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Compaq Contura Aero Frequently Asked Questions
Section - 2.2.10 Other Things

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[C] Date: 21 June 1999
From: Philip Wilk
Subject: Nokia Data Suit 2.0

The Nokia Data Suit 2.0 works with the Aero just fine even though they
say you have to have a pentium or better to run it. It only works under
windows 95, but alleviates they need for a GSM modem. All you need is the
data cable to connect the phone to the serial port. Unfortuately the data
cable is very expensive, if you get the Nokia original cable ($40 from There are places on the net that describe how to
contruct one, but it is not easy.

[C] Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 03:27:52 -0400 (EDT)
From: steve_cobb@BIX.COM
Subject: swapping the external keyboard and mouse

Actually, you only need to put the system to sleep and then bring it back
up [to detect the hardware change].  I do that all the time - if it wakes
up and sees a keyboard it uses it - if not, it uses the built in.  Same
for trackball/mouse.  

[C] From: gdm <>

I use the PS/2 port to draw 5V power for my ZIP when using it with or
near a Desktop. I use a cable with a  keyboard passthrough plugged into
the PS/2 port. The PS/2 port has a 5 volt supply. I think you can make
the cable yourself or buy them from your favorite computer stores.

[C] From: Steven Lawson <>
Subject: Final Clean Track report

Well, as the instructions say, my Clean Track has loosened up
and it quite comfortable now.  It looks like it should solve
the cat-hair-around-the-rollers problem.  It might even
solve the shiny trackball problem as it wipes skin oil off
the ball (I have the matte one, so I'd be curious if anyone
has the shiny one with a Clean Track on it).

I received email from Mr. Chambers ( with
a nice overview of his business and the hows and whys of the
various Clean Track styles and why it needs to be priced
the way it is.  It was very interesting and I hope he does 
well, he certainly has addressed a huge Aero problem!

He was kind enough to extend a special deal to members of 
the list:  If you order by email ( or
FAX (707-769-3040), and mention you are a member of the
Compaq Aero mailing list you can get them for $6/pack and
he'll waive the shipping!  Cool..  Since I assume this
makes it a credit card deal you might prefer going the FAX
route and avoid sending your credit card info via open
email (depends on your paranoia level).  My package says 
it's 'Size - S12A'.

[C] From: Denis Cheong <>
I recently bought an Epson GT-9000 colour flatbed scanner (It's the 
ES-1200C in the US).  It is rather unique in that it has both SCSI and 
parallel interfaces on it, which makes it ideal for users wishing to 
connect the scanner to a desktop as well as their Aero. If anybody is 
considering buying a scanner and needs to connect it to their 
Aero, I would thoroughly recommend one of the Epson range (I have 
nothing to do with Epson aside from being a very happy customer), two of 
which have both SCSI & parallel and one only parallel.  If you have any 
questions on scanning with the Aero I'm always happy to help.

[C] Date: 02 Sep 96 16:05:42 EDT
From: Andreas Domanski <100412.540@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Re: make your own winlink parallel cable adapter?

Philip Wilk wrote:
>I have a D-25 serial cable. Does anybody know the pin out of the winlink
>parallel cable? Is it just a D-25 null modem cable? I was thinking of
>modifying a gender reverser to provide the pin switch ...

It is like the cable used with "Laplink" and should be available in most
computer shops.
To make your own cable connect 2-15, 3-13, 4-12, 5-10, 6-11,11-6, 10-5, 12-4,
13-3, 15-2, shortcut AND connect the pins 18...25 (ground) of both plugs. Needs
11 lines to connect both plugs.
That's all.

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Top Document: Compaq Contura Aero Frequently Asked Questions
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