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Last-modified: Wed Jun 19 16:41:00 PST 2002

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                Shiloh Costa

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Any information in this FAQ is to be used as a general guide, and not to
be considered factual. None of the info supplied here has come from
Samantha Fox directly, nor her publicity agent.  Use your own discretion,
and at your own risk.

This FAQ may or may not contain errors, omissions, etc.  If you happen to
notice any information that needs to be added, changed, or deleted, please
feel free to e-mail:

More updated information is desperately needed!

The bulk of this information is terribly outdated. It's sad to see that many
of her fans haven't helped with updated information. If you have something
to contribute, please email

Subject: 16. Fan Clubs World-Wide The most recent fan club is an unofficial one. To find out more, visit **WARNING!** All Fan Clubs todate have not proven themselves to be very reliable (in my opinion) Join at your own risk. I've heard from current and past members and they weren't very pleased. Even I didn't get a reply when I sent a letter to them. ------------------------------ Germany Address to obtain Samfox autographs: Samantha Fox c/o Zyx 35799 Merenberg West Germany This address was provided to us by (Roy Marshall)
Subject: 17. Samantha Fox Merchandise Available For those who are interested, The Samantha fox Fan Club is officially sanctioned by Sam and is based in Del City, OK (formerly Garden Grove, CA). There is also a merchandising arm of the Club who services members as well as fans over the world. Contact: George L. Wagner, Merchandising Manager Samantha Fox Fan Club 1112 Tace Dr. Apt 2B Baltimore, MD 21221-5738 U.S.A. Inquiries/Etc: 1-410-574-3911 (after 7pm EST) Web: E-mail: We are working NOW on updated sale list with a lot of rare and collectible items at very competitive rates. The Club strives to keep an accurate flow of information available. NOTE: It is currently unknown if George Wagner is still actively selling promotional Samantha Fox material.
Subject: 18. Calendar Girl Video Here is a copy of a message taken from (April 1997): SAMANTHA FOX: CALENDAR GIRL Includes: The making of Sam's new calendar! Music from her forthcoming album! X-clusive Playboy shots! Meet Sam as you've never seen her before in CALENDAR GIRL SAM FOX - top glamour model of the 1980's is back with a vengeance with this fabulous new video unveiling Sam's true beauty and undoubted sex appeal. Calendar Girl includes: * Revealing behind the scenes footage of the making of Sam's new calendar. * A private view of exclusive Playboy shots which have never been seen before. * Witness Sam relaxing and having fun on vacation in Cancun, Mexico. * Live 'on stage' footage plus a selection of tracks from Sam's new album. Featured songs: 'Wasted NRG' 'Watching You' 'Do You Want Me Baby?' 'Let Me Be Free' 'Say What You Want' 'Watching You' - Instrumental 'It Takes Two' Color. 51 Minutes. ONLY $22.99 & $4.00 SHIPPING. ORDER NOW TOLL FREE 1-888-WHAM-USA 1-888-JEF-FILM 1-888-533-3456 1-888-942-6872 (508) 420-0121 (508) 428-7198 ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED - VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, BRAVO, NOVUS, AMERICAN EXPRESS, BARCLAYCARD, ACCESS. CALL (508) 420-0121 OR (508) 428-7198 OUTSIDE OF USA.
Subject: 19. Moderator Needed for In reference to this subject, the Moderator Newsgroup FAQ can be found at the following two URLs: URL: URL: === I'd like to continue a discussion regarding the need for a moderator in STEP ONE: We must determine the need. STEP TWO: We should investigate who we want to appoint as the new moderator and associated technical processes. === With all of the SPAM messages appearing in there, as well as all of the other un-related sex messages in there (ie: pics of girls other than Samantha), we SHOULD get a moderator to screen out these unrelated posts. Infact, even the Samantha Fox Fan Club is not happy with the content that they see in there. I'd like to see a more organized Samantha Fox newsgroup. This newsgroup is automatically listed on the "cross-post" list of many spammers who haven't EVEN SEEN this newsgroup. They just see the name of the newsgroup and figure "oh, that must be the porn star SamFox". That is what