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Satellite Imagery FAQ - 5/5
Section - Relevant Discussions on the Internet

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  Relevant Discussions on the Internet
  The World-Wide Web (WWW)
     * The AAG Speciality Group on GIS HyperNews Forum at is a
       GIS-oriented forum, also using advanced threaded software.
     * JPL run a very successful Imaging Radar Bulletin Board at
     * GGRWEB run a forum at No
       structuring (let alone threading) make it IMHO hard to follow.
       Runs a 'topic of the month'.
     * The EUROGI Forum at
       includes a BB facility.
     * bit.listserv.uigis-l
       User Interfaces for Geographic Information Systems Discussion List
     * bit.listserv.wx-talk
       General weather discussions and talk
       Artificial Intelligence Vision Research. (Moderated)
       Computer graphics, art, animation, image processing
       Algorithms used in producing computer graphics.
       Ray tracing software, tools and methods.
       Info on scientific visualization.
     * comp.infosystems.gis
       All aspects of Geographic Information Systems.
     * comp.soft-sys.khoros
       The Khoros X11 visualization system.
     * info.grass.programmer
       GRASS geographic information system programmer issues
       ( (Moderated)
     * info.grass.user
       GRASS geographic information system user issues
       ( (Moderated)
     * news.answers
       Repository for periodic USENET articles. (Moderated)
     * sci.environment
       Discussions about the environment and ecology. Not for the
     * sci.fractals
       Objects of non-integral dimension and other chaos.
     * sci.geo.earthquakes
     * sci.geo.eos
       NASA's Earth Observation System (EOS).
     * sci.geo.fluids
       Discussion of geophysical fluid dynamics.
     * sci.geo.geology
       Discussion of solid earth sciences.
     * sci.geo.hydrology
       Surface and groundwater hydrology.
     * sci.geo.meteorology
       Discussion of meteorology and related topics.
     * sci.geo.oceanography
     * sci.geo.petroleum
       Topics related to the exploration of natural resources
     * sci.geo.rivers+lakes
       Inland Waters
     * sci.geo.satellite-nav
       Satellite navigation systems, especially GPS.
     * sci.image.processing
       Scientific image processing and analysis.
       Announcements of space-related news items. (Moderated)
     * sci.answers
       Repository for periodic USENET articles. (Moderated)
     * alt.sys.intergraph
       Support for Intergraph machines.
  LISTSERV and discussion lists via e-mail only
   A word on Listservs:
   A Listserv is a mailing list. When you are subscribed, you receive all
   messages posted to the list, until and unless you unsubscribe.
   Likewise, when you post a message to the list, it is recieved by all
   list subscribers.
   To (un)subscribe to a list, send an email to the address given, with
   the single line:
(un)subscribe listname your-full-name

   where 'listname' is the part of the posting address to the left of the
   Please do NOT post subscribe/unsubscribe requests to the lists. It
   _won't_ have the desired effect, but it _will_ irritate list members.
   Messages should be on subjects appropriate to the list. Inappropriate
   messages, and particularly advertisements, will generate nothing but
   ill-will. On the other hand, don't be shy to ask something just
   because "this may be a stupid question...". The largest volume of
   stupid messages typically comprises attempts to subscribe or
   A common source of minor annoyance on Lists arises when a perfectly
   good but perhaps rather narrow/technical question has been asked, and
   answers are posted. The answer may be exactly what the questioner
   wanted, but of little or no general interest to other readers. Many
   such answers are unintentionally posted, because that's what happens
   when you simply "reply" to a message (unless the author of the
   original message has explicitly set a Reply-to: line in the header).

        Address to SUBSCRIBE            Address to POST TO THE LIST
                   =========                       ================ 
                (archive site: gopher://
     * WXSAT-L
       This list serves two functions. The primary function is the
       distribution of NOAA status and prediction bulletins for the GOES
       and polar weather satellites. This data is the same data available
       via SCIENCEnet NOAA.SAT bulletin board area. The mail list also
       acts as a reflector for subscribers' comments and discussion of
       matters related to weather satellites, ground stations, and
       associated topics.
       Contact: (Richard B. Emerson)
     * IMAGRS-L
       Digital Image Processing of Remotely Sensed Data
       The area of digital image processing of remotelly sensed data
       should be the main topic of this club - so exactly the problems of
       the interest are the methods of digital image processing for
       remotelly sensed data (like LANDSAT or SPOT) as well as microwave
       and also new types of data for remote sensing the Earth or other
       objects. Also computer problems with these very time demanding
       methods can interesting including visualization, paralel computing
       Subscriptions should go to
       Send a message with the following body:
       SUBSCRIBE IMAGRS-L _add_your_full_name_here_
     * AFRICA-EIS rg
       Another African GIS discussion group.
       Contributions should go to:
       Subscriptions and commands:
       The first line of the message should read:
       SUBSCRIBE AFRICA-EIS _add_your_full_name_here_
       Contact: Koffi Kouakou at

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