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Last-Modified: 9 May 2004
Archive-name: software-eng/part0

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Welcome to, a newsgroup for discussion of software
engineering and related topics.  This message is followed by four others, each
summarizing a set of "frequently asked questions" (FAQs): FAQ (Part 1): questions and answers FAQ (Part 2): CASE tools summary FAQ (Part 3): readings FAQ (Part 4): CASE tool vendors
Be warned: the only mechanism we use to compose these lists is to gather
information submitted by people around the net, post it regularly, and
incorporate feedback.  All evaluations are the opinions of those who submitted
them; your mileage may vary.  Send comments to (David Alex

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Subject: World-Wide Web archives Date: Wed May 24 08:22:43 1995 The information in the FAQs and the archives is available through the World-Wide Web at <URL:> and also <URL:> Everything visible through the Web is also available via FTP; the above URL leads to the same directory as you get via anonymous FTP to <URL:>
Subject: Other Web sites Date: 10 Nov 2002 The following are other Web sites related to software engineering: A. Tools 1. Brad Myers ( maintains a list of user interface software tools at 2. CERA Research's EE Toolbox for embedded systems at 3. Simon Stobart's list of freeware and shareware CASE tools for IBM PCs running MS Windows at 4. Applied Information Science International runs a forum on data modeling and other forms of abstract data representation. It includes discussions of methodologies, reviews of CASE products, users' reports of their experiences in actual design projects, and references to other sources via WWW links and a bibliography of printed material. 5. info-partners international, inc. maintains a Software Information Center, at with (as of June 1997) information on over 15,000 software products and their vendors. 6. Brian Marick ( maintains a list of testing tools suppliers. 7. The page describing the Lucent Software Toolchest CD-ROM (including CSCOPE). 8. The University of Sunderland's page on Meta-CASE systems at 9. The Software Deployment Information Clearinghouse at describes tools for packaging, releasing, installing, configuring, updating, and uninstalling a software system. B. Standards 1. The IEEE has an online catalog of its hardcopy standards for software engineering at 2. Software development and documentation standards are available, for a fee, from IEEE. These supersede earlier standars such as MIL-STD-498 and DOD Standard 2167A. 3. Praxion provides some ISO 9000-3 Guidelines in Plain English. C. FAQs 1. Pete Phillips' project management FAQ at plan-faq/. 2. David W. Eaton's configuration management and problem tracking FAQs at 3. The comp.object (Object Orientation) FAQ at http://www.cyberdyne-object- 4. Software Testing Laboratories, Inc. maintains a web page on creating high quality software products for the commercial marketplace at 5. The Configuration Management Yellow Pages contains many links to online CM resources. 6. Rick Hower's Software QA and Testing Resource Center. D. Newsletters and E-Mail 1. Bill Frakes edits the Software Reuse and Re-engineering newsletter at 2. Software Research, Inc. archives its monthly Testing Techniques Newsletter (TTN) at 3. The SEWORLD mailing list ( E. Education 1. David Eichmann's list of educational programs has vanished. 2. The Canadian Information Processing Society's draft software engineering curriculum. F. Other 1. ACM SIGSOFT's list of Software Engineering conferences, most of them sponsored by or in cooperation with SIGSOFT. 2. The software engineering entry of the WWW Virtual Library, at 3. The ASSET public software reuse library at; start by reading their FAQ at, then their Worldwide Software Resources Discovery (WSRD) catalog at 4. Philip Johnson's archive on formal technical review at 5. Charles McCann's ( Capability Maturity Model Level 2 Focus Group at 6. Marko Krajnc's page on component technology at 7. Manfred Schneider's "Cetus Links" on object orientation at 8. Robin Whitty's bibliography on object-oriented metrics at 9. The Personal Software Process (PSP) resources page at at theUniversity of Karlsruhe. 10. The Process Patterns Resource Page at
