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List of Periodic Informational Postings, Part 11/20

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Archive-name: periodic-postings/part11

See reader questions & answers on this topic! - Help others by sharing your knowledge
This is part 11 of the List of Periodic Informational Postings.  See
the posting entitled "List of Periodic Informational Postings, Part
1/20" for more information.


 Newsgroups: de.rec.sf.starwars,de.answers,news.answers
 Subject: FAQ: Deutsche StarWars-Literatur
 From: (Axel Schinke)
 Frequency: monthly
 Archive-name: de-starwars/literatur

 Subject: <*> FAQ zu
 From: Roland Jesse <>
 Frequency: monthly
 Archive-name: de/sport/budo-faq
 Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2003 13:38:22 +0100

 Subject: <*> FAQ - Wichtige Golfbegriffe und Ihre Bedeutung (*/*)
 From: Simon Paquet <>
 Frequency: bi-weekly
 Summary: German golf-FAQ
 Archive-name: de/sport/golfbegriffe/faq1
 Date: 25 Mar 2004 09:37:23 GMT

 Newsgroups: de.rec.tanz,de.answers,news.answers
 Subject: FAQ de.rec.tanz <*>
 From: (Kai Juerges)
 Frequency: monthly (18th)
 Summary: This posting contains the frequently asked questions for
  de.rec.tanz and additional www-links and a list of literature
  for German dancing. It is in German, like the newsgroup.
 Archive-name: de/rec/dance
 Date: 18 Mar 2004 09:16:42 GMT

 Newsgroups: de.rec.tiere.katzen,de.answers,news.answers
 Subject: <*> de.rec.tiere.katzen FAQ - Haeufig gestellte Fragen (*)
 From: drtk-FAQ-Team <>
 Frequency: monthly
 Archive-name: de/katzen-faq/part1
 Date: Sat, 06 Mar 2004 00:01:00 +0100

 Newsgroups: de.rec.tiere.katzen,de.answers,news.answers
 Subject: [de.rec.tiere.katzen] Haeufig gestellte Fragen (FAQ)
 From: (Peter Simons)
 Frequency: monthly
 Comment: This posting contains the answers to frequently asked
 	 questions on the de.rec.tiere.katzen group (about cats).  It
 	 should be read before posting to that group.  Like the
 	 newsgroup, this article is in German.
 Summary: Dieses Dokument enthaelt die Antworten zu den regelmaessig gestellen
          Fragen der Gruppe de.rec.tiere.katzen und sollte vor dem Posten dort
          gelesen werden. Ausserdem soll es als Einfuehrung fuer den
          angehenden Katzenhalter dienen.
 Archive-name: de/katzen
 Date: 18 Mar 2004 09:16:56 GMT

 Subject: <*-*-*> FAQ/Infoposting fuer
 From: Dennis Kaisers <>
 Frequency: every 2 weeks
 Summary: FAQ/Infos about It's in German, like the newsgroup.
 Archive-name: de/tv/faq-infos
 Date: 13 Mar 2004 09:35:12 GMT

 Subject: <*> Mini-FAQ
 From: "Sebastian Sproesser" <>
 Frequency: monthly
 Summary: drts Mini-FAQ
 Archive-name: de/tv/simpsons/mini-faq
 Date: 13 Mar 2004 12:0:3 GMT

 Subject: Fernseh- und Videonormen, Filmformate und Soundsysteme (FAQ)
 From: (Matthias Zepf)
 Frequency: monthly
 Summary: This posting tries to answer all faq about tv and video standards,
  film formats, cinema and home cinema sound systems. It's in German, like the
 Archive-name: de-film/formate
 Date: 23 Apr 2000 07:12:23 GMT

 Subject: Satellitenempfang in Europa - FAQ
 Frequency: by updates
 Summary: Information zum Satellitenempfang in Europa
 Archive-name: de/technik/satfaq
 Date: 18 Mar 2004 09:16:35 GMT

 Newsgroups: de.sci.architektur,de.answers,news.answers
 Subject: FAQ - de.sci.architektur [*]
 From: Sven Schelhorn <>
 Frequency: weekly

 Newsgroups: de.sci.astronomie
 Subject: de.sci.astronomie FAQ (1/2)
 From: Chris Kronberg <>
 Frequency: unknown
 Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 14:37:15 +0100

 Newsgroups: de.sci.astronomie,de.answers,news.answers
 Subject: <*-*-*> de.sci.astronomie-FAQ (kurz-Version)
 From: Sebastian Krause <>
 Frequency: Weekly
 Archive-name: de/sci/astronomie/faq
 Date: 22 Mar 2004 04:00:06 +0100

 Newsgroups: de.sci.chemie,de.answers,news.answers
 Subject: <*> Einfuehrung in de.sci.chemie
 From: Andrea Glatthor <>
 Frequency: monthly
 Summary: This posting describes what every reader of de.sci.chemie
    ought to know before posting. It's in German, like the Newsgroup.
 Archive-name: de/sci/chemie/intro
 Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2002 23:59:19 +0200

 Newsgroups: de.sci.politologie
 Subject: PolitologieFAQ
 From: "Plieninger, Juergen" <>
 Frequency: unknown

 Newsgroups: de.sci.soziologie,de.mailinglisten
 Subject: de.sci.soziologie-FAQ
 From: (Soziologie-FAQ)
 Frequency: unknown

 Newsgroups: de.sci.theologie,de.answers,news.answers
 Subject: de.sci.theologie-FAQ: Fragen und Antworten zur Theologie
 From: (Adrian Suter, FAQ-Maintainer)
 Frequency: monthly
 Archive-name: de-sci-theologie/faq
 Summary: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) of the theological newsgroup de.sci.theologie (German).
 Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1999 00:40:48 GMT

