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[rec.scouting.*] Scouting on the WWW (FAQ *)

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*** New entries in this release:
- Added the Scouting Spider site to places to send your web address.
- Added link for finding Scouting clipart for web pages.
- Added report of potential child abuse to reasons not to include names,
  renaming the topic to the issue of names on web pages.
- Updated link to Chris Jacobi's guidelines for writing web pages.
- Added link to list of free web space providers.
- Added Mike Montoya's suggestions for writing and testing web pages.

*** About this Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) file:

This file contains information about how to find and access Scouting
home pages on the World Wide Web and how to create a home page on the
Web.  It is not intended to be a tutorial on the subject, but only
some thoughts from people who have created such pages to be shared
with someone who is contemplating creating her/his own page.

This file is maintained by Alan R. Houser (  If you
have any comments or suggestions to include, please send them to Alan.

This file is in digested format, like all FAQ files on this newsgroup.
If you're using nn as newsreader, type 'G %" to split the digest into
individual postings. In bn or rn, typing control-G should cause the
reader to skip to the next posting within this file.

There are fifteen FAQ files in the rec.scouting.* FAQ series. The FAQ 
files are posted in regular intervals (one file every three or four 
days) on rec.scouting.*,  and . They can also 
be retrieved through anonymous FTP from
(path: or via the World Wide Web at
<a href="">ScoutBase UK</a>
or at the <a href="">U.S. Scouting 

As the FAQ files are updated regularly, make sure that you have the
latest copy in your hands. The release date of this FAQ is indicated
in the line starting with "Last-Modified:" at the top of this file.
Files older than three months should be considered as outdated.


This file or parts of it may be freely used, printed and re-distributed
as long as you enclose this paragraph and keep the references to the
respective contributors and to the maintainer (listed below) intact.

-- Alan R. Houser **


1) Are there WWW pages about Scouting ?
2) Why would I want to create a Scouting web page ?
3) What software do I need ?
4) I have only limited Internet access. Is it still possible to get on the 
   WWW ?
5) How do I create my own site for my troop / group / council etc. ?
6) How should the pages be structured ?
7) Why do I need a title?
8) What about graphics?
9) Where can I get Scouting images for use on our web page? 
10) What about "Netscape Enhancements?"
11) What should I include on my pages ?
12) Should I include names on my pages ?
13> Why do I need to test my pages?
14) OK, my page is ready. Now what ?
15) How can I tell if anyone is reading my page?
16) Security concerns

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