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FAQ: Air Traveler's Handbook 4/4 [Monthly posting]
Section - [4-10] Airline Antitrust Litigation

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The AirScrip certificates should have been mailed between December 15
and 31, 1994. The deadline for claims was June 1, 1993 (postmark). If
you have not received your certificates, or have any other questions,
write to Airline Antitrust Administration, PO Box 66, National Park,
NJ 08063-0066. Please do not call the court. (If you didn't submit a
claim by the deadline, it's too late. Over 4.3 million people filed
claims successfully.)

Class A claimants (1 trip) will get a booklet with $73 in coupons --
one $25, four $10, and one $8.  Class B claimants (5+ trips) will get
a booklet with $79 in coupons -- two $25, two $10, and one $9.  Class
C claimants (itemized trips) will get booklets of $25 coupons. The
coupons have blackout dates around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.

At first glance the booklet will appear to have twice as many
certificates. Don't get confused -- the bottom certificate of each
pair is to be used to get a replacement AirScrip certificate if you
should get a refund of a ticket purchased using a certificate.

[In a separate 18-OCT-94 settlement with state and local governments,
the airlines have agreed to give government employees traveling on
official business a 10% discount. This discount will provide up to a
maximum of $40 million in discounts during the 18 month period after
the settlement takes effect. Affected airlines include Alaska Air,
American, Continental, Delta, Northwest, TWA, United, and USAir.  The
original antitrust settlement with consumers did not include state and
local governments.]

Vouchers are valid for three years and are effectively good for a 10%
discount on the price of round-trip tickets. You can redeem them
through your travel agent; you don't have to purchase the tickets
directly from the airline. Tickets purchased using the vouchers are
good for one year from the date of purchase. Vouchers may not be
combined with any other special offer.  Only you and your immediate
family may use the vouchers unless you designate a different recipient
when filing your claim. Vouchers may be used only for purchasing round
trip tickets for travel within the continental US (Hawaii and Alaska
are excluded, except for residents of those states). There are
blackout dates around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years during
which the vouchers may not be used. Tickets purchased using the
vouchers will receive frequent flyer miles.

[Note: The above is a very rough summary of the details of the voucher
program. The rest of this section is from the original FAQ entry, and
may not necessarily apply.]

If you flew on American, Continental, Delta, Midway, Northwest, Pan Am, TWA,
United, or USAir (US domestic flights only) between January 1, 1988, and
June 30, 1992 from one of the following airports
   Atlanta        Baltimore         Boston
   Charlotte      Chicago (O'Hare)  Chicago (Midway)
   Cincinnati     Cleveland         Dallas/FW
   Dayton         Denver            Detroit
   Houston (IAH)  Indianapolis      Kansas City
   Los Angeles    Memphis           Miami
   Mpls/St Pl     Nashville         Newark
   New York (JFK) New York (LGA)    Orlando FL
   Philadelphia   Pittsburgh        Raleigh/Durham
   St. Louis      Salt Lake City    San Francisco
   San Jose       Syracuse          Washington (National)
   Washington (Dulles)
you are probably eligible for part of the $364 million antitrust
settlement. This settlement is in response to a suit charging that
they conspired to fix prices through a computerized reservation
system. If you write to

   Airline Antitrust Litigation
   P.O. Box 209
   Philadelphia, PA 19107-9711

they will send you a claim form and instructions.  You can also call
them at 1-800-854-7264. (An alternate address is PO Box 267,
Pennsauken, NJ 08110.) 

If you've taken at least one eligible trip, you will get a $100
voucher good for travel on either Northwest Airlines only, or on 
the other airlines (the restrictions on the vouchers differ, see
below). You choose which kind of vouchers you prefer, subject to

If you've taken at least 5 round trips or 10 one-way trips (or some
combination), you will receive $250 in vouchers.

If you've taken more flights, you can file additional documentation
with your claim, and receive vouchers for 10% of the actual amount

This is a gross oversimplification of the terms of the settlement. If
more than 2,689,840 claim forms are submitted, the base $100 amount
will be reduced. If the total payout exceeds $364 million, the program ends.

Certificates may be used only as partial payment toward a ticket; they
may not exceed the price of the ticket.

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Top Document: FAQ: Air Traveler's Handbook 4/4 [Monthly posting]
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