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Section - C3.2 Activities

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C3.2.1  Tramping

There is extensive tramping in NZ with a range of experience to suit any
enthusiast.  See the tramping faq by available via ftp
as:    pub/misc/tramping.faq

Also available is:
a collection of misc other pictures and text that doesnt quite fit the FAQ
(it wants to be an html documnet when it grows up). Thanks, KLox.

The Department of Conservation has several pamphlets available.  Try
writing to their head office at PO Box 10420, Wellington, phone 04-4710726.


C3.2.2  Skiing

There are something like 28 ski fields in NZ, only 5 of which are in the
North Island.  Snow-making equipment is keeping the main fields open for
longer now.  Ski season is May/July? to August/October? depending on the
weather that year.



C3.2.3  Climbing/Mountaineering

There is extensive mountaineering and rock climbing available.  The highest
mountains are in the South Island, but the volcanoes of the north possess
their own challenge.  Snow and ice climbing is available on faces up to
2300 metres high.  Multi-pitch alpine rock routes are also available,
sometimes on excellent rock.  Crags abound on both islands, but are
probably more extensive in the south.  There is a wide variety of rock
types available.

The New Zealand Alpine Club now has a web site at:
with information about the club, about climbing and outdoor activities in
NZ, and links to related sites.

There is a web site at:
but access is restricted to within NZ only (costs and all that).


C3.2.4  Watersports

New Zealanders are renowned for their love of activites in, on, or near the
water.  We have produced some of the worlds top sailors and boat designers.
Sea kayaking is getting popular.  There is a guide book for Tasman Bay and
the Marlborough Sounds.  For more information on seakayaking, email


C3.2.5  Whale/Dolphin Watching

This is becoming very popular around the Kaikoura area (north-eastern South
Island) particularly now that the area's part of the new world whale
sanctuary.  Highly recommended.

Justine Lee wrote:
"However, the service itself is heavily dependent on the weather.  If the
seas are too big, the boats won't go out.  Often you can't know until say,
half an hour before you're 'sposed to go out if they will or not, when the
weather is a bit dodgy.  If you do decided to come down and do the whale
thing it would pay to book in, to avoid disappointment.  Sometimes thay can
be booked up say 2 weeks in advance.  Whale Watch Kaikoura Ltd are the main
outfit.  There is also another firm who take you out in a helicopter or a
plane - not suprisingly this is more expensive.  There is also an outfit
who take you swimming with the dolphins.

"If your travel agent can't help you find out more information - generally
or re bookings - drop a line to the newsgroup and I'm sure one of
us will help you out."


C3.2.6  Pubs To Go To/Nightlife

Can't give you much on this, I spend too much time editing this damned faq!
For a comprehensive FAQ on NZ beer, contact:


C3.2.7  Anything Else????

Baldwin Street, Dunedin, is apparently the steepest (suburban?) street in
the world.  It's the scene of an annual running race to the top and back,
and apparently one has to be very careful when parking and entering and
exiting drives as there's a distinct chance of rolling over!

Simon Lyall has suggested the Hamilton Balloon Festival, but I regret news
of that has not reached this far south (yet?).

I've mentioned the trip to Kapiti Island elsewhere.
Anything else you people want to include???

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