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Star Trek Comics Checklist, Part 4/9
Section - [DC Comics] Star Trek: The Next Generation

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01	Oct 89	Return to Raimon, 1
Picard is invited to attend the death celebration of the
primarch of Raimon. The primarch is murdered and Picard is
accused of the crime. TNG stardate guide.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Pablo Marcos; Jerome Moore)

02	Nov 89	Murder, most foul, 2
Accused of murder, Picard must endure trial by combat. Riker
insists on standing in for Picard, while the Enterprise crew
investigates the murder.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Pablo Marcos;)

03	Dec 89	The derelict, 1
The Enterprise encounters a derelict starship. An away team led
by Riker is trapped on board. The derelict, designed to collect
biological samples, takes off with Enterprise in pursuit.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Pablo Marcos; Jerome Moore)

04	Jan 90	The hero factor, 2
All but two members of the away team have been placed in stasis
by the derelict collector. Worf and assistant chief engineer
McRobb must disable the vessel that has imprisoned them.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Pablo Marcos; Jerome Moore)

05	Feb 90	Serafin's survivors, 1
The Enterprise rescues colonists from a planet torn apart by
natural disasters. The colonists were suffering from a genetic
disease but are now completely healthy. Troi is suspicious of
their behavior, including Geordi's former lover. Dr. Crusher
returns from Starfleet Medical in this issue.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Pablo Marcos; Jerome Moore)

06	Mar 90	Shadows in the garden, 2
The surviving colonists must feed by taking life energy from
other beings. Once Geordi discover's the truth from his old
friend, the other colonists turn on her, and attempt to escape.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Pablo Marcos;)

07	Apr 90	The pilot, 1
On a famine relief mission, Enterprise is boarded by intruders
from another ship who kidnap Data. The pilot of the pirate ship
is an android who wants Data's body for his own. This issue
begins a loosely-connected story arc which concludes with issue
(Michael Jan Friedman; Gordon Purcell, Pablo Marcos;)

08	May 90	The battle within, 2
While Data struggles with the pilot for control of his android
body, Riker beams aboard the pirate ship to try and disable its
navigational interface.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Gordon Purcell, Pablo Marcos; Jerome Moore)

09	Jun 90	The pay off
Picard disobeys orders to divert to a planet which has a cure
for the deadly disease contracted by Dr. Crusher. He must outwit
the Ferengi, to obtain the cure. Elsewhere, a ship identified as
the Enterprise destroys another Federation vessel.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Pablo Marcos; Eric Peterson)

10	Jul 90	The noise of justice, 1
While awaiting results of an investigation, Picard reflects on
his life, including the occasion when he is knifed through the
heart. Evidence is found contradicting his statement of
innocence, so Picard is bound over for court martial until
another Enterprise is sighted in a distant sector of space.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Pablo Marcos;)

11	Aug 90	The impostor, 2
The impostor Enterprise has destroyed another Federation vessel.
Data discovers that the rogue ship is following a course of
previous Enterprise missions and determines its next heading.
When Enterprise meets the impostor, the impostor anticipates
Picard's every move until he turns command over to Riker, and
the impostor flees.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Pablo Marcos;)

12	Sep 90	Whoever fights monsters, 3
The impostor Enterprise turns out to be a single alien
organism. Troi must make it understand that its actions have
killed thousands of beings.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Pablo Marcos; Jerome Moore)

13	Oct 90	The hand of the assassin
The Enterprise hosts two monarchs who are fighting for control of
their world. Because their race is telepathic, elaborate security
precautions are in place, but an assassin manages to take
control of O'Brien. O'Brien's actions at the regular poker game
are the key to foiling the assassin's plans.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Pablo Marcos; Jerome Moore, T. Wood)

14	Dec 90	Holiday on ice, 1
During shore leave on an ice planet, Geordi and Riker come
across a hidden Ferengi base. Both are captured by the Ferengi.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Pablo Marcos; Jerome Moore, T. Wood)

15	Jan 91	Prisoners of the Ferengi, 2
Worf and Data lead a search party to find Riker and Geordi, who
have escaped from their Ferengi guards. The Ferengi are mining
illegally and the Enterprise crew must deal with the situation.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Pablo Marcos; Jerome Moore, T. Wood)

16	Feb 91	I have heard the mermaids singing, 1
The Enterprise investigates a maelstrom near the Romulan neutral
zone. After a tremendous surge of power, the maelstrom
disappears, leaving the Enterprise damaged. Crew members begin
behaving strangely and when sensors are restored, they discover
that the ship has drifted into the neutral zone.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Pablo Marcos; Jerome Moore, T. Wood)

17	Mar 91	The weapon, 2
The Romulans detect the Enterprise in the neutral zone. They
also detect energy beings on the Enterprise and decide that a
new type of weapon is being tested. Picard communicates with the
energy beings and learns that they were pulled through the
maelstrom. He invites them to visit the Romulans and the
Enterprise is able to leave the neutral zone.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Ken Penders, Pablo Marcos; Jerome Moore)

