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[rec.scouting.*] Games (FAQ 11) Part 2

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Top Document: [rec.scouting.*] Games (FAQ 11) Part 2
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   As usual, I did these on my MAC - I've reformatted them as plain text
   so they can be posted. Anyone is welcome to use these - my only
   request is that you let me know, and give me some feedback (both good
   and bad) as to how things went. - Mike Stolz (

------------------------------ cut here --------------------------

SPACE GAMES                             den name _______________

   In space, everything floats. As a construction mechanic, the only way
   to keep your space station parts from floating away is to rope them
   together. Your problem is that YOU are anchored to the main space
   station, while the new parts are slowly drifting away. So how do you
   get a rope on those parts? Why with your trusty bow and arrow. Each
   new part comes with its own target. Each mechanic gets 10 arrows. Hit
   the target with the arrow that has a string attached, and double your
   total points.
  19.1.2 ROBOT ARM
   You're the operator of the space shuttle's robot arm. The arm will do
   everything you tell it, but it can't see or think for itself. Your
   job, pick up the three space disks and return them to your position.
   Use voice commands like 'forward, left, right, and down' to direct the
   robot arm. Keep the tether rope tight to prevent the robot arm from
   vershooting the targets. This is a timed event.
   Your team of construction mechanics are on the moon. You need to build
   the tallest radio tower you can, using the standard space-blocks. The
   structure must be free-standing and self-supporting. DO NOT DAMAGE THE
   BUILDING MATERIALS while constructing your tower!
   Space explorers need to be highly trained observers. In this training
   exercise, you need to scour the marked-off section of rough terrain,
   and discover the interesting samples. There will be bonus points for
   discovering samples whose colour is different from your assigned
   All shuttle crews need to check out their craft before take-off. Every
   crew has memorised the list of instructions. Lets see how good your
   crew is at remembering instructions. You will get two minutes to study
   and discuss the list of instructions and their order. Then, without
   looking, your team must write them down in the correct order. If
   you're quick, you will have time to play this one twice.

player name                         arch   arm  const  explo  check
___________________________________|_____|_____| (den scores here)
___________________________________|_____|_____| circle the best den
___________________________________|_____|_____| score for each game
put the best den score here ->     |     |     |      |      |      |

   Bring spray paint (white) to draw lines on the grass. Also packing
   tape and duct tape. If games are held indoors, use masking tape for
   your lines.
   Make sure all game leaders understand that the rules may need to be
   modified, but if they are, ALL GROUPS must have the same chances. The
   most important thing is to make sure that all rules are applied
   consistently for every group participating. All games were designed to
   be played outdoors, but most could easily be done indoors if the
   activity room was large.
   At the end of the competition, all score sheets will be collected from
   Den leaders. Compare the single 'best' score for each game and den.
   Award 1st thru 5th place (we have 5 dens) in each event. The den with
   the LOWEST total score for the 5 events will get 1st place.
   GAME PARTS - 3 targets with stands, 30+ arrows, 3 bows, ball of
   string, 3 stakes.
   Set up targets, with 3 shooting stations about 20 feet (7 meters)
   away. Put 10 arrows at each station. Measure 30 feet (10 meters) of
   string for each station. Tie one end of string to a stake at the
   station, and tie/tape the other end to one of the arrows. This should
   be the last arrow shot by each Cub, and can double their target score.
   Score target rings at 1 (target), 2, 3, 5 (bulls eye on our targets).
   Be very alert to safety. Make sure ALL ARCHERS understand that arrows
   are not to be nocked while anyone is 'even close' to the shooting
   range area!
  19.2.2 ROBOT ARM
   GAME PARTS - Long rope, 3 Frisbees, blindfold, 2 paper grocery bags.
   Draw a ring for the 'operator' to stand in. Paint 3 spots at different
   points outside the ring, ranging from 15 to 30 feet (5 to 10 meters).
   The spots mark the pick-up spots for the 3 Frisbees. Tie rope around
   waist of the cub acting as 'robot hand' (use a bowline!). Blindfold
   the 'hand', then place grocery bag over his head - the 'hand' should
   be unable to see. The operator now steps into the ring, and takes hold
   of the rope. At "GO", the 'hand' walks out to get the Frisbees. The
   operator lets out the rope until the 'hand' is out far enough, and
   uses voice commands (left, right, down, out) to direct the 'hand' to
   each frisbee. Make sure the operator knows that he should keep tension
   on the rope - this is one of his main methods of guidance and control.
   After the 'hand' has all 3 frisbees, the operator has to reel him back
   into the operator's circle. MAKE SURE THE 'HAND' IS UNABLE TO SEE!
   This is a timed event - the boys may run thru this as often as they
   want in the allotted time. Keep the best time.
   GAME PARTS - 16 cardboard boxes all the same size, 6 large coffee
   cans, 3 thin strips of plywood, 2 poles with nails thru the ends,
   several smaller dowels, tape measure.
   The object is to build as tall a tower as possible with the material
   supplied. The tower must be free-standing and self-supporting, and
   stay up for at least 1 minute. DO NOT LET THE CREW DAMAGE OR MODIFY
   THE SUPPLIED MATERIALS! Measure the tower to the nearest inch. The
   crew can try several different configurations.
   ***WARNING! Wind and uneven terrain can dramatically affect this game.
   Try to locate it in a sheltered area with fairly even ground. It could
   also be done inside if the room has a tall ceiling.
   GAMES PARTS - individually wrapped candy in different colours,
   coloured tape or marker cones to mark off the search area.
   Game leader will hide 10 candies of the same colour in search area,
   plus 1 of a different colour. Cubs need to search the area to find all
   'samples'. After they are turned in and counted, they may each have 1
   to keep. The coloured candy counts as 3 points, all others are 1
   point. Be alert to 'missed' candies from previous groups.
   GAME PARTS - 20 cards with different flight-check instructions, table,
   large cloth.
   Lay out 2 cards (in random order) for every Cub in the den. The Cubs
   will have 2 minutes to study, discuss, and memorise the cards. Then
   cover cards with cloth. They now have 5 minutes to write down all the
   flight-check instructions in order. Award 1 point for every
   instruction in the correct position relative to the previous and next
   instruction. Award 2 points for every instruction that is written
   EXACTLY correct - give 1 point if the instruction is mostly correct.
   There should be time to play this game twice. This is a version of
   'Kim's Game'.
   *** My cards were all very short phases, including things like 'CHECK
   SHUTTLE BAY LIGHTS', 'EXAMINE AIRLOCK' and so on. I used 3" x 5" index
   cards and a black magic marker to make them.
   ***WARNING! This is another game that can be affected by wind. Using a
   large thick cloth, and taping one edge of it to the table can create
   an effective windbreak that the Cubs can 'peek under' during their 2
   minutes of observation.

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