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FAQ: IRON MAIDEN Frequently Asked Questions, part 1/2 (monthly post)

( Part1 - Part2 )
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Archive-name: music/iron-maiden-faq/part1
Last-modified: 1996/12/16
Version: 1.35

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FAQ  [1/2]


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Any additions, deletions, corrections, suggestions, misspellings, ommissions,
complaints or any kind of whining in general? I'm always looking to update
this! Please let me know! Mail me at:  

		Vartan Narinian <>

I'll do my best to get back to people as soon as possible, and to keep this
FAQ updated as best I can. Also, when the FAQ stabilises a bit, I will start
posting diff files so that people don't have to grab the whole thing each time!

The initial version of the FAQ was put together by

		Steve Payne <>

to whom we're eternally grateful. If you're going to give credit to someone
for this FAQ it has to be him!


Intro And General Background

IRON MAIDEN have been around in one form or another really since about 1975
or so, and was one of the most definitive forces in the New Wave Of British
Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) to come out into the world during the late 1970's and
early 1980's.  With 10 true studio albums, 4 live full-length albums,
2 E.P.'s, 9 videos, countless singles, special releases, re-releases and 
other goodies, one need not wonder why.

With about 20 years of history behind the band (which includes about 24
different 'official' lineup changes), you wonder how they did it?  Powerful
music, with powerful lyrics.  Always a heavy beat, and best played loud,
loud, LOUD!  Though the band's popularity has probably already hit its
maximum peak several years back (let's at least admit that), there are many
thousands of us die-hard fans out there who have professed and pledged

What follows in this FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) List is a huge mass of
IRON MAIDEN-related information, developed pretty much for the use of people
on alt.rock-n-roll.metal.ironmaiden.  (And just for your information,
according to the Usenet readership report in January 1994, this group has an
estimated worldwide readership of 30,000 people, and averages about 350+
messages/month, as of recently!)  It answers many questions, but also
provides a wealth of information about IRON MAIDEN's past and present.  A lot
of time (you don't even want to know!) was spent just typing the information
in the computer, but even more time (and money!) was spent over the past
years of *my* IRON MAIDEN fandom acquiring this information as well.  I hope
you get something out of it.



FAQ Contents

1.  Past and present IRON MAIDEN lineups.
2.  Why all the lineup changes?
3.  The IRON MAIDEN family tree.
4.  The band and their birthdays.
5.  IRON MAIDEN influences.
6.  IRON MAIDEN Fan Club info.
7.  The new singer and the band's immediate plans
8.  What is the backwards message before STILL LIFE?
9.  Where does the mascot's name, EDDIE, come from?
10. Who is Osiris/The Powerslave connection?
11. Who is Icarus?
12. Where are SANCTUARY and TWILIGHT ZONE in the UK/European albums?
13. Why is the CD version of LIVE AFTER DEATH missing tracks?
14. IRON MAIDEN songs, where to find them, and song tidbits.
15. Song credits and other information.
16. Cover Songs found on various singles/live recordings
17. Song chart positions.
18. IRON MAIDEN songs played/not played in concert.
19. Song and name origins.
20. Location of Derek Riggs' insignia.
21. SOMEWHERE IN TIME cover references.
22. Quotations.
23. Real life IRON MAIDEN references.
24. Interesting band stories.
25. Familiar names with the IRON MAIDEN crew.
26. Other IRON MAIDEN tibits.
27. IRON MAIDEN discography.
28. Bands who have opened for IRON MAIDEN.
29. Significant dates in IRON MAIDEN history.
30. The concert in Buffalo & the lawsuit.
31. Bruce's Final Concert - Raising Hell, 08/28/93 - Promo Ad
32. IRON MAIDEN equipment info.
33. Getting IRON MAIDEN from music clubs.
34. IRON MAIDEN music transcriptions.
35. Books related to IRON MAIDEN.
36. Quick bootleg info.
37. IRON MAIDEN ftp sites
38. Credits/Acknowledgements

-->> 1 <<--  Past Lineups Of What Is Now IRON MAIDEN

GYPSY'S KISS - Nov '73                  SMILER - Oct '74
======================                  ================
Paul Sears - Drums                      Steve Harris - Bass
Bob Verschoyle - Vocals                 Dennis (Den) Wilcock - Vocals
Dave Smith - Guitar                     Doug Sampson - Drums
Steve Harris - Bass                     Tony Clee - Guitar
(Tim Wotsit - Guitar)                   Mick Clee - Guitar

IRON MAIDEN - May '76                   IRON MAIDEN - Nov '76
=====================                   =====================
Dave Sullivan - Lead/Rhythm guitar      Steve Harris - Bass
Ron 'Rebel' Matthews - Drums            Dennis Wilcock - Vocals
Paul Day - Vocals                       Ron 'Rebel' Matthews - Drums
Terry Rance - Lead/Rhythm guitar        Dave Murray - Guitar
Steve Harris - Bass                     Bob Sawyer (Bob Angelo) - Guitar