18	Apr 91	Forbidden fruit
One of Wesley's experiments goes awry, with dire consequences for
the Enterprise and an entire planet. Data must travel back in
time to persuade Wesley to halt his experiment.
(Dave Stern, Mike O'Brien; Mike Manley, Robert Campanella;
Jerome Moore)

19	May 91	The lesson
Vignettes of life on the Enterprise -- Dr. Crusher feeling old
on her birthday; Troi determined to cheer up Dr. Crusher; Riker
teaches a history lesson; and Worf views a message from his
bond-brother, Jeremy Aster ("The Bonding").
(Michael Jan Friedman; Peter Krause, Pablo Marcos; Jerome Moore,
Tatjana Wood)

20	Jun 91	The flight of the Albert Einstein, Lost shuttle 1
While the Enterprise delivers a medical team to one colony, a
shuttle piloted by Wesley, with Riker, Worf, Dr. Selar ("The
Schizoid Man") and others aboard, heads for a second colony with
emergency medical supplies. The shuttle is swallowed by a
subspace vortex and disappears.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Peter Krause, Pablo Marcos; Jerome Moore)

21	Jul 91	Mourning star, 2
After conducting a search, The Enterprise must give up on the
lost shuttle. Memorial services for the lost crew members are
conducted. Aboard the shuttle, Riker is in stable condition with
serious wounds. The shuttle encounters a structure constructed
of many ships, both familiar and alien.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Peter Krause, Pablo Marcos; Jerome Moore)

22	Aug 91	Trapped, 3
The Enterprise is assigned to help evacuate a water-breathing
race from their home planet. Troi discovers that the natives
have something to hide. The shuttle is captured by a tractor
beam and reeled into the ship structure. There are two groups
living in the structure, all from other ships drawn into the
vortex, and only one is friendly to the Federation.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Peter Krause, Pablo Marcos; Jerome Moore)

23	Sep 91	The barrier, 4
Troi discovers a sentient race, imprisoned by another race, to
be left behind by the evacuation. The shuttle crew joins the
group that reeled them in to defend against an attack by the
hostile group. They are fighting for possession of a ship which
may be able to take them back to civilization.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Peter Krause, Pablo Marcos; Jerome Moore)

24	Oct 91	Homecoming, 5
The Enterprise concludes its rescue mission while the shuttle
crew finds its way back to Klingon space in an alien ship, with
all of the inhabitants of the lost ships. 25th anniversary
double issue.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Peter Krause, Pablo Marcos; Jerome Moore)

25	Nov 91	Family reunion, Return of Okona 1
Jeremy Aster, Worf's bond-brother, and Alexander ("Reunion")
meet on Earth.  The Enterprise comes across Okona's ("The
Outrageous Okona") abandoned ship and traces his path to a
planet light years away. An away team beams down to find Okona.
When they materialize, they are wearing ancient Egyptian-like
(Michael Jan Friedman; Peter Krause, Pablo Marcos; Jerome Moore,
Tom McCraw)

26	Dec 91	Strangers in strange lands, 2
Jeremy helps Alexander learn a little about being Klingon. The
away team finds Okona and makes contact with the Enterprise, but
can't beam out. They must take to the streets of a mysterious
and lethal city.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Peter Krause, Pablo Marcos; Jerome Moore)

27	Jan 92	The final battle, 3
Okona and the away team face numerous life-threatening hazards
until they meet a guide who takes them out of the city. The
Enterprise learns that the city is a memorial to a long-dead
monarch. Visitors are given an exciting guided tour before being
allowed to leave.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Peter Krause, Pablo Marcos; Jerome Moore,
Tom McCraw)

28	Feb 92	The remembered one, 4
It has been a year since K'Ehleyr died ("Reunion") and Worf
mourns for her. Okona decides that he can't ask Dr. Crusher to
dinner, because Wesley is a friend. A passing alien energy life
form detects Worf's grief and freezes the Enterprise, appearing
as K'Ehleyr to Worf. Both learn a lesson about themselves and
about each other.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Peter Krause, Pablo Marcos; Jerome Moore,
Tom McCraw)

29	Mar 92	Honor bound
An old friend traveling with his son, contacts Picard and asks
to come aboard the Enterprise. They are being pursued by
warriors demanding the son's execution for an accidental death.
Data resolves the situation with assistance from Wesley.
(Kevin Ryan; Carlos Garzon; Carlos Garzon)

30	Apr 92	The rift, 1
Riker risks everything to help a space station before it is
swallowed by a wormhole. All station personnel are transported
to the Enterprise, but Riker is still aboard when it enters the
wormhole. On the other side, he discovers others who have been
trapped and who are now insubstantial ghosts of their former
(Michael Jan Friedman; Carlos Garzon, Pablo Marcos; Jerome Moore)

31	May 92	Kingdom of the damned, 2
While Riker works from the other side of the rift, Enterprise
engineers discover that the station's shields are still intact
and they devise a successful plan to retreive him.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Carlos Garzon, Pablo Marcos; Jerome Moore)

