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Star Trek Comics Checklist, Part 5/9
Section - [Malibu Comics] Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

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Newsstand editions of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine comics are
printed on less expensive paper, matte finish and somewhat gray.
Newsstand editions have a barcode on the cover and early issues
have a cover price of $1.95.

01	Aug 93	Stowaway, 1
On their way back to class from Dax's lab, Jake and Nog detour
through the cargo holds and accidentally release a green mold.
They hurry back to class without telling anyone what has
happened. Renowned xenoarcheologist, Dr. Wembley, aboard a
visiting Federation starship, asks DS9 to store some
artifacts from the Gamma quadrant for transport to Earth.
O'Brien takes the artifacts to the cargo bay and is nearly
overcome by the rapidly reproducing mold, which also produces
a toxic gas. While Odo and his staff try to evacuate
contaminated areas, Bashir identifies the mold as a
Cardassian-engineered substance. Bashir questions Mr.
Garak about the mold but gets no answers. In order to cover all
bases, Sisko asks permission to examine the artifacts and
determine if their presence may have been responsible for
activating the mold. Permission is refused and Capt. Johnson
takes the artifacts back to his ship. A fungicide developed by
Dax and Bashir proves ineffective, but the Cardassians
arrive, in three cruisers, with an offer to destroy the mold.
Cover illustration of the DS9 crew drawn by Jerome Moore (Cover
A: Direct Market edition). This edition also has a centerfold
poster reproducing the illustrated cover. The backside of the
poster advertises DS9 Icee Comic Book Collector's Cups from
Circle K, a DS9 Limited Edition Mini Comic, and an untrimmed
version of #1.
(Mike W. Barr; Gordon Purcell, Terry Pallot; Jerome Moore,
Richard Ory)

01	Aug 93	Stowaway, 1
Same as above except cover has a photo of the cast superimposed
on artwork of the wormhole (Cover B: Newsstand edition).

01	Aug 93	Stowaway, 1
The untrimmed comic mentioned in the Direct Market issue
centerfold. Sold by Platinum Editions.

01	Aug 93	Stowaway, 1
Limited Edition with a black matte-finish cover, gold and silver
foil logo, embossed glossy white and black lettering, and a
gray, embossed image of DS9 drawn by Rick Sternbach, senior
illustrator for TNG and DS9. This edition was solicited at the
same time as the Direct Market issue and doesn't contain any
centerfold advertisements. There may be a variant of this
edition with a different black cover, but this is uncomfirmed.

01	Aug 93	Stowaway, 1
Limited Edition with gold foil cover and an embossed image of the
DS9 crew drawn by Jerome Moore. The cover states that this
edition is limited to 21,000 copies. Packaged by Catch-a-Star
Collectibles and sold by QVC. This edition doesn't contain the
centerfold advertisements found in the Direct Market issue.

01	Aug 93	Stowaway, 1
A variant edition with the illustrated cover, barcoded, and with a
cover price of $2.95. This edition is polybagged, with the logo "free
poster inside", referring to the same cover reproduction which is
stapled in the centerfold of other editions.

02	Sep 93	Stowaway, 2
Sisko declines help from the Cardassians while the mold
spreads throughout DS9. Capt. Johnson refuses to let anyone
speak to Dr. Wembley about the Gamma quadrant artifacts. Sisko
sends Dax and Odo to the Armstrong to find out what Johnson is
hiding. They discover that Wembley died of a stroke and Johnson
has covered up his death so that Wembley would get credit for the
Gamma quadrant discoveries. They also confirm that the
artifacts were not responsible for activating the mold. Since
mold activity has centered around the school, the children of
Keiko's class are questioned. Jake confesses to finding the
mold after he and Nog spilled chemicals in Dax's lab. The
chemicals activated the mold. Dax and Bashir learn how to kill
the mold and the station is cleaned up. Sisko invites the
Cardassians to return if they ever have problems with the mold.
This issue is polybagged with a Skybox DS9 promo trading card.
(Mike W. Barr; Gordon Purcell, Terry Pallot; Purcell, Pallot)