IRON MAIDEN - End of '76                IRON MAIDEN - Spring '77 (1 gig!)
========================                =================================
Steve Harris - Bass                     Steve Harris - Bass
Dennis Wilcock - Vocals                 Dennis Wilcock - Vocals
Ron (Rebel) Matthews - Drums            Barry Graham (aka Thunderstick) - Drums
Dave Murray - Guitar                    Terry Wapram - Guitar
                                        Tony Moore - Keyboards

IRON MAIDEN - Mid '77                   IRON MAIDEN - Mid '77
=====================                   =====================
Steve Harris - Bass                     Steve Harris - Bass
Barry Graham (Thunderstick) - Drums     Dave Murray - Guitar
Dennis Wilcock - Vocals
Dave Murray - Guitar

IRON MAIDEN - Mid '77                   IRON MAIDEN - Mid '78
=====================                   =====================
Steve Harris - Bass                     Steve Harris - Bass
Dave Murray - Guitar                    Dave Murray - Guitar
Doug Sampson - Drums                    Doug Sampson - Drums
                                        Paul Di'Anno - Vocals

IRON MAIDEN - Early '79                 IRON MAIDEN - Oct '79 (the 2 day lineup)
=======================                 ========================================
Steve Harris - Bass                     Steve Harris - Bass
Dave Murray - Guitar                    Dave Murray - Guitar
Paul Cairns - Guitar                    Paul Todd - Guitar
Doug Sampson - Drums                    Doug Sampson - Drums
Paul Di'Anno - Vocals                   Paul Di'Anno - Vocals

IRON MAIDEN - End '79/Early '80         IRON MAIDEN - Jan '80
===============================         =====================
Steve Harris - Bass                     Steve Harris - Bass
Dave Murray - Guitar                    Dave Murray - Guitar
Tony Parsons - Guitar                   Dennis Stratton - Guitar
Doug Sampson - Drums                    Clive Burr - Drums
Paul Di'Anno - Vocals                   Paul Di'Anno - Vocals

IRON MAIDEN - Oct '80                   IRON MAIDEN - Sep '81
=====================                   =====================
Steve Harris - Bass                     Steve Harris - Bass
Dave Murray - Guitar                    Dave Murray - Guitar
Adrian Smith - Guitar                   Adrian Smith - Guitar
Clive Burr - Drums                      Clive Burr - Drums
Paul Di'Anno - Vocals                   Bruce Dickinson - Vocals

IRON MAIDEN - Dec '82                   IRON MAIDEN - Jan '90
=====================                   =====================
Steve Harris - Bass                     Steve Harris - Bass
Dave Murray - Guitar                    Dave Murray - Guitar
Adrian Smith - Guitar                   Janick Gers - Guitar
Nicko McBrain - Drums                   Nicko McBrain - Drums
Bruce Dickinson - Vocals                Bruce Dickinson - Vocals

IRON MAIDEN - Sep '93                   IRON MAIDEN - Jan '94
=====================                   =====================
Steve Harris - Bass                     Steve Harris - Bass
Dave Murray - Guitar                    Dave Murray - Guitar
Janick Gers - Guitar                    Janick Gers - Guitar
Nicko McBrain - Drums                   Nicko McBrain - Drums
                                        Blaze Bayley - Vocals

-->> 2 <<--  Why all the lineup changes?