32	Jun 92	Wet behind the ears
LaForge and Ensign Sonya Gomez ("Q Who") are assigned to an
Academy training mission as on-board advisors. During the
mission, the training crew discovers a secret installation
belonging to the Catarr, who are hostile to the Federation. The
Catarr attack and LaForge is knocked unconscious. Gomez takes
command of the cadet ship and outmaneuvers the Catarr.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Peter Krause, Pablo Marcos; Jerome Moore)

33	Jul 92	The way of the warrior, 1
The Enterprise is transporting the Ysalanti delagation to
Starbase 85 for Federation-mediated peace negotiatons with the
Malakhai. Q arrives and decides to turn the entire crew into
(Michael Jan Friedman; Ken Penders, Pablo Marcos; Jerome Moore)

34	Jul 92	Devil's brew, 2
The Klingon crew of the Enterprise begin losing control of their
emotions. Q continues to taunt Picard. The Ysalanti, who hate
Klingons, decide to do something about getting back home. Guinan
and Data are still themselves, and Guinan demonstrates to Q that
she is still in charge of Ten Forward.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Ken Penders, Pablo Marcos;)

35	Aug 92	The dogs of war, 3
The Ysalanti attempt to steal a shuttlecraft while Riker punches
out Picard and promotes himself to Captain. Worf discusses
matters with Data and his cat, and decides that as the only real
Klingon on board, he must take control of the situation. Worf
punches out Riker, restores order, and Q gives up, turning the
crew back into their normal selves.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Ken Penders, Pablo Marcos; Jason Palmer)

36	Aug 92	Shore leave in Shanzibar, 1
Picard reluctantly agrees to shore leave on Shanzibar, when
Ardra's ("Devil's Due") ship is found in orbit. At a tavern,
Picard, Troi, Geordi, and Ro ("Ensign Ro") start a brawl, get
arrested, and wind up in jail, where they find Ardra.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Peter Krause, Pablo Marcos; Jason Palmer)

37	Sep 92	Consorting with the devil, 2
Ardra has been imprisoned for learning of a plot to loot the
royal treasury of Shanzibar and kill the king. She persuades
Picard to help her break out of jail and expose the plot.
TNG stardate guide, third revision.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Peter Krause, Pablo Marcos; Jason Palmer)

38	Sep 92	Dirty work, 3
After sneaking into the king's palace, Ardra and Picard use a
laundry cart to get to the king. Using the long-range hologram
projectors on Ardra's ship, they expose the plot to kill the
king and are rewarded handsomely. While looking for the Captain,
Riker and Worf start a brawl of their own.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Peter Krause, Pablo Marcos; Jason Palmer)

39	Oct 92	Bridges, 1
The Enterprise is sent to investigate a moon-sized object on the
outskirts of Federation space. While an away team begins their
investigation, the Sztazzan arrive.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Peter Krause, Pablo Marcos; Jason Palmer,
Karl Kesel)

40	Nov 92	Bone of contention, 2
The Sztazzan order the Enterprise to leave. Picard has Riker
take the saucer section to safety, while he remains on the
battle section to deal with the threat and retrieve the away
team. The Sztazzan begin firing on both sections. A stray shot
hits the artifact, it energizes, and the saucer section
(Michael Jan Friedman; Peter Krause, Pablo Marcos; Jason Palmer,
Karl Kesel)

41	Dec 92	Separation anxiety, 3
Transported to an unexplored sector of space, the saucer section
and the Sztazzan flagship head for a nearby planet. Dr. Crusher
leads an away team to the planet's surface. The Sztazzan once
again order Picard to leave the area, but he declines. Aboard
the artifact, a massive power buildup may lead to an explosion.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Rob Davis, Pablo Marcos; Jason Palmer,
Karl Kesel)

42	Jan 93	Second chances, 4
While the battle section draws fire from the Sztazzan, the away
team on board the artifact must try to slow down the power
buildup. The saucer section away team discovers the control
center and computer archives of the artifact's creators. They
learn how they might get back, but can't take advantage of the
knowledge alone.
(Michael J. Friedman; Peter Krause, Pablo Marcos; Jason Palmer,
Karl Kesel)

43	Feb 93	Strange bedfellows, 5
The Sztazzan and the saucer section cooperate to get back to the
artifact. The Sztazzan commander and Picard agree to cease
hostilities and open discussion for joint exploration of the
(Michael Jan Friedman; Peter Krause, Pablo Marcos; Jason Palmer,
Karl Kesel)

44	Mar 93	Restoration, 6
A day-in-the-life wrap-up following the Sztazzan conflict. The
crew joins Ensign Ro in celebrating a Bajoran holiday.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Peter Krause, Pablo Marcos; Jason Palmer,
Karl Kesel)

45	Apr 93	Childish things
The medical team that developed Geordi's visor is aboard the
Enterprise to perform the same operation on an alien price, in
hopes of improving relations with his people. Unfortunately,
someone wants him dead.
(Michael Jan Friedman, Kevin Ryan; Chuck Frazier, Pablo Marcos;
Jason Palmer, Jerome Moore)