 Newsgroups: de.soc.drogen,de.answers,news.answers
 Subject: <*-*-*> Hanf im Recht - FAQ
 From: Sebastian Bork <>
 Frequency: fortnightly
 Comment: Maintainer is Eike Sauer <>
 Archive-name: de-drogen/hanfrecht
 Summary: FAQ about the legal status of hemp (marijuana) in Germany. (German)
 Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2004 06:55:02 +0100 (CET)

 Newsgroups: de.soc.drogen,de.answers,news.answers
 Subject: <*> de.soc.drogen FAQ
 From: Sebastian Bork <>
 Frequency: fortnightly
 Summary: FAQ of the newsgroup de.soc.drogen, a group about drug use. (German)
 Archive-name: de-drogen/faq
 Date: Fri, 2 Aug 2002 04:55:01 +0000 (UTC)

 Newsgroups: de.soc.kontakte.freizuegig,de.soc.kontakte.misc,de.answers,news.answers
 Subject: [*] de.soc.kontakte.freizuegig FAQ
 From: (Martin Mewes)
 Frequency: bimonthly
 Summary: This FAQ deals with the regular impressions on how to use and how to post to de.soc.kontakte.freizuegig. It is written in german like the newsgroup.
 Archive-name: de/soc/kontakte-freizugegig
 Date: Wed, 06 Oct 1999 11:27:02 GMT

 Newsgroups: de.soc.netzkultur.umgangsformen,de.answers,news.answers
 Subject: <*> Einige Gedanken zur Diskussionskultur in de.*
 From: Bernd Gramlich <>
 Frequency: weekly
 Summary: A brief checklist to choose proper style in discussions: when to use
  usenetisms, when to avoid them.  In German.
 Archive-name: de/netzkultur/diskussionskultur
 Date: 25 Mar 2004 10:03:54 GMT

 Newsgroups: de.soc.netzkultur.umgangsformen,de.answers,news.answers
 Subject: [FAQ] Ungueltige eMail-Adressen im Usenet <*>
 From: Florian Finkenzeller <>
 Frequency: monthly
 Archive-name: de/netzkultur/ungueltige-email-adressen
 Date: 25 Mar 2004 10:03:55 GMT

 Newsgroups: de.soc.studium,cl.bildung.hochschule,zer.z-netz.bildung.uni,de.answers,news.answers
 Subject: Netzwerk-Infos fuer Studierendenvertretungen [FAQ]
 From: (Kurt Jaeger aka PI)
 Frequency: monthly
 Summary: Information, Kontakte und Resourcen, die ueber das Internet
 	fuer Studierendenvertretungen erhaeltlich sind
 Archive-name: de-studium/netinfo
 Date: 12 Jan 1995 02:09:32 GMT

 Newsgroups: de.soc.studium,de.answers,news.answers
 Subject: FAQ: Studieren in den USA (for German students)
 From: (Christian Taube)
 Frequency: approximately monthly
 Archive-Name: de-studium/usa_faq
 Summary: FAQ about studying in the USA (for German students, approx. monthly)
 Date: 5 Jan 2000 05:30:03 +0100

 Newsgroups: de.soc.studium,de.answers,news.answers
 Subject: FAQ: de.soc.studium <*>
 From: UStA Uni Karlsruhe <>
 Frequency: 14 days
 Summary: This FAQ is in German, like the Newsgroup
 Archive-name: de-studium/faq
 Date: Sat, 08 Nov 2003 00:07:12 +0100

 Newsgroups: de.soc.studium,,de.answers,news.answers
 Subject: FAQ Jobs im Ausland, wie finden (*-*-* Version *) */*
 From: (S.W.Schilke)
 Frequency: monthly
 Date: Thu, 5 Oct 1995 09:23:17 GMT
 Archive-name: de-jobs/ausland/part1

 Newsgroups: de.soc.studium.verbindungen,de.answers,news.answers
 Subject: SVFAQ: Wie gruende ich eine Schuelerverbindung?
 From: Markus Gail <>
 Frequency: monthly
 Archive-name: de/schule/svfaq
 Date: 30 Nov 2002 23:02:03 GMT

 Subject: FAQ
 From: Henning Sponbiel <>
 Frequency: monthly (1st Saturday), weekly in d.t.b.
 Archive-name: de/talk-bizarre/faq
 Summary: Offizielle FAQ der Newsgroup It's in German.
 Date: Sat, 06 Mar 2004 10:40:10 +0100

 Subject:, Teil */*, dt. Uebersetzung
 Frequency: monthly
 Archive-name: de-bondage-faq/part1

 Newsgroups: demon.local,news.answers
 Subject: [demon.local] Sigflame FAQ
 From: Sherilyn <>
 Frequency: monthly to demon.local,news.answers
 Summary: This posting answers some questions about sig
  flames that may occur to new subscribers to
 Date: Sun, 6 Dec 1998 03:14:36 +0000
 Archive-name: usenet/satire/sigflame

 Newsgroups: dk.admin,,dk.general,dk.velkommen
 Subject: DK OSS - Ofte stillede spm (dk.faq)
 From: (Poul Guldbaek)
 Frequency: biweekly
 Comment: This posting is a "Usenet FAQ in Danish"

 Subject: OSS
 From: "Peter Brandt Nielsen" <>
 Frequency: Every 3 weeks
 Summary: Frequently asked questions in Danish film newsgroup
 Archive-name: dk/film
 Date: 10 Mar 2004 10:09:34 GMT

