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[rec.nude] REC.NUDE FAQS Part 4 of 5

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Archive-name: nude-faq/part4
Posting-Frequency: monthly
Version: 1-Jan-08
Copyright: (c) 1998-2008 Dennis Kirkpatrick
Maintainer: Dennis Kirkpatrick <>

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  REC.NUDE FAQ Part 4 of 5: The Newsgroup Itself - REV:  1-Jan-08
  Maintainer - Dennis Kirkpatrick -

  ** Rec.Nude is NOT Google Groups.  Google Groups is an interface
  that can access Usenet Newsgroups (of which rec.nude is a part)
  as well as Google's own private groups.  If you are reading this
  file from Google Groups, please take a moment to educate yourself.
  See this FAQ Part 1, Section 1.

  Curious to know if there's a beach, swimming hole, campground, club,
  or resort near you where you can enjoy nature naturally?  Here's a
  list to help you get started.

  Table of Contents:

  1.      National And International Organizations

  1.1.    The U.S.A.

  1.1.1.  American Association for Nude Recreation

  1.1.2.  The Naturist Society

  1.1.3.  The National Nudist Council of the Americas (Deleted)

  1.2.    Canada

  1.2.1.  Federation of Canadian Naturists (FCN)

  1.2.2.  Federation Quebecoise de Naturisme (FQN)

  1.3.    Other Countries

  1.3.1.  British Naturism

  1.3.2.  Australian Nudist Federation

  1.4.    International Organizations

  1.4.1.  International Naturist Federation (INF)

  1.4.2.  International Naturist Information Center

  2.      Publications

  2.1.    Guidebooks

  2.2.    Periodicals

  3.      Endmatter

  3.1.    Revision History

  1.  National And International Organizations

  1.1.  The U.S.A.

  1.1.1.  American Association for Nude Recreation

  The AANR is the premier organization of American nudist resorts and
  facilitates lobbying and education efforts, while TNS serves as a
  publishing organization emphasizing fair use of beaches and other
  public lands. There are hundreds of local clubs, camps, and resorts
  too numerous to list here.

  American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR), 1703 N. Main St.,
  Suite E, Kissimmee FL 34744-9988. (800) 879-6833; (407) 933-2064;
  (407) 933-7577 FAX.

  Web site is searchable by region and state for member clubs.

  1.1.2.  The Naturist Society

  The Naturist Society represents many of the "free beachers" and grew
  out of that phase of the nudist/naturist movement in America. The
  Naturist Action Committee, in conjunction with TNS, works with
  officials to increase public acceptance and opportunities for
  clothing-optional recreation.

  The Naturist Society (TNS) and the Naturist Action Committee (NAC), PO
  Box 132, Oshkosh WI 54902. (920) 426-5009; (920) 426-5184 FAX., E-Mail .

  Web site is searchable by state for member clubs.

  1.1.3.  The National Nudist Council of the Americas (Deleted)

  (Removed 10/05)  The untimely passing of NNC=B9s last president has=20
  seen this organization disappear from all known sources.  As such we=20
  have removed it from the FAQ.)

  1.2.  Canada

  Many Canadian clubs are AANR clubs. However, Canada has two national
  movements (one English, one French) and is the only country in the
  world to have two INF (International Naturist Federation) member
  groups because of this.

  1.2.1.  Federation of Canadian Naturists (FCN)

  FCN, PO Box 186, Islington, Ontario, Canada M9A 4X2.

  Web site is searchable by province for member clubs.

  1.2.2.  Federation Quebecoise de Naturisme (FQN)

  FQN, 4545 av. Pierre-de-Coubertin, C.P. 1000 Succarsale "M", Montreal,
  Quebec, Canada H1V 3R2. (514) 252-3014; (514) 251-8038 FAX.
  See FCN web site above for internet contect.

  1.3.  Other Countries

  1.3.1.  British Naturism

  BN, 30-32 Wycliffe Road, Northhampton NN1 5JF UK. Telephone (within
  UK): 01604 20361, (from abroad): +44 604 20361; FAX: 01604 230176.