03	Oct 93	Old Wounds
Gul Trelar, born on Bajor, once known as "The Butcher of Bajor",
and now an old man, arrives at DS9 to acknowledge his
approaching death. Travelling with Trelar are his children
and second wife, a Bajoran who was once his prisoner. At his own
request, Trelar stays in one of Quark's holosuites, so that his
mother and childhood home can be simulated. At dinner with DS9
officers, Trelar collapses, Bashir administers medication,
and he is left alone in the holosuite to rest. The following
morning, Trelar is found stabbed to death, and there is no
record of anyone entering the holosuite. Nearly everyone is a
suspect. Odo uses his shapeshifting skills to conduct an
investigation and learns that Trelar's son programmed the
simulation of his father's mother to kill.
(Mike W. Barr; Rob Davis, Terry Pallot; Jerome Moore, Richard Ory)

04	Nov 93	Emancipation, 1
While collecting biological samples in the Gamma quadrant,
Dax and Bashir encounter an alien vessel carrying refugees in
need of medical assistance. Once they arrive at DS9, it becomes
apparent that the refugees are slaves, fleeing their owners.
Rogon, a representative of the Chiaran people, arrives at DS9
to reclaim the runaway slaves. The DS9 crew stalls while Sisko
tries to come up with a valid reason to offer asylum to the
slaves. Rogon is very convincing as he argues with
representatives of the slaves. Some already regret fleeing
through the wormhole. Dax finds evidence that the Chiarans may
have originated from the Federation side of the wormhole,
giving Sisko something to work with. One of the slaves sets off a
bomb, killing many of his comrades. So many of the slaves are
having second thoughts that their leader, Mardak, decides to
make the decision for them. Mardak hijacks a runabout and heads
for the wormhole, intending to destroy it.
(Mike W. Barr; Gordon Purcell, Terry Pallot;)

05	Dec 93	Emancipation, 2
Dax and O'Brien take a runabout in pursuit of Mardak. Using
phasers set at one-fiftieth power, O'Brien gives the hijacked
runabout a nudge out of the wormhole before it explodes, while
Dax transports Mardak and his accomplice to safety. Rogon's
hot-headed first officer, Caldor, has a run-in with Kira. Rogon
apologizes for his officer's behavior because he can see that
the violence of the runaways is trying Sisko's patience. When a
bomb explodes in Quark's, Rogon is severely injured and Mardak's
mother is killed. Rogon grants the runaways their freedom to
prevent more bloodshed. In response, Caldor incites his crew to
mutiny and attacks the station, in an effort to force return of
the slaves. O'Brien uses the Chiaran's own weapons to help stop
the attack. Rogon and Mardak leave DS9, one returning home, the
other taking his people to a new home.
(Mike W. Barr; Gordon Purcell, Terry Pallot; Purcell, Tim Eldred)

06	Jan 94
"Field trip" Sisko and Dax accompany Keiko O'Brien and her
class, on a field trip to the other side of the wormhole. On the
way back, an electrical malfunction injures Sisko and Dax, and
damages the runabout's guidance and telemetry systems. Keiko,
Jake, and Nog must find the wormhole and get the ship back to
safety before life support fails.
(Mike W. Barr; Rob Davis, Terry Pallot; Jerome Moore)
"Pickpocket" After losing his communicator to a pickpocket,
Bashir commiserates with Quark over Odo's absence and the lack
of security, even in the bar. Deciding to solve the case
themselves, Quark's Regulars (the customers who owe him
money) are pressed into decoy service. The self-deputized
constables catch a dangerous criminal and an innocent
(John Vornholt;;)
"Program 359" Dax and Bashir run into Sisko coming out of a
holosuite again. Dax is concerned about Sisko's repeated
trips visits to the holosuite. Bashir uses his medical
authority to examine Sisko's program. They discover that
Sisko has been fighting the battle of Wolf 359 over and over
again, losing each time. When Sisko catches them viewing his
program, Dax and Bashir learn that he has finally come to terms
with his actions at Wolf 359, and with his wife's death.
(Colin Clayton, Chris Dows;;)

07	Feb 94	Working vacation
To prevent Kira from disrupting discussions with Gul Dukat about
a mining agreement, Sisko assigns her the job of envoy to Zaria
5, on the other side of the wormhole. The contract administrator
of Zaria 5, a resort world, wants to discuss commercial
development with the Federation. On arrival, Kira learns that
she has been assigned a personal steward to attend to all her
needs. As she learns more about Zaria 5, she becomes
increasingly irritated. Zarian society consists of a master and
servant class. Each year, a negotiation by combat establishes
their contractual relationship, but since the servant class has
no trained warriors, they have never won a negotiation, and
remain virtual slaves. Kira's warrior blood boils when she
learns that her steward is this year's combatant for the
servants. She tries to teach him some basic fighting skills, but
he is not up to the task. Kira takes matters into her own hands
and takes her steward's place, winning the negotiation for the
servants. She leaves the planet in turmoil, but the servants are
in a position to establish a more equitable contract. Sisko is
upset with Kira, but she reminds him that she is not a Starfleet
officer, and not bound by the Prime Directive. Then she asks
Sisko when he will allow her another vacation.
(Len Strazewski; Rob Davis, Terry Pallot; Dan and David Day)

