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Prophecies of Nostradamus: part 1/8, Introduction

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Archive-name: nostradamus/part1
Version: 1.0
Last-modifed: 94/08/13

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  in part under no restrictions.

(This FAQ on Nostradamus interpretations and related material is 
  available at

FAQ: the Prophecies of Nostradamus

Introduction (part 1)

a. Introduction: _Conversations with Nostradamus_ by Dolores Cannon
b. Who was Nostradamus? What are quatrains?
c  How did Nostradamus do it?
d. Who is D.Cannon? What is "regression hypnosis"?
e. "Simultaneous time"
f. Ways to view these interpretations
g. Nostradamus on free will vs. fatalism
h. FAQ Compiler's note
e. Change history

Cast and Characters of the Time of Troubles (part 2)

a. Background/overview of the Antichrist
b. Political/religious philosophies of the Antichrist
c. The Celtic legend of the great orator
d. Death of the three popes / Catholic Church & the Antichrist
e. Assassination of the current pope
f. Second-to-last pope "swallowed" by Antichrist's schemings
g. The treachery of the final pope
h. Demise of the Catholic Church
h. Cabal's teeth in the international power flow
i. Cabal involved in military and economic conquests
j. Cabal destroyed by the Antichrist
k. Fundamentalist fanatics' infiltrations into governments
l. Manipulation of the IRA in Ireland by the underworld
m. Wealthy U.S. businessman a closet revolutionary and Nazi
o. Fundamentalist censorship
p. Terrorist assassinations

The Antichrist (part 3)

a. Antichrist's rise to power in Middle East
b. Antichrists' unified monetary system
c. Antichrist's seizure of Asia
d. Antichrist's cultural eradication & European campaign
e. Antichrist's ravage of the Catholic Church
f. Antichrist's invasion of Turkey
g. Switzerland alarmed by Antichrist's Nazism in Germany
h. International (non)reaction to the Antichrist

The Time of Troubles (part 4)

a. Volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, droughts, famines, rioting
b. Death of world leader and revolt coincides with comet
c. Fiasco from communication breakdown between two superpowers
d. Soviet/American submarine/naval confrontation
e. Crazed leader launches atom bombs on Mediterranean and Europe
f. Third world country leader creates strife
g. Antichrist profits from radar research in Europe
h. Wargame simulation by Britain in Europe leads to disaster
i. American electoral college voting stalemate
j. Earth abuse causes agricultural devastation in U.S. and Britain
k. underwater Soviet submarine base defanged by diplomacy
l. Aliens shot by paranoid nation, bacteriological agents released
m. Alien probe of the Watchers discovered by scientists

Scientific Achievements in the Time of Troubles (part 5)

a. Nostradamus on the dangers of weaponry mixed with natural disaster
b. Weather modulation devices go awry, cause ice and hail
c. Nuclear reactor meltdown near city with underground chambers
d. Space shuttle accident releases microorganisms into atmosphere
e. Devastating accidental weaponry explosions from earth tumult
f. Ruptured earth energy fields cause meteorite storm
g. Research into warping time leads to disaster
h. New, horrific, secret, radical weapons monstrosities in WWWIII
i. Atomic device creates greenhouse effect, devastates agriculture
j. Death by the "milky rain" weapon
k. "Explosion of light" causes horrible birth defects
l. The top-secret earthquake-triggering weapon ("ETW")
m. Diplomacy dies with international ETW terrorism
n. ETW unleashed on San Andreas and New Madrid faults
o. Antichrist obtains ETW through espionage, bribery, treachery
p. Death by radio waves
q. Human eugenics research advanced by the King of Terror
r. Eugenics scientists meet grisly deaths from public backlash

World War III (part 6)

a. Overview: horrible battles, weapons, devastation, death
b. Nuclear confrontation in the Middle East
c. Mediterranean campaign and the battles of Gibraltar
d. Bomb sent at New York by the Antichrist, France retaliates
e. Bacteriological warfare strikes New York and London
f. Antichrist conquers Europe
g. The Antichrist invades Britain
h. The crucial meeting on the naval carrier
i. Seas, rivers, lakes boil; famines lead to insane cannibalism
j. Antichrist's commander succumbs to key strategic failure
k. Russia breaks free of the Antichrist
l. North Pole Alliance of North America, Europe, Russia forms
m. Ogmios confronts the Antichrist, fate of world in balance
n. Antichrist eventually dethroned

