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[rec.scouting.*] Games (FAQ 11) Part 2

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Top Document: [rec.scouting.*] Games (FAQ 11) Part 2
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   You will need:
     * 4 spring loaded mouse traps per team
     * an endless supply of rolled up paper balls
   We will suppose that there are four teams or patrols of six boys. They
   are spaced at equal distances down the length of the hall. Each team
   or patrol has it's mouse traps cocked at one side of the hall on the
   floor. At the other side of the hall opposite each group of mouse
   traps are three attacking boys from each of the other patrols. These
   attacking boys are armed with rolled up balls of paper. Each patrol is
   allowed up to three defenders for their mouse traps. These defenders
   must sit on the floor half way between their mouse traps and the
   defenders. The attackers must lob the paper balls over the heads of
   the defenders and set off the mouse traps. The winning patrol is the
   one that has the last loaded mouse trap.
   You will need:
     * 1 spring loaded mouse trap
     * 3 bamboo canes
     * 3 lengths of string
     * some objects such as plastic bottles to be picked up, for each
   You will have to bore a hole or fit a screw eye in one end of each
   mouse trap so that it can be attached to a length of string. Each team
   stands at one side of the hall and the objects they have to collect
   such as plastic bottles are on the other side of the river (hall). The
   only way that they can get the objects, is to lash the three bamboo
   poles together to form a fishing pole and attach the string with the
   mouse trap attached to the end. You will have to show the scouts how
   to cock the mouse traps safely or you may have to do some first aid on
   bruised fingers.
   You will need:
     * Blindfolds for each member of the minefield
   You split into two teams teams, one forms a line across the playing
   field. They are blindfolded and standing close enough together to
   touch hands. Each hand is a mine that will 'destroy' a ship (a member
   of the other team.) that team quietly tries to sneak along the line
   weaving in and out of the mines, (i.e. between their feet, or between
   two scouts). we once had someone go fetch a utility ladder and climb
   over the minefield. After a minefield team member uses one hand and
   hits a ship, that hand is out of play for the round. Thus later ships
   may go through an unprotected area. Smaller scouts usually win this
   one. When the whole team has gone through or not as the case may be,
   change over. At the end of the game, the winning team is the one that
   managed to get the most ships through the minefield.
  18.4 TRADER
   You will need:
     * 4 counters for each boy, red, blue green and yellow one of each
   When the game starts the boys are given a set time 5 to 10 minutes in
   which they are allowed to trade. They trade in the following manner. A
   boy approaches another boy with a counter in his left fist , he does
   not show the other boy what colour he is holding. If they agree to
   trade then they give each other a counter taking care that they do not
   show the colour they are swapping. Any boys who do not wish to trade
   simply cross their arms, this indicates that they are not open for
   trading. After the trading period is ended you show the lads the
   stockmarket chart shown below and get the lads to add up their scores.
   Print out the following table and make copies.
  4 Red counters  100 points            4 Blue counters 80 points
  4 Green counters 60 points            4 Yellow counters 50 points
  3 of any colour 40 points             2 of any colour 15
  Single Red 1 point                    Single Blue 2 points,
  Single Green 4 points                 Single yellow 5 points.

   After they have added up their scores and you have found out which
   scouts have the highest scores, collect the counters in and hand out
   one of each colour again to the scouts. Now play it again with the
   scouts knowing the values and see the difference in tactics. From time
   to time you could introduce jokers these are White counters. You place
   some of these on the table and the boys are told they can take them if
   they wish. The value of these is unknown until they add up the scores.
   You then tell them that they either get 10 extra points for each White
   counter they have or minus 10 for each White counter they hold, much
   like Bulls and Bears in the stock market. You can decide if it is
   going to be a plus or a minus by either tossing a coin or rolling a
   You will need:
     * 4 chips for each boy, all of different colours (red, green, blue,
     * 1 chip for each adult - white (I made my chips by cutting 1 inch
       squares from coloured cardboard)
   The boys are given a chip of each colour. the adults each have one
   white chip. The boys get 7 to 10 minutes to 'trade' chips with each
   other or an adult. To trade, each boy holds a chip HIDDEN in one hand.
   When they agree on the trade, the chips are exchanged. ALL TRADES ARE
   FINAL! Boys who do not wish to trade should fold their arms to signal
   that they don't wish to trade. All trades are 1 chip at a time. Boys
   can also trade with adults if they want to. After the trading is over,
   show the boys the stock market list below and have them add up their
   Now that they know the value of the chips, let the boys play the game
   again. Collect and redistribute the chips, and see how trading tactics
   change. After the second trading period is over, add up the scores
   again and see how the boys did this time.


  4 RED -          90 POINTS         1 (SINGLE) BLUE -   40 POINTS
  4 GREEN -        80 POINTS         1 (SINGLE) YELLOW - 30 POINTS
  4 YELLOW -       60 POINTS         1 (SINGLE) GREEN -  30 POINTS
  4 BLUE -         50 POINTS         1 (SINGLE) RED -    20 POINTS
  2 WHITE -        50 POINTS         1 (SINGLE) WHITE -  20 POINTS

   You will need:
     * Two price lists, one of things that you are selling and one of
       things that you are prepared to buy back.
     * Various things for the teams to buy
     * You will also need some form of currency such as coloured cards,
       paper or even beads.
   At the start of the game, each team is given the same amount of
   currency. They then have to decide what they are going to buy from you
   in order to make something to sell back to you for a profit. Most
   things that you buy back should result in a profit, but you should put
   in some items that produce no profit or even a loss. As an example of
   the sort of things on your to buy list would be a cup of hot tea for
   the scout leaders. To do this they will have to purchase from you
   matches, tea bags, milk and sugar, a cooking stove, fuel for the
   cooking stove, water pot and water.
   This game comes from a Games book published by the Bharat Scouts and
   Guides (India). It is attributed to the Catholic Boy Scouts of
   You will need:
     * enough blindfolds for half your group.
     * a reasonably large room.
   The Leader is the lighthouse. Half the troop (pack, company) are
   ships, and put on the blindfolds at one end of the room. The other
   half are rocks, and distribute themselves on the floor between the
   ships and the lighthouse. Please ask the rocks to keep their hands and
   feet in to minimise tripping. The rocks also should not clump up.
   The lighthouse goes "woo woo" to guide the ships. The rocks go "swish,
   swish" quietly to warn the ships of their presence. On go, the ships
   navigate between the rocks to the lighthouse. If they touch a rock,
   they are sunk and must sit on the floor (and go "swish, swish" also).
   When all the ships have made it to the lighthouse (or have been sunk),
   the rocks and ships switch places.

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