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FAQ: IRON MAIDEN Frequently Asked Questions, part 2/2 (monthly post)

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Archive-name: music/iron-maiden-faq/part2
Last-modified: 1996/12/16
Version: 1.35

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FAQ  [2/2]

-->> 27 <<--  IRON MAIDEN Complete Discography

* NOTE:  All release dates are for the United Kingdom, and are as accurate as
         I could find!

Last corrections: 95/11/25 (thanks go to Olaf Greve <>)

Date      Title                                              Label/
80/04/14  Iron Maiden                                        EMI EMC 3330
          As CD                                              CDP 7 91415 2
          Re-issued on Fame, May '85                        FAME FA 41 3121 1
95/10/??  CD re-release includes bonus CD with Sanctuary/    EMI CDEM 1570
          Burning Ambition/Drifter (Live)/I've Got The
          Fire (Live)
81/02/02  Killers                                            EMI EMC 3357
          As CD                                              CDP 7 91416 2
          Re-issued on Fame, May '85                        FAME FA 41 3122 1
95/10/??  CD re-release includes bonus CD with Twilight      EMI CDEM 1571
          Zone/Women In Uniform/Invasion/Phantom Of The
          Opera (Live)
82/03/29  The Number Of The Beast                            EMI EMC 3400
          Also on picture disc                               EMI EMCP 3400
          As CD  (Released 1/87)                             CDP 7 46364 2
          Re-issued on Fame, May '87                         FAME FA 3178
95/10/??  CD re-release includes bonus CD with Total         EMI CDEM 1572
          Eclipse/Remember Tomorrow (Live)
83/05/16  Piece Of Mind                                      EMI EMA 800
          gatefold sleeve
          US pressing picture disc (includes
          Cross-Eyed Mary)                                   SEAX-12306
          As CD  (Released 12/86)                            CDP 7 46363 2
          Re-issued on Fame, (when?)                       FAME FA 41 3245 1
95/10/??  CD re-release includes bonus CD with I've Got      EMI CDEM 1573
          The Fire/Cross Eyed Mary
84/09/03  Powerslave                                         EMI POWER 1
          Also on picture disc                               EMI POWERP 1
          As CD                                              CDP 7 46045 2
          Re-issued on Fame, (when?)                       FAME FA 41 3244 1
95/10/??  CD re-release includes bonus CD with Rainbow's     EMI CDEM 1574
          Gold/Mission From 'Arry/King Of Twilight/The
          Number Of The Beast (Live)
85/10/14  Live After Death                                   EMI RIP 1
          As CD  (Released 12/85)                            CDP 7 46186 2
          Also as twin cassette, cassette #1                 TC-EMC-240426
                                 cassette #2                 TC-EMC-240427
95/10/??  CD re-release includes bonus CD with Losfer        EMI CDEM 1575
          Words (Big 'Orra)/Sanctuary/Murders In The Rue
          Morgue (all live)
86/09/29  Somewhere In Time                                  EMI EMC 5132
          As CD  (Released 10/86)                            CDP 7 46341 2
95/10/??  CD re-release includes bonus CD with Reach Out/    EMI CDEM 1576
          Juanita/Sheriff Of Huddersfield/That Girl
88/04/11  Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son                       EMI EMD 1006
          As CD                                              EMI CDEMD 1006
          Also on picture disc, with free banner             EMPD 1006
95/10/??  CD re-release includes bonus CD with Black Bart    EMI CDEM 1577
          Blues/Massacre/Prowler '88/Charlotte The Harlot
          '88/Infinite Dreams (Live)/The Clairvoyant
          (Live)/The Prisoner (Live)/Killers (Live)/Still
          Life (Live)
90/01/10  No Prayer For The Dying                            EMI EMD 1017
          As CD                                              EMI CDEMD 1017
          Limited Edition blood red vinyl                    EPIC E 46905
          Also with die-cut cover picture disc               EMI EMDPD 1017
95/10/??  CD re-release includes bonus CD with All In Your   EMI CDEM 1578
          Mind/Kill Me Ce Soir/I'm A Mover/Communication
92/05/11  Fear Of The Dark (gatefold sleeve)                 EMI EMD 1032
          As CD                                              EMI CDEMD 1032
          Also on Australasian tour edition CD with          EMI 7808612
          Tailgunner/Holy Smoke/The Assassin
          (recorded live at Wembley on 17 Dec 90)
95/10/??  CD re-release includes bonus CD with Nodding       EMI CDEM 1579
          Donkey Blues/Space Station No. 5/I Can't See My
          Feelings/Roll Over Vic Vella/No Prayer For The
          Dying (Live)/Public Enema No. 1 (Live)/Hooks In
          You (Live)
93/03/22  A Real Live One                                EMI EMD 1042
          Also with gatefold sleeve                      EMI EMD 1042
          As CD                                          CDP 0777 7 81456 2 2
93/10/18  A Real Dead One                                EMI EMD 1048
          Also with gatefold sleeve                      EMI EMD 1048
          As CD                                          CDP 0777 7 89248 2 1
93/11/08  Live At Donington '92
          Limited Edition 3-LP (5,000 released)          EMI DON 1
          Also as 2-CD set
          Also on cassette
94/??/??  Maiden England CD & Video Double Pack		 7243 4 91310 3 3
95/10/02  The X Factor
          As CD                                          EMI CDEMD 1087
96/09/??  Best Of The Beast (compilation)