 Newsgroups: dk.kultur.musik,news.answers
 Subject: FAQ/OSS for dk.kultur.musik
 From: Peter Brandt Nielsen <>
 Frequency: every 3 weeks

 Newsgroups: dk.kultur.sprog,news.answers
 Subject: OSS dk.kultur.sprog
 From: "Peter Brandt Nielsen" <>
 Frequency: every 3-4 weeks
 Archive-name: dk/sprog
 Summary: Frequently asked questions in Danish language newsgroup
 Date: 10 Mar 2004 10:09:32 GMT

 Subject: Japan Internet Mail FAQ
 Frequency: monthly
 Archive-name: japan/internet-mail

 Newsgroups: fr.comp.text.tex,news.answers
 Subject: FAQ LaTeX francaise V* part *
 Frequency: mensuel
 Archive-name: fr/faq-latex-francaise/part1
 Date: 27 Feb 1998 10:10:28 GMT

 Subject: One for All (telecommandes universelles) FAQ
 From: (Frederic Dumas)
 Frequency: unknown
 Comment: This FAQ is in French and describes the use of the One for
 	All universal remote for satellite TV systems.
 Archive-name: Satellite-TV/one-for-all-fr-faq
 Summary: advanced and undocumented functions for One for All remotes.
 Date: 29 Dec 2003 13:03:38 GMT

 Newsgroups: free.childfree,news.answers
 Subject: free.childfree FAQ
 From: free.childfree FAQ maintainer <>
 Frequency: Monthly

 Subject: - FAQ <:::> Welcome to Silesian Newsgroup!
 From: "Memphis" <>
 Frequency: every other month

 Newsgroups: gnu.chess,,alt.chess.ics,alt.answers,rec.answers,news.answers
 Subject: gnu.chess FAQ: GNU Chess and XBoard Frequently Asked Questions
 From: (Tim Mann)
 Frequency: monthly
 Archive-name: games/chess/gnu-faq
 Summary: Answers to frequently asked questions in the gnu.chess
   newsgroup, covering the chess-playing program GNU Chess, the chess
   interfaces XBoard and WinBoard, and other chess topics.
 Date: 8 Aug 1999 16:51:35 GMT

 Newsgroups: gnu.emacs.gnus,,comp.emacs.xemacs,comp.emacs,,comp.answers,news.answers
 Subject: Gnus (Emacs Newsreader) FAQ
 From: Justin Sheehy <>
 Frequency: monthly (on or about the 19th)
 Summary: Monthly posting of Gnus 5.x (formerly (ding) Gnus) FAQ
 Archive-name: gnus-faq
 Date: 20 Dec 2001 10:38:42 -0500

 Subject: GNU Emacs Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), part */*
 Subject: GNU Emacs Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Diffs from last posting
 From: Reuven M. Lerner <>
 Frequency: monthly
 Summary: Questions and answers having to do with GNU Emacs
 Archive-name: GNU-Emacs-FAQ/part1
 Date: 10 Feb 1999 19:55:29 +0200

 Subject: FAQ for g++ and libg++, * version  [Revised *]
 From: (Joe Buck)
 Frequency: twice per month
 Comment: Two versions are being posted (archive names, in
 	parentheses, are in the "g++-FAQ" archive directory): plain
 	text (plain); texinfo (texi).
 Archive-name: g++-FAQ/texi
 Date: 1 Sep 1998 13:00:30 GMT

 Newsgroups: humanities.classics,humanities.answers,news.answers
 Subject: Classical Studies (humanities.classics) FAQ
 From: (Richard M. Alderson III)
 Frequency: twice per month
 Archive-name: classics-faq
 Date: 03 Aug 2000 21:25:20 GMT

 Subject: [] Wagner Books FAQ
 From: (Derrick Everett)
 Frequency: quarterly

 Subject: [] Wagner General FAQ
 Frequency: monthly
 Archive-name: music/wagner/general-faq
 Date: 15 Mar 2004 09:44:49 GMT

 Newsgroups: humanities.philosophy.objectivism,alt.philosophy.objectivism,humanities.answers,alt.answers,news.answers
 Subject: humanities.philosophy.objectivism Administration FAQ, v*
 From: (Tim Skirvin)
 Frequency: weekly
 Archive-name: objectivism/newsgroup-admin
 Summary: This is a list of frequently asked questions (and answers)
         regarding the administration of humanities.philosophy.objectivism.
         It is maintained by the moderator of the group, Tim Skirvin
         (  This FAQ is not meant to represent the
 	views of any user of the group.
 Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2004 00:00:01 -0600

 Subject: ph (cso nameserver) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
 Frequency: twice per month
 Archive-name: ph-faq
 Date: 16 Dec 1997 10:48:57 -0500

 Newsgroups: it-alt.config,it-alt.faq,news.answers
 Subject: Raccolta non ufficiale di FAQ per la gerarchia usenet it-alt.*
 From: Mario Benvenuti <>
 Frequency: monthly

 Newsgroups: it.faq,,,,it.comp.aiuto,it.aiuto,news.answers
 Subject: Quali sono i gruppi della gerarchia  it.** ?
 From: (Gruppo Coordinamento NEWS-IT)
 Frequency: bimonthly (around the 9th and the 24th)
 Archive-name: usenet/Italia-groups-list
 Summary: List of newsgroups in it.* news hierarchy
 Date: 9 Feb 2001 06:44:01 +0100

 Subject: Small Business Publicity FAQ
 From: (Marcia Yudkin)
 Frequency: monthly
 Archive-name: business/small-biz-pr

