guest Stars

[ Part Two ]

     2.03 Bios of the six main stars
     2.04 Filmographies of six main stars
     2.05 What does the cast think of all the fan stuff on the Internet?
*    2.06 How did they all meet?
     2.07 All about Marcel
     2.08 How do I write to the cast?
**   2.09 How do I write to the writers/producers?
**   2.10 Where in New York City do the characters live?

3.0 Plot Questions
     3.01 Will Ross & Rachel ever get together?
     3.02 Can Chandler get a Brian?
     3.03 All about the Phoebe-Ursula Connection
     3.04 Will we see Rachel's Parents?
     3.05 Will there be a follow-up to the Joey-Phoebe Kiss from 'Two Parts'?
**   3.06 How could Monica not remember Ross was allergic to kiwi?
**   3.07 Who is Ugly Naked Guy?

4.0 Miscellaneous Information
     4.01 What are Friends Fans called?
     4.02 What TV themes are they humming in "The One With the Dozen Lasagnes"?
     4.03 What do W.E.N.U.S and A.N.U.S. stand for?
     4.04 Why is there never a number six?
     4.05 Why do people sign their names all smooshed together on the
mailing list?
     4.06 Where can I get copies of episodes on VHS?

5.0 Internet Information
     5.01 The Friends Mailing List
     5.02 The Friends Zone Mailing List
     5.03 The Friends Media Mailing List

[ Part Three ]

     5.031 The Friends Spoiler Mailing List
     5.04 The Friends World Wide Web Pages
     5.05 The Friends Newsgroup
     5.06 The Friends ftp site
     5.07 Friends on IRC
     5.08 The Internet Ratings Service
     5.09 How do I contact the cast and/or crew via the net?
     5.10 Are there any online fan clubs?

6.0  Friends Episode Guide



0.0 Meta-Questions about this FAQ

0.01 Where can I find this FAQ?

This document's official home (where the latest version may always be found)

HTML Version:
TEXT Version:

It can also be found posted monthly in the newsgroup and the
Friends Mailing List.

This document may be copied provided no changes are made to it in any way.


0.02 Who wrote this FAQ?

This FAQ was written by many people in collaboration. Andy J. Williams
( is responsible for the bulk of it but much extra
material and suggestions come from members of the Friends mailing list and

Many additional comments included from Friends' Season 1 Supervising
Producer Jeff Greenstein (his comments are indicated by "JG") and Friends'
Senior Script Editor Alexa Junge (her comments are indicated by "AJ").

Please see question 0.03 for further information about our informants.


0.03 All about our contacts at Friends

During the first season of the show, then-Supervising Producer Jeff
Greenstein contacted the author of this FAQ and began a two-way dialogue
about the show. Over time, an arrangement evolved in which the author would
collect questions from the readers of the mailing list and newsgroup, send
them on to Jeff who would in turn answer them and mail back his responses.
Those "online interviews" have all been rolled into this FAQ. At the end of
the first season, Jeff left Friends to work on his new sitcom "Partners" for
FOX (starting Fall 1995 on Mondays at 9 PM Eastern) and Senior Script Editor
Alexa Junge has taken over as our contact at the show under the same

Please note that the only communications the author of this FAQ will
transmit are questions about the show itself. He cannot and will not send
story ideas, scripts, pleas for autographs or anything else. That would
jeapordize the relationship we have with the show.


0.04 I have a question about X...

If you have a question about the show that is not answered in this FAQ or in
the accompanying Episode Guide you can write to the author, Andy J. Williams
(, with your question. Every other month or so he sends
all collected questions to Alexa Junge, Senior Script Editor on Friends, and
she returns answers a few weeks afterwards. It's not the speediest system,
but the answers are good ones.


1.0 Filming, Writing, and other Production Issues

1.01 When can I see Friends?

Friends airs Thursdays at 8:00 PM (Eastern) on NBC.


1.02 All about attending tapings

Tickets for all television shows are free. For tickets in advance by mail,
please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the address below. Please
specify the show that you would like to see. They will send you a max of
four. Tickets are also available at the at Fox Television Center located at
5746 Sunset Boulevard, one block west of the 101 Hollywood freeway. Tickets
become available starting on Wednesday for the following week. Ticket office
hours are 8:30am - 6:00pm, Monday - Friday. The minimum age for Friends is
16 years old.

