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Last-modified: Wed Jun 19 16:41:00 PST 2002

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                Shiloh Costa

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Subject: 1. Introduction and Intent This FAQ is a collection of information obtained by, or by e-mail from contributing fans around the world. Any information in this FAQ is to be used as a general guide, and not to be considered factual. None of the info supplied here has come from Samantha Fox directly, nor her publicity agent. Use your own discretion, and at your own risk. This FAQ may or may not contain errors, omissions, etc. If you happen to notice any information that needs to be added, changed, or deleted, please feel free to e-mail: More updated information is desperately needed! The bulk of this information is terribly outdated. It's sad to see that many of her fans haven't helped with updated information. If you have something to contribute, please
Subject: 2. Table of Contents FAQ Part 1/2 Contents: 1. Introduction and Intent 2. Table of Contents 3. Samantha's Internet Presence 4. How to make a business contact with her. 5. Samantha's Personal Information 5a. Samantha Fox and her love affairs. 6. What is Samantha Doing these days? 7. More about her band SOX 8. Current record producer 9. Cheekiest Record Promotion 10. Samantha's Albums to-date 11. Samantha appeared in two American comic books. 12a TV Appearance: CHARLES IN CHARGE 12b TV Appearance: HOLLYWOOD SQUARES 12c TV Appearance: MTV 12d TV Appearance: Arsenio Hall 12e TV Appearance: TV5 (in Canada) 13a Movie Appearance: DON'T TELL MOM THE BABYSITTER'S DEAD 13b Movie Appearance: SOUNDTRACKS 13c Movie Appearance: ROCK DANCER 14. Exercise Video: FIGHTING FIT 15. Music Videos FAQ Part 2/2 Contents: 16. Fan Clubs World-Wide 17. Samantha Fox Merchandise Available 18. Calendar Girl Video 19. Moderator Needed for 20. Are binary posts allowed in the newsgroup? 21. Sam's First Appearance on Page 3 in THE SUN 22. Scar on her right hip 23. Did Sam ever pose fully nude? 24. Disclaimer
Subject: 3. Samantha's Internet Presence Shiloh Costa, the writer of this FAQ, created the Usenet newsgroup January 1995. You can e-mail me at: If you need to find Samantha's most current "internet links", then go bookmark the SamFox "POINTER" page at: Below are some other links to pages that have lasted a long time. Most of them should still be active: Samantha's Official Homepage Samantha's E-mail Address Samantha's Bodyguard (Willard) SamFox Unofficial Info Service/Fan Club Stingers Homepage: (Lots of current Samfox links) FAQ Maintainer: USENET: and alt.binaries.samantha-fox FTP: not yet IRC: #samfox
Subject: 4. How to make a business contact with her. U.K. Address: Samantha Fox Information Service P.O. Box 7834 SW15 Sorting Office London SW15 ENGLAND If you require a reply from the information service then you will have to include a self-addressed envelope. Please remember that any envelope sent needs to carry the correct postage from the UK. Any envelope that is not accepted by the British Post Office will not be posted. Session Connection is the name Sam's current management. "Debbie Haxton" is Sam's current Manager. * Sam is very often in Germany now.
Subject: 5. Samantha's Personal Information REAL NAME: Samantha Karen Fox NICKNAMES: Sammy or Tiger DOB: Fri April 15, 1966 (32 yrs old as of this posting) BIRTH PLACE: Mile End -- London, U.K. (About 4:30 am at Mile End Hospital) Height: 5'1" Weight: Slim Measurements: 36D-23-31 (At peak of her modelling career) FATHER: Patrick John Fox MOTHER: Carole Ann (Wilken) * Mother and father are divorced * SISTER: Vanessa HALF-SISTER: Frederica (Freddie), daughter of Patrick and his new partner NIECE: Laura (born 1995) - daughter of her sister - Vanessa. ASSETS: Use to own a wine bar, clothing line, race horse and cosmetics line. (not anymore) NET WORTH: 5.5 million pounds. (U.S. Currency = ?) 1986 Income: She made over $500,000 U.S. Page 3: She received 35 lbs an hour for Page 3 modelling. DRIVING: Drives a black BMW. Failed drivers test 3 times. Likes to drive fast. PETS: At 21 years old, Mom gave Sam a little monkey named Norman. Sam is the proud owner of two cats (Arnie and Teddie) now. PIERCING: It has been reported that as of Feb/96 she had her belly button pierced. EXCERCISE: Until she was 21, she could eat anything. Today she sticks to 1,000 calories a day. She also works out for 2 hours, 4 times a week. IDEAL ROMANCE: Those of the kinky variety, mainly skin heads and other assorted punks. She is into true love and romance, not promiscuity. She likes a man who is fit and has a good sense of humor. MOVIES: She enjoys renting videos of horror films like Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street, or thrillers like Jagged Edge and Witness. MUSIC: She use to buy WHAM records. She likes Billy Idol, Bon Jovi, Fleetwood Mac, old disco, and euro-rock. CLOTHES: She loves leather. SHOPPING: She is fond of picking up erotic items in novelty shops. On a trip to LA's trendy Melrose Ave shopping center, she bought a tiny camera which contained pictures of scantily clad young men.