* Steve Harris left GYPSY'S KISS for SMILER...who knows.
* Steve Harris left SMILER to form IRON MAIDEN - SMILER was stifling Steve
  with its "tunnel vision" - no room to experiment...kinda "rockabilly"
  versions of rock songs.  He left in end '75.
* Terry Rance and Dave Sullivan were good at rhythm, but lacked in the 'lead'
  department.  Murray came in, they kinda got the picture and said "either
  him or us..."  They were dropped in late '76.  :)
* Paul Day's voice was good, but lacked energy on stage.  So he was out in
  mid '76. He played with More and Wildfire after leaving.
* Bob Sawyer had been dropped earlier along the way (end of '76), because he
  was always trying to upstage Dave Murray, instead of complementing his style.
  He played with Praying Mantis afterwards.
* Dave Murray lasted about 6 months (until early '77), before he and Den
  Wilcock had a big argument at a Bridge House gig, Wilcock clocked him one,
  and Dave Murray went off to join pal Adrian Smith's URCHIN.
* Ron Matthews had decided to 'rebel' no longer :), and took off in early
  '77. After his stint in Maiden he played with John McCoy and Bernie Torme.
* Tony Moore was axed 'cos keyboards obviously didn't fit in with Maiden's
  style (after 1 gig), in mid '77.
* Terry Wapram insisted he could only work with an organist/keyboardist, so
  that was the end of him too, in mid '77.
* Den Wilcock decided he'd "had enough," right before a gig at the Green
  Man Plumstead, England.  Mid '77.
* Thunderstick quickly followed suit, with the band temporarily on ice.
* Paul Cairns lasted under 3 months.  Left in mid '79.
* Paul Todd lasted less than a week (2 days), 'cos his girlfriend didn't want
  him to go on tour on the road.  (What a wuss).  Left in Oct '79.
* Tony Parsons lasted about 10 weeks.  Left at end '79, 'cos he just wasn't
  happy on stage...and wasn't a tremendous success on stage or anything.
* Doug Sampson quit due to ill health upon touring.  Jan '80.
* Dennis Stratton left the band to form Lionheart around Oct '80, at which
  time rifts between he and the rest of the band were developing.  He had a
  passion for 'classic rock' bands like the Eagles, was a good bit older
  than the rest of the band, and problems with "the general attitude to
  various aspects of the band" as well.  The split wasn't particularly
  amicable at first (some name calling at first...Steve was said to have
  rather sacked a band member than tolerate dissent...), but after a few 
  months things worked out okay.
* Paul Di'Anno left the band in September 1981.  According to sources, his
  biggest problem was that he just didn't respect his most valuable asset:
  his voice.  He smoked, he drank too much, and generally lived the rock 'n'
  roll lifestyle to the fullest.  And naturally his singing suffered.  He
  went on to several other projects, such as LONE WOLF, DI'ANNO, BATTLEZONE,
* Clive Burr left the band in December 1982, despite getting voted 3rd best
  drummer in the world in a KERRANG poll (who was 1st and 2nd, I wonder?!).
  Clive said he was leaving "for personal reasons" and that he intended to
  quit the music business for good (although he has been around ever since
  here and there - see the section in the FAQ on the MAIDEN "family tree").
  He was also tired of the very hectic touring schedule.  It was an amicable
  split and Clive got a special thanks and "good luck mate" on the PIECE OF
  MIND album sleeve credits.
* Adrian Smith left the band in January 1990 to pursue other things.  He also
  was becoming more uncomfortable with his performance in Maiden, especially
  when songs couldn't be played perfectly, or if the show went off with
  little hitches here and there.  You gotta figure that he also wanted a
  change of scenery, after a little more than 9 years in the band.  His next
  musical project was A.S.A.P. (Adrian Smith and Project), and was quite a
  bit different than his typical Maiden stuff.  It was a pretty amicable
  split from what I understand.  He also made a guest appearance during
  the closing song, Running Free, when Maiden headlined the Monsters of
  Rock in August 1992.  This has been recorded on the Donington video and
  the double CD/triple LP Donington Bootleg.
* Bruce Dickinson left Maiden in September 1993, to pursue his solo career
  and other projects, spend more time with his family, and to do other
  things, like maybe another book, more fencing, and to take a break in

-->> 3 <<--  The IRON MAIDEN Family Tree

Dennis Wilcock - original lead vocalist (Nov 1976 - Mid 1977).  Left IRON
   MAIDEN permanently to form V1 with Terry Wapram (also former guitarist
   with IRON MAIDEN, Spring 1977).  Also sang for WARLOCK in early 1976.

Dave Murray - more or less a co-founder of IRON MAIDEN with Steve Harris (Mid
   1976 - Nov 1976, Spring 1977 - present).  Guitarist.  Was in a couple of
   other bands previously:  EVIL WAYS (1972 - 1974), a school group along
   with childhood friend Adrian Smith), URCHIN (early 1977, along with Adrian
   Smith).  Also contributed to the HEAR'N AID project in 1986.

Steve Harris - founder of IRON MAIDEN (Dec 1975 - present).  Bass guitarist
   and back-up vocals.  Was in bands INFLUENCE (which turned into GYPSY'S
   KISS) (1972 - 1973) and SMILER (1974-1975) previously.  Several GYPSY'S
   KISS songs later became IRON MAIDEN songs, like "Burning Ambition" and

Doug Sampson - original drummer for IRON MAIDEN (Mid 1977 - Early 1980).
   Also original drummer for SMILER (1974 - 1975).  Only recordings on "The
   Soundhouse Tapes" EP, "Burning Ambition".

Paul Di'anno - first recorded lead vocalist with IRON MAIDEN (Mid 1977 - Sep
   1981).  Recorded with IRON MAIDEN "The Soundhouse Tapes" EP, "Sanctuary"
   and "Wrathchild" on METAL FOR MUTHAS compilation, IRON MAIDEN album,
   KILLERS album, LIVE PLUS ONE live album, "Maiden Japan" (aka "Heavy Metal
   Army") EP, "Women In Uniform" EP, and "Sanctuary" EP.