Date      Title                                              Label/
79/11/10  The Soundhouse Tapes  (with Invasion/Iron Maiden/
          Prowler) - Very raw, and slower.                   Rock Hard/ROK 1
80/02/15  Metal For Muthas (Compilation)                     EMI EMC 3318
          Only 2 tracks - Sanctuary and Wrathchild
          Both quite raw.
80/02/08  Running Free/Burning Ambition                      EMI 5032
80/05/23  Sanctuary/Drifter (Live)/I've Got The Fire (Live)  EMI 5065
          Also on cassette                                   EMI TC IM1
80/05/16  Sanctuary/Prowler/Drifter (Live)/I've Got The      ?
          Fire (Live)
80/10/27  Women In Uniform/Invasion                          EMI 5105
80/10/27  Women In Uniform/Invasion/Phantom Of The
          Opera (Live) - Limited Edition 12"                 12 EMI 5105
??/??/??  Iron Maiden Live!! +One EP (Sanctuary/Phantom      EMS-41001
          Of The Opera/Drifter/Women in Uniform) Japan
??/??/??  Women In Uniform/Drifter/Phantom Of The Opera      1C 062-07 418 YZ
	  (All Live) Special Live EP
80/10/??  Axe Attack (K-Tel Records Compilation)             K-TEL NE 1100
          One demo track - Running Free
81/03/02  Twilight Zone/Wrathchild                           EMI 5145
          Also on cassette                                   TCEMI 5145
          Also on red or clear vinyl                         EMIC 5145
          Also on 12"			                     1C 052-07 462 YZ
81/06/15  Purgatory/Ghengis Khan                             EMI 5184
81/09/14  Maiden Japan (E.P.)  (a.k.a. Heavy Metal Army)
          Running Free/Remember Tomorrow/Killers/Innocent
          Exile (All Live)                                   EMI 5219
          Also on 12"                                        12 EMI 5219
          (US Release has extra track - Wrathchild (Live))   MLP 15000
82/02/12  Run To The Hills/Total Eclipse                     EMI 5263
          Also on 7" picture disc                            EMIP 5263
          Also on 12"                                        1C K052-07 604 ZA
82/04/26  The Number Of The Beast/Remember Tomorrow          EMI 5287
          Also on red or clear vinyl                         EMI 5287
          Also on 12"                                        1A K052-1076386
          Also on cassette                                   EMI TC IM3
83/04/11  Flight Of Icarus/I've Got The Fire                 EMI 5378
	  Also on 12"					     1C K052-07 721 Z
          Also on 12" picture disc                           12 EMIP 5378
          Also on cassette                                   TC IM4
83/06/20  The Trooper/Cross-Eyed Mary                        EMI 5397
          Also on cut to shape picture disc (cut-out)        EMIP 5397
          Also on 12"
          Also on cassette                                   EMI TC IM5
84/08/06  2 Minutes To Midnight/Rainbow's Gold 7"            PM102?
          2 Minutes To Midnight/Rainbow's Gold/
          Mission From 'Arry (bonus track on 12")            12 EMI 5489
          Also on picture disc                               12 EMIP 5489
          Also a rare special promo video
84/10/22  Aces High/King Of Twilight                         EMI 5502
84/10/22  Aces High/King Of Twilight/The Number Of The
          Beast (Live) (bonus track on 12")                  12 EMI 5502
          Also on 12" picture disc                           12 EMIP 5502
          Also on cassette                                   EMI TC IM7
85/09/23  Running Free/Sanctuary  (All Live)                 EMI 5532
          Also in special double-sided wrap-around poster
          sleeve [poster bag] (proceeds donated to Anti-
          Heroin campaign, City Roads, Kick The Habit,
          Still Waters)                                      EMI 5532
85/09/23  Running Free/Sanctuary/Murders In The Rue
          Morgue (All Live) (bonus track on 12")             12 EMI 5532
          Also on 12" picture disc                           12 EMIP 5532
          Also on cassette                                   EMI TCIM 10
85/12/02  Run To The Hills/Phantom Of The Opera (All Live)   EMI 5542
          (early releases include band Xmas card)
          with Losfer Words (Bonus on 12", also Live)        12 EMI 5542
          Also on 12" picture disc                           12 EMIP 5542
          Also on cassette                                   EMI TC IM11
86/09/06  Wasted Years/Reach Out                             EMI 5583
          Also on 7" computer-shaped picture disc            EMIP 5583
86/09/06  Wasted Years/Reach Out/Sheriff Of Huddersfield
          (Bonus track on 12")                               12 EMI 5583
          Also on cassette                                   EMI TC IM8
86/11/22  Stranger In A Strange Land/That Girl
          (Limited edition in double-sided fold-out poster
          [poster sleeve])                                   EMI 5589
86/11/26  Stranger In A Strange Land/That Girl/Juanita
          (Bonus track on 12" + picture disc)                12 EMI 5589
          Also on 12" picture disc                           12 EMIP 5589
          Also on cassette                                   EMI TC IM9
87/05/??  Interview picture disc                             Baktabak BAK 203
88/03/20  Can I Play With Madness/Black Bart Blues           EMI EM 49
          Also as shaped picture disc                        EMI EMP 49
          With sticker and transfer                          EMI EMS 49
88/03/20  Can I Play With Madness/Black Bart Blues/Massacre  EMI 12EM 49
          (bonus track on 12" + CD single)
          Also on picture disc                               12EMP 49 B
          And CD                                             EMCD 49
88/08/01  The Evil That Men Do/Prowler '88                    "  EM 64
          Also in gatefold sleeve                            EMG 64B
          And shaped picture disc                            EMP 64
88/08/01  The Evil That Men Do/Prowler '88/
          Charlotte The Harlot '88
          (Bonus track on 12" + CD single)                    " 12EM 64
          Also in poster sleeve				     12 EMS 64
          And CD                                             CDEM 64
88/11/07  The Clairvoyant/The Prisoner (Live)                "  EM 79
          Also in clear vinyl with poster sleeve             EMS 79
          And a shaped picture disc                          EMP 79
88/11/06  The Clairvoyant/The Prisoner/
          Heaven Can Wait (All Live)
          (bonus track on 12" + CD single)                   EMI 12EM 79
          Also as picture disc                               12EMP 79
          Gatefold sleeve                                    12EMG 79
          As CD                                              CDEM 79
89/11/06  Infinite Dreams/Killers (All Live)
          As shaped picture disc                             EMPD 117
          Patch pack                                         EMS 117
          Also on cassette                                   TCEM 117
89/11/06  Infinite Dreams/Killers/Still Life (All Live)      "  12EM 117
          Etched 12"                                         12EMPX 117
          As CD                                              CDEM 117
90/02/12  Running Free/Burning Ambition/Sanctuary/
          Drifter (Live)/I've Got The Fire (Live)/
          Listen With Nicko - Part 1                         EMI CDIRN 1
          Also on double 12"                                 EMI IRN 1
90/02/19  Women in Uniform/Invasion/Phantom Of The Opera
          (Live)/Twilight Zone/Wrathchild/
          Listen With Nicko - Part 2                         EMI CDIRN 2
          Also on double 12"                                 EMI IRN 2
90/02/26  Purgatory/Ghenghis Khan/Running Free (Live)/
          Remember Tomorrow (Live)/Killers (Live)/Innocent
          Exile (Live)/Listen With Nicko - Part 3            EMI CDIRN 3
          Also on double 12"                                 EMI IRN 3
90/03/05  Run To The Hills/Total Eclipse/The Number Of The
          Beast/Remember Tomorrow (Live)/
          Listen With Nicko - Part 4                         EMI CDIRN 4
          Also on double 12"                                 EMI IRN 4
90/03/12  Flight Of Icarus/I've Got The Fire/The Trooper/
          Cross Eyed Mary/Listen With Nicko - Part 5         EMI CDIRN 5
          Also on double 12"                                 EMI IRN 5
90/03/19  2 Minutes To Midnight/Rainbow's Gold/Mission From
          'Arry/Aces High/King Of Twilight/The Number Of
          The Beast (Live)/Listen With Nicko - Part 6        EMI CDIRN 6
          Also on double 12"                                 EMI IRN 6
90/03/26  Running Free/Murders In The Rue Morgue/Run To
          The Hills/Phantom Of The Opera/Losfer Words (Big
          'Orra)/Listen With Nicko - Part 7 (All Live)       EMI CDIRN 7
          Also on double 12"                                 EMI IRN 7
90/04/02  Wasted Years/Reach Out/Sheriff Of Huddersfield/
          Stranger In A Strange Land/That Girl/Juanita/
          Listen With Nicko - Part 8                         EMI CDIRN 8
          Also on double 12"                                 EMI IRN 8
90/04/09  Can I Play With Madness/Black Bart Blues/Massacre/
          The Evil That Men Do/Prowler '88/Charlotte The
          Harlot '88/Listen With Nicko - Part 9              EMI CDIRN 9
          Also on double 12"                                 EMI IRN 9
90/04/16  The Clairvoyant/The Prisoner/Heaven Can Wait/
          Infinite Dreams/Killers/Still Life/
          Listen With Nicko - Part 10 (All Live)             EMI CDIRN 10
          Also on double 12"                                 EMI IRN 10
90/09/10  Holy Smoke/All in Your Mind                        EMI EM 153
          Also on cassette                                   TCEM 153
90/09/10  Holy Smoke/All In Your Mind/Kill Me Ce Soir
          (Contains exclusive massive tour poster)
          Also on picture disc                               EMI 12 EMPD 153
          As CD                                              EMI CDEM 153
90/12/24  Bring Your Daughter...To The Slaughter/I'm A Mover/
          Communications Breakdown
          With etched second side (without comm. breakdown)  EMS 171
          Also on picture disc in special 'brain' pack       EMI EMPD 171
          Also cassette                                      TCEMC 171
90/12/24  Bring Your Daughter...To The Slaughter/I'm A Mover/
          Communication Breakdown                            EMI 12EMP 17
          with banner calendar                               EMI 12 EMP 171
          As picture disc                                    EMI 12EMPD 171
          As CD                                              EMI CDEM 171
92/??/??  From Here To Eternity/I Can't See My Feeling
          As Shaped 7" Picture Disc (includes free plinth)   EMI EMPD 240
          With etched second side (and poster sleeve ?)
92/??/??  From Here To Eternity/Roll Over Vic Vella/No
	  Prayer For The Dying (Live) in poster sleeve       EMI 12EMP 240
          As etched 7" (without No Prayer For The Dying)     EMI EMS 240
92/06/29  From Here To Eternity/Roll Over Vic Vella/Public
          Enema Number One (Live)/No Prayer For The Dying
          (Live) (Live tracks from Wembley 12/17/90)         EMI EM 240
          As CD
          As CD-digipack                                     EMI CDEM 240
          As cut-to-shape picture disc
Sumr '92  Be Quick Or Be Dead/Nodding Donkey Blues/
          Space Station No. 5
          7" (without Space Station No. 5)		     EM 229
          12" With Gatefold Sleeve                           EMI 12 EMG 229
          As CD                                              EMI CDEM 229
          Also as 12" Picture Disc                           EMI 12 EMPD 229
92/??/??  Wasting Love/Tailgunner (Live)/Holy Smoke(Live)/   EMI 80231
          The Assasin (Live)
          As CD                                              EMI CDP 560
93/01/03  Fear Of The Dark/Be Quick Or Be Dead/Hooks In You
          (All Live from Wembley 12/17/90)                   EMI EM 263
          As 12" shaped picture disc
          As CD-Digipack
          As CD                                              EMI 7243
          (CD and picture disc feature Tailgunner and
          No Prayer For The Dying as extra tracks)
          As 7" Picture Disc                                 EMI EMPD 263
93/??/??  Hallowed Be Thy Name/Wrathchild (All Live)
          On red vinyl with poster sleeve                    EMI EMP 288
          As CD                                              7243 8 81003 2 8
93/10/04  Hallowed Be Thy Name/Wasted Years/The Trooper/
          Wrathchild (All Live)                              EMI EM 288
          Also as red vinyl with poster sleeve               EMI 12 EMP 288
          Also as 12" picture disc                           EMI 12 EMPD 288
          As CD                                              EMI CDEM 288
95/09/25  Man On The Edge/The Edge Of Darkness/I Live My     EMI 12 EMPD 398
          Way as 12" picture disc with die-cut sleeve and
          gigantic poster.
          Man On The Edge/The Edge Of Darkness/Justice Of    7243 8 82425 2 3
          The Peace/Judgement Day, CD-single
          Man On The Edge/The Edge Of Darkness/Judgement     EMI CDEMS 398
          Day/Blaze Bayley Interview Part I, with CD-box
          and 5 band member pictures.
          Man On The Edge/The Edge Of Darkness/Justice Of    EMI CDEM 398
          The Peace/Blaze Bayley Interview Part II,
96/09/09  Virus/Prowler/Invasion (12")                       EMI 12EMP 443
96/09/09  Virus/My Generation/Doctor Doctor (CD)             EMI CDEMS 443
96/09/09  Virus/Sanctuary/Wrathchild (CD)                    EMI CDEM 443

Date      Title                                              Label/
90/??/??  No Prayer for the Dying/Communication Breakdown/   EPIC ESK 73695
          I'm a Mover (Demo, not for sale)
90/??/??  Holy Smoke (CD Demo, not for sale)                 EPIC ESK 2194
91/??/??  Bring Your Daughter...To The Slaughter/            EPIC ESK 4007
          Public Enema No. 1 (Live at Wembley 12/17/90)/
          All in your mind/Kill me Ce Soir
          (CD Demo, not for sale)
92/??/??  Wasting Love (CD Demo, not for sale)               EPIC ESK 4640
92/??/??  The Fugitive/Roll Over Vic Vella/                  EPIC ESK 4648
          18 min interview (CD Demo, not for sale)

Date      Title                                              Label/
May '81   Live At The Rainbow (30 min)
Jul '83   Video Pieces (18 min)                              (Sony Video 45)
Jun '84   2 Minutes To Midnight rare special promo video
Apr '85   Behind The Iron Curtain (38 min)                   (Sony Video EP)
Oct '85   Live After Death (World Slavery Tour) (90 min)     RO153
Oct '87   12 Wasted Years (90 minutes)                       MP 1613
Nov '89   Maiden England (95 minutes)                        19V-49058
Nov '90   The First Ten Years - The Videos (75 min)
??? '92   From There To Eternity (95 minutes)                19V-49132
Nov '93   Live At Donington '92 (120 minutes)
Mar '94   Raising Hell (Bruce Dickinson's Last Show)         72333 80091-3
??? '94   Maiden England as double value CD & Video pack     7243 4 91310 3 3

-->> 28 <<--  Bands who have opened for IRON MAIDEN

This list is by no means complete but it's kinda cool to see a band that
is real big now got helped to that success by Iron Maiden!
Kind of like a father bragging about his adopted son :-)

