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[rec.arts.sf.starwars.*] The Complete Star Wars WWW Listing Part 3/4

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Archive-name: starwars/www/part3
Posting-Frequency: monthly
Last-modified: 1997/04/09
Copyright: (c) 1995-1996 Hanspeter Niederstrasser
Maintainer: Hanspeter Niederstrasser <>

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                                 The Complete

                                  Star Wars

                                 WWW Listing

                Hanspeter Niederstrasser (


"In the 1970's, George Lucas created the Star Wars universe.  From this
universe came three films and numerous books, comics, games, and 
merchandise.  The universe also spawned many Star Wars fans, who 
occasionally find their way onto the Internet where they can discuss Star 
Wars with other fans."               ( - From the Star Wars FAQ)

The Complete Star Wars WWW Listing is an archive of all the Star Wars 
related sites available on the Internet, and specifically the World Wide Web.  
In the 15+ months that it has existed, it has grown incredibly in size and now 
contains over 600 sites that have Star Wars related information, multimedia, 
merchandise, and much more.

For more information regarding Star Wars, read the Star Wars FAQ, 
mantained by George 'Jake' Tringali (  This FAQ is posted 
monthly to rec.arts.sf.starwars.misc and  The 
Complete Star Wars WWW Listing is reproduced there in part, to help new users 
enter the medium quickly.

If you need help on accessing these sites, please refer to the 
news.announce.newusers newsgroup, or ask your system administrator.

Unfortunately, I don't have time to respond to every question that 
comes my way regarding Star Wars, where to find merchandise, or who has such 
and such a picture.  I wish I did, but it's getting harder and harder as this 
list propagates; plus I often don't have the answer.  Better places to ask 
would be the Star Wars FAQ, rec.arts.sf.starwars.misc and the hierarchy, or 
similar newsgroups.

To all Web publishers: if you have a site that contains material of a 
Star Wars related nature and you are not listed below, please contact me at, so that I can add your work to the database.

This Listing is available via anonymous FTP at in 

This Listing is available via the MIT mail server.  Send email to 
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A full hypertext (HTML) version is available at

This document is posted monthly to, 
rec.arts.sf.starwars.misc, rec.answers, and news.answers.


Character/Actor Specific Sites
Star Wars: People
Bios on the major people that made Star Wars Possible

The new hope!
chracter biographies and images

Boba Fett Tribute

Eric's Boba Fett Homepage

The Boba Fett Home Page

Star Wars: The Boba Fett & The Mandalorians Site

The Boba Fett Multimedia Vault

Ded Hed fett's little corner of cyberspace

Boba Fett's Home Page

Boba Fett's Hunting Home Page

Boba Fett World

Slarg's Bounty Hunter Page
Info and pics on the bounty hunters

The Wedge Antilles Home Page

Who's Wedge?

The Denis Lawson Information Bureau

Dagobah System

Yoda Corner

The Dagobah System

Home of the Yoda Conspiracy

Yoda's Hut

Master Yoda's Hut

The Dagobah System

Planet Dagobah

Darth Vader Tribute

The Ultimate Darth Vader Page

Lord Vader's Sith Academy

Darth Vaders page

Emperor Palpatine's Dark Jedi Temple

Exar Kun's Dark Holocron
A guide to the ancient Dark Lords of the Sith

Rancor's Star Wars Page

The Ewok Home Page

The Sandcrawler

The Unofficial Harrison Ford Stuff Homepage

Harrison Ford

The John Williams Web Site

The Official Mark Hammil Home Page

Green Leader Melik's Refreshingly Weird Star Wars Web Page

Obi-Wan Page

Obi-Wan Kenobi on the Web

Greedo's Page

The Rodian Homepage

Greedo - the conversationalist
What did Greedo say to Han?

The Sarlaac Page - Minipop's Star Wars Stuff

The Official Red-6 Memorial Page

The Emperor's Website

Emperor Palpatine Family Tree
Recruiting all Palpatines

Star Wars: The Ithorian Home Page

Mara Jade

Gonkite's Groovy Grotto

Gonk...the box, the myth
Dedicated to the gonkiest droid

The Chewbacca Homepage


Asim's Unofficial Home Page

Grand Admiral Thrawn

Princess Leia's Page Fiesta

Carrie Fisher Web Page

The Shrine of Princess Leia

Rogue Squadron
Rogue Squadron Facts!