 Newsgroups: misc.books.technical,alt.books.technical,,biz.books.technical,alt.books
 Subject: Book review index
 From: (Robert Michael Slade)
 Frequency: sporadically, generally twice a year
 Date: 16 Oct 1996 18:51:29 GMT

 Newsgroups: misc.books.technical,misc.answers,news.answers
 Subject: misc.books.technical Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
 From: (Sethu R Rathinam)
 Frequency: monthly
 Archive-name: books/technical
 Summary: Frequently asked questions (with answers)
 Date: 1 Jun 1996 19:16:21 GMT

 Subject: INTRO (Please Read **BEFORE**Posting)
 Subject: Resources List
 Subject: FAQ
 From: Denis R. Gelineau <>
 Frequency: Intro weekly, Resources bi-weekly, FAQ monthly
 Summary: This posting is a list of resources avaliable to the Records Management professional, both on the 'net and off.
 Archive-name: records-mgmt/resources
 Date: 7 Aug 1999 11:56:35 GMT

 Subject: Books on house buying, building, and renovating (FAQ)
 From: (Stavros Macrakis)
 Frequency: unknown
 Date: 03 Apr 1995 20:44:13 GMT

 Subject: Housepainting FAQ
 From: (Stavros Macrakis)
 Frequency: unknown
 Summary: How to paint your house.  Extensive discussion on older
    houses.  Choosing paint (latex vs. oil).  Some discussion of vinyl
    and aluminum siding.
 Date: 04 Jun 1995 05:59:40 GMT
 Archive-name: house-painting

 Subject: FAQ: Crib and Cradle Safety Regulations
 From: (Chris Lewis)
 Frequency: Every 24 days
 Reply-To: (Crib FAQ commentary reception)
 Summary: A summary of crib and cradle safety regulations.
 Archive-name: misc-kids/crib-safety-faq
 Date: 4 Nov 2002 06:00:01 GMT

 Subject: Electrical Wiring FAQ [Part */*]
 From: (Chris Lewis)
 Frequency: fortnightly
 Summary: A series of questions and answers about house wiring
 Archive-name: electrical-wiring/part1
 Date: 12 Mar 2004 20:27:59 GMT

 Newsgroups: misc.creativity
 Subject: Creativity FAQ
 From: (Rousseau Paul)
 Frequency: unknown

 Newsgroups: misc.creativity
 Subject: FAQ: misc.creativity
 From: "Susanna Lee" <>
 Frequency: unknown
 complicated for her for now, but

 Subject: Distant Education : Globewide Network Academy *
 From: (Billy Chan - GNA Catalog Coordinator)
 Frequency: monthly
 Summary: This posting contains the list of members of GNA. All of the organizations below provide distance education to the general public. Both degree or non-degree programs are available.
 Date: 4 Dec 95 17:07:47 GMT
 Archive-name: education/gna/member

 Subject: WELCOME to!
 From: Eric Wilkinson <>
 Frequency: 7 days

 Subject: Medical Education FAQ [*] ( FAQ) [*]
 From: Eric Wilkinson <>
 Frequency: 14 days
 Summary: This message contains the Frequently Asked Questions list (FAQ)
 	for the Usenet newsgroup, which discusses
 	medical education.  Readers with questions are encouraged to
 	check this article before posting.
 Archive-name: medicine/education-faq/part1
 Date: 07 Sep 2003 08:48:52 GMT
 Misc-education-medical-archive-name: faq/part1

 Subject: FAQ (part *)
 Frequency: monthly, around the 6th
 Summary: Q&A about burning fat, building muscle, exercises, and equipment
 Archive-name: misc-fitness/part1
 Date: 7 Aug 95 15:56:56 CDT

 Subject: FAQ: The Pilates trademark-cancellation litigation
 From: Cancel-PilatesTM <>
 Frequency: unknown

 Subject: FAQ
 From: (Robles)
 Frequency: Monthly
 Archive-name: misc-fitness/aerobic-faq
 Summary: This article is a set of frequently asked questions (faq) for  Please, read this before posting.
 Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1999 17:40:06 GMT

 Subject: [] Pointer to FAQs and Resources
 Frequency: weekly
 Archive-name: misc-fitness/weights/pointer-faq
 Summary: Listing of weightlifting-related FAQs, references, and resources
 Date: 25 Mar 2004 10:03:33 GMT

 Subject: diabetes FAQ: general (part 1 of *)
 Subject: diabetes FAQ: bg monitoring (part 2 of *)
 Subject: diabetes FAQ: treatment (part 3 of *)
 Subject: diabetes FAQ: sources (part 4 of *)
 Subject: diabetes FAQ: research (part 5 of *)
 Subject: insulin pump discussion
 From: (Edward Reid)
 Frequency: biweekly
 Archive-name: diabetes/faq/part1
 Summary: Discusses questions which have been asked frequently in
 Likely to be of interest to anyone who has
          diabetes or a friend or relative with diabetes or other blood
          glucose disorder.
 Date: 23 Mar 2004 09:46:19 GMT

 Subject: insulin pump discussion
 From: (Jim Summers)
 Frequency: biweekly
 Archive-name: diabetes/insulin-pump-disc
 Summary: Currently a skeleton awaiting a new FAQ.
 Date: 23 Mar 2004 09:46:20 GMT

 Subject: software
 From: "Michael D. Wolfe" <>
 Frequency: monthly
 Archive-name: diabetes/software
 Summary: Discusses software available to aid in the management of diabetes
 Date: 23 Mar 2004 09:46:20 GMT