Subject: other newsgroups Date: 28 Oct 1994 The following other newsgroups discuss topics related to software engineering; consequently, coverage of these topics in this newsgroup (and thus the archives) tends to be sparse. Many of these groups have their own FAQ's, which you can find in the appropriate *.answers group (e.g. comp.answers for any group whose name starts with "comp."). comp.groupware Software/hardware for shared interactive environments comp.human-factors Human factors, including user interfaces comp.lang.* Discussion of specific programming languages. comp.newprod Announcements of new products comp.object Object-oriented analysis/design/programming/systems comp.programming Programming, especially algorithms and data structures comp.realtime Computer-based realtime systems Software metrics Software testing Configuration management and problem tracking comp.specification.misc Formal specification methods comp.specification.larch The Larch family of specification notations comp.specification.z The Z formal specification notation comp.sw.components Reusable software components
Subject: archives Date: 29 Oct 1994 The following files are available via anonymous FTP from Log in with user ID 'anonymous' and use your mailing address as the password. Each file has a header (in e-mail or news format) that credits the original collector. Readings 26 Jan 1993 ada: bibliography on Ada and software engineering 13 May 1992 aiswe: readings: artificial intelligence and soft.eng. 7 Jul 1992 fault: Fault Tolerance references 13 Feb 1992 readcase: Bibliography on CASE 22 May 1992 reflist: Tero Ahtee's software engineering reference list 15 Feb 1992 statecharts: Reference list on Harel's statecharts 10 Apr 1992 verification: References on program verifier design Book reviews 27 Mar 1992 reviewJapanSoftFactory.html: Michael A. Cusumano: "Japanese Software Factories" 31 Mar 1992 reviewFowlerRifkin.html: Priscilla Fowler and Stan Rifkin: "Software Engineering Process Group Guide" 31 Mar 1992 reviewMarksTesting.html: David M. Marks "Testing Very Big Systems" 29 Oct 1994 reviewNeumannRisks.html: Peter G. Neumann's "Computer-Related Risks" 31 Mar 1992 reviewOuldTesting.html: Ould and Unwin's "Testing in Software Development" 31 Mar 1992 reviewWeinbergQuality.html: Gerald M. Weinberg's "Quality Software Management - Volume 1: Systems Thinking" Tools 2 Oct 1991 CASEexp: experience with CASE tools 31 Jul 1993 cmtools: Configuration management tools 31 Jul 1993 diagramedit: Diagram editors and tools for building them 7 Jul 1992 pdcase: Public-domain CASE tools 26 Mar 1993 performance: performance analysis tools 7 Jul 1992 petri: Petri net tools 30 Jul 1993 pmtools: Project management and design tools 13 Apr 1992 probtrack: Problem tracking tools 7 Jul 1992 restruct: Tools for restructuring and reverse engineering 21 Oct 1991 statsTool: X-based statistics and graphing packages 30 Jul 1993 syslevel: Realtime/hardware system-level CASE tools 31 Jul 1993 testTools: Tools for testing 15 Feb 1992 transynth: Transformation/synthesis systems 3 Aug 1993 uims: User Interface Management Systems Uncatalogued topics 31 Jul 1993 2167a: DoD-Std-2167a and life cycle models 31 Jul 1993 anecdote: Anecdotes/stories about software engineering 10 Sep 1991 bachman: Bachman information modeling 9 Jul 1993 bookTOC: Tables of contents of books 31 Jul 1993 cdif: CASE Data Interchange Format 30 Jul 1993 cleanroom: Cleanroom software development 4 Jun 1992 color: Ergonomics of color displays 31 Jul 1993 concur: Concurrent Engineering 28 Feb 1992 cubicle: Productivity effect of offices vs. cubicles 26 Mar 1993 defect: Defect tracking 7 Jul 1992 designchange: Effect of design changes 30 Jul 1993 education: Software Engineering education and degree programs 15 May 1992 environment: Software Engineering environments 11 Dec 1992 ethics: ACM code of ethics 18 Sep 1991 facet: Faceted classification and multiple inheritance 29 Oct 1994 FDA.html: Food and Drug Administration and Software 31 Jul 1993 formal: formal methods in the USA 10 Apr 1992 funcpoints: function/feature points 2 Oct 1991 hood: Hierachical Object-Oriented Design 31 Jul 1993 horror: Computer horror stories 7 Apr 1995 hungarian: papers on Hungarian