Star Wars: The Little People

Salacious Crumb

Jaina Solo's Star Wars Page

Tales of the Star Wars Universe
Portraits of the heroes and villains

Aunt Beru's Page in the Star Wars Universe

Home One: Admiral Ackbar's Page

Scott's C-3PO Page of the Mighty

Sienar Fleet Systems
Ship Specs, pics, sounds

Star Wars: Comprehensive Guide to Starships

The Security Terminal

The Adventures of the Blastboat Wolverine

The Unofficial Star Wars: Heir to the Empire Homepage

Star Wars Satellite

HDF Company Fleet
starship and vehicle technology design

The Bespin Cloud City Homepage

The Liar's Saloon: Tatooine

The Cantina

Tosche Station

Mos Eisley Underground

Raven's WBS StarWars Cantina Tales

Jabba's Palace - An interactive story

Jabba's Palace
The home of the Exalted One, Jabba the Hutt

Toshi Station

Imperial Assault Wing, Coruscant Garrison

Stormtrooper HQ

Imperial Academy Officer Examination and Application

Nacona Sector

Grand Moff Maitrakh's Region of the Core System

Jedi On The Net - SSD Executor

The Imperial Star Destroyer Vindicator

The Imperial Data-File Archives

Imperial City Coruscant
Dedicated to the Dark Side

Coruscant Palace
Archives of the Emperor's Palace

Death Star Central

Daala's Imperial Fleet


COMPNOR - The Commission for the Preservation of the New Order

John's Tower
A tribute to the Dark Side

Coruscant Databanks

Lord Vader's Death Star

New Republic Central Database

Star Wars Interactive Datapad

The Rebel Underground Site

The Coruscant Network

The Jedi Academy

The Jedi Academy

A Republic Against an Empire

The Startide

Rebel Alliance Headquarters

Fanzines and Newsletters
Adam's Star Wars Newsletter

MJs Star Wars Page - Blue Harvest Fanzine

The Rebel Newsletter

ECHO BASE: The SW On-Line Fanzine

Mara Jade Mailing List

The Dantooine Contingent
Weekly Fan Club Newsletter dedicated to a galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars Inter-Fido HomePage

Echo Station - the online mag for Star Wars fans
Interviews, news, original artwork and much more!

A Certain Point of View

Societies, Groups, and Fanclubs
Star Wars Student Society at the University of Glasgow

Forces of the Empire Club Home Page

CompuServe Star Wars Fan Club on the Web

The Swedish Star Wars File

America Online Star Wars Fan Club

Jedi Masters Association

The Empire

Jedi Net

Young Jedi Knights Home Page
For Star Wars fans under 18

The Boba Fett Fan Club

Revenge of the Emperor

The New Republic Home Page
Fan club for those fed up with National fan clubs

Star Wars Fan Club Mexico
In Spanish

The Obsidian Temple of the Dark Jedi
Be a dark Jedi!

Star Wars Mailing List Club -- The Largest On The Net!

SWA - Star Wars Alliance
Star Wars Fan Club

The Bounty Hunters Guild

The Society for the Extermination of Ewoks

The Dark Side of the Rebylion

The Official Dave Prowse Fan Club

Rage of the Force Fan Club

Ewok Liberation Front

The Star Wars Appreciation Society

Flight Sim Groups
Emperor's Hammer

National Star Wars League

Ice Knife Squad

Blue Squadron Homepage

Rogue Squadron Headquarters

Rogue Squadron HomePage

Green Squadron

Gold Squadron

Omega Squadron Homepage

The Rebel Squadrons Homepage

Storm Wing Home Page

Tempest Squad Homepage

Kalidor Squadron

Michael's 08/15 TieFighter Homepage
Home of the Black Knights TieFighter Squadron

Federation of Galactic Navies
A Star Wars virtual pilot's club

Bandit Fleet
Squad of former smugglers

Nest of the NightHawks
The Imperial Assault Wing in X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter Wars

The Captured STD Stryker
Home of X-wing Tiger Squadron

Hand of the Sith:SO Webpages
Tie Fighter / XvT Fleet

Snake Squadron on the Frigate Houston

Dark Knights Online TIE Squadron

Dark Fighter
TIE Fighter online squad

Y-wing: Ranger Squadron
Federation of Galactic Navies squadron

The Sith Squadron

New Republic Commando Division
Interactive, Dark Forces playing club

Sovereign Resistance!

Thunder Squadron

Nova Squadron HoloNet Site


This list may be distributed free of charge through paper, electronic, and 
other means as long as it remains in its entirety without any modifications, 
additions, and/or deletions (including headers and footers).  This compilation 
is copyright (C)1995 by Hanspeter Niederstrasser (, all 
rights reserved.  If you would like more information regarding copies of this 
list, please contact the author.

Thanks to Scott Streeter ( for the original idea.

Last updated April 2, 1997
Hanspeter Niederstrasser /

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