  1.3.2.  Australian Nudist Federation

  The Secretary, ANF, P.O. Box 268, Belconnen, ACT 2617

  1.4.  International Organizations

  There are many, many countries with national organizations. For
  information on your country write to the following groups:

  1.4.1.  International Naturist Federation (INF)

  The INF Secretariat, St. Hubertusstraat 5, B-2600, Antwerpen, Belgium.
  Phone +32 3 230 05 72. Fax +32 3 281 26 07. =20

  1.4.2.  International Naturist Information Center

  International Naturist Information Center, PO Box 2082, 2800 BE Gouda,

  2.  Publications

  2.1.  Guidebooks

  -- Note: Prices may vary since the time of this publication.

  o  The North American Guide to Nude Recreation: A guide to all AANR
     members camps, resorts and non-landed clubs. $24.95 ($16.95 for
     AANR members) + $3 shipping from the AANR. Floridans add sales tax.
     200 pgs, 8 1/2 x 11, soft cover. (Quoted price approx.)

  o  World Guide to Nude Beaches & Resorts, by TNS: A Naturist
     Society publication covering the USA and 80 other countries. $28.00
     + $4 shipping in US (Outside US, by surface mail, $5 or by air,
     $10) from TNS. Credit card orders can be E-Mailed to, or faxed to (920) 426-5184.
     (Quoted price approx.)

  o  INF World Handbook - Exhaustive guide containing information on
     naturist sites, clubs, and beaches around the world. Published
     every two years. $18.95 + $3 shipping from the AANR or TNS. See
     (Quoted price approx.)

  o  There are several hot springs guides that may be useful, as well as
     guides for specific areas (California beaches, etc.).

  o  Canadian Guide to Naturist Resorts and Beaches, Federation of
     Canadian Naturists (FCN), 1991, CAN $9.95, 51 pages. Contents:
     Introduction to Naturism and its history in Canada; Listings for
     clubs, resorts, travel clubs, and 'free' beaches organized by
     geographic region: Pacific, Prairie, Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic; In
     total, covers: 27 clubs or resorts; 8 travel clubs; 4 free beaches.
     (Quoted price approx.)

  o  Some European guides (sorry no prices on some of them -- maybe
     someone can fill me in and I will post it next go around?):

  o  L'Officiel du Littoral Nudiste - French beaches only. Tells you
     where it is official, where it is tolerated, and where they impose
     fines. Written in French, with maps and access instructions.
     Editions Symbiose, 23, Rue Tronchet 75008 Paris.

  o  Guide du Tourisme de la Gironde - La Gironde is a region of South
     West France by the Atlantic Coast. The guide is updated and
     published annually. Mainstream French, official, local government
     tourist brochure, with specific entries for naturist holidays.
     Available free of charge from: Maison du Tourisme de la Gironde,
     21, Cours de l'Intendance, F-33000 Bordeaux. Tel (33) 56-52-61-40;
     Fax (33) 56-81-09-99.

  o  FKK Reisefuhrer - All over Europe. Beaches and inland. All in
     German. Contains some very beautiful photography. Price: 19,80 DM.
     ISBN 3-87261-061-9. Gloss & Co Verlagsgesellschaft, Postfach 50 03
     44, D-2000 Hamburg 50, Germany.

  o  Naturist Guide to Europe, 2 vols, 8.50 pounds per vol. Contact:
     David Martin, Coast and Country Publications, 3 Mayfield Avenue,
     Scarborough YO12 6DF UK.

  o  Naturist Guide, Holiday Centres in France, Spain and Greece -
     Published by La Vie au Soleil/Vivre Nu Magazine. In English and in
     French; very good coverage of France, but probably most useful for
     camping sites rather than holiday centres with only cottages. Price
     50 FRF. EDIBUL, BP 21, F-84570 Mormoiron, France. Tel
     +33--4-90-61-93-04; Fax +33--4-90-62-88-33.

  o  Bare Facts, A Guide to Australia's Nude and Dress Optional Clubs,
     Resorts and Beaches. Published by Australian Sun & Health. Good
     descriptions of most clubs and resorts, with contact details.
     Beaches well covered, with directions and most descriptions
     accurate. Price A$10, US$12 (air), US$9 (ea).

  o  A listing of nude beaches in Poland, in the Polish language is=20
     acceassible at the home page of Tomasz Skrzydlo at:=20

  ** Some of these publications may be out of print or have been=20
     superceded by newer revisions.  One should use available internet=20
     search services for newer publications for reference purposes.

  2.2.  Periodicals

  o  The Bulletin: Published by the AANR for its members. A monthly
     newspaper. Contains organizational business updates, club news,
     and other topics of interest to members.=20
     Subscription available with AANR membership.

  o  Nude & Natural (formerly Clothed with the Sun): A quarterly
     magazine, included in Naturist Society membership. Provides
     information about the Naturist movement on a national level. May be
     subscribed to separately.  Individual editions also available.=20

  o  Naturally - Quarterly magazine, Naturally, PO Box 317,
     Newfoundland, NJ, 07435.

  o  Naturist Life International (NLI). A subscription is $20/year (four
     issues). Personal articles, religious-bent. N. L. I., Inc., POB 300
     Troy, VT 05868. <>

  o  Hot Springs Gazette: A light-hearted travel guide for the hot
     spring enthusiast. Covers mostly western US. Four quarterly issues,
     $15 US. Hot Springs Gazette, 12 S. Benton G3, Helena MT 59601.