      BIRD OF PREY (before 1977) - not much around.
      LONE WOLF (1982 - ?) - not much around, but supposedly sounds like
         watered-down WHITESNAKE.  This was a 6-piece band.
      GOGMAGOG (1985) - NWOBHM supergroup, featuring Di'anno on vocals, Pete
         Willis (DEF LEPPARD) and Jannick Gers (GILLAN) on guitars, Neil
         Murray (WHITESNAKE) on bass guitar, and Clive Burr (IRON MAIDEN) on
         drums.  Released in 1985 a demo E.P. "I Will Be There."
      DI'ANNO (1984 - May 1985) - I don't know much about this band except it
         sounds like JOURNEY.  Released an album Di'ANNO, as well as a single
         from this album "Heartuser" b/w "Road Rat" in 1984, under the FM
         Coast to Coast label (a division of Heavy Metal Records).  Also
         released an album TWO SWIMMERS & A BAG OF JOCKIES in 1984 with Lee
         Slater (Guitars, Vocals), P J Ward (Guitars, Vocals), Kevin Browne
         (Bass, Vocals), Mark Venables (Keyboards), and Mark Stuart (Drums).
         Mark Stuart left the band before recording, so Dave Irving played
         drums on this album.  (I *think* this information is correct!)
      PAUL DI'ANNO'S BATTLEZONE (1986 - 1987) - recorded in 1986 FIGHTING
         BACK and in 1987 CHILDREN OF MADNESS.  Drummer on second album is
         Steve Hopgood of famed NWOBHM band PERSIAN RISK.
      "ALL-STAR" PROJECT (1989) - with Lea Heart back in '89.  The album was
         recorded somewhere in the UK, and the participants were a Japanese
         band around Tak Yonemochi, Paul Di'Anno, Dennis Stratton, some of
         Saxon, etc. - about 15 - 20 people altogether.  The album seems to
         have been produced for the Japanese market, so there is little
         English text on the cover, mostly Japanese...  Either the band or
         the album is called "Kaizoku".  Anybody have any more information?
      PRAYING MANTIS & Paul Di'anno, Dennis Stratton (1990) - recorded on the
         PRAYING MANTIS reunion in Japan LIVE AT LAST in 1990.  Other members
         are Tino Troy and Chris Troy of PRAYING MANTIS and STRATUS, Dennis
         Stratton of LIONHEART, and Bruce Bisland of Weapon and Statetrooper.
      KILLERS (Jan 1992 - present) - featured Steve Hopgood on drums and Nick
         Burr (Clive Burr's brother) on guitars.  Released MURDER ONE in

Tony Parsons - first official 2nd lead guitarist for IRON MAIDEN (End of 1979
   for 10 weeks).  Recorded "Sanctuary" and "Wrathchild" on the METAL FOR
   MUTHAS compilation.

Dennis Stratton - second official 2nd lead guitarist (Jan 1980 - Oct 1980).  
   With IRON MAIDEN recorded on the IRON MAIDEN album, "Women In Uniform" EP,
   subsequent singles, and LIVE PLUS ONE live album.

      REMUS DOWN BOULEVARD (Any more information?)
      LIONHEART (Oct 1980 - 1985) - first NWOBHM supergroup, with Jess Cox
         (TYGERS OF PAN TANG) on vocals, Stratton on guitar, Steve Mann on
         guitar, Rocky Newton on bass guitar, and Frank Noon (DEF LEPPARD,
         soon to be in WAYSTED) on drums.  Though formed in 1980, never
         recorded anything until 1985, an album HOT TONIGHT, then split.
      All-Stars NWOBHM (1990) - all-star lineup which includes members and ex
         WHITESNAKE, BLIZZARD OF OZZ, etc.  Recorded an album ALL-STARS
         NWOBHM in 1990.
      PRAYING MANTIS & Paul Di'anno, Dennis Stratton (1990) - played on their
         reunion in Japan and in 1990 released LIVE AT LAST as lead guitarist
         and co-lead vocalist with the Troy brothers and Paul Di'anno.
      PRAYING MANTIS - after the reunion became their lead vocalist and
         guitarist opposite Tino Troy.  Released album PREDATORS IN DISGUISE
         in 1991.

