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Compaq Contura Aero Frequently Asked Questions
Section - 2.2.9 SCSI

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[C] From: Philip Wilk
Adaptec makes two adapters - a parallel port version and a PCMCIA version.
The parallel port version (APA-358 SlimSCSI EPP) costs about $155 and the
PCMCIA port version (APA-1460 SlimPCMCIA SCSI Card) costs about $170. I have
heard good things about Adaptec products, but they are not dirt cheap.

[C] From: <>
In Computer Shopper, there's an ad for ValuStor,
1-800-873-VALU, address 1609B Regetta Lane, San Jose, CA 95112.  They have
them for $99 US.  They also have parallel-IDE hard drive kits for the same
price, and parallel-IDE CDROM kits for the same price.  They have assembled
parallel port 4x CDROM drives for $239.

[C] Date: Mon, 2 Sep 1996 17:53:09 +0800 (WST)
From: Denis Cheong <>

I am using a SCSI Zip drive with a Tekram DC-550P Parallel to SCSI 
adapter on my Aero.  I also have a MediaVision RENO 2x CD-ROM drive that 
I connect to my Aero through the same parallel to SCSI adapter.

The Tekram controller is brilliant - it has NT, OS/2 & DOS drivers (no 
linux drivers as far as I'm aware but I'm not using linux anymore); it 
supports EPP mode, and transfers *MUCH* faster than the Adaptec MiniSCSI 
Plus (which is admittedly not EPP, but is more expensive than the Tekram).

It is also significant to note that while the directory access speed 
between the MiniSCSI Plus & the CD-ROM drive is acceptable, when 
connecting the Zip drive to it, you can sit there for 10 seconds waiting 
for a "dir" to come up.  The Tekram has no problems at all, and the speed 
is quite acceptable (but I haven't managed to do any benchmarks).

Also note that the Adaptec controller *MUST* be supplied with termination 
power from the SCSI device.  I would guess that most portable SCSI 
devices do *NOT* do this.  My MediaVision RENO does; the Zip drive 
doesn't.  Most hard disks do.  If you go for an Adaptec, make sure 
beforehand that your device provides termination power to the SCSI bus, 
or it will not work, no matter how hard you try! (Unless you connect 
something else that provides termination power to the bus).

The Tekram on the other hand comes with two pass-through keyboard 
adaptors that will take power from your keyboard (9-pin mini-DIN or 
maxi-DIN) if your device does not provide termination power.  You could 
even connect an AC adapter into the plug if you didn't want to take it 
from the computer.  It works fine connecting the plug into the Aero's 
port expander.

The other thing that you'll have to note is that pretty much all Parallel 
to SCSI adapters that I've seen come with a Centronics *MALE* connector 
on them.  This means that if you want to connect to a Honda connector on 
the device, you must somehow get a centronics *FEMALE* to honda male 
adaptor (I have managed to get one, but it's not easy!!).  The best thing 
I've found with the Tekram is to buy a Centronics F-F gender bender 
(which wasn't that difficult), and then use a standard 25-pin male to 
50-pin centronics cable to connect to the Zip drive without a problem.

Hope this helps... if you have any further questions you can contact me 
directly (or through the mailing list if anybody else is interested...)

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