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Last-modified: 96/06/15
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                     The FAQ Part 3

                     Volume 16      June 15, 1996

       LEGAL   This FAQ may be distributed or referenced in whole or in 
  DISCLAIMER:  part in any forum as long as the Author and Contributors 
               sections remain with any portion of the FAQ  that is 
               referenced outside of the forum, and no 
               profit is gained from the use of this FAQ in any forum.

                           SECTION 3: BATMAN

Q1:  Why so many Batmans and Robins and so few villains or other
     characters in the various Batman lines?
A1:  Kenner feels that the other characters will not sell as well as 
     Batman and Robin (at least this is what they claim).  Besides that, 
     it is more profitable to use the same molds over and over again 
     then to create new molds for new characters as long as they 
     continue to sell.
Q2:  Why can't I find the villains that have been made?
A2:  Continuing with their philosophy that villains don't sell, the 
     villains that Kenner does make are usually packed one per case, 
     and taking this into factor, dealers hoard them along with all
     the other one per case figures they can find.  Fortunately, the
     miracle of all miracles has occurred and Kenner has reissued
     the original Joker, Mr. Freeze and Bane with rumors of reissuing
     Poison Ivy.

                       SECTION 4: FANTASTIC FOUR

Q1:  Whats an "interim" Fantastic Four figure?
A1:  When Toy Biz realized that it was a mistake to release only
     half of the FF in the first assortment, they hastily produced
     Human Torch and Invisible Woman "interim" figures.  The "interim"
     Human Torch is different from the second assortment Torch in that 
     it is actually a repainted FF Silver Surfer figure with "Glow-in-
     the-dark-flames" and a TB Catapult Launcher whereas the second 
     Torch is a newly molded figure with Sparking-Action.  Similarly, 
     the "interim" Invisible Woman is a repainted Iron Man Spider-Woman 
     figure with clear-plastic platform and shield while the Series II
     Invisible Woman is a newly molded clear figure also known as "clear
     Invisible Woman" (see Q4.2).  The "interim" figures had a short 
     production run and are no longer being made, but are probably still 
     available in some areas.  "Interim" is not the official name for 
     these figures, but a term dubbed by rtmers to distinguish the 
     repaints from the Series II figures.

Q2:  How many different Invisible Woman figures have there been and 
     which one is the hardest to find?
A2:  From Randy Matthews (

     "As for the Invisible Woman versions,  there have been four figures 
     released within the last 3 years:

     Marvel Superheroes Card
       Invisible Woman 1 (1993)  -  this  is the one that changes color.  
         Apparently  Toy Biz had some problems making it work  correctly 
         and this figure was discontinued.
       Invisible Woman 2 (1994)  -  this one does not change colors.  It 
         is  packaged with an 'invisible'  catapult launcher (the  first 
         version did not have this launcher).
     Fantastic Four Card
       Invisible Woman 1 (1995)  -  this  is  a  repainted  Spider-Woman 
         figure  from  the Iron Man line.   It was produced between  the 
         first  and second series of the FF line to satisfy demand for a 
         complete  set  of  the FF.   It is also known as  the  'Interim 
         Invisible Woman.' (see Q4.1)
       Invisible Woman 2 (1995)  -  this  is  the  clear plastic version 
         produced  for the second series.   Although the back of the  FF 
         cards show a 'solid'  Invisible Woman,  the clear figure is the 
         one that was ultimately released."

     For those interested in how difficult it is to locate each of these 
     figures (in descending order of difficulty):

     Marvel Super-Heroes IW 1 - most difficult to find, no longer being
                                produced, produced in short supply
                      FF IW 1 - produced in semi-short supply, but not
                                to hard to find
                      FF IW 2 - four to a case, hoarded by dealers, but
                                still not to difficult to find
     Marvel Super-Heroes IW 2 - no longer produced but still available
                                in large supply, usually below standard

Q3:  Was the Adam Warlock figure pictured on the back of the third
     series Iron Man and Fantastic Four assortments ever released?
A3:  No, Adam Warlock wasn't released despite the fact that he appears
     on the cardbacks.  Word is he will be released in an assortment 
     with three other figures in a co-venture between Toy Biz and Fleer
     as a promotion for the Marvel Overpower CCG.

                         SECTION 6: STAR TREK

Q1:  I just saw a bunch of Thomas Riker action figures at the toy store, 
     what's the big deal about them?
A1:  You most likely saw the Deep Space Nine Thomas Riker figure (Asst. 
     No. 6230, Stock No. 6246) with Space Cap.  The figure that is, or 
     was, out in limited quantity, having a production run of only 
     10,000, is The Next Generation Thomas Riker (Asst. No. 6070, Stock 
     No. 6946) without card or Space Cap.