08	May 94	Requiem, 1
A young Bajoran girl is writing in her diary when the
Cardassians arrive and take her parents away. Two years later,
DS9's primary reactor fails. Sisko recruits Dulath, a
Cardassian engineer, to help O'Brien restart one of several
contaminated reactors before the backup reactor fails. O'Brien
reluctantly goes to work with Dulath, who was once DS9's chief
engineer. Sisko explains that he lost his job after shutting
down the contaminated reactors. While examining a conduit,
O'Brien discovers a functioning power generator and a diary.
Kira reads the diary and learns that a young girl, perhaps the
daughter of Bajoran resistance leader Malor Bet, once hid in the
conduit, with help from Quark. She questions Quark, but Dulath
has her answer. The girl's name was Malor Ti. Finding the diary
has affected Kira deeply. In a holosuite, she programs an image
of Malor Ti.
(Mark A. Altman; Gordon Purcell, Scott Reed; Gordon Purcell,
Terry Pallot)

09	Jun 94	Requiem, 2
Kira asks Sisko to let her search for Malor Ti, whom she
believes may still be alive and in hiding somewhere in the
quarantined area of DS9. O'Brien and Dulath decide to work
separately in order to restart an off-line reactor before the
backup reactor fails. While Odo conducts a search for the girl,
O'Brien finds a bomb in the reactor he and Dulath have been
working on. Uncertain whether to trust Dulath, Sisko goes with
O'Brien's gut instincts. After the backup reactor fails, Dulath
and O'Brien restart the off-line reactor just in time. O'Brien
also finds the body of Malor Ti in an access tube near the
reactor. Bashir determines that she died of radiation poisoning
several months before. Kira realizes that it was Malor Ti who
placed the bomb in the reactor and died for her efforts. A
Cardassian ship arrives to pick up Dulath. O'Brien bids goodbye
to a new friend and Kira mourns for a young girl.
(Mark A. Altman; Gordon Purcell, Scott Reed, Larry Welch;
Kirk, Terry Pallot)
"Hearts and Minds: Prelude"
After taking on supplies and a little R&R on DS9, a Klingon
vessel begins an exploratory mission into the Gamma Quadrant,
but they are attacked by Cardassians. Finding their weapons
sabotaged, the Klingons chose to self-destruct, doing as much
damage as they can, rather than surrender. This story continues
in the "Hearts and Minds" mini-series.
(Mark A. Altman; Rob Davis, Terry Pallot; na)

10	Jun 94	Descendants
Two humanoid life forms arrive through the wormhole without a
spacecraft or protective gear. Sisko allows them to come
aboard, but is prevented from examining them by Bajoran
residents of the station, who believe the visitors to be
Prophets. The "Prophets" begin wandering throughout DS9, leaving
glowing, orb-like objects in their wake. While Dax speculates
that they might be Preservers, Odo is suspicious and
investigates. Watching the visitors touch station residents, Odo
confirms his suspicions that they are not what they appear to
be. When he finds an orb-like object he asks Bashir to examine
it. To their surprise, it hatches into a flying creature, which
they manage to contain in a force-field. The visitors assure
Sisko that the creatures are tame, but Odo instructs a security
guard to fire his phaser at the visitors. They are revealed as
adult creatures of the same type as the hatchlings. They inform
Sisko that DS9 has been chosen as an incubator for their young,
and the station's residents will serve as food. The creatures
prove resistant to phasers, but O'Brien transports them into
space, and the station's weapons are used to drive them back
into the wormhole.
(Dan Mishkin; Leonard Kirk, Terry Pallot; Kirk, Pallot)