Blitz Fish (jazz rock group) - (11/18/76)
Praying Mantis - several dates early on, 1979 - 1980.
Urchin - (08/10/79)
Trust (w/ Nicko McBrain on drums) - (03/15/80)
Humble Pie - (Jun '81)
Whitesnake - (Jul '81)
Blackfoot - (Mar-Apr '82)
Girlschool - (Jul '82)
Vandale - (06/09/83)
Rock Goddess - June '84, Helsinki Ice Hall
Fastway - (Jun-Jul '83)
Saxon - (Jun-Jul '83)
Coney Hatch - (Jul-Aug '83)
Quiet Riot - (Sep-Oct '83)
Michael Schenker - (Nov '83)
Waysted - (09/11/84)
Twisted Sister - (01/28/85)
W.A.S.P. - (World Slavery Tour)
Accept - (World Slavery Tour)
Motley Crue - (World Slavery Tour)
Queensryche - (World Slavery Tour)
Warrior - (World Slavery Tour)
Ratt - (World Slavery Tour)
Mamas Boys - (World Slavery Tour)
Yngwie Malmsteen - (01/08/87)
Vinnie Vincent Invasion - (02/27/87)
Waysted - (04/07/87)
Killer Dwarfs - (8/7/88)
Ace Frehley's Comet - (7/8/88) Meadowlands, Rutherford, NJ
Wolfsbane - Intercity Express Tour 1990 (a series of about 30 UK night shows
            at venues of around 3-5 thousand and was billed as a thankyou tour.
Helloween - 7th Tour Of A 7th Tour
Guns 'n' Roses - 7th Tour Of A 7th Tour
Megadeth - 7th Tour (for at least 1 gig at Alpine Valley, WI, replacing GnR
           'cause Axl Rose was sick)
L.A. Guns - 7th Tour Of A 7th Tour, Los Angeles
King's X, Anthrax - (12/21/90)
Anthrax - (Feb-Mar '91)
Dream Theater - (May/June '92) - RITZ, New York City
Testament - (08/27/92)
Warrant - (09/02/92)
The Almighty - (04/09/93, 05/17/93)
Corrosion of Conformity - (07/11/92, Lakewood Amphitheater, Atlanta, GA)