Subject: 5a. Samantha Fox and her love affairs. 1st Love: Garry, (a punk rocker) - [Sam was 14 yrs.] 2nd Love: Stephen Moriarty (boyfriend) - [Sam was 16 yrs.] 4th Love: Kit Miller (a journalist) *her first big love* 5th Love: Peter Foster (a con-man who is again in jail - Australia) 6th Love: Paul Stanley (KISS Guitarist) [1989] 7th Love: Rafael Camino (spanish bullfigher) from [1990-1991] 8th Love: David (no last name available) [1994] The above FAQ entries contradict the previous ones posted below. If you have any facts to contribute regarding this confusion, please send email to the FAQ Maintainer at ================ 1st Great Love: Rafi Comino (Lost virginity, age 17 to Latin Lover in Spain) 2nd Great Love: Paul Stanley (KISS Guitarist) 3rd Great Love: Peter Foster (Australian Business Man) ================
Subject: 6. What is Samantha Doing these days? *** THIS SECTION NEEDS WORK *** Samantha has been releasing stuff in different corners of the globe, but as always, it is hard to monitor this stuff from Canada where the author of this FAQ is located. If you can assist this section by suppling factual details - it would be very much appreciated. Please send all e-mail to "21st Century Fox" (new CD album) Released in the following countries: Austria, Bultic Republics, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, USA For more information, click MUSIC session at Samantha's Homepage: "The Reason Is You" (Maxi-CD) Release date is May 21, 1997 (Germany Austria and Switzerland) It has four songs on it including: 1) The Reason Is You 2) Just A Dream 3) Wasted N.R.G. 4) Special extended version of The Reason Is You "Perhaps" (song) This song is a conversion of an old "Doris Day" song and was published as a MAXI CD in the Summer of 1997. "Do What You Wanna" (song) This song was the promo version of "Let me be free" which was published October 1996 in Continental Europe and published in England on February 1997. "Official 1997 Samantha Fox Calendar" This was released January 1997. Contact: HGV Video Productions Inc., 1735 Bayly St., Pickering, Ontario, Canada L1W 2Y7 "Calendar Girl Video" A one-hour video has been made. (See Subject #18 in this FAQ) "Let Me Be Free" (Maxi-CD) A Maxi-CD was released in October 1996. "Go For The Heart" (CD Single) A CD single was released May 1995.
Subject: 7. More about her band SOX Samantha was in band named SOX for the Eurovision Song Contest. It was an all girl trio (Samantha Fox, Cris Bonnachi, Laurraine MacIntosh). That was a one time thing though. Here is a brief summary of them: "Cris Bonnachi" Still a member of Sam's touring band. She was born in Australia and learned to play the guitar when she was 14 yrs old. She was a member of the all women Heavy Metal band Girscholl and session musicians of singers like Marc Almond, KD Lang and Suzanne Vega. Now she is Sam's best friend. Both Cris and Samantha are the songwriter/producer team for most of Sam's new songs. "Laurraine Macintosh" Still a member of Sam's touring band. Laurraine is the baching vocal singer now.
Subject: 8. Current record producer "Adam Records" 21st Century Fox (most recent album) "Toshi" Japanese release of 21st Century Fox "Ichiban Records" Let Me Be Free release. "UKK" Current record company in Germany and Austria. "Living Beat Records" U.K. Record Company "EMI" Current record company in most other countries of the world. Samantha's former record producer was ZOMBA Enterprises/Jive Records.
Subject: 9. Cheekiest Record Promotion A pair of silk-screened woman's panties for the Japanese release of "(Hurt Me! Hurt Me!) But The Pants Stay On". Available in black or white.
Subject: 10. Samantha's Albums to-date 1. Her first album was with a highschool band called "SFX". She was 16 years old at the time. Song List includes: Aim To Win (3:18) Holding (3:57) Aim To Win (Entended Mix) (5:32) Holding (Extended Mix) (5:18) Rocking With My Radio (3:37) My Old Man (3:07) Holding (Dub Mix) (2:50) 2. Touch Me --- 10 tracks Her most successful to date. The single was released in England on 10 March 1986 and topping the charts in 17 countries. The album sold over 1.8 million copies worldwide. 3. Samantha Fox --- 10 tracks US, 12 UK Included her most popular American hit "Naughty Girls (Need Love To)" which peaked at #3. 4. I Wanna Have Some Fun --- 12 tracks The title song was Sam's third American hit; "I Only Wanna Be With You" also charted. The album was awarded double-platinum in Canada and went gold virtually everywhere else. 5. Just One Night --- 11 tracks US, 12 UK The creative split between Sam and Jive Records, which was to become a professional split, was evident here on this half urban, half dance-rock collection. 6. Greatest Hits --- actually, there's FIVE of them worldwide: Jive Records - best sequenced, "hidden" 18th track on US edition Pickwick Intl. - first one ever; covers only first three albums Hits & Pics - five songs bundled with an edited "Making Music" book Spectrum Music - poor; a quick buck for the producer Woodford Music - similar to the Jive release with much better liner notes 7. Sam's newest album "21st Century Fox" was released in 1998. - Jive Japan (Alfa Records) released three remix albums of Sam's music. - Sam appeared on the Full Force album "Smoove" singing "All I Wanna Do..." - Single released May/95 "Go for the heart" Was submitted for the Eurovision Song Contest. Out of 800 Entries, Sam was #4! received a copy of the SOX CD Single. Its a 7-track CD of the same song with various mixes on it.