They are sold out for this season but will send you seats for the first
available show for next season. Taping resumes in July.

This next bit may be wrong. I was recently informed that tickets no longer
include a phone number. So, if yours don't then you probably don't need to
call to confirm. Can anyone find out the truth of this matter? The bit in
question: "It is very important to call to confirm your tickets. When the
tickets arrive in the mail, there is a map with them, and on the back there
is a phone number to call and tell them you are definitely planning to be

Audiences Unltd.
100 Universal City Plaza, Bldg. 153
Universal City, CA 91608
(818) 506-0067


1.03 All about the episode titles (What's 'TOW' mean?)

The episode guide which lists all the titles and gives plot synopses is a
separate document located at the Friends WWW Site and the Friends ftp site
[see 5.0]

As to why they all begin with "The One with..." ("TOW"):

JG: "When Marta & David & Jeff & I did 'Dream On', we used to spend a lot of
time thinking about titles, because they were on-screen at the top of each
episode. On "Friends", we decided that was a waste of time. We figured, why
not name each episode after the thing that people will ostensibly be talking
about around the water-cooler the next day?"


1.04 How far in advance are storylines planned?

JG: "We knew there was going to be a Phoebe/Ursula story [See 4.3] from the
get-go. In the case of Paolo, we started that "arc" without knowing exactly
where or when it would end up -- the decision to have him make a pass at
Phoebe [112] was actually arrived at pretty late in the game. However, an
upcoming two-part arc involving Rachel, Barry [Rachel's ex-fiancé and Mindy
[Rachel's Bridesmaid & Barry's girlfriend]] was conceived of all at once.

"To answer your initial question, then... it varies. "


1.05 All about submitting/acquiring scripts

On submitting scripts:

JG: "We only accept script submissions through agents. Sorry. That's the
standard deal."

On acquiring scripts:

AJ: "If you are interested in plot synopses and the like, the best thing
would be getting the 'Friends Companion' or to read the Episode Guide. If
you are looking for script format because you're interested in writing for
TV, there are loads of books that can fill you in. You might also try
contacting the Writers' Guild (though I don't know if they'll be much help
if you're not a member) or the Museum of Broadcasting in New York."


1.06 How is the stage set up?

This information may only pertain to first season. I am given to understand
that this has changed for second season.

JG: "There are two standing sets -- Monica and Rachel's apartment, which
occupies the center of our stage, and the coffee house, which is stage
right. Those stay up all the time, 'cause they're in every show.

"Stage left is a space where we put our larger 'swing sets' (sets that are
only needed for one episode). In any given week, that could be Chandler and
Joey's apartment, Carol and Susan's apartment, or the fancy restaurant in
'Candy Hearts' [114].

"Those three sets face the audience. There's additional space for sets off
to the side and behind -- if we have to build sets there, we feed the scene
live to the audience on overhead monitors."


1.07 All about the theme song?

There was a great deal of debate over whether the first line was "So no one
told you life was gonna be this way" or "So no one told you that was gonna
be this way." Alexa Junge put the argument to rest with the following:

AJ: "the lyric question is 'No one told you LIFE was going to be this
way...' But it's not a dumb one - there was momentary debate even between
Marta [Kauffman] and David [Crane] who didn't want to believe they wrote two
consecutive lines with the word 'Life' in them. But they did."

And there are only four claps.

The Theme song is sung by the Rembrandts. An extended version can be found
on their 1995 album "L.P." The music is by Michael Skloff and the lyrics by
Allee Willis

So no one told you life was gonna be this way [four claps]
Your job's a joke, you're broke, your love life's D.O.A.
It's like you're always stuck in second gear
When it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even your year

I'll be there for you
(When the rain starts to pour)
I'll be there for you
(Like I've been there before)
I'll be there for you
('Cause you're there for me too)

Carl Sobeski ( figured out the following guitar chords:

             Fret                Fret                Fret
     A                   G                  C#m
+---------+         +---------+         +---------+
1 | | | 1 1  5th    1 | | | 1 1  3rd    | 1 | | | 1  4th
+---------+         +---------+         +---------+
| | | 2 | |         | | | 2 | |         | | | | 2 |
+---------+         +---------+         +---------+
| 3 4 | | |         | 3 4 | | |         | | 3 4 | |

    Bm                   D                   E
+---------+         +---------+         +---------+
| 1 | | | 1  2nd    | 1 | | | |  5th    | | | 1 | |  1st
+---------+         +---------+         +---------+
| | | | 2 |         | | | | | |         | 2 3 | | |
+---------+         +---------+         +---------+
| | 3 4 | |         | | 3 3 3 |         | | | | | |

A                                         G
So no one told you life was gonna be this way

A                                                     C#m
Your job's a joke, you're broke, your love life's D.O.A.

G                Bm              A
It's like you're always stuck in second gear

         G               D                    E
And it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even your year

     A       D         E
But, I'll be there for you (When the rain starts to pour)

A       D         E
I'll be there for you (Like I've been there before)

A       D         E                  G                 A
I'll be there for you ('Cause you're there for me too)


1.08 How did they tape the opening to "The One with the Boobies"?

The opening scene to "The One with the Boobies" [113] has Chandler walking
in on a topless Rachel. Jennifer Aniston was not topless in front of the
studio audience. The scene was pre-shot on a closed set (just the cameraman
and director) and a cut-together version of the scene was shown to the
audience on show night. (That's where the laughs came from.)


1.09 What is the life-cycle of the typical show?


   * Brainstorming. Just the writers sitting around, throwing out ideas,
     seeing what strikes a chord. This takes four or five days, during which
     time we'll generate a dozen or so things that feel like stories.

   * Story-breaking. We take each story and break it down into individual
     scenes. This generally takes a day or two per story, depending on its

   * Mix-'n'-match. This is often the toughest phase of the process --
     picking from the bunch of stories we have, and seeing what goes with
     what. (The basic rule is three stories per episode.) We also have to
     make sure each of the six characters is serviced in each show, and that
     the stories jibe in terms of time sequence. This phase may also include
     some additional brainstorming and story-breaking as we try to fill in
     the gaps in each episode. For a typical episode, this would take
     another coupla days.

   * Outline. We divvy up the episodes and each writer goes off and does an
     outline. The producers give them notes on the outline, and then they're
     off to...

   * Write a first draft. Generally the writer has about a week to do this.
     The producers give them notes, and then they...

   * Write a second draft, which we then begin...

   * "Tabling". This is all the writers in a room, going through the script
     line by line, scene by scene, making it better. Punching up jokes,
     making sure the story is telling itself properly, etc. This takes about
     four (often very long) days, at the end of which we have a finished
     script we're all pretty happy with.

     Then a whole new phase begins: Production.

   * "Table read." This happens on a Wednesday around noon. The actors sit
     around a table with us and read through the script. This hopefully
     gives us some idea what's working and what's not. It's also a chance
     for the network, the studio and the director to give us whatever
     thoughts they have. Based on this, the writing staff spends the rest of
     the day and night doing a group rewrite.

   * Thursday run-through. After the actors have spent much of the morning
     and early afternoon working with the material, they run through the
     whole show for the writers and producers. This is our first chance to
     see the show "on its feet". Early notes are given to the actors on
     performances, we see if the changes we made Wednesday night are
     working, and then we spend Thursday evening rewriting the script

   * Friday (network and studio) run-though. Again, we get a feel for what's
     working and what isn't. The network and studio contribute their
     thoughts. The director and cast may offer additional ideas. The dreaded
     Friday night rewrite ensues.

   * Monday camera blocking. The director runs through the show with the
     cast, figuring out what his or her shots are going to be, finalizing
     the actors' blocking, etc. There may be some marginal changes at this
     point if a particular joke just isn't getting there, but at this point
     the script is pretty much locked.

   * Tuesday night -- we shoot the damn thing!

   * Post-production. Cutting, recutting and mixing the show can take
     anywhere from a week to three weeks, depending on how close to the air
     date we are.

   * It's on TV!

   * You see it and post messages to the mailing list.


