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Comp.Object FAQ Version 1.0.9 (04-02) Part 13/13

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	OO Documentation & CASE Tool Release 1.06f

	MS-Windows 3.1

Short description:
	The tool is a complete documentation development package for
 	the following methods/notations:
	- Peter Coad's OOA method (Coad/Yourdon)
	- State Machine diagrams using a subset of SDL
	- allocation of objects to processors and processes
	- Use Case diagrams and Object Interaction diagrams
	  as proposed by Ivar Jacobson in his OOSE book

	The tool also performs verification of consistency between the 
	diagrams, and by direct coupling assures for consistent naming
	of objects and methods/services.

	The tool is build around 5 easy to use graphic editors and is 
	capable of documenting all objects, their attributes, services 
	and also associations between objects. 

	Each service may have a state machine (FSM) diagram.
	C++ Headers may be generated automatically from the OOA diagram -
	it assures consistent naming of member functions and attributes.
	The applied mark-up notation for C++ headers should be powerful 
	to give compiler ready headers for at least 80% of applications.

	For a better integrability with other windows applications and to
	allow esthetical control, the tool allows free font selection and
	a copy-paste transfer of diagrams via clipboard in meta file format 
	to e.g. Word for Windows 2.0.

	The resulting file is ASCII with open & documented format,
	i.e. it's easy to add own utilities for data extraction.

	Complete user documentation is attached in form of a hypertext
	windows-help file.

	The tools distributed as:
	- freeware for students, schools and home users
	- as shareware for others (USD $170 for corporate 1-5 user license).
	- free upgrade form 1.0x to 1.06f for registered users if they
	  fetch files from e.g. SimTel Software Repository
	- free evaluation in 4 weeks

	- an evaluation copy may be ordered from the author (USD $70, 
	  rest of the license fee if/when you register)
		Roman M. Zielinski
		Tre Kaellors Vaeg 7
		S-145 65 Norsborg
	  (You may also reach me at until July-94)

*****   Version 1.06f contains bug corrections and updates of zoom-handling.
				Roman M. Zielinski

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