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[rec.arts.sf.starwars.*] The Complete Star Wars WWW Listing Part 1/4

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Archive-name: starwars/www/part1
Posting-Frequency: monthly
Last-modified: 1997/04/09
Copyright: (c) 1995-1996 Hanspeter Niederstrasser
Maintainer: Hanspeter Niederstrasser <>

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                                 The Complete

                                  Star Wars

                                 WWW Listing

                Hanspeter Niederstrasser (


"In the 1970's, George Lucas created the Star Wars universe.  From this
universe came three films and numerous books, comics, games, and 
merchandise.  The universe also spawned many Star Wars fans, who 
occasionally find their way onto the Internet where they can discuss Star 
Wars with other fans."               ( - From the Star Wars FAQ)

The Complete Star Wars WWW Listing is an archive of all the Star Wars 
related sites available on the Internet, and specifically the World Wide Web.  
In the 15+ months that it has existed, it has grown incredibly in size and now 
contains over 600 sites that have Star Wars related information, multimedia, 
merchandise, and much more.

For more information regarding Star Wars, read the Star Wars FAQ, 
mantained by George 'Jake' Tringali (  This FAQ is posted 
monthly to rec.arts.sf.starwars.misc and  The 
Complete Star Wars WWW Listing is reproduced there in part, to help new users 
enter the medium quickly.

If you need help on accessing these sites, please refer to the 
news.announce.newusers newsgroup, or ask your system administrator.

Unfortunately, I don't have time to respond to every question that 
comes my way regarding Star Wars, where to find merchandise, or who has such 
and such a picture.  I wish I did, but it's getting harder and harder as this 
list propagates; plus I often don't have the answer.  Better places to ask 
would be the Star Wars FAQ, rec.arts.sf.starwars.misc and the hierarchy, or 
similar newsgroups.

To all Web publishers: if you have a site that contains material of a 
Star Wars related nature and you are not listed below, please contact me at, so that I can add your work to the database.

This Listing is available via anonymous FTP at in 

This Listing is available via the MIT mail server.  Send email to 
< > with the body:
send usenet/news.answers/starwars/www/part1
send usenet/news.answers/starwars/www/part2

A full hypertext (HTML) version is available at

This document is posted monthly to, 
rec.arts.sf.starwars.misc, rec.answers, and news.answers.



Information Sites
The Star Wars Trilogy: Special Edition

Star Wars Home Page at UPenn

The Official RASSM Homepage

The Unofficial RASSM Homepage

Star Wars for beginners

The Star Wars History Home Page

Star Wars Encyclopedia

The Completely Unofficial Star Wars Encyclopedia

The Star Wars Home Site: A New Hope for the Internet
Site includes the Star Wars Encyclopedia

Star Wars en Espan~ol
Home of the Star Wars Dictionary (Spanish and English)

The Star Wars Multimedia Archive

The Bad Guide to Star Wars

Star Wars Trilogy Blooper Viewers Guide 

A Star Wars page at CMU

The Star Wars Humor Home Page

Star Wars Top Ten Lists

Australian Star Wars Site

Krieg der Sterne
In German

Vader WWW Server 

Evan Strikes Back

Art of Star Wars - Convention

Mark Bennett's Star Wars Home Page

Hype's Star Wars Poll


Rebel Command

Star Wars: Pinnacle Base

New Republic Archive

Mike Gaines Star Wars Page

Star Wars Lyrics

Eric's Starwars Home Page

Star Wars Radio Series

Jaret Davis Star Wars Home Page at Miami

The Star Star Wars Planets Guide Version 2.0

The Star Wars Nav Computer

Nathan's Star Wars Timeline

Steve's Star Wars Timeline

Matthew Justice's Star Wars Timeline

Star Wars Compendium of Lost Footage

RQAK's Guide to Star Wars

Psyrix Star Wars Page
History of the Rebellion and the Empire

Star Wars: Technical Commentaries

Star Wars: The Galactic Database

Docking Bay 327
Star Wars Characters to Ships

The Jedi Praxeum
Character and Ship profiles

Lee's Star Wars Page
Info on ships and characters

Star Wars Intelligence Agency
Information on vehicles and characters

Frogzilla Web presents Star Wars

Star Wars Ships Page

Funky Star Wars Page
Ship information

The Y-Wing
about y-wings from the movies.  Information & pictures

The Bogus Star Wars Home Page
Details and commentary on the special effects

SGI's Star Wars Special Edition
SGI's take on the special effects

Star Wars: The Musical

HGWizard's Multimedia Archive

A Galaxy Far, Far Away: The Star Wars Page at Texas A & M
News, humor, interviews, book reviews, RPG and more