1.10 Was Marcel dancing or was that a tape loop?

One scene in "The One with all the Poker" [118] shows Marcel "dancing" to
"The Lion Sleeps Tonight".

JG: "It's a tape loop. Monkey's a very talented monkey, but she ain't no


1.11 Flubs, gaffes, and improvisations

One reader asked if the pillow falling from the balcony in TOW George
Stephanopoulis [104] was scripted or a just wonderful flub by JA.

AJ: "The pillow falling thing evolved on the stage. It may have come from
the director, James Burrows or the actors or as a result of all their comic
heads working together. I don't know for sure. All I know is we came by to
see a run-through and were surprised by the wonderful bit and it stuck.

"Actual flubs are rare, but every so often something unexpected will happen
at a taping that's too precious to pass up. In a recent episode (TOW 5
Steaks & an Eggplant) Matt was supposed to go to the phone and say 'Bob,
here' but he fell so fantastically, that's the take that ended up on the


1.12 How did the cast/crew feel about the move to 8PM?

AJ: "Last year, the show benefited enormously from following both 'Mad About
You' and 'Seinfeld' [at 9:30PM on Thursdays]. Once 'Friends' was a hit, the
move [to 8PM on Thursdays] was a terrific compliment since now we could
actually help 'anchor' the night's prime-time lineup. As for the ratings,
they've been fantastic. If you all keep watching, we should be okay..."


1.13 Who are the writers for the show?

AJ: "The complete list of 2nd Season "Friends" writers is as follows:

     Staff Writers: Marta Kauffman & David Crane; Jeffrey Astrof & Mike
     Sikowitz; Adam Chase; Ira Ungerleider; Alexa Junge; Michael
     Borkow; Gregory T. Malins & Michael Curtis; Betsy Borns.

     Episodes: Brown Mandel; Brian Buckner & Sebastian Jones, Chris
     Brown, Doty Abrams."


2.0 Character/Actor Information

2.01 All About the Main Characters

David Schwimmer as Ross Geller
Courteney Cox as Monica Geller
Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing
Matt LeBlanc as Joey Tribbiani
Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Karen Green
Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay

The main characters are detailed here. Facts about them are followed by the
episode from which the information was gleaned. See the episode guide.

Ross Geller (David Schwimmer): Ross is Monica's brother. He has a Ph.D. as a
paleontologist and works for a museum. [102]. His wife divorced him after
she realised/decided that she was a lesbian [101]. Much of season one
involved her pregnancy (discovered in episode 102). She finally gave birth
to Ross' son Ben [123] and both she and her partner want Ross to be involved
with the child to some degree [211] Ross speaks very precisely [103] and is
somewhat shy. He has been madly in love with Rachel since the ninth grade.
At the end of the first season, he gave up on Rachel and began seeing Julie,
whom he knew in Grad School and re-met on a trip to China [208] But they got
over their differences and are dating now. [214] He had a pet monkey named
Marcel [110] who he had to send to zoo when he (the monkey) hit puberty.

Ross must be either 28 or 29 based on the following clues: We know he is
older than Monica and Rachel, and that he had a crush on Rachel in High
School. This would mean that he is between 0 and 3 school years older than
Rachel. Had he been born nine months before Monica, it is conceivable that
they would have been the same grade, but this possibility is ruled out by
"George Stephanopoulos," [104] aired on 10/13/94, in which he states that
his birthday was "seven months ago," in around March] On the other hand,
"Candy Hearts" [114] establishes that he hadn't dated in 9 years (since
early '86) and "George Stephanopoulos" [104] indicates that he was married
for 7 years (since late '87). Chandler states in "Rachel Finds Out," [124]
that Ross fell for Carol in college, making Ross' high school graduation in
'85 at the latest. Combined, this tells us that Ross must be either 28 or 29
(2 or 3 years older than Monica/Rachel). Note that this would seem to
indicate that Ross got married while still an undergraduate.