46	May 93	The maze
A tyrant invites the Federation to discuss normalizing relations
and requests the Enterprise. Picard, Geordi, Riker, and Data
beam to the surface and are taken prisoner. While Riker, Geordi,
and Data make their way through a deadly maze, Picard must try
and understand what kind of game the tyrant is playing.
(Michael Jan Friedman, Kevin Ryan; Carlos Garzon, Pablo Marcos;)

47	Jun 93	The worst of both worlds, 1
While delivering supplies to a planet near Wolf 359, the
Enterprise is drawn into a time-space anomaly. Data
determines that the ship is still in the same sector of space but
in a parallel universe. Sensors indicate that an approaching
vessel is the battle section of a Galaxy-class starship. The
entire bridge crew is transported to the battle section where
they meet Capt. Riker and the remaining members of his
Enterprise crew. They are the last Federation vessel still
operating in defiance of the Borg, who have assimilated most of
Earth's population. Capt. Riker asks for help to free Earth
from the Borg.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Peter Krause, Pablo Marcos; Rod Whigham,
Jerome Moore)

48	Jul 93	The belly of the beast, 2
Commander Shelby, Wesley Crusher, O'Brien and several others
from the battle section beam aboard the bridge of the
Enterprise to take command. Shelby reluctantly continues to
take orders from Capt. Riker. Picard decides to help Capt.
Riker and asks that Dr. Crusher beam over to the battle section
also. O'Brien and Wesley find Dr. Crusher with Keiko and Molly.
Molly thinks O'Brien is her daddy but Keiko and Dr. Crusher
recognize them as different people. Wesley escorts the doctor
to the transporter. Dr. Crusher learns that Wesley's mom has
probably been assimilated by the Borg and she vows to help.
Picard and Data volunteer to find Locutus aboard the Borg ship
and bring him back. While the Enterprise and the battle section
provide cover, Picard and Data board the Borg vessel only to
discover that Locutus is not present.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Peter Krause, Pablo Marcos; Rod Whigham,
Jerome Moore)

49	Aug 93	The armies of the night, 3
Picard and Data barely escape the Borg ship. Locutus is found on
Earth, at Starfleet Headquarters. Capt. Riker and Picard
decide to send a larger away team to try and bring back Locutus.
Shelby, on the Enterprise, is assigned the task of decoying the
Borg vessel. She is willing to go along but is also planning
independent action. Picard, Commander Riker, Data, and both
Worfs beam to Starfleet Headquarters in San Francisco where
they witness humans being assimilated. They find Locutus, but
must fight to get to him. After capturing Locutus, the away team
beams out, but the Borg wound, and perhaps kill one of the Worfs.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Peter Krause, Pablo Marcos; Jason Palmer,
Jerome Moore)

50	Sep 93	And death shall have no dominion, 4
Worf, from the battle section crew, has died like a warrior. The
Borg ship begins chasing the battle section. Both Rikers head
for the bridge to deal with the Borg ship while Picard, Data, and
the others attempt to link with the Borg mind-net through
Locutus, as they did once before. Data gives the "sleep"
command, but this mind-net has better access barriers and it
fails. Judging Capt. Riker's plan a failure, Shelby mutinies.
She abandons the battle section to its fate and turns the
Enterprise back to Earth. Wesley and O'Brien defy her orders
and are forced to stun her. Concentrating on destroying the
battle section, the Borg ship leaves itself open to attack from
the rear by Enterprise. Determined to enlist the aid of the
imprisoned spirit of his counterpart, Picard whispers
something to Locutus. Picard/Locutus responds with the word
"eat". Data sends the "eat" command to the Borg consciousness.
All Borg activity stops as every Borg tries to feed, draining
all power from the Borg ship and destroying the mind-net link to
Earth. Capt. Riker reassures Picard that he will help the
Enterprise return to its own universe. The crews of each ship
make their farewells. In the battle section sickbay, Picard's
counterpart awakens and warns Picard that the rift is closing.
Picard/Locutus had used the power of the Borg consciousness to
create the rifts, hoping that someone would come to help. Both
ships rush to the closing rift. On board the battle section,
O'Brien is found in a cargo hold, stunned by a phaser. His
counterpart has beamed aboard the Enterprise to be with a
family once again, but he gives himself up and returns to the
battle section. With their O'Brien safely aboard, the
Enterprise returns home. Double-sized issue.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Peter Krause, Pablo Marcos, Romeo
Tanghal; Jason Palmer)

51	Oct 93	Lifesigns
Investigating an unexpected supernova, an Enterprise away
team discovers an exposed shelter on a nearby planet. The
shelter was originally two kilometers below the surface and
Troi senses some kind of life inside. She touches the shelter
and is knocked unconscious by an energy discharge. Troi
recovers in sickbay and Dr. Pulaski ("The Child") finds no
damage. Data and Geordi use the ship's phasers to cut the
shelter open but don't find any life forms. When the away team
beams back to the ship, several energy creatures from the
shelter transport with them and enter the ship's systems. The
creatures begin draining power from the ship while the nearby
star shows signs of going nova again. Troi communicates with
the creatures and learns that they feed on stellar nova and were
responsible for the nova under investigation. To prevent them
from using the Enterprise to travel through Federation space
creating supernovae, Data devises a scheme to contain the
creatures. He succeeds, but it nearly costs him his life and
Troi senses something in Data for the first time.
(Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens; Peter Krause, Mike
Christian; Jerome Moore)