 Subject: FAQ: Typing Injuries (*/*): *
 From: Dan Wallach <dwallach@CS.Princeton.EDU>
 Frequency: monthly
 Summary: information about where to get more information
 Archive-name: typing-injury-faq/general
 Date: 17 Oct 1995 07:52:18 GMT

 Newsgroups: misc.immigration.canada,misc.answers,news.answers
 Subject: [misc.immigration.canada] Frequently Asked Questions (*/*)
 From: (Neyir Cenk Gokce)
 Frequency: monthly (every 16th)
 Archive-name: canada/immigration/english-faq
 Date: 18 Mar 2004 09:15:34 GMT

 Subject: Patent Agent FAQ
 From: Roger Schlafly <>
 Frequency: Bi-weekly
 Archive-name: legal/patents/agent-faq
 Date: 27 Jul 2003 19:15:19 GMT

 Newsgroups: misc.invest
 Subject: diffs for misc.invest general FAQ
 From: Christopher Lott <>
 Frequency: monthly
 Date: 25 Jul 1996 00:02:15 GMT

 Newsgroups: misc.invest,misc.invest.stocks
 Subject: Pointer to misc.invest FAQ on general investment topics
 From: Christopher Lott <>
 Frequency: unknown
 Summary: How to get answers to frequently asked questions about investments.
 Date: 22 Oct 1996 02:02:12 -0400

 Newsgroups: misc.invest.canada
 Subject: FAQ: misc.invest.can [occasional] *
 From: (Michael J. MacDonald)
 Frequency: occasional

 Newsgroups: misc.invest.funds,,misc.answers,news.answers
 Subject: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) *
 From: (William Rini)
 Frequency: monthly
 Archive-name: investment-faq/mutual-funds
 Date: 2 Aug 2000 08:14:36 GMT

 Newsgroups: misc.invest.misc,misc.invest.stocks,misc.invest.technical,misc.invest.options,misc.answers,news.answers
 Subject: The Investment FAQ (part * of *)
 From: Christopher Lott <>
 Frequency: monthly
 Archive-name: investment-faq/general/part1
 Summary: Answers to frequently asked questions about investments.
          Should be read by anyone who wishes to post to misc.invest.*
 Date: 18 Mar 2004 09:16:16 GMT

 Newsgroups: misc.invest.stocks
 Subject: Netscape Flying Circus Investment FAQ (misc.invest.stocks)
 From: Wynn Quon <>
 Frequency: unknown

 Subject: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
 Subject: Text of USA IRS Section 1706; the Twenty Questions
 From: (Mark Linimon)
 Frequency: every 4 weeks
 Archive-name: contract-jobs/faq
 Summary: frequently asked questions about contract jobs on Usenet
 Date: Thu, 9 Jun 1994 07:10:18 GMT

 Subject: Welcome to
 From: (Mark Linimon)
 Frequency: every 4 weeks
 Archive-name: contract-jobs/welcome
 Summary: a first introduction to the job contracting group on Usenet
 Date: Thu, 9 Jun 1994 07:10:06 GMT

 Subject: Welcome to!    Read this FAQ *before* posting.
 From: nospam@sopwith.uucp
 Frequency: monthly
 Summary: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about
          How to use Usenet to find a job (or contract).
          How to use Usenet to find a worker.
          How to use Usenet to discuss employment issues.
 Archive-name: jobs/welcome-faq
 Date: Thu, 1 Jan 2004 10:16:01 GMT

 Subject: ***REMINDER:put JOB-TITLE COMPANY LOCATION in subject***
 From: (Eugene N. Miya)
 Frequency: twice per month
 Summary: [l/m 11/9/92]
 Date: 23 Sep 2000 12:15:01 GMT

 Subject: -->[l/m */*/*]---->Read BEFORE posting: stylistic consensus
 From: (Eugene N. Miya)
 Frequency: every two weeks
 Summary: Without style, you might not get a good employee, you'll never know, \
 	Wow! 100+ lines edited out...... Text reshuffled.
 Date: Sat, 16 Jan 1999 13:24:45 GMT

 Subject: *** READ BEFORE POSTING:  SPECIAL FAQ on using m.j.o.e***
 From: (Eugene N. Miya)
 Frequency: twice per month
 Summary: experimental outrigger
 Date: 23 Sep 2000 12:16:01 GMT

 Subject: -->[l/m */*/*] --->Read BEFORE posting: Resume Style Consensus
 From: (Eugene N. Miya)
 Frequency: every two weeks
 Summary: If you don't have style, you might not get the job
 Date: 17 Sep 2000 12:15:01 GMT

 Subject: Children's Software FAQ
 Frequency: monthly
 Summary: Frequently Asked Questions about Children's Software
 Archive-name: misc-kids/software
 Date: 13 Oct 2002 15:33:19 GMT

 Subject: FAQ-Potential Pediatrician Questions
 Frequency: monthly
 Archive-name: misc-kids/pediatrician-questions
 Summary: A short list of questions to ask a potential pediatrician
 Date: 18 Mar 2004 09:12:06 GMT

 Subject: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) FAQ
 Frequency: monthly
 Summary: Frequently Asked Questions about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
 	 (Also called Cot or Crib Death)
 Archive-name: misc-kids/sids
 Date: 31 Oct 2002 11:28:45 GMT

 Subject: Welcome to!
 From: (Robyn Kozierok, moderator)
 Frequency: Weekly
 Summary: The charter and moderation policy of
 Archive-name: misc-kids/misc-kids-info-faq
 Date: 25 Mar 2004 10:03:29 GMT

