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This is the monthly "frequently asked questions" (FAQ) posting on
reading materials for software engineers.  Topics include:
    Periodicals on Software Engineering
        Professional Journals
        Mixed Research and Practice
        Research Journals
        Other magazines
    Other sources of information
    General reading for software engineers
        Programming in the large
        Programming in the small
        Mathematical Approaches
    Cost Estimation
    Formal Specification
        Metrics - General
        Metrics for object-oriented systems
    Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
    Programming Style
    Real-Time Systems
    Requirements Analysis
        Requirements Analysis - General
        Collaborative Requirements Analysis
    Software Process
    Software Testing
    User Interfaces
Look for lines starting with "Subject:" (control-G command in rn).

Be warned: the only mechanism we use to compose this list is to gather
information submitted by people around the net, post it regularly, and
incorporate feedback.  All evaluations are the opinions of those who submitted
them; your mileage may vary.  Send comments to (David
Alex Lamb).

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Jan Lamb
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Oct 8, 2019 @ 4:04 am
The address for 3SL (Cradle) is incorrect. It shouldn't be Craven House. The address is:

3SL, Suite 2, 22a Duke Street, Barrow in Furness, Cumbria, LA14 1HH

Please can you update this immediately.

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