52	Oct 93	The rich and the dead, 1
The Enterprise arrives at Beta Maradi Seven where the crew will
take shore leave. Picard and Dr. Crusher decide to stay aboard
ship and enjoy a gift from Robert Picard, a Dixon Hill ("The Big
Goodbye") holodeck adventure. Data leaves on a mission to
pilot Judge Advocate General Phillipa Louvois ("The Measure
of a Man") to a legal conference. Riker, Troi, Geordi, Worf, and
Alexander pay a visit to the Bitinga Brothers circus. Dixon
Hill and his associate, Red, have a client waiting for them at
the office. After hearing the details of the case, they set out
to question a suspect, but are confronted by an unwelcome old
friend instead.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Pablo Marcos; Jason Palmer, Jerome Moore)

53	Nov 93	Reductions & deductions, 2
Q throws a wrinkle into Picard's holodeck adventure. Worf and
Troi are reduced to the size of a dust mote and placed in the
clothing of Kartakkan, the humanoid cannonball. Unless
Picard, as Dixon Hill, solves the mystery, Troi and Worf will
die in flames or on impact with water. Hill and Red question
several suspects and Hill announces that he knows who the
guilty party is. Riker begins searching for Worf and Troi. Data
and Capt. Louvois must travel through a radiation field to get
to the legal conference. Their propulsion systems are thrown
off-line by the radiation. Kartakkan readies himself for his
flight through the jaws of death.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Pablo Marcos;)

54	Nov 93	Hidden agendas, 3
Dixon Hill deduces who the murderer is, based upon the bottle of
wine he and Red were served. They go back for proof and are caught
by the murderer, but manage to get out of a tight situation. Q
agrees to hold up his end of the bargain, and restore Troi and
Worf to normal size. When Riker finds his shipmates, Troi is
examining some cargo containers. She has sensed a
semi-sentient species sealed in the container. Other rare
animals are found in sealed containers. The circus
performers, all smugglers, get the drop on the Enterprise
crew, but Picard, still dressed as Dixon Hill arrives with a
security team, to save the day. Picard muses about Q's real
agenda during this visit while Data and Capt. Louvois repair
their shuttle. As they begin to restore power, an oncoming ship
is on a collision course with the shuttle.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Pablo Marcos, Bob Pinaha;)

55	Dec 93	The good of the many
Data and Capt. Louvois are uninjured after an alien ship
collides with their disabled shuttlecraft. The occupants of
the other vessel are not so lucky. A second alien vessel
appears. Data and Louvois are arrested for "disproportionate
destruction of lives" and brought to trial by the Terviorii.
Their legal system is dedicated to the welfare of the majority
and since nine individuals lost their lives, Data and Louvois
have no defense. Data tries and fails to argue their case. Capt.
Louvois argues that Data is a unique life-form, the sole
representative of his race, therefore his rights "outweigh
those of any group comprising less than an entire race". Her
argument convinces the Terviorii to drop all charges.
Meanwhile, back on the Enterprise: Dr. Crusher sends a message
to Wesley, detailing her recent encounter with Q; the Klingon
flowers in the garden are doing poorly and Worf misses Keiko
O'Brien's botanical skills; Picard reaffirms his support for
Riker after receiving a copy of Capt. Jellico's report on his
tenure as commander of the Enterprise; and Lwaxana Troi
arrives for another visit.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Deryl Skelton, Steve Carr; Jason Palmer,
Jerome Moore)

56	Jan 94	Companionship, 1
Lwaxana Troi is travelling with the Enterprise to attend a
diplomatic conference. The Eregeus are considering joining
the Federation and their neighbors, the Sakerions, are
hosting the conference. Lwaxana convinces Picard that
Alexander and his classmates should attend the conference to
get "a taste of democracy in action". Picard agrees, as long as
Worf and a security team accompany the children. Also
attending the conference are Deanna, Geordi, Dr. Crusher, and
Dr. Selar. When the Enterprise away team arrives at the
conference hall, they are attacked by unseen assailants.
Worf, Alexander, Geordi, Lwaxana, Deana, and Selar are
abducted, and awaken in a laboratory. Deanna finds herself
sharing Alexander's body, Selar shares Geordi's body, and
Worf finds himself in Lwaxana's body. When they attempt to
escape from the laboratory, the Eregeus confront them.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Deryl Skelton;)