-->> 29 <<--  Various significant dates in IRON MAIDEN history

1972 -     Steve Harris graduates from Leyton County High School, Leytonstone,
           London, England (on the East End).
May 1976 - The words "Iron Maiden's...gonna get matter how far" were
           first uttered at the Cart & Horses Tavern at Maryland Point,
           Stratford, England.  The first true gig for IRON MAIDEN!  :)
'76/'77 -  Maiden establishes themselves on the East End London heavy metal
Mid '77 -  Den Wilcock quits right before a gig at the Green Man Plumstead,
78/12/30 - The first 4 songs EP was recorded at Spacewood Studios in 
           Cambridge, England.  The songs were:  Prowler, Invasion, Iron
           Maiden, and Strange World.  Once the band returned with more money
           to remix, etc., the studio had wiped the master clean, so the demo
           tape (which eventually became the Soundhouse Tapes) was put onto
           vinyl exactly as it was recorded that night.  It cost them about
           $400 or so.  They didn't even have a place to stay, and actually
           had to stay in the back of their van!
78/12/31 - Paul Di'Anno's debut with IRON MAIDEN, at the Ruskin Arms, High
           Street North, Manor Park, East London, England.
Early 79 - First real press exposure for IRON MAIDEN.
79/02/02 - Maiden's equipment truck, equipment and all, were stolen, worth 
           12,000 pounds altogether.  All of this was later recovered less
           than a month later, and the 4 perpetrators were later charged with
           stealing and burglary.  The main guy was named Ilkay Bayram, and
           they were from Homerton, England.
Early summer 79 - Rod Smallwood hooks up with Maiden as their manager.
Summer '79 - Steve and rest of the band quit their regular jobs, since IRON
             MAIDEN was really starting to take off full-time.
79/09/03 - Charity benefit concert at the Music Machine, London, England, 
           supporting Motorhead (Motorhead was billed as Iron Fist And The
           Hordes From Hell).
79/09/06 - Paul Di'Anno is arrested 5 minutes before Maiden goes on stage
           at The Swan, Hammersmith, London, England.  He was charged with
           concealing a weapon (a knife), and forced Maiden to go on as a
           3-piece (Steve Harris, Dave Murray, Doug Sampson), playing a
           largely instrumental set, with Steve Harris doing vocals.
79/10/03 - 79/10/04 - Free concerts played at The Swan, Hammersmith, London,
                      England...trying to attract record labels.  Chrysalis
                      records turned up, but couldn't make up their mind
                      whether or not they were interested (tough shit for
                      them, eh?!).
79/10/19 - First headline concert at The Marquee, London, England, with 
           Praying Mantis and Ian Flemming.
79/10/24 - IRON MAIDEN first signs with EMI records.  (Paul Di'Anno of Ching-
           ford, London; David Michael Murray of Clapton, London; Steve
           Harris of Leytonstone, London; Doug Sampson of Walthamstow,
           London; and Tony Parsons of Hertfordshire).
79/10/27 - IRON MAIDEN's first appearance on the cover of SOUNDS magazine.
79/11/01 - First gig in Scotland, Ruffles, Aberdeen, Scotland.
79/11/05 - Heavy Metal Bonfire Night Explosion at The Music Machine, London, 
79/11/07 - Sign contract for BBC's Radio One "Friday Night Rock Show", to be
           broadcast one week later.
79/11/09 - The Soundhouse Tapes EP was officially released (unmixed) on Rock
           Hard Records (Maiden's own label).  Only 5,000 copies were ever
79/11/14 - IRON MAIDEN made their debut on the BBC's Radio One "Friday Night
           Rock Show."  They played Iron Maiden, Sanctuary, Transylvania, and
           Running Free as a 4-piece (they had dropped guitarist Tony Parsons
           by this time).
79/12/15 - Official announcement of IRON MAIDEN signing with EMI (in the
           trade bible MUSIC WEEK).
79/12/19 - The IRON MAIDEN MEGABASH at The Music Machine, London, England.
           This gig was complete with amps covered in cotton wool snow and
           a headbanging Santa.
End '79  - Maiden (Rod Smallwood) meets up with artist Derek Riggs.
Early '80 - Recorded Running Free single (release in Feb '80), and the b-side
            Burning Ambition (which is the only album that features Doug
            Sampson on drums, and Dave Murray doing all the guitar work).
80/02/10 - Maiden meets up with famed photographer Ross Halfin, after he
           takes in their show in support of the Metal For Muthas album, at
           the London Lyceum, England.
80/02/15 - Metal For Muthas compilation released.
80/02/15 - First single, Running Free b/w Burning Ambition, is released.  It
           goes to #44 in the first week of its release.  It peaked at #34
           (in the UK) at the beginning of March.
Feb '80  - IRON MAIDEN first plays LIVE on Britain's TOP OF THE POPS, the
           first band ever to do so (at the time), other than THE WHO in
80/03/15 - First Headline Performance at the Hammersmith Odeon, England (on
           the Judas Priest tour).  They got to play about a 45 minute set
           for each gig on the tour.
80/04/05 - Kotrijk Festival, Belgium.  The IRON MAIDEN Head (the forerunner
           to Eddie) was blown off the stage and into the crowd (instead of
           just shooting smoke like it was supposed to have).  One crazed fan
           gave up his job to follow Maiden around Europe for 2 months!
           Also, Maiden's first gig outside of the United Kingdom.
80/04/10 - Gig at Central Hall, Grimsby, England.  Paul's voice was going
           out and was so rough, the band stormed through an instrumental
           set and told the audience they'd be back in October to do another
           concert (with vox) and they were!
80/04/11 - Debut album IRON MAIDEN is released, and smashes into the UK chart
           at #4, going silver within the first month of its release.  The
           song "Sanctuary" also appeared on the US release.
May '80  - Some people become irked at the cover of the upcoming single
           Sanctuary, as it depicts Eddie hovering with a knife over a dead
           Margaret Thatcher.
80/05/16 - Sanctuary single, b/w Drifter and I've Got The Fire (both live), 
           is released.  It eventually got to #29 on the UK charts.
Summer '80 - First major headline tour (had to back out of a few dates, due
             to Paul Di'Anno's voice that kept going out).
Summer '80 - Before one gig in Edinburgh, Scotland, Clive Burr had food 
             poisoning real bad and wasn't supposed to play, but Vic Vella
             (the main driver/roadie guy) and others dragged him out of bed
             to play, whereupon he fainted at the end of the gig.  What a
80/06/20 - First ever London concert hall headliner, London, Rainbow, 
80/07/03 - 80/07/05 - Maiden packs the Marquee, London, England.  They are
                      filmed by ITV for an edition of Twentieth Century Box
                      that was screened on 08/17/80.  This was a special "New
                      Wave Metal" probe (only after a year on the music
                      press), which majored on Maiden.
80/08/18 - Maiden signs contract with Kiss to open for them on concerts over
           the next 2 months.
80/08/17 - Marquee Club in London performance aired on Twentieth Century Box.
80/08/23 - First performance at the annual Reading Festival.
80/08/24 - First gig in Portugal (opening for Kiss), Cascais Hall, Lisbon, 
80/08/30 - First gig in Italy (opening for Kiss), Stadion Communale, Perugia, 
80/09/11 - First gig in Germany (opening for Kiss), Hessehalle, Nuremberg, 
80/09/23 - First gig in France (opening for Kiss), Parc Des Expositions, 
           Avignon, France.
80/09/28 - First gig in Switzerland (opening for Kiss), St. Jacob's-Halle, 
           Basel, Switzerland.
80/10/05 - First gig in Holland (opening for Kiss), Groenoordhalle, Lieden, 
80/10/09 - First gig in Sweden (opening for Kiss), Stockholm, Sweden.
80/10/11 - First gig in Denmark (opening for Kiss), Broendbyhallen, 
           Copenhagen, Denmark.
80/10/13 - First gig in Norway (opening for Kiss), Drammenshallen, Oslo, 
80/10/27 - IRON MAIDEN featured in Geoff Barton's SOUNDS FEATURE (first photo 
           session for the press).
Oct' 80  - Dennis Stratton leaves the band, Adrian Smith joins.  If Adrian
           Smith had said no (again), the band's 2nd choice believe it or not
           was none other than Phil Collen, now of Def Leppard fame.
Oct '80  - Women In Uniform b/w Invasion single is released.  It reached #35
           on the UK charts.  Because of the cover, the Margaret Thatcher
           one, this original cover was later issued as a covered sleeve, so
           the original one is much rarer now.
Nov '80  - Maiden got offered TOP OF THE POPS again, and again did it live,
           but it turned out to backfire...the sound levels were really
           shitty, and they weren't allowed to play at full volume, and also
           weren't allowed to have Eddie on stage (due to the 'family
           programming nature of the show).  :)
Nov '80  - A video is made for Women In Uniform.  This was before the MTV
           explosion (which began in summer 1981 I think, and MTV Europe even
           later).  This was pretty much the first video made for a rock
           band ever at the time, except for Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody.
           How's that for trend-setters?!
Nov '80  - Maiden records KILLERS, with Martin Birch at the producing helm.
80/11/21 - Adrian Smith's first gig at Brunel University, Uxbridge (so that
           the new lineup wouldn't go into the studio to record KILLERS in
           a 'virginal' state).
80/12/21 - Gig taped at Rainbow Theatre, London, England.  Due to technical
           difficulties, half of the set had to be played a *2nd* time!
           Actually, one of the sound lines went down about halfway through
           the show, so such classics as IRON MAIDEN and Phantom Of The Opera
           weren't gotten the first time around.  2+ hours of Maiden
           altogether though!  This Delta Production directed by Dave Hillier
           came out as a half hour live EMI video in March 1981.
81/02/02 - 2nd album KILLERS is released.  It reached #2 in the UK.  Also, it
           reached the top 60 on the Billboard charts, and stayed in the
           chart for 17 weeks.  It reached sales of 200,000 sales (four times
           the sales of IRON MAIDEN) at the time.  The song "Women In
           Uniform" also appeared on the Australian release.
81/02/09 - Review in SOUNDS magazine deems Killers album as 'mediocre' and
           a definite flop...and that Maiden wouldn't go far.  What suckers!
81/02/17 - Beginning of Killers tour in Ipswich, Gaumont, England.  Maiden
           played 125 gigs in 6 months across Europe, Japan, Australia and
           North America, taking in 15 countries and headlining everywhere
           except the USA where, like Japan, the band was making their first
           visit ever.
Feb '81 -  All 3 concerts in Japan for May '81 were sold out in less than
           2 hours.
First week of Mar '81 - Twilight Zone b/w Wrathchild single released.  It
                        reached #31 on the UK charts.
81/05/21 - First gig in Japan (Killers Japan Tour), Kosei Nenkin Hall, Tokyo, 
81/05/23 - Gig at Kosei Nenkin Hall, Nagoya, Japan.  The MAIDEN JAPAN E.P.
           (aka "HEAVY METAL ARMY" E.P.) was recorded here.  Mixed at Nimbus
           9, Toronto.  Produced and mixed by IRON MAIDEN and Doug Hall.
81/06/03 - First American gig (Killers US and Canada Tour), Aladdin Hotel, 
           Las Vegas, NV.
81/06/15 - Purgatory b/w Genghis Khan single released.  It eventually got to
           #52 on the UK charts, which was (at least until '88) the band's
           least sucessful British single ever.  The original cover design
           for this signle was actually held over for a year, and eventually
           used as the cover for THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST album.
81/06/21 - First Canadian gig, first gig in Ontario (Killers US and Canada 
           Tour), Concert Hall, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  They headlined the
           1,500 seater here.
81/06/22 - First gig in Quebec (Killers US and Canada Tour), Le Club, 
           Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
81/09/06 - First gig in Yugoslavia (Killers Europe Tour), Belgrade, 
Sep '81  - Paul Di'Anno quits Maiden, and in comes Bruce Bruce/Air Raid Siren
           Dickinson (from Samson).  Steve Harris went right to Bruce for the
           audition.  Bruce was to have learned 6 songs...instead he learned
           15.  Due to legal problems with the collapse of Samson's record
           label GEM Records, Bruce was actually supposedly prohibited by law
           in actually writing songs for Maiden for the first year.  This is
           why the first songwriting credit Bruce gets is on PIECE OF MIND,
           1983 with "Revelations", and shares credits on "Flight Of Icarus",
           "Die With Your Boots On", and "Sun And Steel".
81/10/26 - Bruce's first gig (the first in a series of "break-in" gigs in
           Italy over 5 days) in Palasport, Bologna, Italy.  All the gigs
           were sold out.
81/11/15 - Bruce's first concert in the UK, at the Rainbow Theatre, London, 
Nov '81  - The MAIDEN JAPAN E.P. is released, and climbed as high as #43 on
           the UK charts.  The US and Brazilian releases had an extra 5th
           track, "Wrathchild".
81/12/23 - Maiden plays at the Ruskin Arms, London, England, under the name
           Genghis Khan.  This is also Dave Murray's birthday, so he gets
           the pies in the face (a tradition for the band) on stage.
End '81  - KILLERS had crashed into every major album market in the world,
           going top 10 in the UK, France, Germany, Japan, Sweden, and
           Belgium, and going Top 80 in the USA.  In the process it had gone
           gold in Britain, Canada, and Japan, and double-gold in France.
Feb '82  - The NUMBER OF THE BEAST is recorded (having been written over Dec
           '81 and Jan '82).  All kinds of weird shit started happening to
           them during these sessions:  lights started going on and off in
           the studio of their own accord, the recording equipment myster-
           iously broke down, things were going 'bump' in the night, specif-
           ically the band's gear which began emitting creaks, groans, and
           other strange noises; Martin Birch (the albums's producer) crashed
           his car on the way to the studio one night, into another driver (a
           religious type), and the bill for damages was 666 pounds (he ended
           up paying 667).  They originally gave themselves 6 weeks to record
           it, but it ended up only taking about 3 1/2.
82/02/25 - Beginning of the Beast On The Road tour, Dunstable, England.  This
           tour upped teh ante to 18 countries and an incredible 180 shows.
82/03/16 - During the gig at City Hall, Newcastle, England, the video for
           the "Run To The Hills" single is filmed.
82/03/22 - THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST album is released.  The album smashed into
           the UK charts at #1 (and stayed there for the 2nd week as well),
           and went on to surpass the sales of KILLERS everywhere.  It also
           reached #33 on the Billboard charts, strutting around the Top 100
           for over 8 months, and clocking up sales of well over 350,000 in
           the process (which meant worldwide the band had over-taken '81's
           impressive sales of over one million as early as summer of '82!)
           It also went top ten in Canada, going platinum in the process.
           British fans also voted it the #2 Metal LP of all time in KERRANG
           magazine less than 2 years later (PIECE OF MIND was #1).  The
           Japanese also included the song "Total Eclipse".
Mar '82  - Run To The Hills b/w Total Eclipse single released.  It eventually
           reached #7 on the UK charts, their first ever top ten single
           (despite their lack of radio air play).  The video the band did
           for it with David Mallett featured Maiden live footage inter-
           spersed with comic extracts from an old Buster Keaton movie,
           though Buster himself couldn't be shown for copyright reasons.  It
           made TOP OF THE POPS when the single went top ten, and the newly
           emergent MTV (which began June? 1981) showed it, too.
Mar? '82 - During the middle of the Beast On The Road tour, and with Run To
           The Hills in the top ten, Maiden appears on TISWAS, the classic
           Saturday morning TV slapstick show for kids of all ages - where
           not even the threat of Eddie could deter the kids from throwing
           creme pies at Maiden.
82/03/24 - Maiden re-visits Paris, France.  5,000 fans decided that wrecking
           the Metro was the best way of celebrating a Maiden night out, and
           that venue (which one?) has been closed to rock ever since.
82/04/02 - First gig in Spain (Beast On The Road Tour), Barcelona, Spain.
           Though these were the first gigs in Spain, it didn't stop them
           from selling out all 3 of the 8,000 capacity gigs they played.
Apr '82  - Another first, following THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST's triumphant
           reign at the top of the charts - the NME asked for an inteview.
           The NME was and remains completely anti-rock, so Maiden agreed to
           do the interview as long as it was solely on their terms, i.e.,
           printed in a question and answer format (so as to stop them from
           mis-quoting and misleading), and that they got the front page.
           NME eventually reluctantly agreed, and sent forth their most
           notorious interviewer Paul Morley to interview them (he got pretty
           drunk during the interview as well).  Morley didn't give Harris
           and Dickinson credit for being brighter than he though, so he
           couldn't really 'take them down' in the interview, and eventually
           Eddie himself appeared on the front page.
Mid Apr '82 - During the European leg of the Beast On The Road Tour, Bruce
              picks up a chest infection, and 3 dates on the French Riveria
              had to be pulled.
Spring '82 - (The Beast On The Road Tour) - this is the tour that Maiden
             decided to do something to curb the pirate merchandisers who
             habitually plagued rodck gigs.  They actually got pretty firm
             about this stuff, even getting a few people arrested and
             charged, since their phony merchandise was always of a pretty
             cheesy quality.
82/05/10 - The Number Of The Beast b/w Remember Tomorrow single is released
           in the UK.  It went top 20, and the video featured ballroom
           dancers waltzing merrily with '666' on their backs.  The big Eddie
           (the 12 foot tall one) made his first appearnce on the Beast On
           The Road tour, but even though Eddie made an appearance in the
           video, he was edited out by MTV after viewers complained that he
           was scaring them too much.
82/05/11 - First American Performance for Beast On The Road Tour, Flint, MI
           (supporting Rainbow for 3 weeks, then .38 Special in the south
           for several gigs).  Bruce bangs his head around so much here that
           for another month or so afterwards he has to sport a movement-
           restricting surgical collar.  After the injury time passed in
           agony with Bruce passing through the mitts of various US quacks
           who prescribed a frightening array of downers (one even prescribed
           horse tranquilizers) to deaden the pain, while one who charged
           $150 for a 20 minute consultation recommended surgery!  He
           eventually got everything taken care of at a chiropractor's
82/06/11 - Maiden opens for .38 Special in Memphis, TN, on Donnie Van Zant's
           birthday (supposedly one of the more memorable gigs/nights on the
82/06/19 - First gig in Norman, OK.  This was the last night of that stretch
           of the Beast On The Road Tour (they continued on in Canada a few
           days later), and Adrian Smith got drunk as a skunk (hence, the
           apperance of his drunk alter-ego "Melvin") and barely made the
           plane, thanks to Dave Murray and a full bottle of Chivas Regal
82/06/25 - First Canadian Headline Performance in Quebec City, Quebec, 
           Canada.  9,000 people showed up!
82/06/29 - First American Headline Performance (Beast On The Road Tour), The
           Palladium, New York, NY.  It was a sell-out performance, marred
           only by one asshole 'fan' hurling a firework on stage, hitting