The geological and spiritual earth shift (part 7)

a. Timing
b. The end of civilization 
c. Geography
d. Preparations/Survival
e. Old vs. Young Souls
f. The New Age of spiritual rebirth
g. Reawakening of freedoms an rights
h. Peace after WWWIII
i. Spirituality transcends technology
j. Feminine aspects of God revered again
k. More open, frequent contact with aliens
l. "Green" revolution, return to the land
m. Scientific discoveries reaffirm Eastern religion
n. Great Genius unifies religion and science
o. Great Genius discovers the science of miracles
p. Astonishing feats of medicine
q. New philosophy of the Age of Aquarius

"Grab Bag" (part 8)

a. Past events
b. Coverups
c. Atlantis
d. Great Genius
e. Far Future

a. Introduction: _Conversations with Nostradamus_ by D.Cannon

This is a compilation and consolodation  of key information from the
books in the trilogy, _Conversations with Nostradamus_ by Dolores
Cannon. Volumes I and II are available from America West Publishers,
P.O. Box 986, Tehachapi, CA 93581, ph (805) 822-9655. Volume III is
available from Ozark Mountain Publishers, P.O. Box 754, Huntsville,
AR  72740-0754. A good introduction to the overall project and
relationship between D.Cannon, her subjects, Nostradamus, and the
quatrains can be found in chapter 7 of I.

This first version of this FAQ paraphrases the first book in her
trilogy. Subsequent versions will incorporate material from the
second two books. The FAQ consists mainly of paraphrases from the
books (which are almost entirely the verbatim, directly  channeled
material from the D.Cannon subjects) with some "overview

I have dealt exclusively with D.Cannon's books because they appear to
me to be the utmost authoritative reference of all accumulated
literature on the subject and at the same time its apocalyptic
messages beg  for further exposure beyond its current semi-obscurity.
In particular I've tried to focus on future events, the "warnings",
the secret conspiracies, plans, and weaponry of the Cabal and the
Antichrist, and the relationships to electronic communications
(although the latter is covered in the second and third books of the
trilogy, not yet incorporated into this FAQ).

In this FAQ, the books of the D. Cannon trilogy are abbreviated in
this text as "I-III" with page numbers. Quatrains are abbreviated
"c[x]-[y]" where 'c' stands for "Century", [x] is the book, and [y]
is the quatrain number. In some cases, particularly in the second and
third books, Nostradmus went into a sort of "free association" mode
where his messages were not directly related to particular quatrains,
and in this case the page number in the trilogy alone is given. I
have not included the quatrains themselves in this version of the
FAQ,  future versions may incorporate them directly.


This is only a reorganization of material given elsewhere.
I have strived to organize it into a more streamlined version than
given in the original books. However, I strongly advise the serious
reader to read the D.Cannon books. The major possibility for
misinterpretation in this FAQ is in the time sequence of events,
which Nostradamus tends to be obscure in defining, even in these new,
direct, translations (he does not appear capable of discriminating
the time resolution under a few years, and the dates he does give are
given in terms of maddeningly unfocused astrological alignments).  A
significant deal of guesswork is still involved in dating the precise
sequence of events.


I am explicitly renouncing any rights to this work. You are free to
redistribute it in any way, in whole or in part, under no
restrictions. I do ask that you try to retransmit it in whole form if
possible, or at least include the entire table of contents.

However, be aware that much of this FAQ is a very close paraphrase of
the books that some may argue would border on copyright infringement.
I personally think the data is far to important to be subject to
petty feuds about ownership and that the whole idea is contrary to
intellectual freedom (and I intend that the ultimate effect be that
far more people are exposed to her works than would have otherwise
occured, and that this will lead to greater sales and distribution of
them). But on the other hand I condemn anyone who redistributes this
FAQ with the sole intent of alone profiting from my own intense work
on it. Let your conscience be your guide, email me if you have
doubts, and if you don't have a conscience, we'll both be far better
off if I *don't* hear from you.

