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Compaq Contura Aero Frequently Asked Questions
Section - Installing the old drive in your desktop

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[C] Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 13:08:27 -0800
From: bgeer 

 >And where can I get the hardware to mount a 2.5"
 >disk in a 3.5" bay with the adapter to let me hook it up to a standard IDE

Check the mailorder outfit - they've had them
for $8 for quite awhile.  I believe they include a cable or adaptor,
not sure tho.

[C] From: "Bennett Feitell" 
Subject: 2.5"-3.5" HDD Adapter
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 1997 14:46:09 -0400
Dear Aero Fanatics,
Just ordered an adapter from Roadwarrior
The item does not appear on their pages and most staff do not know about it.
The part number is: BRKT0001, at last check they have quite a few left in
stock.  This is the second I have ordered (orig in Feb. '96) and the product
roadwarrior carries provides for mounting in a 3.5" bay and does not block
the jumper pins like the item mentioned in the aero faq.  Hope this info is
useful to someone.  Roadwarrior's # is 1-800-274-4277.

Portable enhancement products also carries an adapter that is not listed on
their web pages Tel: 800-737-7693 or 714-418-0113
I have not seen this one and I don't know if it interferes with the jumper
Bennett Feitell
p.s. check out
I just got a Toshiba 1401MAV 1.4GB drive.  Works great!

[C] Date: Mon, 02 Jun 1997 12:51:51 +0200
From: Markus Gebhard

The 2,5"-drive connector has 44pins, this is 4 more than the AT-Bus. They
can be connected by using an adaptor.

I first thought they were counted one row down and the other row up, but
as I found out the standard way is like this:

             1 o o 2
             3 o o 4
             . . . .

             . . . .
            39 o o 40

so the pin table has to be:

          44pin:             40pin:

           1 - 40             1 - 40

           41, 42             +5V (red)
           43                 GND (black)

           44                 N.C. / Jumper??

[C] Phil--I wrote the little part in the FAQ.  I don't know the pinouts, but 
there are really cheap alternatives to what was in the FAQ available now:

DALCO  1-800-445-5342

48760  2.5 adapter cable w/PS connector            $9.50
48755  2.5 hard drive adapter w/PS connector        5.75
50960  2.5 drive ribbon cable                       4.85

If your time is worth anything, these prices should discourage you from
making your own cable!

48760 is 48755 with a 12" standard IDE cable.  48755 is just the
adapter, to which you would attach an ordinary IDE ribbon cable leading from
your 3.5" drive to the adapter.

Yes, PS means a power supply connector (the kind that would plug into a
standard computer power supply lead.  Only two wires are attached, of course
(for +5V plus neg.).

Doug Kocher

[C] From: Douglas Kocher

An adapter for attaching a 2.5" notebook hard drive to a regular desktop's
IDE cable is available for $14.95 + COD charges from DD&TT Enterprise, Inc.,
5680 Rickenbacker Rd., Bell, CA  90201.  Their phone number is 213-780-0099.
They will not ship on charge cards, only CODs, which adds about another
$9.00 to the overall price via UPS.

The part # is DT-1958.

The adapter includes an aluminum carrier that allows you to screw the 2.5"
drive onto the carrier, which will then fit into a regular 3.5" drive bay.

My adapter worked flawlessly on an 84MB Quantum HD that I took out of my
Compaq Aero when I upgraded to a 540 MB HD.

NOTE: this adapter also plugs into the right four pins on the 2.5" drive,
which may pose a problem if the drive needs to be jumpered (you can add jumper
pins to the DT-1958 if you don't mind soldering--look closely at the diagram
that accompanies the adapter).  
Another source for an adapter, which does not cover the right four pins and
thus allows you to use existing jumpers on the 2.5" drive if needed, is sold

PS Solutions, Inc.
1800 N. Glenville Dr.
Richardson, TX  75081
214-783-6997 (fax)

I paid $15.00 per adapter for two, plus $3.76 shipping.  The part number is

PCB 2.5-3.5-I

Unlike the DT-1958, no carrier is provided for the 2.5" drive to fit in a
3.5" bay.

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