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SGI admin Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Section - -102- Can I change my login shell or other password-file info without being superuser?

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Top Document: SGI admin Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Previous Document: -101- How can I make my SGI understand strange terminal types from other Unix systems?
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Date: 27 Jan 1996 00:00:01 EST

  At a graphics terminal, use the User Manager. At a text terminal, if
  your account is on NIS (Yellow Pages) use 'ypchpass'.  If it isn't
  you're stuck, because IRIX has no way to change a local user's
  password-file info from the command line.  You might ask your
  superuser to install one of the many free implementations of 'chsh'
  and/or 'chfn' (one is in volume 3 of comp.sources.unix, at but they'll want
  to make sure that those programs know how to lock /etc/passwd


Subject:  -103- How can I administer my Iris without a graphics
Date: 13 Apr 1994 00:00:01 EST

  The visual admin tools in IRIX 4.0.x ('vadmin') need GL, and do not
  work on X terminals or workstations without GL. You can use 'sysadm'
  on text terminals for some tasks, but beware of bugs and
  inadequacies: SGI judged 'sysadm' to be too buggy to be worth
  updating for IRIX 5.x.

  The visual admin tools in IRIX 5.2 and later should display on any X
  display, *except* for the backup/restore tool which is an exact port
  from IRIX 4.0.x and requires GL. Some images will be missing when GL
  is unavailable, but the tools will function properly. As for text
  terminals, you're out of luck: 'sysadm' does not exist in IRIX 5.x.

  Of course, you can always use a text editor and write scripts, or see
  the next question.

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