Subject: 11. Samantha appeared in two American comic books. #1 - "Rock Vixens" [Jan 91] Sam's a superhero with mental powers fighting evil alongside Madonna, Paula Abdul, and Debbie Gibson. #2 - "Personality Comics" A cheap production that paraphrases "Making Music" and illustrates popular photographs.
Subject: 12a TV Appearance: CHARLES IN CHARGE Samantha appeared on the 1/2 hour sitcom show Charles in Charge, on an episode in 1989. She played the character "Samantha Steele". Further information (provided by unknown) follows: Sam was invited to Los Angeles by Pam Anderson's ex-boyfriend Scott Baio to appear in the U.S. sitcom Charles In Charge. Sam said: "He was directing one particular episode and it turned out he was a big fan of mine." "I flew out to L.A. to do the filming in front of an audience, but I was less than impressed with Scott. He was a bit of a brat, every time I was about to do a take he'd whisper, 'What's it like when you're taking your clothes off?' "I felt like telling him to get lost. Another time he smooched up to me and said, 'I've often wondered what it would be like to kiss you'. "I Leaned turned round and said 'You're going to have to wonder aren't you'. I think Pam Anderson did well to give that one the elbow."'
Subject: 12b TV Appearance: HOLLYWOOD SQUARES Samantha Fox was seen on the celebrity game show, Hollywood Squares. No further information available at this time.
Subject: 12c TV Appearance: MTV Sam spent 18 months as a video jockey for MTV while she lived in New York.
Subject: 12d TV Appearance: Arsenio Hall Sam was interviewed on Arsenio Hall in mid-1996. She sat on Arsenio's lap singing "I only wanna be with you". *This information was in the newsgroup - we need more details.
Subject: 12e TV Appearance: TV5 (in Canada) Someone in the newsgroup posted that Samantha Fox was seen on a french channel called TV5 in Canada. Apparently this channel carries quite a bit of European programming. She was seen in June 1995 in the evening on this channel. She was wearing a tight body-suit and a leather jacket and was dancing around quite energetically. *Can anyone confirm this?
Subject: 13a Movie Appearance: DON'T TELL MOM THE BABYSITTER'S DEAD A topless Sam Poster is pinned to a wall in the Christina Applegate film "Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead."
Subject: 13b Movie Appearance: SOUNDTRACKS Samantha's music has appeared on two movie soundtracks: - "Far Out Man" (Cimarron Pictures) - "A Nightmare on Elm Street 5" (New Line Cinema)
Subject: 13c Movie Appearance: ROCK DANCER Sam appeared ina starring role in an indian film called "Rock Dancer" in 1993. This was the Bollywood version of the U.S. smash hit "Body Guard". A clip was shown on a English TV show called "Girlie Show" in 1997. It showed Samantha wearing a blue and silver dominated sari and a head scarf in the same colors. She was dancing a bit in the typical Indian style and sang and "Indian Version" of Touch Me. In the background you could see Indian musicians with their traditional instruments.
Subject: 14. Exercise Video: FIGHTING FIT Samantha is on a U.K. boxercise instruction video, named "Fighting Fit" with champ Barry McGuigan. No information on how to obtain this tape at this time.
Subject: 15. Music Videos Todate, Samantha has 5 Music Videos out on the market. #1: [US] The Music Video Collection: - covers Touch Me thru I Wanna Have Some Fun, with interview #2: [US] Just One Night: - three videos from the album & interview with Full Force #3: [UK] Making Music: - covers first two albums with a wonderful interview #4: [UK] I Wanna Have Some Fun: - videos from the second and third albums #5: [UK] Greatest Hits: - all but one of Sam's videos played back-to-back ------------------------------ Disclaimer This FAQ may or may not contain errors, omissions, etc. If you happen to notice any information that needs to be added, changed, or deleted, please feel free to e-mail: *N.B. This article is provided as is without any express or implied warranties. While every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this article, the author and contributors assume(s) no responsibility for errors or omissions, or for damages resulting from the use of the information contained herein. *** END OF SAMANTHA FOX FAQ (Part 1 of 2)

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