Q2:  Did they make the Red Data/Data in "Redemption" figure, I've never 
     seen one?
A2:  The Data in "Redemption" had a production run of 5,000 and was 
     available only through the JCPenny's Christmas Catalog as part of a 
     "Bridge Crew" set with three other figures (each packaged as a 
     regular figure with card and bubble).  The same figure was released 
     in Canada with a blue sticker on the bubble that read "Lt. Cmd. 
     Data".  A "Data in Red Uniform," or Red Data, was never released.
     (NOTE: Yes, Playmates made a mistake, Data did not wear a red 
     uniform in the TNG episode "Redemption.")
Q3:  Is the Movie Edition U.S.S. Excelsior the same as the Generations 
     U.S.S. Enterprise-B?
A3:  Yes, except for the decals, both ships are the same.  Many people 
     have pointed out that, in reality, the U.S.S. Excelsior does not 
     look exactly like the Enterprise-B, unfortunately, Playmates was 
     unaware or indifferent to this fact.

Q4: What are the various Star Trek variations I see being sold or 
    mentioned on rtm?
A4: 1) TNG Lt. Cmd. Geordi LaForge (1992) - Originally came with
       a removable VISOR before they were permanently attached with
       epoxy for safety reasons, card backs also reflect this change.
    2) TNG Gowron (1992) - Briefly came with the five pips on his
       belt not painted gold.
    3) TNG Borg (1992) - Some "reverse negative" Borgs were mistakenly
       released with the picture on the card back reversed.
    4) TNG Ferengi (1992) - Some Ferengis were released without black
       on the boots or a black stripe above the boots.    
    5) Classic Star Trek Commander Kruge (1995) - Some were mistakenly 
       released on a card with Kruge card front, but a Spock card back 
       and a different part number.
    6) Star Trek: Voyager Captain Janeway (1995) - It is common to see
       Janeway's with a B'elanna Torres trading card instead of the 
       Janeway trading card.

Q5:  What's a Tapestry Picard and why are there so many posts about it?
A5:  Captain Picard as seen in the episode "Tapestry," a part of the
     Playmates Star Trek line is, in itself, nothing special.  Its 
     simply a mix-n-match figure of a Captain Picard head on a 
     Generations Admiral Kirk body, with minor modifications, based on 
     the Star Trek: TNG episode "Tapestry."  What's special, or better 
     put, infamous about this figure is that only 1701 (as in U.S.S. 
     Enterprise NCC-1701) were released in "celebration" of Star Trek's
     30th Anniversary, the first of a series of limited edition figures.  
     This figure is causing quite a stir in the collector/scalper arena.
     Collector's are rightfully angry that Playmates is showing such 
     disregard for its customers in favor of the hype generated by the
     secondary market (and ignorant comments from Playmates employees
     like Stever Garber are just making matters worse).  The figures
     are going for so much on the secondary market that the average 
     collector will never be able afford one  in hopes of completing 
     his/her collection.  All in all, its not a pretty picture.

                         SECTION 7: STAR WARS

Q1:  What new Star Wars figures are coming out?
A1:  For the best info on whats to come, check out Adam Pawlus' Star 
     Wars Newsletter in the News section of the Action Figure Web Page 
     or The Pawlus Page (see Q1.3), or e-mail him for a subscription at:
Q2:  How do I get the various Star Wars mail-in figures?
A2:  The Han Solo in Stormtrooper Outfit is free with an official order 
     form and two proofs of purchase from Froot Loops cereal, there is 
     no shipping and handling costs and the offer expires December 31, 
     1996, or until supplies are exhausted.  These figures have already
     begun shipping to those who ordered them.  Call 1-800-237-1132 for 


                            Action Masters

Q1:  Which Action Masters have not been released?
     The Batman four-pack, the Superman single figures, the Superman
     four-pack, the Star Wars Snowtrooper, and a single-card Star Wars
     Chewbacca (only available in the SW six-pack).

                               The Tick

Q2:  Was the 3" Dinosaur Neil figure ever released, and, if not, will it 
A2:  It was never released, and now that The Tick line has been 
     canceled, it probably never will be.

                              U.S. Agent

Q3:  Why is everyone so excited about U.S. Agent figures? You can buy 
     them just about anywhere.
A3:  Believe it or not, there are two U.S. Agent figures:

     U.S. Agent I - Part of the last assortment of the late Marvel 
       Super-Heroes line.  He was a repaint of Captain America, 
       available in wide release and can still be had in many stores for 
       $5 or less.

