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Star Trek Comics Checklist, Part 4/9
Section - [DC Comics] Star Trek: The Next Generation Annuals

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01	1990	The gift
Q appears to bedevil Picard and the Enterprise once more. Q
sends Picard into his own past where he must convince his mother and
father that he is their son. When Q loses the game, he offers
Picard the opportunity to live in a world where his brother is
still alive. Q's gift requires Picard to make a painful choice.
This story was scripted before "Family". TNG stardate guide,
first revision.
(John deLancie; Gordon Purcell, Pablo Marcos; Jerome Moore)

02	1991	Thin ice
The Enterprise responds to a distress call from a ship captained
by an old friend of Riker's. Capt. Halk and Riker grew up
together, joined Starfleet together, and went their separate
ways after the Academy. While getting out of a sticky situation,
Riker learns that Halk has had a large influence on his life.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Matt Haley, Carlos Garzon; Jerome Moore)

03	Nov 92	The broken moon
Geordi is asked by the Imperatrix of the Onglaatu, to pay a
visit to his moon-sister, Kastren, to determine why she is
behaving so erratically. Geordi discovers an infestation of the
same parasites that tried to take over Starfleet and the
Federation ("Conspiracy").
(Michael Jan Friedman; Brandon Peterson, Pablo Marcos;)

04	Sep 93	A house divided
The Enterprise arrives at penal colony Tantalus VII in advance
of a moving pulsar to evacuate a few remaining prisoners and
staff. When Picard, Data, and Dr. Crusher beam over to the
prison, an unidentified and heavily armed boarding party also
beams aboard. Dr. Crusher is discomposed by the presence of Odan
("The Host"), her Trill lover, and still in a female host. Odan
is there to oversee the transport of a dangerous Trill prisoner,
Keb Dalor. While Dalor is being moved, a Romulan vessel uncloaks
and attacks the Enterprise. The armed boarding party attacks and
disables the away team and prison staff, but Dalor is critically
wounded. Riker and the Enterprise destroy the Romulan ship,
leaving the away team hostage on Tantalus. Trelia, the renegade
Romulan commander, forces Dr. Crusher to implant Dalor into
Picard. After the transfer, Dalor kills the remaining prison
staff, orders the Enterprise computer to gas all decks, and
takes over the ship.  When Riker and the rest of the crew
recover, they begin countermeasures, but Dalor manages to take
his party, Dr.  Crusher and Odan to the battle bridge and
separate from the saucer section. Dalor is inexperienced at
starship combat and can't subdue Riker and the saucer section in
spite of having superior speed and weaponry. He is also
weakening in Picard's body. Odan and Dr. Crusher do their best
to reduce the odds but when Trelia is injured, Dalor plays on
Crusher's morality to make her come to the battle bridge and
render medical aid. Dalor takes Dr. Crusher hostage, sacrificing
Trelia. Riker has lured Dalor back to Tantalus where he, Geordi,
and Data beam aboard the station to use the prison's power to
punch a hole in the battle section's shields. Once the hole is
made, Data beams Dalor and Trelia from the battle bridge and
uses the transporter to separate Dalor from Picard. Dalor is
reassembled in Trelia's unconscious body where he is helpless.
Dr. Crusher and Odan still have tender memories of one another,
but for now, Crusher can't deal with anything more than
(Mike W. Barr; Jim Key, Aaron McClellan, Bob Smith;)

05      Nov 94	Brother's keeper
While on a mission to discuss an alliance with the Timatrans,
the Enterprise encounters a large, abandoned space station
near a radiation anomaly. An away team investigates and the
anomaly explodes, damaging the Enterprise and blocking all
communications. When a second away team arrives on the
station, they find LaForge and Worf injured, but alive. If
Data were human, he would be pronounced dead. LaForge feels
responsible for Data's death and is determined to repair his
friend, while repairs to the Enterprise continue. While
trying to get some rest, LaForge dreams about his friend and
is convinced that there is a clue to helping Data in his
dream. Data briefly regains consciousness, but LaForge can't
prove he is on the right track. Picard orders the Enterprise
to leave and must defend his Chief Engineer's decision to
spend time trying to repair Data rather than working on the
Enterprise. LaForge makes one last risky attempt to help Data
by stealing a shuttle and returning to the space station. His
faith convinces Picard to return as well. LaForge finds
information on the radiation in the station's memory banks
which allows him to restore Data's neural net.
(Howard Weinstein; Rachel Ketchum, Bob Smith, Charles Barnett;
Jerome Moore)

06	Feb 96	Convergence, Part Two: Future Imperfect
The future has been altered. On Devidia Four, Picard and his crew
make plans to shift into the Devidian time frame and search for
Data. Gowron joins Spock, Data, Harriman, and Tellius in
captivity. In the past, Exana, Kirk, and his crew reach Devidia
Four. Exana creates a portal to shift the landing party but they
are slightly out of phase with Picard and his crew. When the
prisoners are found, both landing parties are attacked by the
Devidians ("Time's Arrow, Parts I and II"). After driving off
their attackers, both Enterprise crews work together to free
their crewmates. Exana must restore the timeline and erase
memories, while the Aegis reevaluate their role, resurrecting
Gary Seven and promising vigilance. Painted cover. Conclusion of
story from Star Trek Annual #6. The covers for this annual and
Star Trek Annual #6 form a diptych.
(Michael Jan Friedman, Howard Weistein; Ken Save, Sam de la Rosa;
Jason Palmer)

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