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Last-Modified: 13 Oct 2002
Archive-name: software-eng/part2

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This is the monthly "frequently asked questions" (FAQ) posting on
Computer-Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tools:
    ECMA Reference Model
    Other sources of information
    Configuration management and problem tracking tools
    CASE tools for object-oriented design and analysis
    CASE tools for educational use
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Subject: ECMA Reference Model Date: 8 Jul 1996 Originally collected by: ant@hpfcbig.SDE.HP.COM (Anthony Earl) The European Computer Manufacturer's Association (ECMA) adopted TR/55, "Reference Model for Frameworks of Software Engineering Environments", 2nd edition, in December of 1991; NIST and ECMA produced a revision in August 1993. In Europe, it's available for free from The European Computer Manufacturers Association 114 Rue du Rhone CH-1204 Geneva Switzerland Tel: +41 22 735 36 34 Fax: +41 22 786 52 31 In the United States, it is for sale by the National Institute of Standards and Technology as NIST Special Publication 500-211, and also via anonymous FTP to site as pub/isee/publications/ Contact: the Superintendent of Documents, US Government Printing Office, Washington DC 20402. There is a reference model of end-user services for software engineering environments (e.g., requirements, design, code, test, tracing, planning, publications, plus about 50 others) called the Project Support Environment Reference Model that was developed by the PSESWG (Project Support Environment Standards Working Group). It is also a NIST special publication, SSP 500-213, and is also available via anonymous FTP to site as pub/isee/publications/
Subject: Other sources of information Date: 8 Apr 1995 Brad Myers ( maintains a list of user interface software tools (available using the World-Wide Web via URL, which are tools that can help to create the user interface part of the software. There is a Hypercard stack that you can get by anonymous FTP from the info- mac/card directory at The version 1.1 runs under various Hypercard versions including 2.0v2 on newer Macs: -rw-r--r-- 1 macmod 286168 Jan 29 12:13 case-products-11.hqx A short companion report (about 60 pp. including tool signal info and my view of why and where this market is going) can be obtained from GMD; Western US office is: GMD, 1942 University Ave. #207, Berkeley CA 94704.) Heinz W. Schmidt [edsr!bigdaddy!cdm@uunet.UU.NET (Clifford D. Morrison) did a search with Archie and points out that this file isn't available at sumex anymore; possible locations follow. A file with a .Z ending usually means you need to retrieve it in binary/image mode and run it through UNIX 'uncompress': Host ( Location: /mirrors2/info-mac/Old/card FILE rw-r--r-- 248003 Jun 30 1991 case-products-11.hqx.Z Host ( Location: /Mac/info-mac/card FILE rw-rw-r-- 286168 Feb 12 10:39 case-products-11.hqx See also the Mar. 1, 1992 issue of Datamation. There are over 400 products listed for different purposes and platforms. Entries in the listing describe Company, Product, Product Type, and Operating System. Some of the product types are: Structured Analysis, Planning and Design, Strategic Planning, Analysis and Design, User Interface Konstruction, DBMS Design, Design, Prototyping, Project Management, Verification, Validation, (Data) Modeling, Simulation , Diagramming, Methodology, Software Metrics and Static Analysis, Configuration and Release Management, Project Management, Maintenance, Code Generation, Restructuring and Reverse Engineering, Performance, Testing. (
Subject: Configuration management and problem tracking tools Date: 8 Apr 1995 This FAQ used to contain information on configuration management and problem tracking tools. With the advent of newsgroup, it's more appropriate to go looking in its FAQs (available using the World-Wide Web via URL
Subject: CASE tools for object-oriented design and analysis Date: 4 Jun 2002 Originally collected by: (Sherri Calvo) Berard Object & Class Specifier (BOCS) by Berard Software Engineering (see vendor list). BOCS is an object-oriented analysis and design CASE tool for developing models of software & business systems and their underlying objects (classes, parameterized classes, and instances of classes). BOCS is used to create programming language independant specifications, then automatically generate formatted documentation combining text and graphics into popular publishing packages. BOCS also provides code generation for C++ and Smalltalk. The traceability tool allows users to trace requirements to design and code. BOCS runs on Microsoft Windows 3.1 (TM). $595 per copy. - [ (Russell Hopler)] Bridgepoint by Project Technology, Inc. (see vendor