11	Jul 94	A short fuse
Cardassians stage a surprise raid on DS9, taking over the
station and capturing the command crew. Jake and Nog are the
station's only hope. At least, that's how they imagine their
roles on DS9 to be. When Odo wanders by their usual perch, high
above the Promenade, they learn he is searching for signs of a
bomb. Sisko and Odo insist that the boys return to their
quarters. O'Brien recommends that they have patience with their
elders, but Jake and Nog sneak off to search on their own. Jake
wonders if things would be different if his mother were still
alive. When they find a suspicious object, Jake and Nog take it
to Ops, where they convince Dax to beam it into space (and into
the wormhole). Expecting to be hailed as heroes, the boys are
somewhat dismayed to learn that Odo found the bomb in Quark's
bar. O'Brien is considerably more than dismayed when he learns
that the "bomb" beamed into space was his long-awaited, brand
new sub-space field analyzer.
(Charles Marshall; Leonard Kirk, Bruce McCorkindale; Kirk, Terry

12	Jul 94	Baby on board
While counting the night's profits, Quark discovers an abandoned
Bajoran baby. It's too late to find someone else to do the dirty
work, so Quark takes the child home, and manages to feed and
change the child with only moderate success. The next morning,
Quark turns the baby over to Odo, who wears himself out morphing
his hands into amusing toys to try and calm the bawling infant.
Just before Odo becomes a puddle, Sisko arrives to take over.
Jake is late for school so he can't babysit. Sisko plays with
the child and reminisces about the days when Jake was a baby.
When Dax stops by, she is assigned daycare duty so that Sisko
can meet with a Federation inspector. The baby girl isn't
comfortable with Dax. Dr. Bashir suggests that the child wants
to breast-feed. Dax is relieved when the good doctor synthesizes
some Bajoran breast milk before he is called away for an
inspection. Kira arrives just in time to relieve Dax of diaper
duty and eventually sings the baby to sleep with a Bajoran
lullaby. When O'Brien arrives and wakes the baby, Kira gives him
custody. Called away to meet with the inspector, O'Brien leaves
the child in his quarters where Molly finds her and asks Keiko
if they can keep the baby. Keiko takes the infant to Ops, where
the Federation inspector is berating Sisko and his staff for
looking as though they haven't slept. Fortunately he understands
the rigors of parenthood and commends the DS9 staff for taking
care of the child, whose mother turns up in sickbay, having
misplaced her daughter while delerious with fever. Also
contains "Everything you ever wanted to know about Trills but
were afraid to ask" by Mark Altman.
(Charles Marshall; Leonard Kirk, Bruce McCorkindale; Kirk, Terry

13	Aug 94	Lapse
Bashir vaccinates everyone aboard DS9, including Odo, to prevent
the spread of a virulent strain of Bajoran flu. Odo has agreed
to test security systems by staging a mock attack on the
station, but he reacts badly to the vaccine and becomes
convinced that everyone is out to get him. Quark tries to
convice Odo that they are friends, as does Kira. Odo's paranoia
creates havoc for station personnel until Bashir finds a puddle
of Odo. While recovering, Odo experiences vague and tantalizing
memories of his past. Also contains "Crossover of the
Millenium: An interview with Mike W. Barr and Michael Jan
Friedman" by Shaun McLaughlin.
(Charles Marshall; Leonard Kirk, Bruce McCorkindale; Kirk, Terry

14	Sep 94	Dax's comet, 1
A Bajoran religious cult, living underground for centuries, is
ready to emerge again to greet the Messenger and wage the Battle
of the Gods. Meanwhile, the DS9 crew tries to maintain order in
the face of rumors of an impending apocalypse. Kira explains the
mythology of a planet-wide catastrophe occurring every two
thousand years. Dax believes the rumors may have some truth to
them because long-range sensors have detected a comet on a
collision course with the wormhole. The Guardians, leaders of
the religious cult, learn that Sisko has asked Starfleet for
permission to alter the comet's course. A saboteur dies in his
own blast without causing major damage to DS9, when the Guardians
arrive at the station. They demand that Sisko cease his
interference in spite of the threat to Bajor. Note: When placed
side-by-side, the covers of issues #14 and #15 form a single
(Jerry Bingham; Tim Eldred; Bruce McCorkindale; Leonard Kirk,
Terry Pallot)