My Note to Enemies

Just as D. Cannon wrote that she fully expected to be accused of
perpetuating a massive hoax, and actually published the books at
great personal risk under her real name, I fully expect to be subject
to vicious attacks for this "exercise in conscience". I have
absolutely no use for closeminded, ignorant people jamming my mailbox
with naive and uninformed vitriol. However, if you must have an
outlet, feel free to post it to  alt.prophecies.nostradamus, and
everyone else will feel free to ignore you.

I expect to see many variations of veiled or direct attacks on these
predictions. However, those that most upset me are by people who
consider themselves "skeptics" or of "scientific" background. Many
would argue that the burden of proof is on D.Cannon and others
(such as myself) who promote the material to defend it. This is 
certainly true to a point, but I think the idea that skepticism
is at the core of science is somewhat erroneous. 

The essence of science to me is skeptical *inquiry*, not mere
skepticism. The skepticism is the conservative aspect of science, and
the inquiry is the enthusiastic, passionate, exploratory phase. There
cannot be true progress unless the two are in harmony. With only pure
skepticism, one becomes paralyzed from further progress. With only
enthusiasm, one becomes overly gullible and credulous. So to those of
you who challenge these predictions on scientific grounds, I
challenge you to explore them before you dismiss them, to at least
read the books and build an informed opinion that is not based on a
merely vacuous "knee jerk".

A famous quotation by Newton on his deathbed went along the lines,
"All my life I have felt as if I have been exploring a shore and
looking at a few pretty shells here and there, while the whole ocean
of truth lay undiscovered before me." Arrogant scientists may
disagree, but I think Newton was right on. I believe that those who
think that science in its present state has largely conquered
reality, with a few uncooperative islands of the unexplained
remaining, are mistaken. To the contrary, in my opinion, our science
has mastered only tiny pockets of truth in a vast landscape, and
Nostradamus' capabilities and predictions are (or will be)
bone-jarring evidence of our astonishing overall ignorance of the

b. Nostradamus and his "quatrains"

Nostradamus was a physician and prophet of the 16th century living in
France at the time of the Inquisition. He was recognized as a
brilliant physician who knew effective measures against the plague
victims of the time, a rarity in his profession. Nostradamus as a
seer wrote about 946 "quatrains", or four line poems,  about his
visions collected over his lifetime. The quatrains are enveloped in
deeply obscure, twisted, nested symbolism and encryptions (such as
anagrams, different languages, etc.) that is virtually impossible to
untangle by a casual observer. Perhaps the greatest difficulty was
that he intentionally scrambled them in terms of their historical
order. For an excellent biography of Nostradamus see ch. 30 of II, 
"Research into Nostradamus' Life". Other glimpses of his life are
especially prevalent in II.

Quatrains I have found particularly evocative and masterful in
symbolism and interpretation, and serve as examples of Nostradamus'
intents and talents, are I p 140, cIII-13, microchips and
electricity, cIV-29, p 283, the dichotomy of technology vs.
spirituality in the 20th century, and cII-75, I p 257, a plane lands
on the deck of an aircraft carrier in a pivotal moment of WWWIII.

c. How did Nostradamus do it?

The D.Cannon books I-III contain a great deal of information on
Nostradamus' techniques, which came from a variety of sources. First,
he acknowledges he was born with an inner "sixth sense", i.e. a
strong intuition and great psychic abilities. Secondly he had
enormous drive to develop it. His grandfather apparently passed him
books on witchcraft that allowed him to experiment with some rituals.
He also had access to "lost" manuscripts handed down outside of the
libraries of the time. He talks about guides  from the astral plane
and from other worlds who helped him. Some pointed him in the
direction of esoteric plant recipes and mind-enhancing drugs (but he
emphasized they only enhanced his powers and were not the source of
them). One apparently bestowed on him a mirror during one of his
meditations. The mirror was especially important to his predictions.