Starkiller Multimedia Source Page
The real 'lost scenes' and all the early drafts

Dave's Monster Star Wars Page
Star Wars Trilogy Information

Star Wars/Lucasfilm Database

The Star Wars Reference Page
List of real life references to Star Wars

Bryan's Star Wars Resource Page

Entertainment:Movies and Films:Titles:Star Wars (Yahoo directory)

Star Wars FAQ's
Star Wars Frequently Asked Questions and Information

Dark Forces FAQlist

Star Wars CCG FAQ

The Boba Fett & The Mandalorians FAQ

Star Wars Technology FAQ

rec.arts.sf.starwars.misc Prequel FAQ

rec.arts.sf.starwars.misc Newbie FAQ

Special Edition and Prequel Sites
Matt's Star Wars Special Edition Web Page

The New Star Wars Trilogy and Special Edition Homepage

Star Wars Emporium

Red 5 - The Ultimate Star Wars Special Edition Page

Completely Phat Star Wars Special Edition and Genesis

Rob's Star Wars Page

ROK City 100

Star Wars: The Special Edition

Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition

Ben and Grover's Star Wars Homepage

Star Wars Special Edition Enhancements

Navin's Tribute to the Special Edition

The Star Wars Wonder World Page

Alex's Homepage

Paul's Star Wars:Special Edition Annotations

Star Wars SE David Thomas' Homepage

Temple of the Sith

Jedi Mind Tricks

Countdown to the Prequels

WordFire Productions - Kevin J. Anderson and Rebbeca Moesta

BDD: A Visit with Kevin J. Anderson

Michael P. Kube-McDowell - Author of The Black Fleet Crisis

Star Wars Novels Info and Links

Every Star Wars Book

Livres Star Wars (Star Wars Books)
In French

The Unofficial Star Wars Novels Home Page

The Unofficial Shadows of the Empire

Timothy Zahn's Star Wars Trilogy

Star Wars Novels Information

The Star Wars Novels Page

The Star Wars Fan Fiction Page

The Speculative Fiction Website

The Star Wars Gothic Page
Readers work of the Star Wars universe

The Star Wars Dark Empire Index
Index of comic book series

The Exhaustive Guide of Star Wars Comics


Web Rings
Star Wars: The New Republic WebRing

Star Wars WebRing

SWCCG: The Ring

David Solo's Star Wars Ring

The Mandalorian WebRing

Star Wars Trilogy WebRing

Elite Star Wars Webring

Ultimate Star Wars Webring

The Dagobah Web Ring

Alliance: Le WebRing Francophone

Star Wars Web Ring "Special Edition"

The Rebel Alliance WebRing

Heart of the Tiger's Star Wars Web Ring

Star Wars Prequels WebRing

The Star Wars FORCE Award

Star WWWars Rated

The Star Wars Golden Twenty-Five

---------- (moderated)

Temporary Sites
The Sity Academy Surveys
Survey on fans favorite Star Wars film

Star Wars, Star Trek, Sci-fi Survey

Links in this section are sites of temporary existance, such as inteviews, 
special press releases, and the like.  The links in this section will remain 
active for at least a month, or until their owner takes them down. 

Games and Entertainment
Sabacc Home Page

The Robot Store

Abid M. Jindani's Star Wars Home Page 

Star Tours

Luke and Han's Star Wars Stuff

Star Wars Super Page

Star Wars Live Action Home Page

The Emperor's Ultimate Star Wars Page
morphs, trivia, free classified ads, 150 pictures, Spaceballs, SW Drinking Game, scripts...

