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[rec.scouting.*] Games (FAQ 11) Part 2

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Top Document: [rec.scouting.*] Games (FAQ 11) Part 2
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   You will need: (for each six or patrol)
     * An endless supply of paper squares to construct water bombs from
     * A jug of water
   Each patrol is given the same number of sheets of paper and a jug of
   water. On the word go they have to fold the papers into water bombs.
   Fill them with water and splatter the other patrols. You will find the
   instructions for water bombs in any good origami book and also in many
   scouting books. This game is best played out of doors.
   You will need:
     * A volleyball net or a rope over which the balloons can be tossed
     * An endless supply of balloons a quarter filled with water
   This is a very messy game and is therefore ideal for hot days at camp.
   Your net or rope is stretched between two poles or trees just above
   head height. You have two teams and one balloon a quarter filled with
   water. If you put too much water into the balloons then they tend to
   burst too easily. The object of the game is to lob the balloon over
   the net and try and soak the opposing team. There is a lot of strategy
   in this game on such things as catching the balloon without bursting
   it and ways of lobbing the balloon to make it difficult to catch. When
   the balloon bursts on one side then a point is awarded to the other
   side, and a new balloon is brought into play.
   You will need:
     * An endless supply of balloons one-quarter filled with Water.
   Players form two lines facing each other about 2 metres apart. Players
   in line 1 each toss a water balloon to opposite players in line 2. Any
   players who have a balloon burst are out. After each balloon bursts, a
   new balloon is brought into play, both lines take one step backward
   and toss again. Repeat until only one pair of players remain. There
   are on the market very tiny balloons known as water bombs. If you are
   going to use vast quantities, then these may be more economical to buy
   than regular balloons.
   You will need:
     * A bucket of water, a table spoon, and a plastic drinking cup
   Form the players into teams (number and size of teams depends on
   number of players available). players form parallel lines. Lead player
   of each line has a bucket of water next to him and a table spoon in
   his hand. At some distance (10 - 30 meters) from each line is a
   drinking cup sitting on the ground. Lead player gets a spoonful of
   water and quickly takes (walk or run) the water to the cup and dumps
   it in. He then RUNS back to his line and hands the spoon to the next
   player in the line who is now the lead player. The former lead player
   goes to the end of the line. The whole process is repeated until one
   team fills it's cup to overflowing.
  11.5 TILT
   You will need: (for each six or patrol)
     * A billy can half filled with water
     * An aluminium foil cake container
     * 1 Alka-Seltzer tablet
   For each patrol, put an Alka-Seltzer tablets in each foil cake dish
   and then float one cake dish in each patrols billy can. The patrols
   must now transport the billycan through an obstacle course without the
   tablet getting wet or falling into the water. They are not allowed to
   touch the foil disk or the tablet. The patrols could either carry the
   billy cans by their handles, or if you are feeling very mean, you
   could get them to pick them up between two poles.
   You will need: (for each six player)
     * A water pistol or a washing up liquid squeezy bottle
     * A flack jacket made from a double sheet of newspaper with a hole
       in the centre for the players head to go through
     * A supply of water
   This game should be played out of doors and could come into the wide
   game category. The trouble with shooting type games, is knowing when
   someone has been hit. This is the object of the newspaper flack
   jackets. Any hits on the jacket will be easily visible. Any players
   with wet patches on their flack jackets, are not allowed to fire on an
   opponent and must return to their home base for a replacement flack
   jacket. The team that has the most dry flack jackets at the end of the
   game are the winners. Obviously you can't use this idea if it is
   You will need: (for each six or patrol)
     * 2 buckets, one filled with water
     * A supply of paper or plastic cups
   This is a great game for hot days on camp. Teams stand in lines. They
   have a bucket full of water at the front of the line and an empty
   bucket at the rear. The object of the game is to transfer the water
   from the front bucket to the rear bucket. To do this the team members
   must pass the cups of water over their heads to the person behind.
   Empty cups must be passed back to the front in the same fashion. To
   play the game fairly you could weigh the buckets at the start and
   finish to see how much water has been lost. Penalty points could then
   be taken into account when working out the winning team.

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