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Satellite Imagery FAQ - 5/5

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Archive-name: sci/Satellite-Imagery-FAQ/part5

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   This document is part of the Satellite Imagery FAQ

Subject: Further Reading Further Reading Is there a good general introduction to Remote Sensing on the Net? The CIESIN Thematic Guide to Remote Sensing is an excellent introduction at CCRS have a beautiful set of annotated images (of Canada) on their pages, at This presents a number of images - chiefly Landsat and SPOT - together with explanations of what can be seen in them, and why particular features appear the way they do.
Subject: I have a question that isn't covered in the FAQ I have a question that isn't covered in the FAQ 1. Look in the CEOS IDN. This is the authoritative worldwide information system that answers every possible question about Satellite Earth Observation. The IDN has three coordinating nodes, each carrying the complete directory: America The Global Change Master Directory is accessible by WWW at or by telnet to (login as "gcdir"). Europe The IDN is available via Hyper-G or WWW via Esrin's GDS at or by telnet to (login as "esapid"). Asia The IDN is available from NASDA at, or by telnet to 2. Look in Esrin's GDS (URL below). Supports browsing, or keyword search types of access. 3. Look in USGS's www-glis (URL below). A major source of detailed information.
Subject: Related FAQs Related FAQs The Virtual Earth: Using the Web for Geoscience Resources FAQ WXSAT FAQ The comp.infosystems.gis FAQ Archive and FAQ for sci.geo.eos gopher:// Bill Thoen's Earth Science Resources FAQ Ilana Stern's Meteorology FAQ Public Domain Cartographic Software FAQ FAQ Bruce Gittings' Digital Elevation Data Catalogue Terrill Ray's Remote Sensing for Vegetation FAQ: Should be _Some people have had trouble contacting this site. The FAQ is also available locally on at least some SATFAQ sites_ Note that FAQs within the news.answers system are automatically archived at lots of sites. The "primary" site is where FAQs are kept in plain ASCII format. Some other places to look for hypertext versions include: * Europe: * America:
Subject: Relevant Discussions on the Internet Relevant Discussions on the Internet The World-Wide Web (WWW) * The AAG Speciality Group on GIS HyperNews Forum at is a GIS-oriented forum, also using advanced threaded software. * JPL run a very successful Imaging Radar Bulletin Board at * GGRWEB run a forum at No structuring (let alone threading) make it IMHO hard to follow. Runs a 'topic of the month'. * The EUROGI Forum at includes a BB facility. UseNet * bit.listserv.uigis-l User Interfaces for Geographic Information Systems Discussion List * bit.listserv.wx-talk General weather discussions and talk * Artificial Intelligence Vision Research. (Moderated) * Computer graphics, art, animation, image processing * Algorithms used in producing computer graphics. * Ray tracing software, tools and methods. * Info on scientific visualization. * comp.infosystems.gis All aspects of Geographic Information Systems. * comp.soft-sys.khoros The Khoros X11 visualization system. * info.grass.programmer GRASS geographic information system programmer issues ( (Moderated) * info.grass.user GRASS geographic information system user issues ( (Moderated) * news.answers Repository for periodic USENET articles. (Moderated) * * sci.environment Discussions about the environment and ecology. Not for the fainthearted! * sci.fractals Objects of non-integral dimension and other chaos. * sci.geo.earthquakes * sci.geo.eos NASA's Earth Observation System (EOS). * sci.geo.fluids Discussion of geophysical fluid dynamics. * sci.geo.geology Discussion of solid earth sciences. * sci.geo.hydrology Surface and groundwater hydrology. * sci.geo.meteorology Discussion of meteorology and related topics. * sci.geo.oceanography Oceanography * sci.geo.petroleum Topics