Monica Geller (Courteney Cox): Monica is Ross' sister. She was a cook at a
trendy restaurant, Iridium, on 65th and Broadway [101] until she was fired
for accepting a kickback against restaurant policy [205]. She rents the
apartment where much of the show's action takes place. Considering her
former job, it is quite an amazing apartment (JG suggests that it might be
an illegal sublet, see question 2.06). She cannot seem to get her mother to
approve of her at all [102], [101]. If she doesn't, for once her friends
love him [103]. And, just once, he turned out to be way too young [122].
And, sometimes too old. She is currently dating her father's friend Richard
Burke who is much older than she is. [215] The others consider her to be
very bossy, anal-retentive and controlling.

Monica is, as of the end of the first season, 26. In "Ick Factor," [122] she
clearly states that she is 26, and in fact "25 and 13 months." Given the air
date of 05/04/95, this would put her birthdate in 04/69. However, in
"Blackout," [107] which was aired on 11/03/94, Joey convinces Monica that
Ross is planning a surprise birthday party for her. Given her reaction, it
would appear that her birthdate is in late '68. It is difficult to reconcile
these unless Ross is habitual in planning birthday parties five months in
advance. Nevertheless, it is clear that Monica was born in late '68 or early
'69, which is important in fixing Rachel's age (see below).

Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry): Chandler is a data processor who, in the
first season, recevied a hefty promotion [115] in some office somewhere. He
himself didn't care much for his job [101] but found that changing [115].
Many women in college thought he was gay [203] (much to his chagrin).
Chandler has a very hard time both asking women [106] out as well as
breaking up with them [105]. He seemed to keep getting stuck with the horrid
Janice [110], [115] until, thankfully, she got married and pregnant [203].
His mother writes romance novels and embarasses Chandler greatly [111]. He
used to smoke [103]. He lives across the hall from Monica and Rachel with
his roommate Eddie who replaced Joey. [216] - [217]

As for Chandler's age, we only know that he knew Ross in college before Ross
fell for Carol, he would therefore appear to be either Ross' age, slightly
older or possibly one year younger. We also know that he's been at the same
company for five years, as of "Stoned Guy" [115]. If we assume that he took
the 'temp' job right out of college, it places his college graduation in '89
and fixes his age at 28.

Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc): Joey is an aspiring actor who continually
gets rather pathetic roles. These include Pinocchio in a children's
production [101] as well as Sigmund Freud in a musical of Freud's life
[106]. He was also the poster boy for VD [109]. His breakthourgh role (which
he messed up) was as Al Pacino's Butt Double in a movie [106]. He finally
got a break and is appearing on Days of our Lives as a doctor. He lived
across from Rachel and Monica with Chandler but moved to his own apartment.

Joey is 28. He states this in "The One Where Joey Moves Out"

Rachel Karen Green (Jennifer Aniston): Rachel is very much a suburbs woman
who, until the start of the series, has never held a job and has always
lived off daddy's money [101]. At the start of the show she had just left
Barry, her husband-to-be on the altar and ran to the only friend she could
think of, Monica [101]. She is just beginning to get into the groove of
living in the big city and then fell head over heels for Paolo, an Italian
man who could barely speak English [107]. She dumped him when he made a pass
at Phoebe [112]. For all of the first season, she was oblivious to Ross'
crush on her. At the end of the season Chandler let it slip and she decided
to go for it. However, by that time Ross had found a new girlfriend. When
she got drunk and told Ross that she was over him, he decided to leave Julie
for her. However, a list of negative things about her (Rachel) that he was
using as part of his decision between her and Julie upset her too much to
forgive him and she turned away from him (but, of course, later forgave him
and now they are together). Her mother envies her life and is now leaving
her husband. [211] She lives with Monica and works at Central Perk, the
coffee house [101].

She celebrates her birthday in "Rachel Finds Out" [124]. It has been clearly
established that she and Monica were high school classmates, meaning that
she turned 26 on 05/18/95. And that they both graduated high school in '87.

Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow): Phoebe is way out in left field somewhere much
of the time. Often the source of strange looks and shrugs from the others,
Phoebe left home early in life after her mother committed suicide and moved
to the city where her albino male roommate committed suicide [101]. She got
her act together when she discovered aroma-therapy [101]. She is a masseuse
[112] and also sings at Central Perk mostly about death and sometimes uses
her spiritual abilities to cleanse auras [101] and read thoughts of people.
Recently, she was inhabited by the spirit of an old lady who died on her
massage table [211]. She has a friend who was reincarnated as a pencil
[108]. She lives with her grandmother [104]. Her sister, Ursula, is a
waitress at Riff's, a restaurant featured in 'Mad About You'. [102] but they
do not get along [116] - [117].

