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Prophecies of Nostradamus: part 8/8, "Grab bag"

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"Grab Bag" (part 8)

a. Past events
b. Coverups
c. Atlantis
d. Great Genius
e. Far Future

This is a collection of quatrains in the trilogy that don't fit
elsewhere in the FAQ. They are included here as examples and hints of
the material that Nostradamus covered and the extent of his visions.
Consult D.Cannon's books for the information.
a. Past events
These are quatrains that refer to past events. I am including them
here to give the reader a way to judge Nostradamus' credibility in
prophesying. D. Cannon has hundreds of other unpublished
interpretations on the past history that would enhance his reputation
even more, but these are just the ones in her trilogy. Note that
Nostradamus dealt especially with calamitous world events like WWI
and WII, and areas of personal interest, e.g. the French Revolution
or advances in science and medicine.

Discovery of microorganisms by Pasteur. I p130 (cI-25)
WWI and WII, atomic bombing I p132 (cIII-75)
radiation from atomic bombing I p132 (cV-8)
Hitler's fall and suicide, backlash against Nazism I p 133 (cIII-36)
Japanese and German imperialism in WWII, atomic bomb I p 134 (cIV-95)
Nixon's diplomacy with China I p 135 (cII-89)
Cold war and the Cuban Missile Crisis I p 137 (cV-78)
Microchips, electronics/communication revolution I p 140 (cIII-13)
Challenger shuttle disaster, NASA politics I p 141 (cVI-34)
Misuse of Presidential office in Watergate I p 184 (cVII-41)
Abuse of power by unsavory fundamentalist leaders I p 150 (cII-27)
Rise of AIDS I p 157 (cII-53)

b. Coverups

These are some quatrains that refer to current or past situations but
are not part of recorded history due to the coverups. If evidence of
these came to light it would certainly be outstanding evidence of
Nostradamus'  capabilities for seeing the truth or at least the
significance of the D.Cannon books.

-- Secret Russian voyage to Venus I p138 (cIV-28)

The Russians sent a manned mission to Venus as a way of competing with
the American mission to the Moon. The astronauts died.

-- Secret Viet Nam involvement and POW's I p137 (cII-89)

The U.S. is covertly involved in manipulating Viet Nam political
structure and actual American prisoners are being held, not
necessarily from the war, but from the secret involvement.

c. Incidents

These are miscellaneous events predicted for our times.

-- Discovery of alien meteorite/ore I p.160 (cI-21)

Somewhere in western North America a meteorite will be found by miners
looking for ore. They think it might be radioactive but it is a
useful new element on the periodical table.

-- Tomb of ancient influential Roman philosopher discovered I p 197

The tomb of an ancient Roman figure will be discovered. The man is
famous for his philosophy and theories about everything, and his
discourses and writings on the nature of things,  which are still in
existence, and have had a profound effect on Western thought. 

d. Atlantis

I p304: Atlantean civilization existed and the people could work
stone with energies the way modern man uses concrete or metal.
Physical evidence of Atlantis is spread around the world, one site of
the civilization was in the Atlantic on a now-submerged island. The
civilization was destroyed when the earth plunged through an asteriod
field, either through accident or the deliberate intent of aliens who
felt "threatened" by advancing civilization. 

e. "Great Genius"

- The Genius will come the second generation after the Antichrist
when people of child-bearing age today have grandchildren, in the
mid-21st century. (I p 300)

- Great Genius builds space stations and successful artificial
intelligence machine, transferring his consciousness to it.
Intelligent machines used to manage space stations. Occurs in 21st or
22nd centuries. I p289 (cIV-32)

- During the time of the Great Genius  L-5 space stations will be
developed for manufacturing materials in space. Scientific base
possibly established on Mars, scientific and communications facility
established on the moon. The station will be built negligently. New
ways of collecting and distributing solar energy will be devised. I p
300 (cIX-65)

- The Great Genius will unify religion and science and explain
ancient documents, making clear the metaphysical connections between
the universe and spirituality. I p 293 (cVII-14)

- Discovery several centuries after the Great Genius intermeshes
grandly with his knowledge and allows people to burst free
from all physical bounds and limitations. I p 297 (cIII-94)

f. Far Future

I p 307 (cIV-25)

Mankind will begin to focus on developing himself spiritually. The
knowledge for the task has been in front of him but has not been
noticed or understood. When he begins to realize what is possible it
will astound him.

In the far future interstellar space travel will take place by mind
emanations and psi power, rather than mechanical means. I p 307

I p 308 (cI-17)

Long after the time of the Antichrist and the time of troubles a
"forty-cycle" drought will come about. People will survive only by
extracting water by melting ice at the poles and distilling it from
sea water. Later, the climate will become very wet and copious
flooding will occur. This is a natural cycle of the earth, and it
causes civilizations to perish during ice ages. "forty cycles" is
something like four thousand years. Man will cause the problems
because some aspect of his technology will be endangering the
delicate balance of the ecosystem enough to eventually trigger an ice

I p 311 (cX-74)

The "end of the world" will arrive after the seventh cycle which we
are currently living in. After this cycle is complete, man's
accomplishments on Earth will generally be complete, and even though
the Earth will exist for  some time forward, the wheel of karma will
no longer send man to earth but to other locations.

Human civilization will have fallen down and been rebuilt several
times. Some of the old traditions of e.g. bloody, violent gladatorial
games will be passed down through the times into the far future.

I p 312 (cI-48)

If man can avert the wars, a extensive and peaceful space  expansion
and exploration can take place, with times of growth and prosperity
for humanity. A base will be established on the moon, a major center
of communications and scientific research. The base's major purpose
is to develop freestanding or self-sufficient space stations in
various shapes. All have solar sails that provide energy.  This will
last for up to 7000 years.

The sun in our solar system will eventually explode in one last burst
of energy and then die down to nothing. This will totally incinerate
the planet, although the earth will have long since been dead.


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the united states and the united nations

Nastrodamus never referred to the united states as in america but the new world order, the united nations, the global government, elected by the global population through the internet.

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