related to the exploration of natural resources * sci.geo.rivers+lakes Inland Waters * sci.geo.satellite-nav Satellite navigation systems, especially GPS. * sci.image.processing Scientific image processing and analysis. * Announcements of space-related news items. (Moderated) * sci.answers Repository for periodic USENET articles. (Moderated) * alt.sys.intergraph Support for Intergraph machines. LISTSERV and discussion lists via e-mail only A word on Listservs: A Listserv is a mailing list. When you are subscribed, you receive all messages posted to the list, until and unless you unsubscribe. Likewise, when you post a message to the list, it is recieved by all list subscribers. To (un)subscribe to a list, send an email to the address given, with the single line: (un)subscribe listname your-full-name where 'listname' is the part of the posting address to the left of the "@". Please do NOT post subscribe/unsubscribe requests to the lists. It _won't_ have the desired effect, but it _will_ irritate list members. Messages should be on subjects appropriate to the list. Inappropriate messages, and particularly advertisements, will generate nothing but ill-will. On the other hand, don't be shy to ask something just because "this may be a stupid question...". The largest volume of stupid messages typically comprises attempts to subscribe or unsubscribe. A common source of minor annoyance on Lists arises when a perfectly good but perhaps rather narrow/technical question has been asked, and answers are posted. The answer may be exactly what the questioner wanted, but of little or no general interest to other readers. Many such answers are unintentionally posted, because that's what happens when you simply "reply" to a message (unless the author of the original message has explicitly set a Reply-to: line in the header). Address to SUBSCRIBE Address to POST TO THE LIST ========= ================ (archive site: gopher:// s-l * WXSAT-L This list serves two functions. The primary function is the distribution of NOAA status and prediction bulletins for the GOES and polar weather satellites. This data is the same data available via SCIENCEnet NOAA.SAT bulletin board area. The mail list also acts as a reflector for subscribers' comments and discussion of matters related to weather satellites, ground stations, and associated topics. Contact: (Richard B. Emerson) * IMAGRS-L Digital Image Processing of Remotely Sensed Data The area of digital image processing of remotelly sensed data should be the main topic of this club - so exactly the problems of the interest are the methods of digital image processing for remotelly sensed data (like LANDSAT or SPOT) as well as microwave and also new types of data for remote sensing the Earth or other objects. Also computer problems with these very time demanding methods can interesting including visualization, paralel computing etc. Subscriptions should go to Send a message with the following body: SUBSCRIBE IMAGRS-L _add_your_full_name_here_ * AFRICA-EIS rg Another African GIS discussion group. Contributions should go to: Subscriptions and commands: The first line of the message should read: SUBSCRIBE AFRICA-EIS _add_your_full_name_here_ Contact: Koffi Kouakou at
Subject: Terminology and Acronyms Terminology and Acronyms I used to have a list of acronyms here, and the intention of merging with other lists when I could find the time. Then I realised that it's been done by others - better than I'm ever likely to! So here instead is where you get CCRS's extensive glossary:
Subject: Web pages Web pages Some of the front pages and other main pages from the people who run space programmes, and a few other sites with interesting material on the Web. But first, the major subject catalogues... Internet Guides (these lists are very extensive)! Virtual Library: Earth Sciences l Virtual Library: Environment l Virtual Library: Meteorology x.html Virtual Library: Oceanography l Virtual Library: Remote Sensing EINET Galaxy Geosciences ces.html And the huge list of Maarten Zeylmans van Emmichoven Bill Corner's guide is a relative newcomer that's shorter but rather nice National, Government and International Organisations _(please feel free to comment if you disagree with my categorisations)._ Agence Francaise de l'Espace Centre National Etudes Spatiales CNES Homepage (french only) Earth Observation (incl SPOT) Agenzia Spaziale Italiana Homepage Canada Centre for Remote Sensing Front Page RADARSAT .html GCNet Consortium for International Earth Science Information Network (USA) CIESIN Front Page Global Change Database DLR/Deutsche Fernerkundungsdatenzentrum English Front Page ISIS European Space Agency ESA Front Page ESRIN Front Page GDS (Guide & Directory Service) UsERServices Ionia Browser Multi-mission Browse Service (prototype: availability intermittent)availability intermittent) European Earth Observation System Environmental & Global Change Infoservers ESA Publications European Union Centre for Earth Observation European Wide Service Exchange Marine Environment Unit Environmental and Natural Resources Management Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (Brazil) Front Page National Aeronautics & Space Administration (USA) NASA Homepage NASA Internet connection NASA Pathfinder Program Global Change Data Center Global Change Master Directory Public Use of Remote Sensing Data NASA Earth Observing System (USA) EOS Front Page EOSDIS EOSDIS Core System (ECS) EOSDIS IMS e MTPE Mission to Planet Earth Major reports on MTPE are available at and _The Distibuted Active Archive Centers (DAACs) are subject-oriented repositories for imagery and related info._ ASF DAAC (Polar processes) CIESIN SEDAC (social aspects) EDC DAAC (Land) l JPL DAAC (Oceanography) LARC DAAC (Atmosphere/radiation) MSFC DAAC (Hydrology) /"> NOAA SAA (AVHRR) NSIDC DAAC (snow & ice) ORNL DAAC (biogeochemical) GSFC DAAC (atmosphere/biosphere) National Center for Atmospheric Research (USA) NCAR Front Page NCAR Data Archive National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (USA) NOAA Front Page NESDIS National Climatic Data Center National Geophysical Data Center National Oceanographic Data Center NOAA Geosciences Laboratory Satellite Active Archive National Space Development Agency (Japan) NASDA Front Page EUS/Guide (SYNFONIA-II) Swedish Space Corporation SSC Front Page United States Geological Survey USGS Front Page Eros Data Center GLIS Professional Societies, Publicashers, etc IEEE Geoscience/Remote Sensing Euro. Assoc. R.S. Labs (EARSeL) Intnl. Soc. Optical Eng. (SPIE) European Optical Society (EOS) Optical Soc. of America (OSA) Intnl. Soc. Photogrammetry & RS Remote Sensing Society (UK) Finnish Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Russian GIS Association OpenGIS Consortium GIS World (magazine) Earth Observation Magazine The Electronic Atlas A few Companies, Universities and other sites Academic & similar Free University of Berlin University of Dundee University of Minnesota University of Hawaii Univ. Colorado Climate Delft University of Technology University of Nottingham University of Stuttgart University of Wisconsin-Madison University of Delaware Cornell EOS project Universitaet des Saarlandes sh.htm Helsinki University of Technology International Institute for Aerospace Survey and Earth Sciences Environmental Research Institute of Michigan National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center Space Monitoring Information Support laboratory National Land Survey of Finland Global Change Research Information Office (USA) Space Research Organisation Netherlands (Earth Observation) Commercial sites (many have very substantial free content): Eurimage Core SW ImageNet C.E.N. Digital Satellite Images Satellite Observing Systems The Geo Exchange Mountains West Consulting Able Software Co Clyde Consulting Geomatics International VYSOR Integration Inc Zilker Internet Park (was TAMU) MacDonald Dettweiler GeoWeb ASD inc. VTT Remote Sensing ESRI PCI ERDAS Intergraph Earth Resource Mapping SPOT Image (France) (USA) Spatial Information Customer Support Center (SDCSC) Earthwatch, inc Intermountain Digital Imaging Space Russia Imagelinks Space Information 2 meter