     U.S. Agent II - If you look on the back an Iron Man series III 
       card, you will see a U.S. Agent figure, but don't bother looking 
       on the racks, he won't be there.  He was canceled, but not before 
       93 samples were made.  Tomarts Toy Digest received one of these 
       samples and had a U.S. Agent Giveaway Contest.  An rtm reader was 
       the lucky winner of this fully-functional fully-painted shield-
       launching figure in a baggy (see Tomarts #25).  Ted Sallis, Toy 
       Biz toy sculptor, received one as well.  I assume some lucky 
       people with good connections will get the rest.  Ted Sallis says 
       a new U.S. Agent figure may be released some time in the future, 
       but it will be retooled.  So if you ever wondered just what a 
       "rare" figure really is, this is it.


Q4:  What are the different versions of Iceman?
A4:  To date there have been three versions of Iceman in the Toy Biz X-
     Men line:

     Iceman Ia - A clear figure which had color-changing icicle 
       formation feature when placed in the freezer.  Released in 
       limited supply because of its tendency to break once frozen.

     Iceman Ib - Same mold as Iceman I, but made of almost transparent
       blue plastic.  Had none of the features of Iceman I.

     Iceman II - A new mold and easily distinguishable from Iceman I.

                      SECTION 9: THE CONTRIBUTORS

Q1:  Who should I thank for contributing to the FAQ?
A1:  A whole lotta people, that's who:

     Marcia Bednarcyk (
     For suggesting that etiquette on challenging sale prices on rtm be
     included (see Q2.13) and that appropriate etiquette for the posting
     frequency of sales and auctions be included.

     Bruce Bernard (
     For providing information on how to contact FAO Schwarz.

     Chip Cataldo (km2046@CNSVAX.ALBANY.EDU)
     For posting George Emmon's Action Figure Updates.

     Sonya Choi Lee (
     For the suggesting the use of "FS:" in for sale post headings (see 
     Q2.11) and for additions to the "I've been ripped off question" 
     (see Q2.22).

     Julius Cooper aka Weasel (
     For various additions/corrections.

     George Emmons (
     For continuing to provide rtm with his Action Figure Update posts 
     even during his all to long hiatus from rtm. 

     Pamela Green (
     For steering me in the right direction to get official approval for 
     the FAQ.

     Gus Lopez (
     For giving me express permission to use sections of the 
     rec.arts.sf.starwars.collecting FAQ.

     Leigh Melton (
     For giving me some very useful advice on the dangers of creating an 

     Randy Matthews (
     For allowing me to use information from his web page (see Q1.7, 
     Q1.10), for providing information on the Marvel Superheros/ 
     Fantastic Four Invisible Woman figures (see Q4.1), and for creating 
     the original html version of this document and making it available 
     at his site, The Action Figure Web Page (see Q1.3).
     Eric G. Myers (
     For providing information on the X-Men Iceman figures (see Q8.4), 
     for his Q&As on shipping and insuring packages (see Q2.9, Q2.10),
     for info on the Spawn White Pilot and Violator II figures (see 
     Q5.1, Q5.2), for the information he provided on removing price tags
     (see Q1.14), for volunteering for the arduous task of creating an
     up-to-date, new and improved html FAQ, and for taking the time 
     to provide input on just about every volume of the FAQ.

     Aaron Newton (
     For explaining what is appropriate on this newsgroup and for 
     posting rtm's charter (see Q1.1), and for providing information 
     about the IRC channel #toys (see Q1.4).

     Brian Pearce (
     For his suggestion on obtaining currently available "rare" figures
     at retail prices (see Q2.3, Q2.4).

     rec.arts.sf.starwars.collecting FAQ Maintainers 
     For allowing me use many Q&As on general toy collecting from their 
     FAQ (see Q2.8, Q2.14, Q2.15, Q2.17, Q2.20, Q2.21).    

     Ted Sallis (
     For information on the Iron Man U.S. Agent figure (see Q8.3).

     Terry (U16028@UICVM.BITNET)
     For providing info on the Red Data/Data in "Redemption" figure 
     (see Q6.2).

     David Thiel ( 
     For his information on the Ambush Predator figure.

     TZ (Tom Zarzecki) (
     For his "How to figure out what's rare" list (see Q2.5) and his 
     commentary on investing in toys (see Q2.23).

     C.W. Walker (
     For providing first word on the Star Wars POTF95 figures, and for
     his Star Wars Action Master info (see Q8.1).

     Barb Williams (
     For providing info on various Star Trek variants (see Q6.4).

--Scott Gordon a.k.a. Trekker Extraordinaire--
     See my home page, Coalesence.  Your gateway to Scott's Sliders Site, 
                         The Toy Closet, and more.

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