Star Wars You Name It

StarWars Chat
Find and talk to fellow Star Wars fans

The G-Child's Star Wars Homepage
Chat Area

Webchat Broadcasting System: Star Wars
Chat Room

Star Wars Chat Room

Star Wars Interactive Story

The Star Wars Mud & Mushes Home Page

StarWars Mush and MUD list

Star Wars MUSH: A New Threat

KoBra MUD Home Page

Star Wars MUSH Home Page

JediMUD Home Page

Star Wars: The Minos Cluster

Dark Horizons MUSH

Main Connections: Star Wars SIM

Star Wars Simming Home Page

The Echelons of the Apocalypse's Homepage

The Empire sim

New Wars Simming Group

Star Wars Episode X: In the Balance
Star Wars Simming

The Chu'unthor II Page
Simming group


ISD II Destructor
Sim group

The TIE Guide

The TIE CD Home Page

The Dark Side of the Force

TIE Fighter Command

Indigo's Tie Fighter Page
New Missions, Editors, Patches and many Links to other Tie Fighter Pages.

The Outer Rim Gaming Sector
editors and utilities for TIE Fighter

The Dark-TIE-Wing Pages

TIE Fighter Resources on the WWW

X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter Custom Missions

XvTWars Home Page
Galactic war using XvT

X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter League

The X-Wing vs TIE Fighter Pilots Academy

Slicer's Quarters
X-Wing Custom missions

Star Wars: Rebellion
Rebellion: A site devoted to LucasArts' new strategy game

Starwars Patches for Doom

The Dark Forces Homepage

Dark Forces game page by Atlantis Cyberspace

WDFUSE Home Page
Dark Forces editor for Windows

Don Sielke's HomePage: Dark Forces

Rebel Assault Resource

Star Games Web

Quiksilver's Star Wars Page
Stats, editors and pics of the Lucasarts games

The Star Wars Database

SW-RPG Mailing List Home Page

Viper's SW-RPG Homepage

The Perlemian Trade Route

Avenger's Star Wars RPG Page

Ewokboy's Star Wars RPG Page

Beyond Hyperspace Sourcebook

David's Star Wars Role Playing Game Page

Star Wars RPG Library Server

Delta Source: Star Wars RolePlaying

Brad's Star Wars RPG Page

Wing Commander Luna's Briefingroom

Star Wars: Black Knight Squadron
Collection of fan written stories.  Also RPG.

Home brew SWRPG stats

Longhairs's Star Wars pages
Lots of Star Wars RPG stuff and 3D CGI pictures and resources

The Chaos Crew and some Dead Jawas

Star Wars RPG Resources

Sweden StarWars Roleplaying Page

Star Wars Role Playing Game Homepage
GM's Archive, NewsNets, Battleground (SWMB), The Delorra Tynell Campaign

Star War - The Yoda Homeworld in the Deep Core

Star Wars Universe
RPG, DarkStryder campaign, Miniatures Battles, MIDI & Web Graphics Gallery

El Raco de l'Ostman - Star Wars
Star Wars RPG.  Spain  (Catalan, spanish, english)

Home of the lost Star Warriors
RPG stats and info on the characters and aliens from Marvel Comics' Star Wars series

Star Wars Miniatures Battles Page

The Corellian Spaceport
Star Wars Miniature Battles

Star Wars: The Uligor Pact
RPG campaign

Han and Leia

The Star Wars Roleplaying Club

Star Wars RPG: Phoenix Assault Team

The Star Wars Roleplaying Game page by Ben Arnold

Domain of Rihholf the Wolf - SW:CCG

SW:CCG card list

Star Wars Collectible Card Game

Star Wars CCG Home Page

Star Wars Card Game Page

Canadian's Star Wars: Customizeable Card Game

Ed's Star Wars CCG Page

Star Wars: Customizable Card Game

Obi-Wan's Hut

Star Wars: Customizable Card Game

Star Wars Customizable Card Game

Hombre's Star Wars CCG Site

Mike's UNOFFICIAL SWCCG Rules Home Page

Pig Cop 13's Star Wars Page

Neil's Star Wars Universe and CCG Homepage

Boda Baas' Jedi Holocron

Ken's Star Wars CCG Page


This list may be distributed free of charge through paper, electronic, and 
other means as long as it remains in its entirety without any modifications, 
additions, and/or deletions (including headers and footers).  This compilation 
is copyright (C)1995 by Hanspeter Niederstrasser (, all 
rights reserved.  If you would like more information regarding copies of this 
list, please contact the author.

Thanks to Scott Streeter ( for the original idea.

Last updated April 2, 1997
Hanspeter Niederstrasser /

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