57	Mar 94	Of two minds, 2
Worf/Lwaxana, Deanna/Alexander, and Selar/Geordi fight
their way past Eregean guards, taking advantage of skills from
both minds in each body. Aboard the Enterprise, the Sakerions
inform Picard of Eregean mind transfer techniques and the
strong likelihood that the Enterprise crew members were
kidnapped to serve as hosts for the ruling Eregean
triumvirate. When Lwaxana, Alexander, and Geordi escape via
transporter, Picard must find the bodies belonging to Worf,
Deanna, and Selar before it is too late to transfer their minds
(Michael Jan Friedman; Deryl Skelton; Jason Palmer, Jerome Moore)

58	Apr 94	Bodies of evidence, 3
Using their telepathic abilities, Deanna/Alexander,
Worf/Lwaxana, and Selar/Geordi attempt to locate the bodies of
Deanna, Worf, and Selar on Eregeus. While Barclay tries to trace
the transporter beam which was used to abduct the Starfleet
officers, three away teams beam down to the planet. All three
missing bodies are found with suspicious ease and Barclay traces
the transporter beam to an unexpected source. The Sakerionites
have been setting up the Eregeans as fall guys (fall aliens?),
in order to hide their crimes against Eregeus. Thanks to
Barclay's efforts, Picard creates a ruse of his own to expose
the Sakerionites. The grateful Eregeans help reunite separated
minds and bodies. Worf, of course, is dismayed at having had
such an intimate encounter with Lwaxana.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Deryl Skelton; Jason Palmer, Jerome Moore)

59	May 94	Children of chaos, 1
On Chalna, Capt. Picard of the Stargazer, first officer Ben
Zoma, and science officer Jack Crusher, exercise their
diplomatic skills to try and prevent the Chalnoth from attacking
a colony in disputed territory. To prove his veracity, Picard
agrees to trial by combat, while a power struggle brews among
the Chalnoth leaders. Choosing to fight with slings, Picard
defeats his Goliath-like opponent, resolving the situation, but
making Chalnoth enemies in the process. Sixteen years later,
while investigating the disappearance of a Federation ship, the
Enterprise encounters the Chalnoth, and Picard renews an
acquaintance with an old adversary.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Deryl Skelton; Jason Palmer, Jerome Moore)

60	Jun 94	Mother of madness, 2
Searching for the missing crew of the Aquitaine, Riker and his
away team follow a Chalnoth team, while Picard tries to hold off
Pathox, captain of the Bludgeoner and an adversary from a
previous mission. The Enterprise away team finds the Chalnoth
attacking a bug-eyed monster beneath the planet's surface.
The creature has cocooned the crew of the Aquitaine and a
Chalnoth crew. Pathox attacks the Enterprise, which holds its
own, until several more Chalnoth ships arrive. The creature
routs the Chalnoth away team, but Troi senses that it is trying
to protect them by cocooning them. Riker learns that the
Chalnoth were trying to set up a military post. Picard may have
to abandon the away team to protect the ship.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Pablo Marcos; Jason Palmer, Jerome Moore,

61	Jul 94	Brothers in darkness, 3
While Picard, in the Enterprise, battles the Chalnoth,
Riker and his away team try to understand the unusual behavior
of the creature. They free some of the cocooned Aquitaine and
Chalnoth crew and learn that the creature may have been injured
by the Chalnoth, causing her to destroy her own eggs and cocoon
the humanoids as if they were her eggs. Picard manages to disable
the Chalnoth ships while the away team subdues the Chalnoth
landing party. Dr. Crusher sedates the creature, the cocooned
crewmembers are rescued, and Crusher finishes up with some field
brain surgery on the creature, to repair her injuries. Picard
disavows any desire to meet the Chalnoth a third time.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Deryl Skelton; Jason Palmer, Terry Pallot,
Rick Taylor)

62	Aug 94	The victim
Dazed and confused, Deanna Troi is confronted by the killer of
Dr. Crusher and Riker. When he kills her companion, Troi runs.
The killer chases her into a large building, taunting her as she
dodges his energy bolts. Running down one hallway after another,
Troi finds Worf's body and his phaser. She turns a corner and
finds the killer. As she holds him at phaser-point he advances,
but she can't bring herself to fire at him. Troi awakens to find
heself surrounded by her shipmates. Picard reminds her that the
Thrakkite ambassador has been murdered and Troi was one of two
suspects. Their hosts, the Talquosians tested her innocence by
inducing a dream scenario wherein Troi was given every
opportunity to kill the victim. The real killer confesses and
briefly puts up a fight, until Troi convinces him to give
himself up.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Rachel Ketchum, Rick Burchett; Jason Palmer)

63	Sep 94	A matter of conscience, 1
Picard agrees to let Geordi carry out a planetary survey on Beta
Argotha, where evolution proceeds at a rapid pace, while the
Enterprise patrols the neutral zone. After Geordi and his away
team leave in a runabout, the Enterprise encounters a Cardassian
ship with a single Romulan survivor, a scientist named Tavorak,
who claims to be on the run because he has developed a virus
which eats dilithium crystals. A Cardassian ship arrives,
claiming that Tavorak is wanted for crimes against the
Cardassian people. Geordi's away team crashlands on Beta
Argotha, where they find an identicle runabout in worse shape,
and another away team, led by Geordi LaForge.
(Michael Jab Friedman; Deryl Skelton; Jason Palmer)