list). The BridgePoint tool suite is an integrated set of automation tools specifically designed to support the Shlaer-Mellor Method of Object- Oriented Analysis and Recursive Design through a detailed understanding of the underlying formalism. The Model Builder allows easy capture of a complete set of integrated Shlaer-Mellor OOA models. The Model Verifier increases final system quality through simulated execution with model debugging, completeness audits, model interpretation, controlled execution rates and execution logging. The Generator reduces hand-coding and enables design reuse through a pattern-based capture of system design and automatic code generation from OOA models. - [text supplied by vendor] Cadre Teamwork (see Engineering/blurb/cadre.html) by Cadre Technologies, Inc (see vendor list). Associated with Project Technology. ObjectTeam for Shlaer/Mellor, Rumbaugh. Ada structure graphs (Booch/Buhr). CASET . 714-496-8670 IPSYS ToolBuilder Clyder by Sema Group (see vendor list). An object-oriented requirements engineering method, trying to combine rigour and usability. Main characteristics: few notations, native object- orientedness, ability to range from informal but structured specifications to fully formal ones, formal semantics, sophisticated semantic checks, etc. Demo Windows tool at GDpro by Advanced Software Technologies, Inc. (see vendor list). (Formerly Graphical Designer) UML visual modeling tool for collaborative development of Java, EJB, C++ and IDL code. Features include: markerless round-trip engineering; inter-model synchronization; Web system reports; VBA customization; best-of-breed lifecycle tool integrations; and Rose import. Download a full-featured free evaluation copy at - [Monica Clancy <>] HOW by Riverton Software (see vendor list). A component modeling tool and deployment framework for building business applications in Visual Basic, Java, or PowerBuilder. ICONIX PowerTools by ICONIX Software Engineering Inc. (see vendor list). A suite of ten integrated multi-user analysis and design tools for Object- Oriented and Structured development. The company also offers an interactive CD-ROM training course in O-O methods. Ideogramic UML (see by Ideogramic (see vendor list). A UML CASE tool with traditional features, e.g. the most important diagram types, XMI, printing, and reverse engineering, but with a user interface based on a quite different interaction principle: Instead of tool bars and menus, it uses gestural interaction somewhat like the way letters are drawn on a Palm Pilot. This makes it really easy and efficient to use, and uniquely also allows for use on a large electronic whiteboard and on Tablet PC's. - [text supplied by vendor] iUML (see by Kennedy Carter Ltd. (see vendor list). Allows users to construct, execute and generate code from UML models. Runs on Windows and Unix. MetaEdit by MetaCase Consulting OY (see vendor list). A metaCASE tool that supports most available Object-Oriented, structured and Business Process Re-engineering methods. It generates Smalltalk and C++ as well as Java, Delphi and SQL. With the MetaEdit Method Workbench method support and code generation can be extended. A variety of platforms are supported. Educational licenses can also be obtained. Methods Workbench by ISDE Metasoft Ltd. (see vendor list). Formerly known as Virtual Software Factory (VSF). A meta-CASE configurable tool incorporating a KBS. Object Domain by Dirk Vermeersch (see vendor list). A shareware object-oriented analysis and design CASE tool for Windows 3.1. It is a full implementation of the Booch notation (from Object Oriented Analysis and Design with applications, second edition. by Grady Booch). All six diagrams (class, object, module, state, process, and interaction) can be entered in this tool. C++ stubs and module hierarchy can be generated from the diagrams. Available via anonymous FTP to site as /SimTel/win3/pgmtools/ ObjecTime Developer (see by ObjecTime Ltd. (see vendor list). ObjecTime Developer enables software developers to build applications using component-based visual design models. TotalCode (tm) application generation automatically generates complete C and C++ executables for UNIX, NT and a variety of real-time operating systems directly from system or component models. Application generation of fully or partially complete designs, plus animated visual and symbolic debuggers, encourage early and continuous design refinement and validation. - [text supplied by vendor] ObjectMaker (a/k/a Adagen) by Mark V Systems, Ltd. (see vendor list). Runs under Windows, X11, VMS (Mac under development). Support for OMT (Rumbaugh et al), Booch, Coad-Yourdon, and other object-oriented and structured methods. Tailorable for new (and combinations of existing) methods. Code generation and reverse engineering for Ada, C/C++ (others planned). Generation of diagrams from the repository. Support for process modeling notations. Interoperation with other tools via DDE, OLE, TCP/IP, etc. - [ (Don Dwiggins)] Objectory Support Environment by Objectory Corporation (see vendor list). A configurable object-oriented analysis and design tool for large teams. Supports analysis and design activities according to Jacobson`s use case driven development approach (Object-Oriented Software Engineering - A use case driven approach, by Jacobson et al, published by Addison-Wesley 1992.). Team support through central repository, and can also be integrated with Configuration Management tools. Generates C++, Smalltalk, Corba/IDL and more. Available for Windows, Windows NT, OS/2, SunOS, Solaris, AIX, HP- UX. Current version (as of January 1995) is 3.5, with 3.6 due on June 15, 1995. OMW/Kappa by IntelliCorp (see vendor list). An O-O development environment for client/server applications, based on the Martin/Odell methodology. OOAtool by Object International, Inc. (see vendor list). Runs under Windows, Mac, and X11. Supports methodology in Peter Coad's books "Object-Oriented Analysis" and "Object-Oriented Design". OOTher . (OO Documentation Tool); once called OoaToolFree Rel 1.06f (for win 3.1). Supports Coad's OOA/OOD, Jacobson OOSE (parts) and Finite State Machine notation (a subset of SDL) and C++ header file generation. Free for Students, $70 home users, $170 site licese for 5 users for others. e-mail: Archived by Simon Stobart at Paradigm Plus by Platinum Technology, Inc. (see vendor list). An object-oriented analysis and design tool that supports Enterprise Component Modeling (ECM), code generation, and reverse engineering. Supports all leading OO methods, incorporates a distributed object repository for large teams of concurrent users, and automaticly synchronizes models, source code, and documentation. Available on most PC and UNIX platforms. Paradigm Plus / EVB Edition by EVB Software Engineering, Inc. (see vendor list). Supports the EVB Ada Object Oriented Development (AOOD) methodology. Can be configured to support other methods. Has Ada code generation. ProxyDesigner (see by (see vendor list). ProxyDesigner is a free PC-based, UML design tool with an easy to learn and use user interface, support for full hard-copy print-outs of designs, and extensive built-in formatting, alignment, and layout functions. ProxyDesigner allows developers to graphically create complex UML software designs, patterns, and architectures. Completed or in-process designs to be published to the web, where users can share and discuss their designs with other developers on-line. - [text supplied by vendor] Rational Rose by Rational (see vendor list). Supports Booch methodology. Available for SunOS, AIX, MS Windows, OS/2. StP Product Family by Aonix (see vendor list). The Aonix StP product family consists of a component-based modeling approach for OO and Structured Modeling. Training is available for all products on- site or off-site. The family includes the following products: StP/UML - for UML-based, Object-Oriented development; StP/SE - for Structured Environments methods, including DeMarco and Yourdon; StP/IM - for Information Modeling methods, including Bachman and Chen. System Architect by Popkin Software & Systems (see vendor list). Supports ER diagrams, Booch methodology for Ada and C++, Coad/Yourdon. Diagram editor checks for consistency and rule violations. Runs under MS- Windows. Unirel Openlook Toolkit by Unirel (see vendor list). An Eiffel wrapper for Xlib. US $2000 WinA&D/Mac&D by Excel Software (see vendor list). Supports UML, along with system analysis, software design and code generation; integrates with HTML documents. With Class by MicroGold Software Inc. (see vendor list). A Case Tool for Windows 3.1, 95/NT that supports UML, Booch, Rumbaugh, Shlaer-Mellor and Coad-Yourdon. It reverse engineers C++, Java, Visual Basic, and Delphi. It can generate most OO languages through its scripting capabilities, can reverse engineer relational databases and can OLE paste into Word and other OLE compatible documents. Some diagram editors support drawing conventions of various OO methodologies. They typically don't have facilities that depend on the semantics of the diagram, such as checking and code generation, but may have other virtues. Robochart (see by Digital Insight (see vendor list). Interactive diagram editor for OPEN LOOK & Motif ($850); Does hierarchical ERDs, dataflows, etc. Educational discounts. Free evaluation copy via web page or via anonymous FTP to site as digins. SDDGen by Trident Systems Inc. (see vendor list). SDDGen is a graphical design tool for capturing, organizing and communicating software design information. SDDGen allows the software designer to select (or create) a design style, including