           Dave Murray's guitar roadie Bill Barclay in head and almost
           blinding him.  Apparently the kid who did it was given a severe
           kicking by other fans after the gig, so justice was done!  The
           advertisements for the Palladium show included a picture of Eddie
           holding aloft the bitten-off head of Ozzy Osbourne (who the year
           before had outraged most of America by biting off the head of a
           dove, followed closely by biting the wing off a pigeion and then
           by chewing on a bat's head.).  The press release at the time
           explained that Eddie was a great friends of bats in general, and
           had decided to avenge Ozzy's latest outrage.  Unbelievably Ozzy's
           label boss Don Arden called up Rod Smallwood and said he thought
           the Maiden ad was in "bad taste", and asked them to withdraw the
           picture, so they did.
82/07/20 - First gig in British Columbia (Beast On The Road Tour), Victoria, 
           British Columbia, Canada.
82/07/23 - First gig in Alberta (Beast On The Road Tour), Edmonton, Alberta, 
82/07/26 - First gig in Saskatchewan (Beast On The Road Tour), Regina, 
           Saskatchewan, Canada.
82/07/27 - First gig in Manitoba (Beast On The Road Tour), Winnipeg, 
           Manitoba, Canada.
Jul '82  - Eddie-fever really starts catching on in the US.  In New York he
           was swinging off the Empire State building with a conquered King
           Kong in his mitts.  In California he was rinding a shark surf-
           board style.  In Texas he was depicted gnawing on an armadillo in
           the desert.
Jul '82  - Maiden were special guests of the Scorpions.
Summer '82 - Maiden becomes a focus of people like the Moral Majority and
             the God Squad in Arkansas, who wanted the album to carry
             stickers warning of their eveil satanic nature.  This was only
             the first...
82/08/10 - Gig in Beaumont, TX.  The night before, Bruce walks into a bar
           with some pretty short shorts, showing off his stocky hairball
           legs and red and white socks.  The bar manager deemed them
           "offensive" (even though he had worn them the night before), so
           Bruce left and came back a few minutes later with a T-shirt that
           said "FUCK" on the front of it, and jean cut-offs, cut off just
           under the bottoms of those same shorts.  Nobody said a thing.
82/08/11 - Gig at Corpus Christi, TX, a very solid set.  They drag Ross
           Halfin (photographer) up on stage and strip him naked in front of
           8,000+ people who count to 30.  The rest band gets him backstage
           and get some naked photos of him taking a shower (revenge), and
           get them distributed to record companies all over London.
82/08/28 - Another performance at the annual Reading Festival.  For this
           Maiden had to make a round trip of about 12,000 miles (from El
           Paso, TX to London to Los Angeles, CA), all for one gig!  They
           had a couple of warm-up gigs a few days before the big night, but
           Bruce was still "petrified with fear" right before the Reading
           gig.  They almost didn't make it on the flight there okay, since
           Bruce and Dave Lights opted to take 3 of those horse tranquilizers
           and didn't wake up properly for days.  Also, Bruce was so nervous
           36 hours before the gig, he actually had lost his voice totally,
           and was worried about the gig going on at all!  The gig for the
           band wasn't without incident either.  At first all the band could
           hear was Steve's bass, then that cut out completely so Steve
           panicked.  Dave Murray was playing with one ear stuck inside his
           guitar cabinets; Adrian Smith was wandering around looking
           bewildered.  But apparently the crowd really didn't notice, and
           all was cool.  Bruce was said to have al his usual leaps on and
           off the amps, the Number Of The Beast came complete with horror
           clips on the video screen, and the show ended with a series of
           protracted encores, witnessing both the time-honored 'yo yo yo'
           routine (half stolen from the Police, from which it was stolen
           originally by Paul Di'Anno) with the audience, and the arrival
           on-stage of Ricky Medlocke from Blackfoot to jam with them.
           Incidentally, they supposedly always (to this day) get *really*
           nervous before special gigs like this, and huge ones like Monsters
           Of Rock, etc.
Aug/Sep '82 - Maiden opened 2 festival bills with Foreigner, Loverboy and the
              Scorpions, the Oakland gig and the Anaheim one saw them playing
              to 57,000 and 75,000 people respectively!
82/09/11 - 82/09/12 - Maiden opens for the Scorpions in Portland, OR.  It
                      was apparently pretty wild and wacky.  The Scorpions
                      struck first, handcuffing Bruce's hands behind his back
                      during Drifter, which left him trying to get the crowd
                      clapping without the use of his hands.  At the end of
                      the Scorpions' set, they go to leave the stage, at
                      which point Maiden comes out dressed up with towels on
                      their heads, and forks over their eyes in the manner of
                      the Scorpions "Blackout" LP sleeve.
82/09/21 - Dave Murray throws his guitar into the crowd at a free festival in
           Chicago, IL.  Of course, he forgot to take his lead out, and it
           hit a guy in the back and it cost $50 to make sure he was okay.
82/10/02 - Sold out gig at Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, as special
           guests of Judas Priest.  This occurred 3 years to the very date
           of their gig at the Hammersmith Swan in London where they first
           invited record company A&R men along.
End of Oct '80 - Maiden vacations in Honolulu for 8 days, and freeze their
                 asses off in the rain.
82/11/07 - First gig in Australia (Beast On The Road Tour), Sydney, 
           Australia.  Maiden was the first big foreign rock band to play
           there down under since Rainbow in 1976.  THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST
           album went top ten, selling 80,000 copies in the process (which
           was 27 times as many as KILLERS had sold there) and went platinum.
Nov/Dec '82 - Sold out concerts in Japan (their return).  They got another
              gold album there.
Dec '82  - Clive Burr quits IRON MAIDEN.
83/01/08 - IRON MAIDEN begins recording Piece Of Mind in Jersey in the
           Chanel Islands (they took over a hotel called Le Chalet for 5
83/04/11 - Flight Of Icarus b/w I've Got The Fire single is released.  Not
           too successful in America (it was Maiden's first single released
           there).  It was thereafter pretty much viewed as a mistake to
           release it there.  It was the first single released in Britain in
           over a year, and reached #11 on the UK charts.  The video for this
           single was recorded at Compass Point Studios in the Bahamas (Nicko
           is the 'hooded character' in the video, with a mouth full of
           strawberry jam that dribbles out of his mouth).  As he was doing
           it, there was a huge electric storm, and they tried to catch it
           on film with lightning in the background, and jam dripping down
           his mouth for half an hour (but of course it didn't work!).
83/05/16 - PIECE OF MIND was released.  Maybe because of fears that the band
           was 'softening up', the album entered the UK charts at #3 (instead
           of #1).  British fans voted it Number One Metal LP of all time in
           KERRANG magazine less than a year later.  PIECE OF MIND was USA's
           biggest release by a long shot (at the time) - it entered the
           Billboard charts at #127 on 06/02/83, and leaped an incredible
           92 positions to #35.  By its 8th week of release it had reached
           #15, where it stayed for 5 weeks, and 3 months into the tour, it
           had made #14.  It went gold after 10 weeks, stayed in the charts
           for an incredible 43 weeks, and even got THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST
           back into the charts and also going gold, getting as high as #79
           on its 2nd lease on life.  In the US, a picture disc was also
           released, which contained "Cross-Eyed Mary" as a bonus track.
83/05/25 - 83/05/28 - IRON MAIDEN plays at the Odeon, Hammersmith, London,
                      England for 4 straight powerful nights, the first time
                      they had done multiple nights there!  By this time,
                      Adrian Smith's trousers has still only been washed once
                      since the beginning of the tour (since May 2nd)!
83/06/01 - First gig in Finland (World Piece Tour), Helsinki Ice Hall
           (Jaahalli), Helsinki, Finland. The Ice Hall is incorrectly
           called "Ishallen" in some places. I am told that "Ishallen" is
           Swedish, whereas "Jaahalli" is the proper Finnish name :)
83/06/10 - First gig in Luxembourg (World Piece Tour), Schifflance Luxemburg 
           Hall Polyvalent, Luxembourg.
83/06/20 - The Trooper b/w Cross-Eyed Mary single is released.  It made the
           British top 20 once again
83/06/21 - The USA/Canada leg of the World Piece Tour begin in Casper, WY.
           This was their first full headline tour of the USA and Canada.
83/08/15 - Concert at Memorial Stadium in Buffalo, NY.  A lawsuit stemmed 
           from this concert where some girl was doing sensual dancing on
           stage.  I'm not sure of the outcome of this (somebody wanna
           check?!).  See section 9 of the FAQ for more on this.
83/08/18 - Maiden plays Allentown, PA.  The song "Mission From 'Arry" was
           recorded post-gig this night.  Seems that during the beginning
           of Nicko's drum solo, Steve's bass quit, so he told a roadie
           ("Bill"), to go and tell Nicko to try and extend his solo.
           Trouble was, the guy wasn't his drum roadie and didn't really
           know how to go about telling him, so he ended up waving his arms
           like a demented windmill and trying to yell over the noise.  All
           that happened was that Nicko missed the message but got distracted
           enough to mess up his solo.  After the gig, he clocked the guy,
           which prompted a huge 1/2 hour long argument between him and
           Steve.  After most of that was over, Bruce went in with his
           Walkman, and started stirring it up again.  Steve spotted the
           Walkman and said "some cunt's recording this", whereupon Nicko
           went to jump on the Walkman and smash it.  Fine, except Bruce
           had a bunch of ideas and lyrics on the other side of the cassette
           for Powerslave, so he intercepted and clocked Nicko one.  Now
           you'll see this as a b-side to 2 Minutes To Midnight, with writing
           credits to "Harris/McBrain, and engineered by Bruce Dickinson."
83/09/05 - Concert at Kingswood Music Theatre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
           Rod was in his hotel room the night before and heard on the radio
           that there was gonna be an Italian wine-tasting festival in the
           park, and that IRON MAIDEN fans had to go through the back door
           and miss out on the chance to use the fun fair beforehand (a ben-
           efit which is normally included in the ticket price).  Fuming
           that their fans were being treated as 2nd class citizens (it
           turned out that Culture Club fans the day before had been allowed
           to go through the front despite the wine festival being on then,
           too) - Rod got his record company guy out of bed, and by 3am they
           had tracked down the promoter, who was told in no uncertain terms
           that if Maiden fans had to go through the back door, the band
           wouldn't play.  Of course, the promoter hastily changed his tune
           quickly thereafter.
83/10/04 - Maiden plays at Baltimore, MD (15,000 sell-out).
83/10/08 - Maiden plays in Madison Square Garden, New York, NY (sells out 
           18,000 seats in less than a week).  The T-shirt for this was
           pretty cool apparently, with a lobotomized Statue of Liberty on
           the front with the Trooper design looming in the background, and
           a lobotomized Madison Square Garden on the back, with the brain
           peeking out from the Gardens top.
83/10/15 - 83/10/16 - Maiden's first gigs in Florida, in Jacksonville and
           Lakeland.  But they still sold out both of them!
83/12/18 - Maiden kills Eddie on stage at the Westfalenhalle, Dortmund ZDF 
           Festival, Dortmund, Germany (with other metal greats Ozzy
           Osbourne, Judas Priest, the Scorpions, Def Leppard, Quiet Riot,
           MSG, and Krokus).
83/12/29 - Steve marries his longtime girlfriend Lorraine (His first kid,
           Lauren, was born very shortly after their marriage (can we say
           "shotgun wedding?!" I think).  He now has (at least) 3 girls
           altogether, that I know of).
Summer '84 - Rehearsals for the World Slavery Tour in Hanover.
84/08/06 - 2 Minutes To Midnight b/w Rainbow's Gold (another good Nicko drum
           feature!) single is released.  It got in the top ten on the UK
84/08/09 - 84/08/19 - Behind The Iron Curtain/World Slavery Tour.
84/08/09 - First gig in Poland (World Slavery Tour), Torwar Sports Hall, 
           Warsaw, Poland.  No Western band had ever done a full show there
           before.  At this gig there were 14,000 frantic fans inside, and
           another 5,000 locked out!  The World Slavery Tour ended up going
           through 24 different countries in about 11 1/2 months.
84/08/16 - First gig in Austria (World Slavery Tour), Aichfeldhall 
           Sportzentrum, Vienna, Austria.
84/08/17 - First gig in Hungary (World Slavery Tour), Budapest Sports Hall, 
           Budapest, Hungary.  This was a 38,000-strong festival - the
           biggest show Maiden had ever headlined alone (at the time).
84/09/03 - POWERSLAVE is released (yes, right after the tour had begun!).
           The Japanese release contained a poster and lyric sheet.  They
           also played a concert in Madrid, Spain this day.
84/10/08 - 84/10/12 - Maiden's 4 sold out performances at Hammersmith Odeon, 
                      London, England (84/10/08, 84/10/09, 84/10/10,
                      84/10/12).  (World Slavery Tour).  Some of the LIVE
                      AFTER DEATH album was recorded here (side 4 only).
84/10/22 - Aces High b/w King of Twilight single is released.  It got to #20
           in the UK charts.  The Japanese release contained the songs "Aces
           High", "King Of Twilight", and "Rainbow's Gold", and included a
           lyric sheet.
84/11/24 - First gig in Nova Scotia (World Slavery Tour), Metro Center, 
           Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Dec '84  - Bruce Dickinson marries longtime girlfriend Jane.
85/01/11 - First gig in South America, Brazil (World Slavery Tour), Rock 'N' 
           Rio, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.
85/01/17 - First of 7 shows at Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY (World
           Slavery Tour).  These 7 shows sold out in about 2 hours, a record
           for Radio City Music Hall at the time.  The last 2 of these
           (85/01/23, 85/01/24), as well as the concert the following day in
           Bethlehem, PA (85/01/25) were cancelled due to the post-Rio de
           Janeiro flu (some members of the band were sleeping 23 hours a
           day by this time)!
85/03/01 - Maiden plays Waco! (World Slavery Tour), Convention Center, Waco, 
85/03/14 - 85/3/17 - Maiden's 4 sold out performances at Long Beach Arena, 
                     Los Angeles, CA (85/03/14, 85/03/15, 85/03/16,
                     85/03/17).  (World Slavery Tour).  Most of the LIVE
                     AFTER DEATH album and and ALL of the video were shot
85/03/31 - First gig in Hawaii (World Slavery Tour), NBC Arena, Honolulu, 
           Oahu, Hawaii.
85/04/02 - Dave Murray marries his girlfriend Tamar in Honolulu, Hawaii.
85/10/14 - LIVE AFTER DEATH is released, IRON MAIDEN's first (full-length, if
           you include the 1981 'MAIDEN JAPAN E.P., which happened because
           the Japanese wanted a live product) live album.  The CD released
           cuts out what should be side 4 (thereby excluding about 25 minutes
           of music...some classics are missed here!).  The double-LP had a
           nice gatefold format, and the cassette version was also a double.
           Sides 1, 2, and 3 were recorded here in Long Beach, CA.
85/12/19 - Secret concert at The Marquee Club, London, England.  Most of 
           IRON MAIDEN showed up and played under an assumed name (THE ENTIRE
           POPULATION OF HACKNEY), and played mainly cover versions, along
           with a few Maiden originals.  Anybody know the significance of the
           band name HACKNEY, etc.?!
86/09/26 - SOMEWHERE IN TIME is released.
86/11/09 - Gig at Hammersmith Odeon, London, England - a charity concert for
           the prevention of cruelty to children.
87/03/22 - IRON MAIDEN are awarded platinum disks for the sales of the
           SOMEWHERE IN TIME album in Canada.
88/04/11 - SEVENTH SON OF A SEVENTH SON is released, the last album with
           Adrian Smith.
88/08/20 - First appearance of Maiden at Donington. Other bands on the ticket
           were GnR, Megadeth, David Lee Roth and Kiss.
88/09/13 - First ever gig in Greece, AEK Stadium, Athens, Greece :)
1989     - IRON MAIDEN takes their first official 'sabbatical'/vacation from
           the band, for about 1 full year.  :(!
Feb '90 - Mar '90 - IRON MAIDEN releases The First Ten Years set, which was
                    pretty much a reissue (CD) of a single with b-sides, each
                    with a small excerpt of Nicko talking at the end.  If you
                    were lucky enough, a special box was available to hold
                    the full set of 10, complete with Eddie on the cover, and
                    the special 'First Ten Years' logo.
Nov '90  - THE FIRST TEN YEARS - THE VIDEOS is released. This video contains
           all the videos Maiden have done up to and including Holy Smoke.
90/10/09 - NO PRAYER FOR THE DYING is released.  This is Janick Gers' debut
           album with IRON MAIDEN.
92/05/05 - The BE QUICK OR BE DEAD single is released
92/05/12 - FEAR OF THE DARK is released.  12 songs...almost 1 hour!...The
           band's longest album yet!  The band apparently had a big handful
           of like 17 songs or so before they even went into the studio, and
           just kinda picked which ones they wanted, figuring 12 would be
           enough.  No!  We want more!  :)
92/08/22 - IRON MAIDEN headlines the Monsters Of Rock Festival at Castle 
           Donington, England for the 2nd time (first time was in 1988).
           Other bands on the bill were Slayer, etc. Concert gets recorded
           and is released as an album and a 120-minute video later on.
93/03/22 - A REAL LIVE ONE is released, IRON MAIDEN's first live album in
           about 7 1/2 years.
Mar '93  - Official announcement that Bruce Dickinson will be leaving IRON
           MAIDEN after the current tour (which was ONLY in Europe)!  :(
93/08/28 - Bruce Dickinson's last concert with IRON MAIDEN.  Broadcast live
           Pay-Per-View worldwide, with master illusionist Simon Drake.
           Filmed at Pinewood Studios - Buck, UK (Raising Hell video).
93/10/18 - A REAL DEAD ONE is released, the last (live) album with Bruce
           Dickinson as singer.
Oct '93  - The "Hallowed Be Thy Name" single is released, getting as far as
           #9 in the UK on the Billboard charts, before dropping down.
Nov '93  - The "Live In Donington '92" video is released, also with a limited
           edition 3-LP format (only 5,000 copies issued), and 2-CD format.
Jan '94  - The new singer is announced, he is Blaze Bayley, formerly of
           Wolfsbane. Maiden start recording their next album, at Steve
           Harris's studio which is in his home.
Late '94 - The Fan Club announces that the new album will be a bit late and
           will come out in early 1995. In the meantime, Blaze has had an
           accident with his new Triumph bike which might delay things even
June '95 - The album is just starting to be mixed by Steve Harris and Nigel
           Green (the producer). A few UK tour dates are announce but they
           are all in November. Meanwhile, an album title and release date
           have not been announced yet.
Oct '95  - THE X FACTOR is released and the band start touring once again!

