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SGI admin Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Section - -101- How can I make my SGI understand strange terminal types from other Unix systems?

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Top Document: SGI admin Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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Date: 4 Jun 1997 00:00:01 EST

  If the other system uses terminfo:
  Brent L. Bates <> has been able to copy binary 
  terminfo files directly between several different types of systems.
  (On IRIX 5.x and above, the terminfo files are located under 
  /usr/share/lib/terminfo.)  However, if for some reason this does not
  work, use 'infocmp -I whatever > file' to extract the source 
  erminfo entry for the terminal. Transfer the file to your SGI and
  do 'tic file' (as root) to put the entry into the terminfo database.
  If the other system uses termcap:
  Snip the termcap entry out of /etc/termcap (or wherever) with an 
  editor, transfer it to your SGI and (as root) do 'captoinfo file
  > newfile' and 'tic newfile'.

  See also the infocmp(1), captoinfo(1), tic(1) and terminfo(4)
  manpages, and make sure you've installed eoe2.sw.terminf (under
  IRIX 5.x, 6.0.x, and 6.1), which is not installed by default. 
  On IRIX 6.2 and above, these utilities are part of eoe.sw.unix.

  Many unusual terminal devices can be taken care of in IRIX 6.2 and
  above by installing eoe.sw.terminfo, which includes terminfo files
  for many devices. 

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