a newsgroup TOPIC is suppose to clarify but many spammers don't take the time to find out what group they are posting in. Even if a newsgroup "sounds" remotely like where the spammer's target audience would be - then they crosspost to that newsgroup. IT IS TIME THAT ALT.FAN.SAMANTHA-FOX GET A MODERATOR! ** When I created this newsgroup back in January 1995, I had the option of creating a moderated newsgroup. I didn't at that time because I did not have the time to be dedicated full time to the job of screening posts (I also gave people the benefit of the doubt figuring that a moderator was unnecessary). I hope that we can find a suitable moderator amongst us to take over this new responsibility. If we can find one, then I will help to convert to a moderated newsgroup if it is possible. If you are interested, please send e-mail to - Shiloh Costa -------------------- FAQ Maintainer Creator of Creator of alt.binaries.samantha-fox
Subject: 20. Are binary posts allowed in the newsgroup? Binary posts related to Samantha Fox ARE NOT permitted in the newsgroup. A newsgroup named "alt.binaries.samantha-fox" was already created, and that is where binary posts should be sent. Posting binary files in a non-binary newsgroup (like will cause a crippling effect. Most News Administrators are not prepared to see non-binary newsgroups have binary posts in them. Rather than deal with the unexpected overflow, they'll simply stop carrying the newsgroup which limits the readership. This will cause to quickly become unpopular and hard to find, thereby killing the newsgroup. Do not post any binaries to If you have particular questions about this policy, please direct them in e-mail to:
Subject: 21. Sam's First Appearance on Page 3 in THE SUN From: Eoin Harcus <> >Just to put the record straight, Sam`s first appearance on Page 3 in >THE SUN was on Tuesday February 22 1983, when her picture accompanied >an article whose headline read "SAM,16,QUITS A-LEVELS FOR OOH-LEVELS!". > >She first appeared topless in "A Sunday Newspaper" some time prior to >this, probably 20th February 83, or the Sunday before that.
Subject: 22. Scar on her right hip When Samantha was about four years old, she had a problem with her hip and had to go through surgery in order to correct it. After her operation she had to wear a caliper on one leg. From Nick Bate <> >I have some other pictures of Sam with her scar showing, but I think she >makes an effort to hide it the best she can, when modelling, i.e. pose >with her best side showing (not that she has a bad side though). From Joerg <> >I don't think it is Sam's hip scar which played any role here. >Sam has a big visible appendix scar which you can see on most of her >photos where she is wearing bikini briefs or on some of her full >frontal pics.
Subject: 23. Did Sam ever pose fully nude? Most of Samantha's pictures are not much more than topless photos although there have been a few "frontal" nude shots circulating in the newsgroup. Here is a bit of information taken from the newsgroup regarding this: >Sam did a few "frontal" nude shots (in 1984 I think), I collected about >25 different photographs from three photosessions (all taken by Leslie >Turtle in Antigua). The reason why you couldn't see these beautiful >photographs (especially in the UK) is that the contract said they could >not be published in Great Britain AND should not be published with Sam's >real name (the reason for the nicknames). I believe that this contract >ended 3 years ago (ten years after the shots were initially taken) when >you could find the first published photographs in the British magazines. > >Anyway, and as far as I know, Sam never made any frontal photographs >with her legs wide opened. There are a few fakes you might find, but no >real picture.
Subject: 24. Disclaimer This FAQ may or may not contain errors, omissions, etc. If you happen to notice any information that needs to be added, changed, or deleted, please feel free to e-mail: *N.B. This article is provided as is without any express or implied warranties. While every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this article, the author and contributors assume(s) no responsibility for errors or omissions, or for damages resulting from the use of the information contained herein. *** END OF SAMANTHA FOX FAQ (Part 2 of 2)

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