-->> 30 <<--  The Concert In Buffalo & The Lawsuit

This stemmed from a concert on August 15th, 1983 on the Piece Of Mind tour at
Memorial Stadium in Buffalo, NY.  A lawsuit stemmed from this concert where
some girl was doing sensual dancing on stage. The original article reads like


   "A 22-year old Buffalo model who claims a member of the heavy-metal rock
group IRON MAIDEN ripped off the top of her bathing suit when she appeared on
stage at a recent concert filed a $350,000 lawsuit Wednesday against the
band, its singer and its management firm.
   Attorney Arnold Lieberman, who filed the suit on behalf of model Suzzette
Kolaga, said the incident occured during Iron Maiden's concert before about
7,000 fans in Memorial Auditorium on Aug. 15.
   He said legal papers will be served on the band when it appears in
Rochester today [09/01/83] for a scheduled concert.
   The suit, filed in State Supreme Court, seeks $150,000 in general damages
against the English band, singer Bruce Dickenson and the management firm,
American Talent International of New York, plus $200,000 in punitive damages
against Dickenson.
   Ms. Kolaga, a professional fashion model, won a local "Ms. Heavy Metal"
contest, and because of that was invited onstage during the performance to
crack a whip and dance around Dickenson.
   The suit alleges that Dickenson, without consent, warning or provocation,
pushed and assualted her and tore the top of her bathing suit.
   Dickenson "willfully, wantonly and shamelessly" exposed her to the crowd
attending the concert, the suit contends, thereby holding her up to "scorn,
shame and extreme embarrassment" and seriously damaging her "personal and
professional reputation."
   Ms. Kolaga wore a one-piece bathing suit with a plunging neck-line, thigh-
high leather boots and leather gloves, with a chain and handcuffs dangling
from a leather belt.
   Mr. Lieberman said she has asked not to talk to reporters because she is
"still mildly hysterical" over the incident.  Mr. Lieberman said she is only
working part-time because she is still upset."