64	Oct 94	The deceivers, 2
The alternate Geordi (wearing a "Future Imperfect" communicator)
explains that his mission is to divert a rogue sun which has
entered the Beta Argotha system and threatens a densely
populated planet in his universe. Neither Geordi is certain they
are in their own universe, but alternate Geordi asks for help to
carry out his mission, and Geordi refuses. Meanwhile, on the
Enterprise, Tavorak insists he is telling the truth. A Romulan
ship arrives, demanding that Picard turn over the criminal.
Picard and his senior staff consider the possibilities, and
decide to look for evidence on Tavorak's derelict ship. A
Ferengi vessel arrives and abruptly departs, while Picard awaits
Riker's investigation of the derelict. On Beta Argotha,
alternate Geordi commandeers Geordi's runabout and intends to
complete his mission, even if it means destroying the Beta
Argotha system.
(Michael Jab Friedman; Deryl Skelton; Jason Palmer)

65	Nov 94	The truth elusive, 3
The alternate Geordi's ploy to get the drop on his counterpart
fails because of Troi's presence and he can't offer any proof
that both away teams are in his universe. On the Enterprise,
Picard solves the puzzle of Tavorak's story, realizing that the
Romulan's motivation is profit. One of Geordi's ensigns
determines that they are in the alternate universe and the
functioning runabout is given to the alternate away team to try
and complete their mission, while their counterparts make plans
to repair the other runabout and attempt to return to their own
universe. Picard convinces Tavorak that he will be safer seeking
asylum from the Federation, rather than selling his virus to the
highest bidder. Geordi and his away team make it back to their
own universe, but will never know whether their counterparts
successfully completed their mission.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Deryl Skelton; Jason Palmer)

66	Dec 94	Just Desserts
The Enterprise rendezvous with a rare, space-faring creature
which is returning to Utalabria, one hundred years after its
first visit. During that visit, the creature consumed all of the
nuclear waste stockpiled on the planet, solving a serious health
hazard. Planetary leaders subsequently chose not try and solve
the problem, but to wait for the creature to come again and
provide a no-cost solution. Unfortunately, it appears that that
the creature is now allergic to nuclear waste, and it's up to
Dr. Crusher to come up with an allergy shot for delivery by
several of the ship's all-purpose probes.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Deryl Skelton; Jason Palmer, Jerome Moore)

67	Jan 95	Friends and other strangers, 1
Riker reunites with several old crewmates to fulfil a promise
made when they served on the Hood. Meanwhile, Lt. Coltrane
and Ensign Ro board a shuttle to return to the Enterprise.
Tisatti pirates attack the shuttle, causing it to crashland
on a nearby planet. Coltrane doesn't survive and Ro is
rescued by a mysterious hooded being. Riker and his friends
travel to Altair to return memory bubbles containing ancient
scriptures, which they took for safekeeping during a
rebellion years earlier. Tradition calls for returning the
scriptures on foot and the road to be travelled is very
(Michael Jan Friedman; Deryl Skelton; Peter Krause, Terry

68	Feb 95	The Bajoran and the beast, 2
Riker and his former shipmates barely escape death while
trying to reach the monastery. While camped in the jungle,
old disagreements resurface, leaving everyone unsettled.
Later on, Riker hears a scream and discovers that one of his
friends has fallen to his death. Meanwhile, Ro wakes up in a
luxurious bed. Her hooded benefactor invites her to dine and
tells her he has signalled for help, but refuses to show his
face. The Tisatti pirates track Ro down and confront the
hooded being, insisting that he hand Ro over. A firefight
ensues, and the hooded being is mortally wounded. The
Enterprise arrives to finish rounding up the Tisatti, and Ro
learns who her dying friend really is.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Deryl Skelton; Peter Krause, Jerome

69	Mar 95	Dreams die, 3
Riker and his former crewmates continue their journey after
burying their dead. At the monastery, Riker accuses Orzon of
murdering Randy. Orzon confesses, explaining that he was offered
a lot of money for the monks' bubble-books, because of
rumors that they hold the secret of the monk's treasure. After
placing the stones on the alter, the monastery begins to tumble
down. Meanwhile, Dr. Crusher attends a medical conference where
she meets Dr. Pulaski and some terrorists. On the Enterprise,
Geordi figures out how to repair the emotion chip created by
Dr. Soong, for Data. This issue contains an updated TNG stardate
(Michael Jan Friedman; Deryl Skelton; Peter Krause, Terry Pallot)

70	Apr 95	The last verse, 4
Riker discovers that he and his crewmates have unleashed the
vengeance of the monks by returning the bubbles to the
monastery, in the form of an automated killing machine. Orzon
gives his life to stop the machine. At the medical conference,
Pulaski and Crusher discover that their guards are sensitive to
strong odors. While others create a diversion, Pulaski floods
the ventilation system with a pungeant gas, disabling the guards
and permitting the capture of Granthos, the terrorist leader.
However, Granthos is not necessarily the villain of this drama.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Deryl Skelton; Peter Krause, Terry Pallot)

