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Compaq Contura Aero Frequently Asked Questions
Section - PCMCIA modems (& FAX/Modems), reviews

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[C] From: (Peter Barrette)
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 1997 17:15:11 -0500

My MHz XJ1144 Modem worked perfectly from the day I got it. Just popped it
in and dialed in to my ISP.

[C] Date: Tue, 06 Aug 1996 09:31:19 -0700
From: Gary H <garyh@sco.COM>

I have a Hayes Optima 28.8k.  It works great.  Only thing is that
the card is a little thick so it's sometimes tough to pull out the card.

[C] From: Mark Sailer <>

I have been using a Megahertz Modem/Ethernet  Card now since I got my Aero.
I have had no problems using the card under WIN95.
Great having both in one.... no need to swap.

[C] From: "Ygal Giramberk" <>

I have a Megahertz 14,400 PCMCIA which works fine
I bought it at Office Depot for $69.00

[C] Date: Tue, 6 Aug 1996 17:51:01 -0500 (CDT)
From: Matt Lawrence <>

I'm using a Megahertz 14.4 modem I bought at the Dell Outlet store.  $49.  I
like it a lot -- it's much faster than my external 14.4.

[C] From: Mike Parkerson <>

Expecting perfect compatibility, I sprung for the Compaq 192 modem.  I 
haven't been disappointed.  It connects reliably at good speeds considering 
the phone line quality I get while on the road.  I think it can be had for 
about $95 (US) now.  I'm sure others will work as well for less, but I 
didn't want to hassle with the what-ifs.  Good luck!

[C] From: <>

I use an Intel 14.4 PCMCIA fax modem.  It was $149 two years ago.  I never
have gotten the fax to work right, although I haven't tried very hard.  Also,
the installation routine neither detected nor enabled the FIFO buffer.

[C] Date: Wed, 7 Aug 1996 13:38:10 +0200 (MET DST)
From: Javier Hernandez <>

I am using Megahertz XJ2288 V34 28.8 XJack and it is working pretty well.
Preivously I had during two years an Apex PCMCIA FAX/MODEM 28800
VFast Class and it also worked pretty well, I did send it to a
friend when I decided to go for the Megahertz

[C] I have an Intel 14.4 PCMCIA faxmodem, and have not had ANY problems with
it. As a matter of fact, I have a feeling that the Compaq and Intel modems are
actually the same units, but with different labels on them. They both use the
exact same cord, and these are the only two that I've seen that use this cord.
Anyone know if this is true?

[C] Ah! pet peeve... stay away from the Motorola Power PCMCIA 14.4, I fried a
bunch of them in my 4/33/250/c. Subsequently tried MHz C4414 and ATT
KeepInTouch PCMCIA both seem to have no problems; I kept the ATT KIT and am
waiting for the Motorola cellular cable. The Power would have saved me some
money over other solutions had it worked, since the cell cable was included.

[C] Date: Wed, 07 Aug 96 09:39:00 PDT
From: "Doug Monroe (monroe)" <>

I purchased a Zoom Telephonics 14.4 fax modem 18 months ago.  I'm on my 4th 
one. With this last one I stopped hot plugging it, and it has lasted 9 
months. The replacements Zoom has sent have been problematic, one dropped 
the 7th bit all the time, one got through quality control with the labels 
on upside down.  Their help desk line was busy most of the time, when I could
get through I felt I was not listened too (if it worked for two months then 
stopped working then it certainly can't be the software I'm using,can it).
Faxing worked out best for getting through to them.
My advice is to use another brand.

[C] Here's an update to my premature depression. I was doing things according
to Megahertz's instructions which basice said to; run installation diskette,
insert modem card / listen for "beep-beep", rock 'n roll (run communications

The software installation failed as I'd mentioned before (it didn't recognize
the controller) but the card did chirp twice when the PCMCIA card was inserted
which means that the card was automatically recognized by the Aero. Tossing
caution to the winds, I decide to try the modem anyway, without the Megahertz
Installation Disk. Bringing up Window's Terminal program I got a dial tone and
was able to successfully connect with a local BBS. Needless to say, I'm a happy
camper now.

[C] Megahertz installation failed on the Aero for me, too. Turned out it didn't
need any installation; just plug it in, and it plays.

[C] When the logical fails to produce an answer, do the illogical. I did
exactly that last week and discovered what you just related. Go figure...

[Q] Anyone using [ AT&T Keep In Touch PCMCIA Modem ] in their Aero?

[A] I am, and it's wonderful. I haven't had a single glitch. Lot of folks
complained about the MegaHurts modems, and I was a little anxious about using a
non-Compaq product, but it was literally plug-n-play.

[Q] What about the Motorola Power or Compaq's Speedpaq cellular modem.

[A] My Aero 4/33c killed 3 (three) Motorola Power PCMCIA 14.4 modems in 2.5
weeks. I'd be able to power it up once, use it, and then the next power up, the
POWER flakes out and returns an "Card not configured" error. Tech support at PC
Connection, where I bought the unit, got the same problem and burned a few of
their Motorola Power's. Compaq and Motorola Tech support kept blaming each
other; but I found Mot. to be much more courteous... Compaq... Motorola...
jeez, you'd think one or the other would be interested in this problem with the

[C] Date: Fri, 16 Aug 1996 14:16:47 -0400
From: Steve Pells <pells@HELIX.MGH.HARVARD.EDU>
Subject: Re: IBM Home and away modem/ethernet card

David T.S. Fraser wrote:
> I just saw an ad which advertised the IBM "Home and Away" combination card
> (14.4 modem and 10-base-T ethernet) for about $70 (Canadian). I recall there
> being some mention of the card on this list about three months ago, but I
> don't remember what was mentioned about it.

It was me who started the thread on this card. I've been using it for a
couple of months now; brief summary of experience follows:

(i) Windows 3.1. Only used it as a modem. The included communications
software was crap. Using other software it worked, but required the
extra initialisation strings listed in the manual, which was a hassle.

(ii) Linux. Ethernet, running TCP/IP and Appletalk has been a dream.
This is really what I use it for anyway, leaving the card at work to
hook my aero up to the LAN. I dial in as a dumb terminal from home,
where my 2400baud Intel modem still provides sterling service.
Haven't got the modem to work in Linux/Seyon. Even with the recommended
initialisation strings, I can get it to dial, but it chokes with "No
Carrier" before getting through. If anyone knows the answer to this I'd
be pleased to hear it. Something to do with the shared interrupt,

Overall-6/10 for the aero. Works, but hard to set up in some situations.

[C] Date: Sat, 24 Aug 1996 01:43:58 -0300
From: "David T.S. Fraser" <>
Subject: Re: IBM Home and away modem/ethernet card

I ordered the IBM Home & Away card and so far it has been great. It has been
giving me much more reliable connections (via Winsock) to my ISP than the
external USRobotics Sportster 28.8 that I had borrowed from work. Not a
single dropped carrier since I got it! And, compared to running through the
serial port, not a single overflow error either.

So far, I haven't had the opportunity to try out the network aspects of the
card, but I'll find out next week when school starts again.

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