Clive Burr - 2nd drummer for IRON MAIDEN (Jan 1980 - Dec 1982).  Recorded on 
   all that Dennis Stratton recorded with the band, KILLERS album, "Maiden
   Japan" EP, and THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST album.
      SAMSON (Early 1978 - 1979) - original drummer, played on first NWOBHM
         single ever "Mr. Rock N Roll" with Chris Aylmer on bass and Paul
         Samson on guitars and vocals.
      CLIVE BURR'S ESCAPE (1983?) - Recorded a session for Radio 1 on the BBC
         in the UK.  Anyone know anthing else about this one?
      STRATUS (1985) - With Tino and Chris Troy. Recorded "Throwing Shapes"
         on Steel Trax (Steel 31001), produced by Norman Goodman.
      TYGON (formely STRATUS) - The brief name change to TYGON was abandoned
         after a little while, 'cos they found several other things with that
      PRAYING MANTIS (?) - one of their many drummers in their history.
         Recorded "The Soundhouse Tapes Part II," and "Captured City" on
         METAL FOR MUTHAS compilation.  Was very good friend of next PRAYING
         MANTIS drummer Dave Potts.
      TRUST (1983? - ?) - replaced Nicko McBrain as a session drummer for
         the album "Trust" (1982). This is not to be confused with their 1979
         debut album, which is also called "Trust". TRUST is regarded by many
         to be the greatest French heavy metal band ever.
      GOGMAGOG (Jun 1985 - ?) - drummer on "I Will Be There" EP.  That is all
         the band recorded.
      DESPERADOS (?) - formed by Dee Snyder of Twisted Sister fame.  Recorded
         an album but it was never released.  None of the members have legal
         access to any material on the album.
      ELIXIR (?) - drummer on second album LETHAL POTION. As far as I know
         he's still in ELIXIR.
      TRUE BRITS (1992) - Releasd an album READY TO RUMBLE in 1992 with Lea
         Hart (Vocals, Guitar), Dave Senczak (Guitar), Dennis Stratton
         (Vocals, Guitar), and Mel Gagbbltas (Bass).  This might not actually
         be a band.  I think they (Clive, Dennis, etc.) just joined the album
         of Lea Hart (ex-FASTWAY).  There are many (36) names of special
         guests on this album, for example, Scott Gorham, Neil Murray, Paul
         Di'Anno, Eddie Clarke, Paul Samson, Gary Barden, Tino Troy, etc.

Adrian Smith - guitarist for IRON MAIDEN (Oct 1980 - Jan 1990).  Dave
   Murray's longtime friend and former guitarist of URCHIN, among many other
   bands.  Played guitar on everything after Dennis Stratton left, and was
   permanent member for more than 9 years.  His last recording with IRON
   MAIDEN is the "Infinite Dreams" EP, recorded live on the Seventh Son Of A
   Seventh Son World Tour, leaving a legacy of one song "Hooks In You" on the
   next album NO PRAYER FOR THE DYING.

      EVIL WAYS (1972 - 1974) - a school group with Dave Murray.
      URCHIN (1974 - Spring 1980) - guitarist and vocals.  Released 2 DJM
         singles ("Black Leather Fantasy" and "She's A Roller", both of which
         are pretty hard to find apparently), then split up.  Was originally
         offered Maiden gig early in 1980, but was still convinced URCHIN
         could make it.  Band members were Andy Barnett on guitar, Barry
         Tyler on drums, and Alan Levett on bass.
      BROADWAY BRATS (Mid 1980 - Oct 1980) - along with Andy Barnett on
         guitar, Jeb Million on vocals (formerly with BLAZER BLAZER), Steve
         Wells on bass (also formerly with BLAZER BLAZER), and Ian Richardson
         on drums (also formerly with BLAZER BLAZER).
      A.S.A.P. (1990 - ?) - formed in 1989, featuring Zak Starkey, son of
         Beatles drummer Ringo, on drums.  Recorded in 1989 SILVER AND GOLD
         and an EP.  Changed their name (?) to the UNTOUCHABLES.  Andy
         Barnett on guitars as well, Dave Colwell also on guitars, Robin
         Clayton on bass, and Richard Young on keyboards as well.  Quite a
         different sound that IRON MAIDEN!
      UNTOUCHABLES (Aug 1992 - present) - his current band made up of half
         the people in A.S.A.P. (there were a lot of members in A.S.A.P.).
         We're still waiting for their release.  Gary Liederman on bass, Huey
         Lucas on guitar, and Bob Richards on drums.

Nicko McBrain - longtime friend of the band, Clive Burr's replacement (Dec
   1982 - present).  Recorded everything from the beginning of the PIECE OF
   MIND sessions and is still a member.  Member of French heavy metal group
   TRUST, considered the best French heavy metal in all rock history by
   many), among many other bands he was in.