 Subject: FAQ on Allergies and Asthma (part *)
 Frequency: monthly
 Summary: Brief discussion of asthma and allergies, with lists of
         resources for organizations, books, recipes, etc.
 Archive-name: misc-kids/allergy+asthma/part2
 Date: 18 Mar 2004 09:14:24 GMT

 Subject: FAQ on Babyproofing - General Ideas
 Subject: FAQ on Babyproofing - Hearths
 Subject: FAQ on Babyproofing - Gates
 Frequency: monthly
 Archive-name: misc-kids/babyproofing/general
 Date: 18 Mar 2004 09:11:50 GMT

 Subject: FAQ on Breastfeeding Past the First Year
 Frequency: monthly
 Summary: Advice on breastfeeding toddlers and eventual weaning
 Archive-name: misc-kids/breastfeeding/toddlers
 Date: 18 Mar 2004 09:11:46 GMT

 Subject: FAQ on Chicken Pox
 From: Rick Davis <>
 Frequency: monthly
 Archive-name: misc-kids/chicken-pox

 Subject: FAQ on Childhood Vaccinations, Part */*
 Frequency: monthly
 Summary: This FAQ contains information on vaccinations, with particular
 	focus on the vaccinations given to children.  Section 1
 	contains general information about vaccinations and vaccination
 Archive-name: misc-kids/vaccinations/part1
 Date: 18 Mar 2004 09:11:35 GMT

 Subject: FAQ on Children's Books/Central Female Characters
 Subject: FAQ on Children's Books Recs. Part*/*
 Frequency: monthly
 Archive-name: misc-kids/books/female-chars
 Date: 18 Mar 2004 09:12:37 GMT

 Subject: FAQ on Colic
 From: (Elaine Kiernan)
 Frequency: monthly
 Archive-name: misc-kids/colic
 Summary: Remedies tried by readers, for infant colic.
 Date: 27 Nov 1996 22:55:26 GMT

 Subject: FAQ on Crib to Bed Transition
 Frequency: monthly
 Summary: making the transition from kids sleeping in cribs to
 	 regular beds.
 Archive-name: misc-kids/crib-to-bed-transition
 Date: 2 Apr 1997 04:30:40 GMT

 Subject: FAQ on Diaper Rash
 Frequency: monthly
 Archive-name: misc-kids/diaper/rash

 Subject: FAQ on Eczema Part */*
 From: (Anita Graham)
 Frequency: monthly
 Archive-name: misc-kids/eczema/part1
 Date: 18 Mar 2004 09:15:00 GMT

 Subject: FAQ on Good things about having kids
 Frequency: monthly
 Summary: Just what is so great about having kids?
 Archive-name: misc-kids/good-things
 Date: 18 Mar 2004 09:12:10 GMT

 Subject: FAQ on Nursing Strikes
 Frequency: monthly
 Archive-name: misc-kids/breastfeeding/nursing-strike
 Summary: A compilation of women's suggestions on how to
  	respond to a "nursing strike" by a breastfeeding baby
 Date: 18 Mar 2004 09:12:19 GMT

 Subject: FAQ on Outdoor Activities for Young Children Part */*
 From: Susan Ramirez (
 Frequency: monthly
 Archive-name: misc-kids/outdoor-activities/part1
 Date: 17 Dec 1996 06:34:01 GMT

 Subject: FAQ on Starting Solid Foods
 Frequency: monthly
 Summary: This FAQ file deals with the introduction of solid foods
 	to infants.
 Archive-name: misc-kids/starting-solids
 Date: 18 Mar 2004 09:11:34 GMT

 Subject: FAQ on Temper Tantrums
 From: "S. M. Knutson" <>
 Frequency: monthly
 Archive-name: misc-kids/temper-tantrum
 Date: 18 Dec 1996 13:05:56 GMT

 Subject: FAQ on blood types and RH incompatibility
 Subject: FAQ on Parent Effectiveness Training
 Frequency: monthly
 Archive-name: misc-kids/blood-types-rh-incompatibility

 Subject: FAQ on breastpumps, Part */*
 From: (Beth Weiss)
 Frequency: monthly
 Summary: This file contains helpful ideas about expressing, storing,
     and feeding breastmilk for your baby, including comments on
     available breastpumps
 Archive-name: misc-kids/breastfeeding/breastpumps/part1
 Date: 19 Mar 2004 09:35:51 GMT

 Subject: FAQ on the Pregnancy AFP Screen and the Triple Screen
 Subject: FAQ on Prenatal Testing - Overview and Personal Stories
 Subject: FAQ on Pre-Pregnancy and Pregnancy Tests
 Subject: FAQ on Amniocentesis
 Subject: FAQ on Ultrasound
 Frequency: monthly
 Archive-name: misc-kids/pregnancy/screening/AFP
 Summary: The FAQ discusses the AFP Screen and the Triple Screen, prenatal
         tests which are used to screen for Down's syndrome and neural
         tube defects.
 Date: 18 Mar 2004 09:11:56 GMT

 Subject: FAQ on Choosing Your Baby's Sex
 Frequency: monthly
 Summary: Frequently-asked questions on whether
      and how it's possible to choose the sex of your
      baby before conception
 Archive-name: misc-kids/pregnancy/babys-sex
 Date: 18 Mar 2004 09:14:43 GMT

 Subject: FAQ on Firearms Safety & Children
 Frequency: monthly
 Archive-name: misc-kids/firearms-safety
 Date: 18 Mar 2004 09:14:51 GMT
 Summary: Owning a firearm is a very personal choice. In the document
     that follows, we make no attempt to persuade the reader to own or
     not own them. No matter how we feel about firearms, it is
     imperative that we teach our children the basics of firearms
     safety. Even if there is never a gun in your home, there may be
     one in a friend's, neighbor's or a relative's home. If you have
     children, you should read this FAQ.