15	Oct 94	Dax's comet, 2
The station is in turmoil and the Guardians are escorted to a
security suite under protective custody. Guardian acolytes
resort to violence in an attempt to take control of the station,
but Odo thwarts their efforts. Sisko receives word from the
Federation, denying permission to interfere with the comet's
course, but Dax estimates that the comet's collision with the
wormhole will light up the quadrant. Sisko confronts the
Guardians, accusing them of cowardice for not helping rebuild
Bajoran civilization, while Dax talks Bashir, Kira, and Odo
through some complicated runabout manouvers to turn the comet
from its course, in spite of regulations. Note: When placed
side-by-side, the covers of issues #14 and #15 form a single
(Jerry Bingham; Tim Eldred; Bruce McCorkindale; Leonard Kirk,
Terry Pallot)

16	Nov 94	Shanghaied
A Jerakan freighter docks at DS9 and Quark steers two young
Bajorans looking for work, to the Jerakans. Three days later,
Odo comes looking for Quark. The Bajorans were reported
missing by their families. Odo believes they were shanghaied
by the Jerakans and insists that Quark help get them back.
When a second Jerakan ship arrives looking for more crew,
Quark and Rom are shanghaied, but Rom turns out to be Odo.
Using a ruse, Odo and Quark take over the ship, contact the
first Jerakan vessel, and order them to return to DS9,
promising that no Jerakan ships will ever be allowed through
the wormhole if they don't comply. Back at DS9, Kira suggests
that Bajorans would be willing to work for the Jerakans if
conditions were agreed upon in advance.
(John Vornholt; Leonard Kirk, Jack Snider, Richard Emond;
Kirk, Terry Pallot)

17	Dec 94	Images
While having a nightmare about Marritza ("Duet"), Kira
is awakened by a message from Bajor. She is instructed to
meet and provide security for Sueriel, a half Cardassian
Bajoran spy, returning home. Once aboard DS9, Sueriel finds
that her Cardassian appearance is despised by resident
Bajorans and also attracts the attention of the Circle.
Sueriel is severely beaten by members of the Circle and she
begs Bashir to destroy her face. Instead, Bashir performs
reconstructive surgery and fakes Sueriel's death. With
Sueriel's help, Kira captures a Bajoran double agent who is
using a ring of the Circle to do his dirty work.
(Laurie S. Sutton; Leonard Kirk, Jack Snider; Kirk, Terry

18	Jan 95
"Hearts of old" Gwyn, Jadzia's childhood friend and lover before
she joined with Dax, arrives on DS9 with Tev, his female Klingon
crewmate. Jadzia is troubled and distracted by Gwyn's presence.
Gwyn and Tev arouse Odo's suspicions and get involved in a
phaser firefight in Quark's. An alien briefly takes Jadzia
hostage, Odo frees her, and the alien escapes with Gwyn and Tev
in pursuit. They capture the alien and announce their intention
to extradite their captive. Jadzia and Gwyn part friends, but
with some regrets.
(Laurie S. Sutton; Leonard Kirk, Jack Snider, Richard Emond,
Larry Welch; Kirk, Terry Pallot)
"Wargames" A Federation team beams into a Maquis camp, finding it
deserted except for Lt. Cmdr. Kelloway of the Grissom, who
claims he was abducted by the Maquis and forced to help repair
some of their ships. Kelloway is brought before Admiral Nechayev
and Gul Evek, and asked if he knows the whereabouts of Chakotay.
Kelloway reveals himself to be Maquis, but is prevented from
killing Evek. The Cardassians pick up Chakotay's ship on long
range scanners and Evek leaves for the Badlands. Set before the
premiere of Star Trek: Voyager. The Maquis storyline continues
in the mini-series "Soldier of peace".
(Mark A. Altman; Rob Davis, Terry Pallot)

19	Feb 95	Mission of mercy
Sisko and Bashir travel to the Gamma Quadrant to mediate a peace
settlement between the Uradi and the Vantous. Their runabout is
attacked. When Bashir awakens, he finds himself in a med-lab,
and Sisko is seriously injured. Bashir must instruct alien
doctors on how to save Sisko's life while coming to terms with
his role as a Starfleet officer and as a doctor.
(Dan Mishkin; Ken Penders, Arne Starr; Penders)

20	Mar 95	Last remains
An electromagnetic pulse causes stationwide failures, the
destruction of a ship coming through the wormhole, and a shift
in Bajor's rotational axis. Dax identifies the source as
something inside the wormhole. While Sisko considers his
options, which include collapsing the wormhole, a probe reveals
the remains of a Romulan warship inside the wormhole. The
vessel's artificial singularity is disrupting the wormhole. Dax,
Kira, and O'Brien must retrieve the Romulan ship before another
pulse destroys DS9.
(Dan Mishkin; Ken Penders, Jack Snider; Leonard Kirk, Terry Pallot)