      STREETWALKERS (Feb 1975 - Jul 1976) - Nicko's first pro band, with
         Roger Chapman on vocals, Charlie Whitney on guitar, and several
         others, including Billy Day.
      PAT TRAVERS BAND (1977) - Recorded on the album PUTTING IT STRAIGHT in
         1977 along with Pat Travers (Gurtar, Keyboards, and Vocals), and
         Peter Mars Cowling (Bass). Also played on the album HEAT IN THE STREET
      JENNY DARREN (?) - Anyone know about this one?
      TRAUMA (?) - Anyone know about this one?
      McKITTY (?) - Anyone know about this one?
      TRUST (? - End 1982) - Legendary French heavy metal band, considered by
          many to be the best heavy metal in France. Apparently Nicko got
          pissed off with the musical direction (not to mention the commute
          to Paris everytime they had to rehearse).

Bruce Dickinson - recorded everything with IRON MAIDEN since the THE NUMBER
   OF THE BEAST sessions up until A REAL DEAD ONE (Sep 1981 - Sep 1993).

      STYX - (Help, any more information?)
      SPEED (?) - recorded nothing - were a cross between the STRANGLERS and
         JUDAS PRIEST, with keyboards.
      SHOTS (1977 - 1979) - based on street theatrics, sounded more like Deep
         Purple and Ian Gillan Band stuff as well as SPEED, but more hard
         rock.  Also never recorded.
      SAMSON (Jun 1979 - Aug 1981) - Recorded SURVIVORS (1979) for the band
         but never released it.  Dickinson was on this album but as guitarist
         and harmonica player.  He was a kind-of member at this time since he
         said he didn't want to join the band until he graduated from
         college, which by this time was only two weeks away).  A previous
         version of SURVIVORS was already on the presses and so they wrote
         HEAD ON, and then toured in support of the two albums.  Last album
         with Bruce (aka Bruce Bruce) was SHOCK TACTICS, in 1981.  In 1990
         Paul Samson released LIVE AT READING '81 with Dickinson.  During his
         tenure with SAMSON, SAMSON were regarded the most popular, equalled
         only by DEF LEPPARD, IRON MAIDEN, and SAXON.  Paul Samson continued
         on with SAMSON with Nicky Moore (formerly with TIGER).  The first 3
         albums also had former IRON MAIDEN drummer Thunderstick (Spring 1977
         - Mid 1977).
      OTHER PROJECT (1986?) - Appeared on "Lone Wolf", the B-side of XERO's
         "Oh Baby" single.
      MR. BEAN & SMEAR CAMPAIGN (1992) - Together with Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean)
         and TASTE, Bruce Dickinson recorded ELECTED (Alice Cooper) to raise
         charity funds. The CD single contains:
            1. (I want to be) ELECTED
               Mr. Bean & Smear Campaign (Featuring Bruce Dickinson)
            2. (I want to be) ELECTED
               Smear Campaign (Featuring Bruce Dickinson)
            3. THE MANIFESTO
               Mr. Bean
         The second track is the song ELECTED by TASTE with Bruce on vocals. The
         third track is an election manifesto read by Mr. Bean. The first track
         is a mix of both. Apparently there is also a video.
         The whole thing is rather humorous, it probably is more so if you
         are British.
         with future Maiden guitarist Jannick Gers in 1990, as well as wrote
         "Bring Your Daughter...To The Slaughter" for the Nightmare On Elm
         Street Part V - The Dream Child soundtrack.  Though disbanded soon
         after the tour, it will probably be resurrected in some form or
         another soon enough.  Solo band also included Andy Carr on bass, and
         Fabio Del Rio on drums, and toured a little while Mid 1990.
      THE EARTHQUAKE ALBUM / ROCK AID ARMENIA (1990) - This is a compilation
         the sales of which went towards helping the people of Armenia stricken
         by the 1990 earthquake. The first track is SMOKE ON THE WATER '90 and
         is a sort of all-star performance of the classic DEEP PURPLE song.
         Bruce sings the 2nd verse of the song. (This performance also features
         names like Ritchie Blackmore, Ian Gillan, Tony Iommi, Dave Gilmour,
         Roger Taylor, Brian May, Bryan Adams, Keith Emerson and others).
      BALLS TO PICASSO (1994) - Bruce's continuing solo project.
      NATIVITY IN BLACK (1994)- The Black Sabbath Tribute features Bruce on
         the vocals in "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath," with Godspeed.