notation 2 Oct 1991 ieee: IEEE software engineering standards 30 Jul 1993 inspect: Code inspection techniques 31 Jul 1993 knowuser: Discussion on whether to ``know the user'' 31 Jul 1993 lotos: Language of Temporal Ordering of Specifications 9 Apr 1992 maint: Software maintenance laws 6 Mar 1992 manuals: Guidelines for software manuals 31 Jul 1993 maturity: SEI Capability Maturity Model 30 Jul 1993 oodb: Object-oriented databases 10 Jan 1992 ooformat: Format for object-oriented design documents 10 Apr 1992 oomaint: maintenance and complexity in o-o systems 31 Jul 1993 oomethod: Object-oriented methodologies 30 Jul 1993 portableC: writing portable C code 18 Sep 1991 productivity: Feature point productivity for several countries 7 Jul 1992 proto: Prototyping 15 Feb 1992 readintro: Introducing your manager/customer to SE ideas 15 Feb 1992 realtime: Information on realtime software development 31 Jul 1993 reqelicit: Requirement Elicitation 31 Jul 1993 reuse: Discussion of software re-use. 31 Jul 1993 safety: Formal methods and software safety 31 Jul 1993 SEorigin: Origin of term ``software engineering'' 15 Feb 1992 specmark: SPEC modern architecture benchmarks 10 Jan 1992 spiral: References on Spiral life-cycle model 31 Jul 1993 standards: standards relevant to software engineering 23 Jun 1997 static.html: Software metrics and static analysis 31 Jul 1993 strucAD: Stuctured analysis and design and SADT 10 Apr 1992 techTransfer: Technology transfer 31 Jul 1993 testing: Discussion of testing (and inspection) 31 Jul 1993 vdm-z: formal methods Z and VDM
Subject: more detailed information on specific products The following files are in the "blurb" subdirectory of the software engineering archives at; retrieve them as described for the main archives, except that for the mail archive server you say send software-eng/blurb f1 f2 .... The files consist of comments on individual products or companies. When a vendor sends me detailed information on a product that won't fit into the FAQ, I put it here - along with other comments from the net. Books 22 Oct 1994 ooexample: Berard Software Engineering's "A Complete Object- Oriented Design Example" 22 Oct 1994 ooproj: Berard Software Engineering's "A Project Management Handbook for Object-Oriented Software Development" 4 Nov 1994 FKNprocess.html: Finkelstein et al.'s Software Process Modelling and Technology 31 Jul 1993 jaloteSEtext: P.Jalote's "An Integrated Approach to Software Engineering" 7 Apr 1995 safeware.html: Nancy Leveson's "Safeware: System Safety and Computers" 31 Jul 1993 schach2e: Schach's "Basic Software Engineering" text Discussion of tools 31 Jul 1993 cvs: CVS version management tool 31 Jul 1993 ief: TI Information Engineering Facility (IEF) 31 Jul 1993 PCTE-ATIS-CAIS: Discussion of PCTE vs ATIS vs CAIS 29 Oct 1994 ooadTools.html: Evaluation of OO Analysis and Design Tools 31 Jul 1993 rcs: RCS version control system 31 Jul 1993 rdd-100: RDD-100 Requirements Driven Developer 31 Jul 1993 stp-teamwork: Comparison of Software Thru Pictures and Cadre Teamwork Submissions from vendors 31 Jul 1993 aegis: AEGIS project change supervisor 31 Jul 1993 autoplan: AUTOPLAN project scheduling tool 27 Oct 1994 cmvc: IBM Configuration Management Version Control (CMVC) 27 Oct 1994 CMZ: CMZ source code management system 5 May 1995 continuus.html: Continuus configuration management and problem tracking 27 Oct 1994 DDTS: Distributed Defect Tracking System (QualTrak) 31 Jul 1993 FIELD: Brown University FIELD environment 31 Jul 1993 IFAD: IFAD VDM-SL toolbox 27 Oct 1994 LDRA: LDRA testbed 8 Dec 1994 MacAnalyst.html: Excel Software's MacAnalyst and MacDesigner tools 31 Jul 1993 parcplace: ParcPlace Smalltalk and C++ tools 26 Apr 2004 PurePulse: Pure Pulse software newsletter 31 Jul 1993 rational: Rational Inc. Ada environment, Rose OOD tool 31 Jul 1993 shapetools: shapetools version management/make-like tool 31 Jul 1993 specbox: SpecBox VDM support tool 31 Jul 1993 telelogic: Telelogic Environment for CCITT SDL 4 Nov 1994 Vantive.html: Vantive Qualtity problem tracking system 13 Jul 1995 verilog.html: Verilog home page -- "Yo' ideas need to be thinked befo' they are say'd" - Ian Lamb, age 3.5 qucis->cs to reply (it's a long story...)

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