21	Apr 95	Fadeout
Sisko refuses to release a Tzuweri ship because they have stolen
a cargo of hallucenogenic devices. The Tzuweri attempt to use
their own transporters to separate from DS9, but only succeed in
phase-shifting, along with part of the station. Station
personnel begin hallucinating as more of the station shifts into
parallel space. The Tzuweri mount an assault on Ops, where
O'Brien has come up with a plan, while Sisko and Odo recover
crewmates from shifted areas of DS9.
(Dan Mishkin; Rob Davis, Bruce McCorkindale; Davis, Terry Pallot)

22	May 95	Deep Space mine
Commander Quark of the Ferengi Alliance, greets a pair of
Sa'arovians, beings from the Gamma Quadrant with the Shatterer, a
doomsday device, to sell. The Grand Nagus has told them that the
Ferengi run DS9 and Sisko, now in charge of Quark's bar, has
agreed to the subterfuge, hoping that the device will not dall
into the wrong hands. When Sa'arovian officials arrive in pursuit
of the Shatterer, Quark must make the deal of his life.
(Dan Mishkin; Terry Pallot; Leonard Kirk)

23	May 95	Secret of the lost orb: The search, 1
A Bajoran vedek kills a Nausicaan during a fight in Quark's. The
vedek turns out to be a human named Crockett, searching for a lost
orb on behalf of Kai Winn. Upon being released, Crockett travels
to a remote monastery on Bajor belonging to a militant religious
order. For centuries they have kept the lost orb hidden. Crockett
steals the orb and escapes through the wormhole.
(Dan Mishkin; Leonard Kirk, Aubrey Bradford, Scott Reed, Larry
Welch; Kirk, Terry Pallot, Moose?)

24	Jun 95	Acceptable losses, 2
Kira travels to the Gamma Quadrant in search of the stolen orb. On
Ares, Kira learns that the orb means something quite different to
the Aresians, who worship war. After being captured, Kira is
rescued by Crockett, who plans to sell the orb back to Bajor, but
she has plans of her own.
(Dan Mishkin; Leonard Kirk, John Montgomery; Kirk, Terry Pallot)

25	Jul 95	Gods of war, 3
Back on DS9, the Cardassians have come for Crockett, but Sisko
persuades Gul Dukat to cooperate and help negotiate with the
Aresians, who want all of Bajor's orbs. In the Gamma Quadrant,
the Defiant and Dukat's ship areattacked by the Aresians.
Dukat's ship is destroyed and the Defiant retreats back through
the wormhole. Meanwhile, Kira reexamines her faith and comes to
an understanding of the Aresians. When the Aresians bring the
battle to the Alpha Quadrant, Kira negotiates a truce with the
gift of an orb. Extra-size issue and also contains
"Ambassadors", addresses of ST:DS9 fans.
(Dan Mishkin; Leonard Kirk, John Montgomery; Kirk, Jack Snider)

26	Jul 95
"Genesis denied, part 1" A Cardassian Gul arrives at DS9 fleeing
from the Varahat. Enemies of the Cardassians, they request help
from DS9's healer for their injured Controller. While Bashir
prepares to offer help, the Cardassians on DS9 overpower their
guards and prepare their own reception for the Controller.
  (Colin Clayton, Chris Dows; Rob Davis, Jack Snider; Brian Murray)
"Mudd's pets, part 1" Horace Tiberius Mudd, grandson of Harcourt
Fenton Mudd, brings creatures from the Gamma Quadrant aboard DS9
to sell to Quark. Unfortunately, they turn out to be
genetically-engineered weapons that eat anything and everything.
(Randy & Jean-Marc Lofficier; Keith Conroy, Larry Welch)

27	Aug 95
"Genesis denied, part 2" The Varahat stop the Cardassians from
harming the Controller and mortally wound their leader. While
healing the Controller, Bashir learns that the Varahat and
Cardassians have similar DNA, knowledge he uses to save the life
of Gul Akha, much to his chagrin.
(Colin Clayton, Chris Dows; Rob Davis, Jack Snider; Brian Murray)
"Mudd's pets, part 2" With less than 36 hours to evacuate the
station, Sisko enlists Mudd and Quark in the effort to round up
the Meeps. Dax and Bashir learn the ravenous beasts' saliva is a
universal solvent and devise a rather messy method of stopping the
creatures. Mudd and Quark are left with the job of cleaning up.
(Randy & Jean-Marc Lofficier; Keith Conroy, Larry Welch, Scott