Janick Gers - Adrian Smith's successor in IRON MAIDEN (Jan 1990 - present).
   Performed on everything beginning with the NO PRAYER FOR THE DYING

      WHITE SPIRIT (Mid 1975 - Jun 1981) - another very popular NWOBHM band.
         Recorded classic WHITE SPIRIT in 1980, then soon departed to join
         GILLAN.  Mick Tucker of AXIS replaced him.
      GILLAN (Jun 1981 - Dec 1982) - Replaced former guitarist Bernie Torme
         and recorded DOUBLE TROUBLE (1981), a 2 LP set, 1 studio + one live
         (now available on one CD from Virgin). Live portion was from the
         Reading Festival 1981). Bernie Torme plays guitar on one of the live
         tracks, "If You Believe Me", recorded earlier. Janick also appears on
         MAGIC (1982), another studio LP, now also available on CD from
         Virgin, with some single b-sides and outtakes. When in GILLAN he used
         to play a cover of BLACK NIGHT which he later did with Bruce Dickinson
         and is now available on a Dickinson single. Gillan fell apart when
         Ian Gillan thought there was going to be a DEEP PURPLE reunion. When
         that didn't happen, Ian joined BLACK SABBATH, recording BORN AGAIN,
         before the DEEP PURPLE reunion eventually happened in 1984.
      DI'ANNO (Jan 1985 - May 1985) - With Frank Noon on drums, along with
         others.  Anyone know about this one?
      GOGMAGOG (Jun 1985 - ?) - you've read this one enough times already.
      FISH (1988? - 1990?) - ex-Marillion singer's band. Janick was doing
         studio sessions for them for a while, he appeared live with them in
         March of 1989, and also on FISH's VIGIL IN A WILDERNESS OF MIRRORS
         playing guitar on "View From A Hill" and co-writing "View From A
         Hill" and "Family Business".
      BRUCE DICKINSON SOLO PROJECT - you just read it a few minutes ago.

Blaze Bayley - (1995 - ) - joined IRON MAIDEN at the turn of the new year,
   following Bruce Dickinson's departure in September 1993. Currently
   singing on the new Maiden album which is being recorded and is to be
   released in October 1995.

      WOLFSBANE (1987 - 1993) - Debuted with LIVE FAST, DIE FAST (1989) which
      according to Kerrang was good material but rendered impotent by an
      uncharacteristically weak Rick Rubin production. In 1990 an EP titled
      their credibility. In 1991 they released DOWN FALL ALL THE GOOD GUYS
      which was their last record with Def American. In Feb. 1993 a proud and
      defiant live album called MASSIVE NOISE INJECTION was released with
      Bronze Records and another album titled WOLFSBANE was to be released in
      February 1994 and was in the process of being mixed when Blaze decided
      to front Iron Maiden. Blaze considers the Bronze releases to be the
      best of all Wolfsbane's albums.

-->> 4 <<--  The Band And Their Birthdays

* Bruce (Bruce Bruce/Air Raid Siren) Dickinson - August 7, 1958, born in
  Worksop Notts, England.
* Michael (Nicko) McBrain - June 5, 1954
* Janick (Jan) Gers - January 27, 1957
* Adrian (H) Smith - February 27, 1957
* David Michael (The Blonde Bomber) Murray - December 23, 1956
* Steve ('Arry) Harris - March 12, 1956, raised in Leytonstone, England.
* Blaze Bayley - May 29, 19??

-->> 5 <<--  IRON MAIDEN influences

Wishbone Ash, Montrose, Jethro Tull, Deep Purple, UFO, Rainbow, T. Rex, Free,
Black Sabbath, King Crimson, Led Zeppelin, Genesis.

Former drummer Thunderstick (1977 era):  He loved Kiss, make-up, etc. He even
wore a hood on stage!

For Steve's bass playing:  Chris Squire, Mike Rutherford, Geddy Lee, Andy
                           Fraser, John Entwistle.
Dave Murray:  even some blues music
Bruce Dickinson:  started listening to heavy metal at age 13...DEEP PURPLE'S
                  "IN ROCK".
Blaze Bayley:
  Favourite singers:   Bon Scott (RIP), Ronnie James Dio, Geoff Tate, Elvis
                       Presley, James Hetfield and Ozzy Osbourne.
  Favourite records:   Highway to Hell (AC/DC), Black Sabbath (Black Sabbath),
                       Ride the Lightning (Metallica), Jerry Lee Lewis Live at
                       The Star Club Hamburg, Arise (Sepultura), Home Invasion
  Favourite IM songs:  The Trooper, Hallowed Be Thy Name, Iron Maiden, The
                       Clairvoyant, Run To The Hills, 2 Minutes To Midnight,
                       Fear of the Dark.
  Favourite IM albums: Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, Powerslave, The Number
                       of the Beast.

-->> 6 <<--  The IRON MAIDEN Fan Club

The Official IRON MAIDEN Fan Club (IMFC), consists of a yearly membership 
(every year you have to pay again), and you get three publications throughout 
the year containing the latest news on their touring, new albums, sometimes
a question/answer section, a pen-pal section, and tons of full color pictures.

If you are a new member, you also get an official biography of the band, a
pin, and absolutely tons of merchandising stuff.

The address is:

	Iron Maiden Fan Club
	P.O. Box 10

phone:  +44 181 540 5545  (in England)
        +44 181 543 4105  (hotline)


The cost:  In the UK it is 10 pounds; in the USA/Canada it is 25 dollars;
           in the rest of Europe it is 12 pounds; in the rest of the world
           it is 14 pounds.