Nostradamus also talked of using different crystals to focus on
various telepathic frequencies. Occasionally he refers to staring at
fire or water (such as in a bowl on a tripod) as a way of focusing
his mind. He had access to some lost works of mysticism from his
travels (apparently to some Moslem lands). He communicated with other
expert astrologers and mystical teachers. However it is possible that
some of his notes about and explanations of his techniques were a
means of throwing the Inquisition off track.

One of the most amazing possibilities explored in various places in
the D.Cannon books was that in a sort of "twist of time"  Nostradamus
was tapping into the subconscious of the people from the future who
contacted him. D.Cannon talks about this in the introduction of II.

Some have wondered about Nostradamus' healing capabilities. He talks
about a sort of holistic approach to health and reveals that he was
skillful in avoiding the shock that was induced in many patients of
surgeons at the time using psychic approaches. He talked about the
importance of the "aura" of the person in determining the health of
the patient and criticized the practice of treating symptoms. He said
that a patient will find some other way to make themselves sick if
their critical mental attitude is  awry. He talked about cancer being
caused by deeply ingrained self-sabotaging thoughts. Nostradamus also
confirmed what many have speculated, that he was able to see future
approaches to treating the diseases he encountered (such as the
plague) and adopt key aspects of the techniques.

d. D.Cannon & regression hypnosis

Dolores Cannon is a regression hypnotist, meaning that she uses
hypnotism as a technique for past-life regressions wherein the
subject can recall details from an earlier incarnation on the earth
plane.  One of her subjects recalled a past life as a student of
Nostradamus and helped interpret his quatrains. Through the student,
Nostradamus gave D.Cannon the task of translating the quatrains into
modern language free of the convoluted symbolism he wrapped them in
to avoid persecution under the Inquisition.

For the books, she used multiple subjects as channels, giving them a
first name pseudonym in the books. "Elena" was the first subject 
through whom contact was made; she was Nostradamus' student Dionysis
in the  past life. See the early chapters of I.

"I have never been in doubt that I am truly in contact with the
physical Nostradamus while he is alive in his lifetiem in France
during the 1500s." (I p117)

D. Cannon has written other books, _Keepers of the Garden_, _A
Conversation with a Spirit_, _A Soul Remembers Hiroshima_, and _Jesus
and the Essenes_.

e. "Simultaneous Time"

"Simultaneous time" is a difficult concept that refers to the illusion
of earthly time seen from higher spiritual planes. Between lives, the
soul has the capability to review lifetimes free of the constraints
of time. This state of consciousness is also achieved in
hypnoregression subjects who are highly "sonambulistic", i.e.
conducive to deep trance states. They can review not only past
lifetimes but future ones. But beyond this, it is as if they are
actually living them at the moment they describe them. So, for
example, the student of Nostradamus that D.Cannon   regressed would
see herself and Nostradamus as actually living, and Nostradamus would
be communicating directly from his own time to ours as a living
person. D.Cannon describes this subject in ch.2 of II.

f. Ways to view Nostradamus and the prophecies

One can view the interpretations "channelled" by the D.Cannon subjects
as the actual pronouncements of a living Nostradamus during his time,
sent to us via circumstances bordering on the miraculous, as a
channelling of Nostradamus from the afterlife (although the
"Nostradamus" personality in the books insists this is definitely not
the case) or merely as a new interpretation of his quatrain from
"some source" (for a skeptic the "source" might be the "imagination
of subject's subconscious"). Either way the interpretations given by
D.Cannon are the most clear and striking of all available in the
literature, and the least permeated with confused speculation.

A scathing work of criticism and ridicule has been levelled at
Nostradamus by the famous "debunker", James Randi. Nevertheless,
buried in the unparalleled closemindedness and vitriol, Randi makes
some reasonable points, the most damning of which, reiterated by the
skeptics through the centuries, is that Nostradamus' "predictions"
are veiled in such obscure symbolism that they could mean anything,
and that interpretations are impossible in the absence of precision
in language. He has a very valid point. 

