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                             Version 5.7
                             Compiled by
                           Jeroen Schipper

                             Part 1 of 2


Welcome to the Marillion FAQ! The purpose of this FAQ is to
provide some basic background information about the band and their music.
This will (hopefully) prevent these questions from being asked over and
over again by new subscribers to the list, which can be irritating for
other readers who have seen the answers before.  Many of the given answers
to the questions are taken from back issues of the Freaks digests. I'm
sorry, but I can't credit everyone whose explanations I used to put this
list together. It's teamwork!

Special thanks go to Brian Vogelsang for writing the first section and
proofreading this FAQ list, to Ken Bibb for proofreading and correcting
the second version and for setting up the automatic posting of the list.
To Geoff Parks who helped a lot with Garden Party / Fifteen Stone First
Footer / Geezabun and other questions! Thanks to Tim Glasswell for
providing the discography for the Europeans and How We Live.

Other thank-you's go to Jason Giles, Jose Garcia, John Nash, Kristine
Kuss, Micheal J. Loux, Jr., Steve Chew, David Halm, Steve Smoot, Magne
Bergland, Andrew Brooks, Jeremy Lawrence, Lorna Banks, Dan Newcombe, Ben
Jos Walbeehm, Kenneth Drew, Frans P. de Vries, Duncan J. Batey, Erwin
Gavic, John McCartney, Mikko Hanninen, Fraser Charlton, Tim Kirby, Tim
Hudson, Mike Collins, Tim Glasswell, Bert ter Steege, Angus Mair, Dave
Robbins, Per-Karsten A. Nordhaug, Julie Wynne and Tony Wood for their
feedback on the faq list. Thanks all!

Mention to Graham Orndorff for starting the original Freaks list. You are
remembered :). And mention to Ken Bibb who started, when
Graham had to give up "his" list, and later moved it to and
assisted in the move to Also a big thank-you to Pierre-Yves Lochou
for converting this FAQ into hypertext format.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me via
electronic mail.

Freak on!

Jeroen Schipper (

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Oct 4, 2021 @ 3:03 am
What a vile, ignorant, and socially divisive set of lyrics. Envy is a dangerously subtle beast; its victims mistake it for moral indignation.

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