(Note:  the picture with this article shows her on stage...she looks like a 
total tramp... :) ).  Also note it was the paper that spelled Bruce's last
name "Dickenson", not me.  :)

Apparently the matter was eventually settled out of court.

-->> 31 <<--  Bruce's Final Concert - Raising Hell, 08/28/93 - Promo Ad

---------------------- Side 1 ---------------------------------------------
S T O P P R E S S ...............



On 28th August, Iron Maiden play their last gig with Bruce Dickinson at a
secret venue just outside London. This is a special TV programme entitled
"Raising Hell", which will be beamed out live by satellite worldwide.
Co-starring with Iron Maiden is "Master of the Macabre" illusionist Simon
Drake. The band will play a 90 minute set before an invited audience, the
set being augmented by chilling illusions by Simon.

100 I.M.F.C. members, plus one guest each, have the opportunity to attend
this historic gig as guests of the band. All winners will be picked up by
coach at 6.30pm at Victoria Bus Station, London, taken to the show and
returned to Victoria before 2 minutes to midnight.

To enter the draw, send a postcard to:

Maiden Hell
c/o Sanctuary Music (Overseas) Limited
The Colonnades
82 Bishops Bridge Road
W2 6BB

Remember to include your name, address and membership number (we will check).
All entries must be in by 10th August and the draw will take place that
afternoon. The band will send the invitations and relevant information to
the 100 winners. Each winner may bring one guest.

------------- Side 2 ------------------------------------------------------


What happens when the Madness of Metal meets the insanity of illusion?

"Raising Hell", the most macabre musical event of all time, will take place
at a secret London venue on 28th August, when metal monsters Iron Maiden and
horror illusionist Simon Drake will combine for a very unique 90-minute
TV extravaganza.

"Raising Hell" will be beamed live on satellite to pay-per-view cable in
the USA and will also be broadcast on TV in most parts of the world. Full
details of the worldwide broadcast schedule will be announced shortly, but
will include England, Europe, Japan, Mexico and Brazil. The studio audience
will consist of contest winners from various parts of the world, combined
with members of the Iron Maiden Fan Club.

The concert marks the last Maiden appearance of Bruce Dickinson, the band
vocalist for the last eleven years. To allow Bruce to go out in style, Maiden
have teamed up with master illusionist Simon Drake to put together the most
vibrant and horrifying rock show ever staged. Appearing on specially designed
staging reminiscent of a cross between Blade Runner and Dante's inferno,
Maiden will pound out a set featuring classic cuts from their illustrious
history, from "Number of the Beast", "The Trooper" and "Run to the Hills",
through to current classics like "Fear of the Dark" and "Be Quick or Be

Integrated into the live set will be horrifying illusions of Simon Drake.
Renowned for his past work with the cult programme "Secret Cabaret", Simon
is at the cutting edge of modern-day illusions and the dark magic arts.
Very much in the vein of metal and horror, Simon combines the extremes of
gruesome illusion with anarchic, highly individual magical skills. Besides
appearing during the band's set, Simon also threatens to implicate the band
in some of his most extreme concepts. He especially promises a fitting
finale for Bruce-possibly with the aid of Eddie-at the end of the gig.

If anyone survives the mayhem, the new Maiden line-up will tour next year.


-->> 32 <<--  IRON MAIDEN Equipment Info

This list is from the Real Live One album with some stuff from earlier albums
and other sources. As always, any corrections are more than welcome!

Steve Harris  - 4 Fender Precision bass guitars with mirrored scratchplates,
                  bad ass 11 bridges and Seymour Duncan custom SPB1 pick-ups
                4 Sony WRT 27 wireless transmitters
                2 Raycom/Sony WRR 37 receivers
                Peter Cornish custom switching system
                Trace Elliot GP12X pre-amps
                1 DBX 160 compressor
                2 C-1 audio FR707 amplifiers
                8 Custom Marshall 4x12" cabinets fitted with EVM 12L speakers
                3 Korg WT-12 tuners
                Rotosound jazz bass flat wound strings
                Spares: Electronic preamps, Carver PM 1-5 and PM1200 power amps

Dave Murray   - 2 custom Jackson Stratocasters
                2 custom Fender Stratocasters
                1 Gibson Chet Atkins acoustic guitar
                3 Marshall JCM 900 amplifiers
                1 Mesa Boogie Mk IV
                1 Gallien Krueger 2100
                6 Marshall 4x12 cabinets with Celestion speakers
                2 Marshall 4x12 cabinets with Electrovoice speakers
                TC electronic effects processor
                1 pair of red fluffy dice
                Korg Chromatic Guitar Tuners WT-12
                All guitars are fitted with Seymour Duncan, Jeff Beck or
                  Di Marzio super distortion pickups and Floyd Rose tremolo
                Ernie Ball strings (9, 11, 15, 24, 32, 36 gauge)
                Ernie Ball Tortoise shell medium picks
                Peter Cornish Custom Effects Board:  Flanger, MXR Distortion,
                   MXR Phase 90, Cry Baby Wah-Wah, ADT Chorus, Graphic EQ.

Adrian Smith  - Ibanez Destroyer
                Gibson Les Paul
                Gibson SG
                Lado 2003 Earth With Rocking Tremolo
                Lado 2001 Earth With Floyd Rose Tremolo
                Dean Baby ML
                Charvel With Floyd Rose Tremolo
                Hamer Scarab With Kahler Tremolo
                50 watt Marshall heads with Celestion speakers in 4x12"
                Dean Markley Strings (9, 10, 15, 24, 38, 44 gauge)
                Peter Cornish Relay Switching Control Unit
                Ibanez DDL DM 2000
                Lexicorn PCM 60 Reverb Unit
                Furman Parametric Equalizer PQ-3
                Boss CE-3 Stereo Chorus
                Boss DD-2 DDL
                Korg WT-12 Tuners

Nicko McBrain - Sonor custom kit: 24" x 18" Bass drum with Ludwig Speed King
                  foot pedal, 18" x 19" floor tom, 6.5" x 14" Bell Bronze
                  custom snare, 6", 8", 12", 13", 14", 15" and 16" hanging
                  toms, 9-ply beechwood custom shelves
                Paiste Signature series cymbals: 13" heavy bell, 16", 17", 19"
                  and 20" power crash, 20" full crash, 22" crash, two 18"
                  heavy china, 22" power ride, 1 pair 15" Sound Edge hi-hats
                Nicko McBrain Signature Series sticks by Shawstix
                Beyer Dynamic mics

Janick Gers   - 4 Fender Stratocasters with Seymour Duncan Hot Rails pickups
                1 Gibson Chet Atkins acoustic guitar
                Ernie Ball heavy picks and customised strings (.10-.46 hybrids)
                Peter Cornish effects rack inc. Boss graphic equalizer
                Peter Cornish custom treble booster
                1 Ibanez tube screamer
                8 Marshall amps and 4x12 cabinets with Celestion speakers
                Gallien Krueger amps
                Korg tuners

Microphones   - Drums: Beyer dynamic
                Instruments: Beyer dynamic, Shure, AKG
                Vocals: Shure Beta 58

Monitors      - 10 Turbosound bi-radial wedges
                6 Turbosound TMS 3 boxes
                4 Tasco/Community sidefill frames
                2 Turbosound McBrain specials for drumfill
                1 pair P.R.S. personal monitoring headphones
                14 channels controlled by Soundcraft series-4 monitor board
                Klark Technic and Court equalizers
                Effects by Drawmer, DBX and Yamaha
                QSC and Carver amplifiers
                Power systems by MGM transformers and Claude-Lyons stabilisers

PA system     - 96 Turbosound TMS 3 boxes
                24 Turbosound sub-lows, in some festivals (e.g. Donington)
                   augmented with Turbosound "Flashlight" boxes
                All are powered by QSC and BSS amplifiers and controlled by
                   a Soundcraft series-4 mixing desk. BSS crossovers and
                   Klark Technik equalisers.
                Front of house effects by Aphex, Urie, AMS, Eventide, Audio
                   Design, Yamaha, BSS and DBX compression


-->> 33 <<--  Getting IRON MAIDEN music from music clubs

BMG Music Club

101419 (B)  A Real Live One
263257 (B)  Life After Death
101496 (A)  Number Of The Beast
101497 (A)  Piece Of Mind
101498 (A)  Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
125188 (A)  A Real Dead One

105714 (B)  Bruce Dickinson's Balls to Picasso

Columbia House CD Club

457754      A Real Live One
450841      Fear Of The Dark
410555      Killers
410563      Live After Death
411835      No Prayer For The Dying
410571      The Number Of The Beast
334201      Piece Of Mind
333773      Powerslave
410522      Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
353599      Somewhere In Time

* I guess IRON MAIDEN (the debut album) isn't available from these clubs...
:(  But it's out there!

