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nyc.transit FAQ v.8
Section - 2. Abbreviations

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This section details many of the abbreviations you may find in
nyc.transit. Any abbreviation found in this list with punctuation may be
found in nyc.transit without it. Abbreviations are all capitalized on this
list; they may be found in lower- or mixed-case in nyc.transit. For
general abbreviations, try or

AAA American Automobile Association
AAR American Association of Railroads
AAR Association of American Railroads
ABD abandon
AC air conditioning
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act
AFC Automated Fare Collection
AMK Amtrak
A/P Atlantic-Pacific
APTA American Public Transportation Association
ARC Access to the Region's Core
ASP alternate-side parking
ASS Assistant Station Supervisor; see also DSS
ATD Assistant Train Dispatcher
ATO automated train operation
ATU Amalgamated Transit Union
AVLS automatic vehicle locating system
B Bridge (in "Willy [Williamsburg] B", "Manny [Manhattan] B")
BART Bay Area Rapid Transit
BAT blood alcohol test
BB Brooklyn Bridge
B&BBRR Brooklyn and Brighton Beach Railroad
BB&CI Brooklyn, Bath, and Coney Island [Railroad]
BBT Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel
BCO brakes cut out
BF&CI Brooklyn, Flatbush and Coney Island [Railroad]
BG bridge
BIE brakes in emergency
BK Brooklyn
B-L Broadway-Lafayette
BLE Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers
BMT Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit
B/O bus operator
BOT Board of Transportation
BQE Brooklyn-Queens Expressway
B&QT Brooklyn and Queens Transit
BRT Brooklyn Rapid Transit
B&T [MTA] Bridges & Tunnels; see also TBTA
BTS Bureau of Transportation Statistics (part of USDOT)
B'WAY Broadway
BWY Broadway
BWYJCT Broadway Junction
BX Bronx
CBT Committee for Better Transit
CBTC communications-based train control
CC Columbus Circle
C/F construction flagman
CHS Court House Square
CI Coney Island
CIY Coney Island yard
CNG compressed natural gas
CNJ Central [Railroad of] New Jersey
CPN Central Park North
CPS Central Park South
CPW Central Park West
C/R conductor
CRRNJ Central Railroad of New Jersey
CTA Chicago Transit Authority
DEIS draft EIS
D/L driver license
DL&W Delaware, Lackawanna & Western
DMV Department of Motor Vehicles
DOT Department of Transportation
DRL daytime running lights
DSS Deputy Station Supervisor; see also ASS
DUMBO down under the Manhattan Bridge overpass
E/B eastbound
EIS environmental impact statement
EL elevated [line]
EL Erie-Lackawanna
ENY East New York
ER electric railroad
ERA Electric Railroaders' Association
EWR Newark International Airport
EXP express
FDNY Fire Department of New York [City]
FDR Franklin Delano Roosevelt [Drive]
FAA Federal Avaition Administration (part of USDOT)
FHWA Federal Highway Administration (part of USDOT)
FRA Federal Railroad Administration (part of USDOT)
FTA Federal Transit Administration (part of USDOT)
GC Grand Concourse
GCP Grand Central Parkway
GCT Grand Central Terminal
GDL graduated driver licensing
GO general order
GSP Garden State Parkway
GWB George Washington Bridge
GWBBS George Washington Bridge Bus Station
HART Hudson Alliance for Rational Transportation
HART Huntington Area Rapid Transit
HB Howard Beach
HBLR Hudson-Bergen Light Rail
HHP Henry Hudson Parkway
H&M Hudson & Manhattan
HP Hunters Point
HRD Harlem River Drive
H/S hand switchman
ICOS Independent City-Owned Subway
IND Independent System
IRT Interborough Rapid Transit
ISP Long Island Mac Arthur Airport
JB Jones Beach
JFK John F. Kennedy International Airport
KH Kings Highway
LACMTA Los Angeles County MTA
LCL local; see also LOC
LEX Lexington
LGA La Guardia Airport
LI Long Island
LIB Long Island Bus; see also MSBA
LIC Long Island City
LIE Long Island Expressway
LIMP Long Island Motor Parkway
LIRR Long Island Railroad
LITM Long Island Transportation Management, Inc.
LOC local; see also LCL
LR light rail
LRT light rail transit
LRV light rail vehicle
LV Lehigh Valley [Railroad]
LVRR Lehigh Valey Railroad
MABSTOA Manhattan and the Bronx Surface Transit Operating Authority
MARC Maryland Rail Commuter
MB Manhattan Bridge
MBTA Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority
MC MetroCard
MDBF mean distance between failures