 Subject: FAQ on Jogging Strollers, Part */*
 Frequency: monthly
 Archive-name: misc-kids/joggers/part1
 Summary: This FAQ is a collection of mail files from jogging
   stroller owners attesting to the quality, usability and price of
   various manufacturers. It also offers safety information and suggestions
   for what to look for in a jogger.
 Date: 18 Mar 2004 09:11:42 GMT

 Subject: FAQ on Miscarriage, Part */*
 Frequency: monthly
 Archive-name: misc-kids/miscarriage/part1
 Summary: The miscarriage FAQ is a compilation of people's
 	 experiences, words of sympathy, and some technical
 Date: 18 Mar 2004 09:12:17 GMT

 Subject: Group B Strep FAQ
 From: (Cheryl Sandberg)
 Frequency: monthly
 Archive-name: misc-kids/pregnancy/group-b-strep
 Summary: A description of Group B Strep and its serious but preventable
          effects on newborns. Questions from mothers and fathers and
          answers from the researcher of Group B Strep at the Center
          for Disease Control, OB/GYN's, Midwifes, and Group B Strep
          specialists. Birth stories of parents who have felt the effects
          of Group B Strep. More birth stories and questions welcome! How
          to join our mailing list if you have felt the effects of Group
          B Strep or would like to eductate yourself further so you can
          then, in turn, eductate the public.
 Date: 18 Mar 2004 09:14:42 GMT

 Subject: Birth Planning FAQ (part * of *)
 From: (Sabrina Cuddy)
 Frequency: monthly
 Archive-name: misc-kids/pregnancy/birth-plan/part1
 Summary: Guidelines for writing a Birth Plan according to the
 	 Bradley(r) Method.  Part 1 - Steps, Part 2 - Samples & net.wisdom
 	 Part 3 - More Samples, newer submissions. (More Submissions Welcome!)
 Date: 17 Mar 1997 23:18:48 -0800

 Subject: Bradley Method FAQ
 From: (Sabrina Cuddy)
 Frequency: monthly
 Archive-name: misc-kids/pregnancy/bradley/method
 Summary: A description of the Bradley(r) Method of Natural Childbirth
 	 Birth stories of parents on the net who used the method.
 	 Resources for other natural childbirth methods.
 	 More Birth Stories Welcome!  Tell Me What You Liked/Hated
 	 About Bradley(r)...
 Date: 23 Jul 1996 17:41:19 -0700

 Subject: General Pregnancy FAQ - Part * of *
 From: (Sabrina Cuddy)
 Frequency: monthly
 Summary: Frequently Asked Questions About Pregnancy
 	 Part 1 - Basics, Early symptoms, When to do what,
 	 PreConception, Blood Tests, Finding Due Date,
 	 First movements...
 Archive-name: misc-kids/pregnancy/general/part1
 Date: 17 Mar 1997 23:15:15 -0800

 Subject: Epidural Anesthesia FAQ
 From: (Sabrina Cuddy)
 Frequency: monthly
 Archive-name: misc-kids/pregnancy/anesthesia/epidural
 Summary: Introduction by a Labor and Delivery Nurse, Readers Digest Article,
 	 the Epidural Procedure, a summary of the research on epidurals
 	 (overwhelmingly negative - not my bias!) followed by stories
 	 from those who have had epidurals during labor/delivery - both
 	 positive and negative.  Please send your story or professional
 	 opinion to
 Date: 17 Mar 1997 23:13:46 -0800

 Subject: Pregnancy Nutrition FAQ
 From: (Sabrina Cuddy)
 Frequency: monthly
 Archive-name: misc-kids/pregnancy/nutrition
 Summary: Pregnancy Nutrition Guidelines
 	 Includes a Daily Plan for getting what you and baby need.
 	 *New* What to Avoid Eating in Pregnancy
 	 Section on Iron and Raising Hematocrit
 	 Submission of New Material is Welcome!
 Date: 17 Mar 1997 23:14:26 -0800

 Subject: Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act (FACE) FAQ
 From: (Mark Eckenwiler)
 Frequency: monthly
 Summary: This article explains the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances
          Act of 1994 (FACE) and provides the full text of the Act along
          with current information on legal challenges.
 Archive-name: law/clinic-access
 Date: 18 Apr 1995 17:56:49 -0400

 Subject: Lawful Arrest/Search/Seizure FAQ
 From: (Ahimsa Dhamapada)
 Frequency: posted on the 26th of each month
 Archive-name: law/lawful-arrest
 Date: 8 Nov 2002 14:36:53 -0000

 Subject: Legal Research FAQ (diffs)
 From: (Mark Eckenwiler)
 Frequency: unknown
 Archive-name: law/research/diffs
 Summary: This article lists major textual changes to the FAQ.
 Date: 14 Jan 1994 22:36:10 -0500

 Subject: Legal Research FAQ (part * of *)
 From: (Mark Eckenwiler)
 Frequency: monthly
 Archive-name: law/research/part1
 Summary: This article explains how to conduct legal research on
 	federal and state law in the U.S. and gives an overview of
 	the court system.
 Date: 11 Jun 1996 15:23:47 -0400

 Subject: Copyright Law FAQ (*/*): *
 Frequency: monthly
 Summary: This article contains frequently asked questions
          (FAQ) with answers relating to copyright law,
          particularly that of the United States.
 Date: 9 Apr 96 18:50:42 GMT
 Archive-name: law/Copyright-FAQ/part3