-->> 34 <<  IRON MAIDEN Music Transcriptions

* "Iron Maiden" (includes IRON MAIDEN, KILLERS, THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST, and
  PIECE OF MIND) - transcribed by Ray Donato. Has a picture of "The Trooper"
  on the front. Includes a biography for the band to that date. The
  transcriptions are ok. There is both standard notation and tab, but no solos.
  You might have to do some interpolating in spots. Hal Leonard # HL00693095,
  original ISBN # 0-89524-190-0 (originally published by Cherry Lane Music
  Company, Inc.), retail $19.95. (About $30 canadian in Canada.)
* "Powerslave/Somewhere In Time" - Guitar Recorded version. Transcribed by
  Wolf Marshall. Has a picture of "Stranger In A Strange Land" on the cover.
  Very good and very accurate and also include solos. Couple of cool photos
  of the band too. Hal Leonard # HL00693096, ISBN 0-88188-777-3, retail
  $17.95 (or $19.95 I think). (Around $30 canadian in Canada.)
* "Powerslave/Somewhere In Time" - Bass recorded version. Transcribed by Mike
  Duclos. This also has the bass parts during the guitar solos. Hal Leonard #
  HL00660130, ISBN 0-7935-3081-4, retail $17.95. (Around $30 canadian.)
* "Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son" - Guitar recorded version, transcribed by 
  Larry Giannechini.  Hal Leonard # HL00693097, retail $16.95.
* "Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son" - Melody Line, Lyrics, Chords.  Hal Leonard
  # HL00356985, retail $9.95.
* "No Prayer For The Dying" - transcribed by Jim Quinn.  Hal Leonard 
  # 00694761, ISBN #0-7935-0394-9, retail $18.95.
* "Fear Of The Dark" - transcribed by Barnes Music Engraving.  Hal Leonard
  # HL00694850, ISBN #0-7935-1845-8, retail $19.95.
* "Powerslave" - includes cassette or CD pack.  Hal Leonard # HL00674100
  (Cassette pack), # HL00699340 (CD pack), retail $17.95 (Cassette pack),
  $19.95 (CD pack).
* "Rock Score" - includes 5 songs:  "Innocent Exile", "Killers", "Phantom Of
  The Opera", "Remember Tomorrow", and "Running Free".  Hal Leonard 
  # HL00660053, retail $16.95 (or is it $18.95?).  This book does NOT have
  TAB notation (like it advertisements *say* it do!), and it is also kinda
  cheesy for lyrics...but supposedly the solos are pretty decently
  transcribed (if you can read the music, that is).  But it includes both
  guitar parts, vocals, bass, and drums as well.  Pretty detailed.
* "A Real Live One" - transcribed by Danny Begelman, guitar editor Aaron Stang.
  includes all songs off of the album A REAL LIVE ONE. Published by CPP/Belwin
  Inc., 15800 N.W. 48th Avenue, Miami, FL 33014 (# P0994GTX - no ISBN).
  Retail $21.95 (#19.95 in the UK)
* "The best of IRON MAIDEN" - really it's the singles. ISBN #0-7119-2577-1,
  cost around #12 (that's UK pounds). The song list is as follows:
  + Without solos (and with a pretty dodgy or just plain wrong transcription):
       Running Free, Sanctuary, Women in Uniform, Twilight Zone, Wrathchild,
       Run to the Hills, Purgatory, The Number of the Beast, Flight of Icarus,
       The Trooper.
  + With solos (but some are incomplete, e.g. the verse riffs for Infinite
    Dreams are left `as an exercise'):
        2 Minutes to Midnight, Aces High, Wasted Years, Stranger in a Strange
        Land, Can I Play With Madness, The Evil that Men Do, The Clairvoyant,
        Infinite Dreams, Bring Your the Slaughter, Holy Smoke.

Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation's address is 7777 West Bluemound Road,
P.O. Box 13819, Milwaukee, WI 53213, USA.

All books are in TAB form, with notes, except for the "Rock Score" book,
which is notes only (no TAB)!  This specific book also has some pretty
incorrect lyrics unfortunately...Really screwed up!  All other books are for
the most part VERY accurate and complete, with the exception of the very
first book, which includes the first 4 albums (damn!):  this book only gives
a moderately-okay transcription of main rhythms, but starts to get worse for
bridges and complex riffs, and contains virtually nothing on solos.  The
"Powerslave/Somewhere In Time" book is probably the best (IMHO) - very
accurate and readable, and done by Wolf Marshall. "The best of IRON MAIDEN"
is good value for money as long as you're prepared to work quite hard
correcting some of the transcriptions.

These books are usually available at your local music store.  For the USA and
Canada, Cherry Lane Music/Music Dispatch has a pretty decent mail-order thing
going on for these TAB books, along with all kinds of other stuff (other TAB
books, videos, study books, etc.).  The information for getting in contact
with Music Dispatch is:

	Mail Box Music/Music Dispatch
	960 East Eleventh Street
	P.O. Box 227
	Winona, MN  55987

* NOTE:  In their latest catalog, Music Dispatch also lists that they DO have
  the IRON MAIDEN biography ("Running Free") in stock, for only $9.95.  As
  mentioned later in this FAQ, this is a GREAT book and a GREAT source of
  information (especially for this FAQ), and I HIGHLY recommend it (espec-
  ially at only $9.95, plus shipping)!  The order number for this book is:
  02578013.  This is the 1st edition of the book, not the 2nd edition (it is
  out of print).  This is still very good...  The 2nd edition just contains
  about 15 extra pages, photos and such from the World Slavery Tour, and the
  cover of the book is the same as the cover of the SOMEWHERE IN TIME album.

Iron Maiden songs transcribed in magazines

Guitar For The Practicing Musician:

      Song                   Issue
Aces High                   Nov 1985
Can I Play With Madness     Jan 1989
Run To The Hills            Dec 1986
The Trooper                 Jan 1985
Wasted Years                Jun 1987

Guitar School:

      Song                   Issue
The Number of The Beast     Nov 1992 (vol. 4 num. 6)

-->> 35 <<--  Books somehow related to IRON MAIDEN

* "The Adventures Of Lord Iffy Boatrace", by Bruce Dickinson. Published
  by Sidgwick & Jackson Ltd, 18-21 Cavaye Place, LONDON SW10 9PG, UK.
  Price is #6.99. It is about a rich transvestite and his strange adventures.
  It is very British style humour.

* "The Missionary Position, The Further Adventures of Lord Iffy Boatrace"
  by Bruce Dickinson. Published by Sidgwick & Jackson, 18-21 Cavaye Place,
  LONDON SW10 9PG, UK. Price is #8.99. This is the sequel.

* "Iron Maiden - Running Free:  The Official Story Of IRON MAIDEN."
  by Garry Bushell and Ross Halfin, 1984, 1985.  Published by Zomba Books.
  Zomba House, 165 - 167 Willesden High Road, London, NW10 2SG, UK.
  (This is a GREAT book...and a great source of information for this FAQ!)
  (See Section 27 on Music Transcriptions for info on how to get this book
  (in North America only I assume) from "Music Dispatch". There is also
  a second edition but it's currently out of print).

* "Iron Maiden:  A Photographic History ("WHAT Are We Doing This For?") by
  Ross Halfin.  Zomba Books, 1988.  Zomba House, 165 - 167 High Road, London,
  England, NW10 2SG.  128 pages all full color pictures from the beginning of
  IRON MAIDEN to the SOMEWHERE IN TIME era, and a little bit of history.

-->> 36 <<--  General Bootleg Info

IRON MAIDEN bootlegs are readily just gotta look.  Many
people on this very net have a literal abundance of concerts on tape, CD,
or even video.  Another place is to check local record dealers, especially
the 'college-type' ones, ones with imports, etc.  Then go to specific bootleg
dealers, like Goldmine, etc.

Via internet there are a few things you might want to check out.  The first
is a Bootleg Music server, which will tell you all kinds of information,
from 'what is a bootleg' and other bootleg FAQs, to what the music server has
available, and will even allow you to add yours to the list. 

E-mail:  Sid's Music Server <>

Using keywords like 'send BOOTLIST', 'send BOOTHELP', etc.  This should get
you started in this direction.

A 2nd source for more info on boots is a big compiled list of boot dealers, 
and names and addresses and numbers of where to get catalogs, etc.  This file
(about 18K) is also available via ftp from (I can't remember
offhand exactly which directory).

E-mail:  Ethan Evan Prater <>

-->> 37 <<--  IRON MAIDEN ftp sites

If you have a WWW browser, you can access the OFFICIAL Iron Maiden web
site which is:

You can email the fan club and the band at:

This FAQ can be accessed with the following URL

America Online maintains an ftp site for music-related items. This is a
mirror of the University of Wisconsin Parkside archive (
The UWP archive is no more because it was "contacted" (read: threatened)
by the bastard "representatives of the music industry". Thankfully, AOL
still has the mirror available for general access (thanks AOL!):

You will also find a wealth of info under /pub/music.

The following ftp site has more than 40 Maiden song transcriptions:

If you are new to Iron Maiden, Alan Stratton <> has
written an excellent introduction:

Brad Buikema <> also has a good set of pages at:

The latest version of this FAQ is available via anonymous FTP from
In Europe, try the extremely fast

-->> 38 <<--  Credits

We are eternally grateful :) to

	Steve Payne <>

for taking the initiative of starting the FAQ and putting the first version
together. He did all of the initial work and it wouldn't have been done
without him!

I and Steve would like to thank the following people for all the help, text
and other stuff we have gotten over the past few months and without whom
the FAQ wouldn't exist!

Steven Garcia
Vartan Narinian
Philip Wang
Tapio Keihanen
The Stangmeister
Tor Iver Wilhelmsen
Roger Sabanegh
Brian Lance
Death (Johnny Tullner)
Ric Wilson
Walker Aumann
Jon Moury
Marcus Hand
Timo Haanpaa
Rob Prikanowski
Slayer (Steve & Keith)	schadsey@slate.Mines.Colorado.EDU
Shoko Hamada
Lee Davey
Luc Jalbert
Alex Gitlin
Chris Oates
Trond J. Strom
Mark Wooding  
Jan Gustafsson
Aaron Cooper
Martin Jarvis
Jim Cook
Andrew Godley 
Dmitry Zagorodnov
Olaf Greve    
"Hell Guapo"

(Anyone else?)

Thanks VERY much everybody!!!  This FAQ couldn't have been written without 
you, and you know who you are!  Keep up the good work...and, oh yeah...


(end of FAQ, part 2)

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