But the works of D.Cannon give us a renewed, fresh perspective into
the matter. Not only are the past predictions laid bare, but so are
all the future ones. These books give a very *precise* vision of the
future, with a rigor bordering on the quality of even scientific
papers (which themselves contain speculation and a lack of confidence
and absolute specificity at times). Perhaps the skeptics can argue
that the "fulfillment" of all his prior prophecies were merely due to
the creative interpretations or vivid imaginations of enthusiastic
supporters. But they will not be able to deny the reality of these
explicit visions as (or "if", as the case may be) it unfolds before

If one takes the D.Cannon books as truly channeling Nostradamus, the
ultimate measure of Nostradamus' true talents will be revealed
shortly for us all to personally witness and attest to the presence
or lack thereof. And even if one ignores the Nostradamus aspect,
leaving aside for a moment the question of the "source" of the
predictions, the D.Cannon books contain a treasure trove of specific,
"falsifiable" predictions about our near future. Here is something
that is not buried in mysticism or obscurity and is open to any one
who has an open mind.

g. Free will vs. Fatalism

Nostradamus' preponderance of bleak and horrid  prophecies sometimes
have the effect of causing people to adopt an attitude of resigned
nihilism or fatalism. "What's the use?" But this is precisely the
mental attitude that he was fervently attacking. The earth
history-flow has a kind of "inertia" that he learned to read through
his highly refined and developed mental concentration. If we continue
on our present path, i.e. the "course of least resistance", the worst
of the horrible, apocaplyptic visions will be realized. But through
focused thought and determination the most severe scenarios can be

In the D.Cannon book Nostradamus repeatedly emphasizes the urgency of
his mission and his frustration with man's apathy in the face of his
predictions. In one channeling, the subject said that "his psychic
abilities are so profound and developed  that had he lived in other
times he might have been revered almost as a God, but in the
Inquisition his talent was wasted." Nostradamus was something like a
psychoanalyst for the entire human race, and was quite frustrated
with his patient's continual tendency to  sabotage and destroy
himself in spite of the doctor's--literally--divinely inspired

Another interesting theme is that Nostradamus, in II, seems to
indicate that the Antichrist is the embodiment of all evil in mankind
since the time of creation. In other words, our own evil thoughts and
deeds contribute indirectly and directly to the terrible crescendo
his horrible nature. The grisly earthly drama with him in the
starring role, foretold for centuries as far back as the Old
Testament of the Bible, is actually a lesson of the highest order for
us to clean our own mental and bodily temples of the encrusted
pollution of ages. The awesome power of our own thoughts will
confront us face to face. Just as the atrocities and genocide that
Hitler perpetrated under the name of the Reich are the logical
conclusion of insane fascism, racism, intolerance, and imperialism,
the shrieking crescendo of WWWIII is the embodiment of all our hidden
and concealed crimes against our fellow humans.

I would like to bring out an example of the importance and 
interpretation that should be attributed to Nostradamus' prophecies.
In I p 141 (cVI-34) he correctly foresees the Challenger shuttle
disaster. But in his interpretation, he also indicates that NASA
would coverup the source of failure and not reveal it to the general
public. This arguably occurred, but because of the dynamic efforts of
one man in particular *outside* of NASA, the truth of the disaster
has probably in fact been revealed.

The man is the eminent physicist Richard Feynman, who wrote about his
experience on the Challenger investigation committee in his book,
"What do you care what other people think, Mr. Feynman?" Throughout
his great work one can see very directly the efforts of NASA
administrators to put up a smokescreen to the public and defy his
determined, heroic efforts to find the truth. Did he indeed thwart
one of Nostradamus' many uncanny and depressing predictions? Can this
be regarded as a case of the power of an individual to defy the
smothering inertia of foretold negativity? Of the power of each one
of use to untangle and defy secret conspiracies, and those who derive
their power through the concealment of truth, and greedily, madly
clutch it? 

Nostradamus refers to many different dark secrets of our times,
ranging from the Cabal that manipulates the world economy and
military conflicts to the unspeakably horrible secret military weapon
researches. Are we to assert that we have no influence over those who
attempt to conceal truth from us? Or would the world be a far better
place if we all had the dogged determination and curiosity that
Feynman embodied? The courage to defy and transcend people who say
"you don't know what you're doing and you have no place in this
matter"? Or not be bludgeoned into  silent submission  by keywords
like "matter of national security"? as our governments develop the
most grisly weapons of destruction ever conceived in the history of

Nostradamus' underlying, "golden" message is that every individual 
contributes to the flow of history, that free will exists and can
avert disaster through sensible use--but apathy is perhaps the most
negative and lethal contribution of all.

