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comp.text Frequently Asked Questions

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	    Frequently Asked Questions for comp.text
			   Chris Lewis

		   Copyright 1991 - 1995.

	    Redistribution for profit, or with altered
	    content/format prohibited without permission
	    of the author.  Redistribution via printed book
	    or CDROM expressly prohibited without consent of
	    the author.  Any other redistribution must
	    include this copyright notice and attribution.

(This list was originally compiled by Nils-Peter Nelson, with
contributions from Jaap Akkerhuis, Dick Dunn, Nick Haines, Steve
Harley, Harro Kremer, Chris Lewis, John Macdonald, Bob Morris,
Nils-Peter Nelson, Chip Rosenthal.)

If you have comments or additions, please contact Chris Lewis, (note Reply-to).

Changes are marked with a "|" in left column.  Many newsreaders
(e.g. rn, trn) allow you to search for them with "g^|".

Changes this issue: - New URLs for troff manual and tutorial

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