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Date: 10 Nov 2002

The following are other Web sites related to software engineering:

A. Tools
   1.  Brad Myers ( maintains a list of user interface
       software tools at
   2.  CERA Research's EE Toolbox for embedded systems at
   3.  Simon Stobart's list of freeware and shareware CASE tools for IBM PCs
       running MS Windows at
   4.  Applied Information Science International runs a forum on data modeling
       and other forms of abstract data representation.  It includes
       discussions of methodologies, reviews of CASE products, users' reports
       of their experiences in actual design projects, and references to other
       sources via WWW links and a bibliography of printed material.
   5.  info-partners international, inc. maintains a Software Information
       Center, at with (as of June 1997)
       information on over 15,000 software products and their vendors.
   6.  Brian Marick ( maintains a list of testing tools
   7.  The page describing the Lucent Software Toolchest CD-ROM (including
   8.  The University of Sunderland's page on Meta-CASE systems at
   9.  The Software Deployment Information Clearinghouse at describes tools for
       packaging, releasing, installing, configuring, updating, and
       uninstalling a software system.
B. Standards
   1.  The IEEE has an online catalog of its hardcopy standards for software
       engineering at
   2.  Software development and documentation standards are available, for a
       fee, from IEEE.  These supersede earlier standars such as MIL-STD-498
       and DOD Standard 2167A.
   3.  Praxion provides some ISO 9000-3 Guidelines in Plain English.
   1.  Pete Phillips' project management FAQ at
   2.  David W. Eaton's configuration management and problem tracking FAQs at
   3.  The comp.object (Object Orientation) FAQ at http://www.cyberdyne-object-
   4.  Software Testing Laboratories, Inc. maintains a web page on creating
       high quality software products for the commercial marketplace at
   5.  The Configuration Management Yellow Pages contains many links to online
       CM resources.
   6.  Rick Hower's Software QA and Testing Resource Center.
D. Newsletters and E-Mail
   1.  Bill Frakes edits the Software Reuse and Re-engineering newsletter at
   2.  Software Research, Inc. archives its monthly Testing Techniques
       Newsletter (TTN) at
   3.  The SEWORLD mailing list (
E. Education
   1.  David Eichmann's list of educational programs has vanished.
   2.  The Canadian Information Processing Society's draft software engineering
F. Other
   1.  ACM SIGSOFT's list of Software Engineering conferences, most of them
       sponsored by or in cooperation with SIGSOFT.
   2.  The software engineering entry of the WWW Virtual Library, at
   3.  The ASSET public software reuse library at;
       start by reading their FAQ at,
       then their Worldwide Software Resources Discovery (WSRD) catalog at
   4.  Philip Johnson's archive on formal technical review at
   5.  Charles McCann's ( Capability Maturity Model
       Level 2 Focus Group at
   6.  Marko Krajnc's page on component technology at
   7.  Manfred Schneider's "Cetus Links" on object orientation at
   8.  Robin Whitty's bibliography on object-oriented metrics at
   9.  The Personal Software Process (PSP) resources page at at theUniversity of Karlsruhe.
   10. The Process Patterns Resource Page at

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