MET Metropark
MH Mott Haven
M/I motor instructor; see also T/S/S
MIS Major Investment Study
MM motorman; see also T/O
MN Metro-North
MNCR Metro-North commuter railroad
MNR Metro-North Railroad
MNRR Metro-North Railroad
MOFW Maintenance of Way
MOW Maintenance of Way
MSBA Metropolitan Suburban Bus Authority; see also LIB
MTA Metropolitan Transportation Authority
MU multiple unit
MUDC multiple unit door control
MUTCD Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices
MVM MetroCard vending machine
N/B northbound
NEC Northeast Corridor
NH New Haven
NHTSA National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (part of USDOT)
NJ-ARP New Jersey Association of Railroad Passengers
NJT New Jersey Transit
NJTPK New Jersey Turnpike
NRHS National Railway Historical Society
NRO New Rochelle
NSP Northern State Parkway
NTSB National Transportation Safety Board
NWK Newark
NYA New York & Atlantic [Railway]
NYAR New York & Atlantic Railway
NYBS New York Bus Service
NYCR New York Connecting Railroad
NYCRR New Tork Connecting Railroad
NYCT New York City Transit
NYCTA New York City Transit Authority
NYD New York Division
NYMTC New York Metropolitan Transportation Council
NY&NH New York & New Haven [Railroad]
NYO&W New York, Ontario and Western [Railway]
NYP New York - Penn Station
NYPD New York [City] Police Department
NYPIRG New York Public Interest Research Group
NYTP New York [City] Transit Police
NYW&B New York, Westchester, & Boston [Railway]
OA Operating Authority
OPTO one-person train operation
O&W [New York,] Ontario and Western [Railway]
PA Port Authority [of New York and New Jersey]
PA public address (system)
PABT Port Authority Bus Terminal
PANYNJ Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
PART Putnam Area Rapid Transit
PATH Port Authority Trans-Hudson [Corporation]
PC Penn Central
PCAC Permanent Citizens Advisory Committee [to the MTA]
PHL Philadelphia
PIP Palisades Interstate Parkway
PLAT platform
POP proof of payment
PP Prospect Park
PPA property protection agent
PPR pay-per-ride
PREP Preparing for Profit
PRR Pennsylvania Railroad
PTO -person train operation
PVB Parking Violations Bureau; see also PVO
PVO Parking Violations Operations; see also PVB
QBB Queensboro Bridge
QBLVD Queens Boulevard
QBP Queensboro Plaza
QMT Queens-Midtown Tunnel
QP Queens Plaza
R/C/I road car inspector
RDG Reading
RER R=E9seau Express R=E9gional
RFM reduced-fare MetroCard
ROW right-of-way
RPA Regional Plan Association
RR railroad
RRB Railroad Retirement Board
RRC railroad clerk; see also S/A
RSD Riverside Drive
RTOR right turn on red
RVW Rip Van Winkle
RY Railway
S/A station agent; see also RRC
S/B southbound
SBK South Brooklyn [Railroad]
SBKRR South Brooklyn Railroad
SBRR South Brooklyn Railroad
SEPTA Southeast Pennsylvania Transit Authority
SF South Ferry
SI Staten Island
SIE Staten Island Expressway
SIR Staten Island Railway
SIRR Staten Island Railroad
SIRT Staten Island Rapid Transit
SIRTOA Staten Island Rapid Transit Operating Authority
S/M signal maintainer
SOAC State-of-the-Art Car
SSP Southern State Parkway
STA station
STB Surface Transportation Board (part of USDOT)
TA Transit Authority
TA Transportation Authority
TAMIS Transit Attendance Management Information System
TBTA Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority; see also B&T
TD train dispatcher
TEB Teterboro Airport
TERML terminal
TGC Track Geometry Car
TLC Taxi & Limousine Commission
T/M trackman
TM Transit Museum
T/O train operator; see also MM
TPH trains per hour
TRB Transportation Research Board
TS Times Square
T/S/S train service supervisor; see also M/I
TSTC Tri-State Transportation Campaign
TT timetable
TVM ticket vending machine
TW/O tower operator
TWU Transport Workers Union [of America]
TZ Tappan Zee
UES upper east side
UMTA Urban Mass Transportation Administration (part of USDOT)
USGS United States Geological Survey
UWS upper west side
V&T Vehicle and Traffic
VZ Verrazano[-Narrows] (Bridge)
VZB Verrazano[Narrows] Bridge
W/B westbound
WB Williamsburg Brisge
WBB Williamsburg Bridge
WC wheelchair
WF World's Fair
WPNS White Plains (but see )
WSH West Side Highway
XWAY expressway
YD yard dispatcher
YNY Yonkers

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Top Document: nyc.transit FAQ v.8
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