several varieties of OO; create language-independent schematics of his/her software design, including annotations and (if desired) compile-ready code; and produce multiple products from the design, including formal design reports, slide presentations, and code outlines. A templating language supports the creation of additional design products, while a design library allows reuse of design information from project to project. Multi-user features allow configuration control during multiple simultaneous design sessions. SDDGen runs on Solaris, SunOS, HP/UX, and Irix. A single node, multi-user license costs $1,195.00. - [ (Mike Casey)] Visual Thought by Confluent, Inc. (see vendor list). A multipurpose UNIX diagramming & flowcharting tool supporting various software diagramming notations (including Booch, Rumbaugh, HP Fusion, Jacobson's Use Case, ER), as well as mixed and custom notations. It also draws general diagrams, including flowcharts (with all standard flowchart shapes), network diagrams, and circuit/logic diagrams for presentation and documentation graphics. Confluent offers a free evaluation CD-ROM; see
Subject: CASE tools for educational use Date: 3 Mar 1997 Originally collected by: (Hal Render) Teamwork by Cadre Technologies, Inc (see vendor list). It runs on SUN, ULTRIX, VMS, HP, APOLLO, OS2, etc, with X window support on most of the platforms with more to come soon (including some low-cost PC X emulators. [from cadreri!sat@Sun.COM (Scott A. Trachtenberg)] We have been using for the past few years the following two tools: (Schemacode International Inc (see vendor list)) SCHEMACODE: automatically translates schematic pseudocode design into source code. Works for most programming language except ADA. Available on PC, soon on UNIX. Educational licence 250$ + 50$ per PC. IEEE Computer had a good report on this tool. Sometime last fall. DATRIX: a tool for software quality assessment on PC and UNIX machines. Works for C, FORTRAN and PASCAL. Measures up to 40 metrics and provides a unique representation of the control flow, which is useful for testing, program understanding, and program evaluation. Expensive; educational licence for 500$, including up to 10 workstations. We have been using these tools for the past three years in 4th year undergrad and grad soft.eng. courses Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal. [from (P. N. Robillard)] ToolBuilder (formerly TBK) by IPSYS Software Plc (see vendor list). It provides meta-tools (design editors, structure editors) a single underlying ERA database (supporting fine structure) and a uniform UI based on Motif. Tools exist for HOOD (design for Ada). Might have educational discounts. STONE by FZI (see vendor list). (see also archives file "environments") - An SEE for research and education. An OODBS called OBST is used as the core of the environment. OBST is available via anonymous ftp from []. OBST provides currently an interface to C++. A call interfaces to C is also available, as well as an embedding of OBST into the interactive tool command language TCL. [from Bernhard Schiefer <>] Rational Environment by Rational (see vendor list). A tightly integrated, interactive software engineering environment for total lifecycle control of Ada projects. Supports design, development, unit test, maintenance, verification, document generation, configuration management, subsystem tools, incremental compilation. Can also integrate with external front-end CASE tools and external target compilers. [from: Bob Geiger <rjg@gator.Rational.COM>] Objectory by Objective Systems (see vendor list). An object-oriented Analysis and Design method with supporting CASE-tool. The tool is a multi-user tool with a central repository and includes multiple diagram and documentation techniques, consistency checks, traceability, etc. It covers several models including Requirements, Analysis and Design models and also C++ code generation. The tool runs on multiple platforms. An overview of Objectory can be found in "Object-Oriented Software Engineering - A use case driven approach", by Jacobson et al, published by Addison-Wesley 1992. OOD (see by Prof. Taegyun Kim of Pusan University in South Korea. A free tool for educational use, based on Rumbaugh's Object Modeling Technique. Prof. Kim has built it on a SPARC, but it should build on most UNIX systems with X11-R5, Motif-1.2 and a "reasonable" C++ compiler. Bridgepoint (see Engineering/blurb/bridgepoint.html) by Objective Spectrum, Inc. (see vendor list). Set of CASE tools for Shlaer-Mellor OOAD (from analysis to code generation). Significantly reduced fees are possible for educational institutions. -- "Yo' ideas need to be thinked befo' they are say'd" - Ian Lamb, age 3.5 qucis->cs to reply (it's a long story...)

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