  o  Going Natural: Canada's National Naturist Magazine, A quarterly
     report on naturist resorts, beaches, travel, events, and all
     aspects of the naturist lifestyle. Subscription rate - $30.00
     Canadian ($35.00 Canadian) from Federation of Canadian Naturists.

  o  British Naturism: A quarterly journal of the British naturist
     movement. Contains information on France, Spain, Holland, and
     Africa, too. Sample copy, $5. Year, $12 by sea mail, $20 air mail.
     BN, 30-32, Wycliffe Road, Northampton, NN1-5JF, UK.

  o  Australian Sun & Health: A glossy color magazine published
     quarterly with lots of photos & information about the nude and
     dress optional clubs, beaches & resorts in Australia and overseas.
     Australian Sun & Health, P.O. Box 5601, Mail Centre, GOLD COAST
     4217, Australia.

   ** As with any periodicals, these are sometimes updated in title=20
     and availability.  Check with these publishers to determine what=20
     may be currently available.

  3.  Endmatter

  Copyright 1998-2008 - Dennis Kirkpatrick
  All rights reserved.  <>
  Contributions to this FAQ have been added by numerous persons since the=
  rec.nude newsgroup was founded.  This includes the various FAQ maintainer=
  and newsgroups users as well.  This body stands as a compilation of these
  efforts over time and serves as both newsgroup charter and FAQ.

  While every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this
  document, the publisher assumes no responsibility for errors or
  omissions, or for damages resulting from the use of the information
  contained herein.

  This document may be reproduced and distributed in any medium,
  physical or electronic, so long as the entire document, including this
  copyright notice and the modification date below, remains intact and
  unchanged on all copies. Commercial redistribution is permitted, but
  you may not redistribute it, in whole or in part, under terms more
  restrictive than those under which you received it. If you have
  questions regarding reproduction and/or distribution of this document,
  please contact Dennis Kirkpatrick at:

  The latest version of the FAQ is always available at the following

  rec.nude     - posted on or near the first of each month or
                 within the first 7 days (+/-) of the month.
  rec.answers  - same as above.
  news.answers - same as above.

  Your news reader program can be back-dated if you miss these postings.


  Using an FTP or "Anarchie" type program you can access the FAQ from
  this public archive.


  *( is no longer a reliable reporitory for Newsgroup
   FAQ files.  The site appears to be abandoned and has not updated
   in several years.)

  3.1.  Revision History

  This document will carry a revision history by date.  Any time a change i=
  made to any of the five sections of this FAQ the revision date will chang=
  on each section to reflect the revision date of the FAQ as a whole.  The
  revision dates will be carried in last to first order with the most recen=
  change at the top of the document.  This will allow readers to know when
  the FAQ was last updated.

  Revision  1-Jan-08 -Updated various segments to current standards.
  Revision 31-Mar-07 -Updated various sections to current requirements.
                      Removed as safe repository for FAQ.
  Revision 10-Oct-05 -Updated various sections to current requirements.
  Revision 16-Aug-03 -Updated link to Prodigy Message Board & other updates
  Revision  1-Jul-02 -Issued various corrections & updates as noted within.
  Revision  1-Nov-01 -Various updates to links and addresses.
  Revision  5-Mar-00 -Updated various web links to current requirements.
  Revision  1-Sep-99 -Updated listings for AOL, Compuserve, Prodigy, and
                      other reference material as necessary and submitted
                      by newsgroup users. Parts 1, 4 and 5 effected.
  Revision  1-Aug-98 -Updated Posting Locations of FAQ and various URL
  Revision  1-Jul-98 -Added FTP locations for FAQ.
  Revision 31-May 98 -Added HTML locations for FAQ and other link updates.
  Revision 15-May-98 -Changed information for the Nude Travel section on
                      the AOL system in Part 5 of the FAQ.
  Revision 21-Mar-98 -Corrected URL for Fed de Quebecoise de Naturisme
  Revision  1-Mar-98 -Adjusted 4 part FAQ into 5 to conform with limits of
                      web browser sizing.
  Revision 1-Feb-98 - Carried over from previous FAQ maintainer and updated
                      FAQ maintainer contact info and some access info
                      regarding the AOL Naturist/Nudist posting areas.

  Revisions Prior to January 1998 not documented.

  Please do not e-mail the FAQ maintainer with questions that may otherwise
  be answered in the newsgroup FAQ or the associated Beaches FAQ.

D. M. Kirkpatrick
FAQ & Charter Maintainer - Newsgroup: REC.NUDE

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