28	Sep 95	Friend and foe alike
A Cardassian military leader arrives on DS9 as a guest and an
assassination attempt follows. Odo captures a Starfleet lieutenant
running from the scene, whom O'Brien recognizes as Ro Laren. Ro
escapes and a manhunt ensues. She remains one step ahead of
station security until O'Brien captures her, but she insists that
they are working on the same side, to prevent the assissination
and the destruction of the station. O'Brien reluctantly follows
Ro. When they find and subdue the real culprit, O'Brien does
nothing to prevent Ro's escape. Painted cover.
(Dan Mishkin; Leonard Kirk, Terry Pallot; Mark Brill)

29	Oct 95
"Sole asylum, part 1" Sisko travels to Cardassia Prime to
negotiate Thomas Riker's ("Defiant"). Cardassian scientists are
studying Riker to discover the secret of his duplication
("Second Chances" [TNG]). Their objective is to create an army
of duplicates. A genetics specialist helping with the study
doesn't want her people to have such a weapon. Painted cover.
(Mark Paniccia; Rod Whigham, Terry Pallot; Mark Brill)
"Enemies & allies, part 1" In the Mirror Universe ("Through the
looking glass"), Bashir and Tuvok are captured by the Alliance.
Their Klingon and Bajoran captors find a data chip hidden in
Tuvok's wrist, under the skin.
(Mark Paniccia, Tim Russ; Rob Davis, Aubrey Bradford;)

30	Nov 95
"Sole asylum, part 2" Dr. Nol is determined to prevent the
Cardassian military from learning anything useful about Thomas
Riker's creation. Sisko fails to secure Riker's release. Riker
decides to trust Nol and tells her his story. Sisko visits with
Riker and tries to bolster his spirits while Nol convinces her
superiors that there is nothing to be gained by continuing to test
Riker. She receives support from her long-time assistant. Painted
(Mark Paniccia; Rod Whigham, Terry Pallot; Mark Brill)
"Enemies & allies, part 2" Aboard the Alliance ship quvna',
Klingons remove the data chip from Tuvok's arm, decode it, and
make plans to capture a rebel weapons shipment, but downloading
the information disables all systems. Tuvok and Bashir capture the
crippled ship. Klingons aboard ship see things Tovok's way, decide
that Alliance life is not honorable, and join the rebellion.
(Mark Paniccia, Tim Russ; Rob Davis, Aubrey Bradford;)

31	Dec 95
"Remembrance" Dax joins Kor ("Blood Oath") on Qo'nos to honor
Kang and Koloth with the quv van je tay, but their enemies are
everywhere. Chernoth, granddaughter of the albino and Toral, of
the House of Duras ("Redemption, Parts I and II" [TNG]), want to
use the occasion of the ceremony for revenge and to further
their own plans. Painted cover, extra-size issue.
(Leonard Kirk; Kirk; Rob Prior)
"Rules of behavior" Dax attends a conference at Starbase
Montgomery and learns that Gwyn, her former lover (DS9 #18), has
come to protect her from a fanatical religious cult bent on
killing all joined Trills. Painted story.
(Jason Levine; Scott Sava;)
Also contains essays on the principal governments of the Alpha
Quadrant: The Cardassian Union, Romulan Star Empire, Klingon
Empire, and the United Federation of Planets.

32	Dec 95	Turn of the tide
A fanatical group of Cardassians escapes from a Bajoran prison
vowing death to all Bajorans. Sisko is informed that a shuttle
carrying Gul Dukat and Kira suffered a catastrophic warp core
failure and both were killed. Dukat and Kira survive in an
escape pod but are captured by the escaped Cardassians, who have
devised a plot to destroy DS9, the wormhole, and Bajor. O'Brien
and Odo aren't convinced of Kira's death and arrive in to help
Dukat and Kira prevent genocide. Also contains a cover gallery
of every DS9 comic and part two of an article on Thomas Riker by
Chris Kipiniak.
(Chris Dows, Colin Clayton; Rob Davis, Craig Gilmore, Terry Pallot;
Leonard Kirk ?)

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