 Newsgroups: misc.metric-system,misc.answers,news.answers
 Subject: Metric System FAQ
 Frequency: monthly

 Subject: [] Frequently Asked Questions
 From: (Asim Mughal)
 Frequency: monthly
 Summary: This posting contains Frequently Asked Questions for

 Archive-name: bosnia-news-faq
 Date: 18 Mar 2004 09:11:38 GMT

 Newsgroups: misc.rural,misc.answers,rec.gardens,rec.answers,news.answers
 Subject: The Small Tractor FAQ
 From: Ken Burner <>
 Frequency: Quarterly
 Archive-name: rural/small-tractors
 Summary: Answers to frequently asked questions about selecting, buying,
  selling, using and  maintaining small tractors. Hypertext only.
 Date: 16 Jan 2004 09:18:54 GMT

 Newsgroups: misc.transport.air-industry,misc.answers,news.answers
 Subject: misc.transport.air-industry posting guidelines FAQ
 From: singhal@Xenon.Stanford.EDU (Sandeep Singhal)
 Frequency: Bi-Weekly (11th/27th of each month)
 Summary: This file contains posting guidelines for the moderated
 	 misc.transport.air-industry newsgroup.  Read this file before
 	 attempting to post to this newsgroup
 Archive-name: air-industry/posting-guide
 Date: 19 Aug 1999 06:18:02 GMT

 Newsgroups: misc.transport.air-industry.cargo
 Subject: misc.transport.air-industry.cargo *FAQ*
 From: (Michal Douglas)
 Frequency: unknown

 Newsgroups: misc.writing,misc.answers,news.answers
 Subject: [misc.writing] Writing FAQ (modified *), part */*
 Subject: [misc.writing] Posting Guidelines (modified *)
 From: (Wendy Chatley Green)
 Frequency: weekly (Mondays) to misc.writing;
 		   monthly (3rd monday) to *.answers
 Summary: Answers to frequently asked questions about writing
 Archive-name: writing/faq/basic-info
 Date: 18 Mar 2004 09:16:39 GMT

 Newsgroups: misc.writing,misc.answers,news.answers
 Subject: misc.writing Recommended Reading List [*]
 From: Terry L. Jeffress <>
 Frequency: weekly
 Archive-name: writing/recommended-reading
 Summary: Reviews of writing-related books, journals, periodicals,
          and internet resources.
 Date: 25 Mar 2004 10:03:37 GMT

 Newsgroups: misc.writing,misc.writing.screenplays,alt.answers,misc.answers,news.answers
 Subject: Internet Search FAQ */*
 From: (C Harris)
 Frequency: last week-end of each month
 Summary: Part 1 of 2: This posting gives help for writers and others in using the Internet for research, giving suggestions as to which methods are best for different needs, and including worked examples.
 Archive-name: internet/research-faq/part1
 Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2003 20:21:39 GMT

 Newsgroups: misc.writing,rec.arts.books.children,misc.answers,rec.answers,news.answers
 Subject: Writing For Children - Frequently Asked Questions
 From: (Jon Bard)
 Frequency: monthly
 Archive-name: writing/childrens

 Newsgroups: mn.sf,mn.general,rec.arts.sf.misc,news.answers
 Subject: mn.sf (Minnesota SF) FAQ
 From: Dan Goodman <>
 Frequency: monthly
 Summary: Info on Minnesota (and nearby) sf resources.
 Archive-name: sf/minnesota-faq
 Date: Fri, 27 Feb 1998 05:42:04 GMT

 Subject: Intro to Shortwave (car) Radios
 From: (mAximo)
 Frequency: semi-annually
 Date: 25 Dec 2002 03:34:17 GMT

 Newsgroups: ne.general
 Subject: BBN Auto Mechanics List
 From: (John Bowe)
 Frequency: unknown
 Date: Mon, 16 Jan 1995 19:28:06 GMT

 Subject: FAQ */*
 From: Sandy Culver <>
 Frequency: monthly
 Archive-name: jobs/ne-company
 Summary: is a moderated  newsgroup for NE jobs posts.
 Date: Mon, 08 Dec 2003 18:47:33 GMT

 Newsgroups: news.admin.censorship,news.admin.misc,news.admin.policy,,alt.culture.usenet,alt.answers,news.answers
 Subject: The USENET Site of Virtue FAQ
 Subject: An Alternative Primer on Net Abuse, Free Speech, and Usenet
 From: (Dave Hayes)
 Frequency: Posted once each month
 Summary: This posting describes how to run a USENET Site of Virtue,
 Archive-name: usenet/freedom-knights/virtue-site-faq
 Date: 27 Oct 1996 05:01:35 -0800

 Newsgroups: news.admin.hierarchies,,news.answers
 Subject: england.* Newsadmins FAQ
 From: england.* Newsgroups Administration <>
 Frequency: monthly, on the 24th of each month
 Summary: News configuration details for the england.* hierarchy
 Archive-name: uk/england/newsadmin-faq
 Date: 24 July 2003 00:00:01 GMT

 Newsgroups: news.admin.hierarchies,mod.config,mod.config.announce,mod.answers,news.answers
 Subject: The mod.* Manifesto  (Last updated: July 11, 1997)
 From: (Tim Skirvin)
 Frequency: twice monthly (1st and 16th)
 Archive-name: usenet/mod/manifesto
 Date: 16 Aug 1997 17:06:36 GMT
 Summary: mod.* is a hierarchy under development by a group known as the
 	Mod Squad (  This document is meant to be an
 	introduction to the hierarchy, its proposed rules, and the reasons
 	behind its creation.

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