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[comp.lang.perl.moderated] Welcome - read this first!
Section - 7. Why do I have to register to post?

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Since the recent Internet explosion, the typical Usenet poster has
changed somewhat.  For example, many sites used to require people to
read the periodic posts in news.announce.newusers before they could post
to Usenet at all.  These days, it seems like no one even knows what the
purpose of news.announce.newusers is.  People didn't always think of
Usenet as their free helpdesk to which they should send their urgent
questions.  This isn't the fault of the new users, but their sheer
volume makes it very difficult to educate them.

The registration system has a few advantages.  One of which is new
posters receive a nice list of Perl resources.  This is good because it
increases their chances of finding an answer as well as increases the
quality of the answers they'll find.  Some weeks on clpmisc feature a
set of posters of whom half have never posted to the group before.  This
suggests that they probably haven't browsed through many Perl resources.
Holding posts in escrow also makes the lives of the volunteer moderation
panel a little easier.

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