Her birthday is celebrated in "Two Parts Part 2" [117], aired on 02/23/95.

(I asked Jeff Greenstein if this meant that her birthday was the same as
mine (2/23) and Jeff responded that yes, her birthday is indeed February
23rd. Yeah, I know that was self-serving but why not? :-)


2.02 Supporting Cast & Guest Stars

Hank Azaria...................David [112]
Anita Barone..................Carol [101] - [108]
Joel Beeson..................."Hombre Guy" [202]
Corrine Bhorer................Joey's Girlfriend [124]
Tommy Blaise..................Carl [124]
Michael Ray Bower.............Roy Gublick [214]
Jackie Bright.................Mr. Weinberg [224]
Dan Castellaneta..............Zoo Keeper [212]
Spencer Cherashore............A Waiter [205]
Jill Connick..................Jill Goodacre [107]
George Clooney................Dr. Mitchell [117]
Robert Costanzo...............Joey Tribbiani, Sr, [113]
Roark Critchlow...............? [212]
Peter DeLuise.................Carl [221]
Morgan Fairchild..............Nora Tyler Bing [111]
Stuart Fratkin................Lowell [108]
Cosimo Fusco..................Paolo [112], [201]
June Gable....................Estelle Leonard [210] through
Lee Garlington................Ronnie [113]
Candice Gingrich..............The Minister [211]
Adam Goldberg.................Eddie [217] through [219]
Elliott Gould.................Jack Geller [102] through
Jennifer Grant................(Woman Chandler had to fire) [116] [117]
Jennifer Grey.................Mindy [120]
Michael G. Hagerty............Mr. Treeger [209]
Larry Hankin..................Mr. Heckles [???] through [203]
Jessica Hecht.................Susan [102] through
Helen Hunt....................Jamie Buchman [116] [117]
Marie Hupp....................Mindy [224]
Chrissie Hynde................the new singer at Central Perk [206]
Chris Isaak...................Rob Donan [212]
Leila Kenzle..................Fran [116] [117]
Patrick Kerr..................The Manager [214]
Stan Kirsch...................Ethan [122]
Phil Leeds....................Mr. Adleman [211]
Rob Leibman...................Leonard Green [222]
Jay Leno......................himself [111]
Audra Lindley.................Frances [209]
Jon Lovitz....................Steve [115]
Michael McKean................Mr. Ratstatter [208]
Tahj Mowry....................? [212]
Laraine Newman................Mrs. Buffay [221]
Christina Pickles.............Judy Geller [102] through
Brittany Powel................Jade [205]
Emily Proctor.................Annabel [202]
Victor Raider-Wexler..........A Doctor [206]
Giovanni Ribisi...............Frank Jr. [221]
Julia Roberts.................Susie Moss [213]
Tom Selleck...................Richard Burke [215] through
Jane Sibbett..................Carol [109] through
Harry Shearer.................Dr. Baldharar [121]
Claudia Shears................'Fake Monica' [121]
Charlie Sheen.................Ryan [223]
Brooke Shields................Erika Ford [212]
Jonathon Silverman............Carol's Obstetrician [123]
Peter Spears..................Joel [224]
Fisher Stevens................Roger [113]
Marlo Thomas..................Sandra Green [211], [222]
Lauren Tom....................Julie [124] through [208]
James Michael Tyler...........Gunther [219] through [222]
Brenda Vaccaro................Gloria Tribbiani [113]
Jean Claude Van Damme.........himself [213]
Vincent Ventresca.............Fun Bobby [110], [210]
Maggie Wheeler................Janice [105], [110] [114] [203]
Mitchell Whitfield............Barry [102], [120], [224]
Fred Willard................. Mr. Lipson [212]
Max Wright....................Terry [206]
Noah Wyle.....................Dr. Rosen [117]
Steve Zahn....................Duncan [204]

[ Continued in Part Two... ]

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