Subject: Catalogues/Inventories Catalogues/Inventories _Perhaps this list should be merged with the URLS?_ These are catalogue login services available by telnet. Serious users of these may wish to take advantage of one of the CINTEX GUI clients - DLR ISIS, ESA UIT or NASA IMS. CCRS: telnet Login as "gcnet" DLR: telnet Login as "dlrpid" ESA: telnet Login as "leda" (LEDA), "catalogue" (Earthnet), "esapid" (IDN) NASA: telnet Login as "gcdir" (GCMD/IDN), "nodis" (NODIS), "nssdc" NASA EOS - the DAACS ASF telnet EDC telnet GSFC telnet JPL telnet LARC telnet MSFC telnet NOAA/SAA telnet NSIDC telnet ORNL telnet NASDA telnet Login as "nasdadir" (IDN), "nasdasin" (Sinfonia) NOAA telnet Login as noaadir URI telnet Login as "uricat" USGS telnet Login as glis
Subject: Weather Online Weather Online _(see also Weather FAQ)._ Here is a list from the WWW Virtual Library (Meteorology) at FU-Berlin. I have converted the addresses to appear also in a text-only copy, in line with the rest of this FAQ. * GMS, from AARNet Archive Server * gopher:// GMS , from National Cancer Center (Tokyo) * gopher:// GOES , from University of Wisconsin-Madison * GOES , from * US Satellite IR , from University of Edinburgh * US Satellite VIS , from University of Edinburgh * gopher:// Meteosat , from University of Edinburgh * gopher:// Meteosat , from Universitdt Kvln * Meteosat , from Nottingham University * NOAA-11/12 (Europe), from University of Dundee * NOAA (Europe), Institut f|r Meteorologie FU-Berlin * NOAA (Europe) , Deutsches Klimarechenzentrum * Meteosat 3 (South America), from Brasilian Space Agancy (INPE) * Meteosat, from CSP, Italy * NOAA-11/12 (North America) , from * gopher:// NOAA (Asia), from National Cancer Center (Tokyo) * NOAA (Asia), from University of Tokyo * Ionia Global Land 1km AVHRR data Set Browser, from European Space Agency - ESA/ESRIN 'Meteor' imagery is missing from the above list. Thanks to John Boyer for noticing, and supplying his URL (which also carries NOAA imagery). _________________________________________________________________
Subject: Ground Stations, with CEOS IDs Ground Stations, with CEOS IDs (1) short code and (2) synonym expansion ADL,Adelaide ALS,Alice Spring ASP,Aspendale BAA,Buenos Aires BDP,Budapest BGK,Bangkok BIO,Bedford IO BJG,Beijing BMH,Bremenhaven BRL,Berlin BRN,Berne CPA,Cashoiera Paulista CPH,Copenhagen CRO,Cairo CSY,Casey CTX,Cotopaxi DAR,Darwin DBL,De Bilt DDE,Dundee University DKA,Dhaka DSA,Dharan DVW,Downsview DXL,Da-Xing-An-Ling EMT,Edmonton EPO,Earthnet Programme Office FRA,Frascati FTZ,Fortaleza GAT,Gatineau, Canada GSF,Goddard Space Centre GZC,Guangzhou HBK,Hartebeestoek HBT,Hobart HLN,Honolulu HMB,Hamburg HSK,Helsinki HYD,Hyderabad JSA,Jeddah KGL,Keelung KIR,Kiruna KKW,Krakow KYS,Kiyose LAP,Lapan LNN,Centre Meteo Lannion LSH,Lasham LSU,Louisiana University MCR,Malaysian RS Centre MDD,Madrid MMI,Miami University MMR,MacMurdo MNL,Manila MPS,Maspalomas NDH,New Delhi NGC,Fairbanks NMY,Niamey NOA,Not Known NRB,Nairobi NRK,Norrkoping NRS,Nairobi RS Centre NWI,Wallops Island OFB,Offenbach OHG,O Higgins OPF,DLR Oberpfaffenhoffen OSL,Oslo PAS,Prince Albert PLM,Palmer Station PRG,Prague PTH,Perth RMA,Meteo Office Rome RUN,La Reunion RWC,Redwood City RYD,Riyadh SAF,Pretoria SCR,Scripps Institute SCZ,Scanzano SDN,Sidney SFL,Sioux Falls SGP,Singapore SLG,Selangor SL1,Seol KMS SL2,Seoul University SND,Sendai SPZ,Spitzbergen SSC,Stennis Space Centre STG,Santiago SYW,Syowa TK1,Tokai University 1 TK2,Tokyo University 2 TMS,Tromso TNB,Terranova Bay TNS,Tunis TOL,Aussaguel TPI,Taipei TRB,Traben-Trarbach TSV,Townsville UAL,Alaska University URI,Rhode Island University UTA,Texas University UQC,Urumqi WLT,Wellington

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