71	May 95	War of madness: The first casualty, 1
A Federation colony and starship are destroyed by Tholians. The
Tholian commander is out to avenge wrongs perpetrated against
his people. The Enterprise is ordered to investigate after
picking up an expert on Tholian military tactics, Riker's
father, Kyle Riker. Meanwhile, members of the Enterprise crew
ponder their future, as glimpsed by Picard during his last
encounter with Q ("All Good Things").
(Michael Jan Friedman; Gordon Purcell, Terry Pallot; Purcell, Pallot)

72	Jun 95	A handful of dust, 2
While investigating the Tholian attack on Alpha Unuria, Riker
and his father are increasingly at odds. The Tholian first
officer is having second thoughts about his commander's plans.
The Enterprise receives a distress call and arrives to find
three Tholian ships. Trapped in a Tholian web, the crew of the
Enterprise must discover a way out before their ship is
(Michael Jan Friedman; Gordon Purcell, Terry Pallot; Purcell, Pallot)

73	Jul 95	The dying of the light, 3
Kyle Riker asks Troi for help resolving his differences with his
son. Geordi thinks that Riker's plan to escape the Tholian web may
succeed. The Tholian First Officer is relieved of duty by his
commander for voicing doubts. The Enterprise breaks free of the
web but their systems take a beating. Gowron arrives with a
squadron and drives the Tholians away, then demands to know why
the Federation has started a war with the Tholians.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Gordon Purcell, Terry Pallot; Purcell, Pallot)

74	Aug 95	Ceremony of innocence, 4
Picard can't confirm or deny Gowron's accusations. Responding to a
distress call from Starbase 180, the Enterprise encounters the
Tholians again, damaging their flagship. With the Tholian
commander injured, the First Officer confronts Picard, explaining
that they are attacking because Klingons attacked Tholian
colonies. Picard must find a rogue Klingon ship whose last known
coordinates are near the planet which is home to Hugh and his
renegade Borg.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Gordon Purcell, Terry Pallot; Purcell, Pallot)

75	Sep 95	Cry Havoc, 5
Data finds a pattern in the attacks on Tholian outposts. Picard
convinces First Officer Nethrax to assist the Enterprise after
Gowron give permission to pursue the stolen Klingon ship. While
Picard deals with the Tholian commander, Riker, LaForge, and Data
leave with Nethrax. Upon finding the Taj, they discover that the
ship is commanded by a Borg named Enab, rather than Hugh. Enab and
his followers aresearching for the secret of the Tholian hive
mind, in hopes of retyurning to their old ways. With help from the
Enterprise crew, the Tholians capture the renegade Borg and peace
is restored. Extra-size issue with a painted cover.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Gordon Purcell, Terry Pallot; Sonia Hillios)

76	Oct 95	Suspect
All of the former Chief Engineers of the Enterprise have been
murdered. Starfleet investigator Regina Campisi has identified a
suspect, new Enterprise crewmember, Lt. Farrell. While LaForge
watches his back, the command crew sets out to look for proof,
with unexpected results. Spot makes the cover but not the story.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Ken Save, Shephard Hendrix; Gordon Purcell,
Terry Pallot)

77	Nov 95	Gateway, 1
A large concentration of tetryon particles leads the Enterpise to
an abandoned station and a gateway that may have been created by
the solanagen-based life-forms previously encountered
("Schisms"). The USS Hornet joins the Enterprise to investigate.
Captain Higler's brother was one of the crewmen killed during
the first encounter. A probe is discovered with two unknown
ships fighting for its possession. Chasing them back to the
station, the Hornet and one of the alien vessels are drawn into
the gateway.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Gordon Purcell, Terry Pallot; Purcell, Pallot)

78	Dec 95	The unconquered, 2
The remaining alien vessel tries to communicate with the
Enterprise and is determined to be an ally. The battle section of
the Enterprise breaks through the gateway with help from the
aliens. The Hornet is boarded by the hostile aliens looking
for information stored in databanks. The Enterprise rescues the
Hornet, but not without losses, and the gateway is destroyed.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Gordon Purcell, Terry Pallot; Purcell, Pallot)

79	Jan 96	Artificiality, 1
During a memorial service for a crewman killed in the line of
duty, Picard wishes that everyone was as durable Data, rather than
flesh and blood. Q responds by transforming the entire crew of the
Enterprise into androids. Picard and his crew react to the change
with unexpected results as they respond to a distress call from a
colony which has been devastated by an incurable virus.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Gordon Purcell, Terry Pallot; Purcell, Pallot)

80	Feb 96	The abandoned, 2
With the exception of Data, the android crew of the Enterprise has
difficulty dealing with the deadly virus afflicting the colonists.
Data investigates more thoroughly and discovers oddities in the
colonists' story. Picard eventually refuses to take the colonists
to a starbase and they try to take over the ship. Data uncovers
the truth and Q leaves in irritation after restoring humanity to
Picard and his crew.
(Michael Jan Friedman; Gordon Purcell, Terry Pallot; Purcell, Pallot)

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