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nyc.transit FAQ v.8

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nyc.transit FAQ, version 8.

nyc.transit has the description "Discussions about transportation in NYC
and its environs", but traffic and even geography (in NYC and
environs) are also frequently discussed.

The nyc.transit FAQ (frequently asked questions list) is designed to help
you through nyc.transit and NYC traffic and transit. If you have any
further questions, please don't hesitate to ask in the group. If you have
any suggestions to make regarding, or additions to make to, the FAQ,
please contact its author-maintainer, Michael Hamm, at (and
perhaps post them to nyc.transit also, to solicit opinions). Please note
that although this is called the nyc.transit FAQ, it has no questions, the
answers it has are to questions not very frequently asked, and it's more
about NYC traffic and transit than about the newsgroup per se.

If you want to see the control message that (apparently) started this
newsgroup -- it includes a charter -- see

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