-- I. p 66

"There is free will. He wants you to know about them so the worse
effects can be avoided."

-- I. p 57

"Do not feel that civilization as we know it--or to be more
correct--as you know it, has a hopeless future. He says that with the
ability to understand what can happen with a planet and to have new
awareness within yourselves, that could always change the event of

"Even a shift in the axis?"


-- From the jacket of I, D.Cannon:

"Nostradamus believed, as I do, in the theory of `probable futures',
of nexus on the lines of time with many possible courses branching
off in all directions. He believed that if man had the knowledge he
could see which time line his future was headed down and reverse it
before it was too late."

h. FAQ Compiler's note

What is my motivation for writing this "FAQ"? In short I find these
books  absolutely mesmerizing. They have opened up whole new
exhilarating research  avenues for me, and I have seen deeply
receptive curiosity to the ideas out in cyberspace. However, the
books, from the perspective of pure prophecy,  have exceedingly
scattered organization and superfluous and irrelevant detail and are
in desperate need of further editing, condensing, cross reference,
and interpretation. (This is not to criticize the fantastic trilogy
as it is intended, i.e., in addition to imparting the formal
interpretations, to paint the  fascinating, shining,
previously-unknown personality and life of Nostradamus.) 

But more generally I believe Nostradamus stands above humanity as a
man of the highest calibre and integrity. His sheer *gift* for
prophecy is repeatedly reinforced by the occurence of truly foretold
events as unparalled in history. I want to help spread the brilliant
light of his prophecies into our tumultuous, critical era of "The

The elements that most disturbed me of Nostradamus' prophecies were
the predictions of an apocalypse for  civilization. Like most people,
I generally think we live in a  great society unparalleled in
history. What is the future of cyberspace if the entire world and its
current massive  communications infrastructures will be devastated?

The predictions that related the Antichrist's mad massacres for world
power as involving the manipulation and debasement of international
communications networks utterly stunned me. But it fit in with my
beliefs that we are forging these vast electronic networks with very
little concentrated thought, planning, or understanding, with no
concept of the vast power of the psychic energies we are tinkering
with and unleashing, like an uncontained and uncontrolled explosion,
and that Murphy's law that "if anything can go wrong it will" could
apply on a cataclysmic global scale. But the most psyche-shattering
revelation in these books for me, that the biblical Beast alluded to
is referring to  *computers*, above all else has convinced me of the
absolutely cosmic significance of Nostradamus' prophecies and the
cut-to-the-bone relevance to *our* times, *now*. (See II, chapter 14:
"666: the Secret Number of the Beast").

Finally, Nostradamus seems to allude to a sort of future Inquisition
and period of martial law during  which materials conflicting with
the Antichrist's philosophy and agenda of world conquest will be
suppressed. So I am "seizing the moment" and consolodating a large
amount of material for maximum distribution  in a short amount of
time while cyberspace is still healthy, innocent, robust, and
unadulterated. I encourage you to  help redistribute this document as
widely as possible in any form in any  forum or medium. I also
encourage you to buy D.Cannon's trilogy for the ultimate reference, a
sort of "Handbook for the Global Apocalypse".

Above all, I hope that you will help play a positive role in the
cosmic drama that is unfolding before us. Will you be "another brick
in the wall" of the Antichrist? Or will you help to bring a new era
of peace, prosperity, and spiritual advancement to yourself and your
fellow man? Nostradamus emphasized that we still have free will, that
his  prophecies are only based on a sort of "momentum" that the world
course is taking and that can be reversed by the awesome force of
personal, conscious, thoughtful, focused, virtuous choices and

e. Change history

v1.0 8/13/94

Initial revision. Book I only. Parts 1-8.

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the united states and the united nations

Nastrodamus never referred to the united states as in america but the new world order, the united nations, the global government, elected by the global population through the internet.

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