-->> 7 <<-- Who's the next singer and what are the band's immediate plans?

The new singer with IRON MAIDEN is Blaze Bayley (not Bailey!), formerly
of WOLFSBANE.  Rod Smallwood says about this decision:

  "It wasn't a difficult choice to make when it came down to it, but there
  was a lot of people to look at. The band finally all sat down at the end
  of August and listened to the hundreds of tapes and from there we got down
  to 16, who were auditioned at Steve's.  They were given six songs to learn,
  and then they sang those six songs with the band a couple of times and from
  those 16 there emerged three possible people. We took those three back up to
  Steve's and took the vocals off some live tapes asked them to sing along in
  the studio to get an idea of how it sounded on tape and from the basis of
  those tapes we decided Blaze was the best man for the job"

According to the Iron Maiden Fan Club, the producer of the album is
Nigel Green.

In an interview with the Greek edition of Metal Hammer (august 95 issue)
Steve Harris said that the title of the new album will be X-FACTOR. The
release date is beginning of October. Nigel Green said that "The title of
the album 'THE X FACTOR' came about in the early part of the recording.
We all felt that the way things were progressing - the songs, BLAZE'S new
involvement, the sound, the commitment - the new album really would have
that extra quality, that bit of magic....that X FACTOR. This became the
working title for the album and we liked it, so we kept it. It is also very
apt as this is our tenth studio album and "X" can bring up many images"

The cover is not drawn by Derek Riggs but by an artist by the name of
Hughes Simon (aka HUGH SYME) who is working for Disney. Harris said "Don't
think that it will look like a comic because it won't." Hughes Simon has
apparently done some covers for Rush, Queensryche, Megadeth and others.

Wanting to get away from the 2 dimensional illustrated sleeves, the band
asked HUGH SYME to bring "Eddie", the band's eternal and indestructable
"Mascot", to life. SYME created a masterpiece, building and photographing
the re-birth of "Eddie", encapturing the gore, complexity and horror of the
warped surgery involved in creating a modern day Frankenstein.
The striking visual is a cause of concern for the band's record companies
around the world who fear that they will encounter potential problems
getting the record racked in "conservative" chain stores.
"MAIDEN" however refused to change the artwork, but decided instead to
create an alternative for those of a "milder dispositon" which features
"Eddie" being pumped up with 25,000 volts in an "Electric Chair". This
alternative artwork will be featured on the back of the CD booklet,
printed upside down, so that the booklet can be reversed to give an
alternative cover.
Earlier this year, when asked about the length of time taken on this album
Steve replied:

  "This is obviously a very important time for us with a new line-up. It takes
  time to fully integrate a new singer- when Bruce joined we were able to
  quietly go off to Italy to tour before recording "The Beast". Now it's
  impossible for Maiden to do anything "quietly". We spent a lot of time in
  rehearsal just, playing, relaxing and getting the right feel before getting
  down to the actual recording. This way we felt we were a band once recording
  Everything went well with Blaze from the word go- we knew him before from
  touring together, I always loved his vocals... he's just very Maiden.
  Anyway we're close to finishing and we all feel that this album will have
  something very special. This will be reflected in the title. We're very proud
  of the songs. We're delighted with the way things have gone and can't wait for
  the fans to hear the new band and new songs. We're also dying to get out
  and tour again - it's the longest we've ever been between gigs."
  Blaze said "I can't wait to get out touring with Maiden. I wanted to get out
  and play the UK straight away, but the rest reckoned we should get some gigs
  under our belt first, get things really revved up."
The tours starts in early October in South Africa, followed by Greece, Bulgaria,
Hungary Slovenia, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark
and then the first phase of the UK Tour. Then it's other Western European
countries, more UK dates before going to South and North America, Japan, SE
Asia, Australia and New Zealand.
The UK dates are as follows and tickets go on sale June 30th:
            6th MANCHESTER APOLLO
            8th LEEDS TOWN AND COUNTRY
            9th NEWPORT CENTRE
            10th BRIXTON ACADEMY, LONDON
Tickets are #14.50 for all venues.

The gigs are all standing, so priority seats cannot be offered.

-->> 8 <<--  What is the backwards message before "Still Life?"

This is probably THE most frequently asked question.  IRON MAIDEN was getting
really fed up with the American bigots who'd condemned them devil worshippers
and such, so they decided to stick this sucker on the new album (PIECE OF
MIND).  Right at the beginning of the song Still Life is two quick backwards 
messages, one after the other.  Both are spoken by Nicko in a deep Rasta 
accent, not too much even understandable even when played backwards.  Well, 
the first says "What ho sed de t'ing wid de t'ree bonce", which means "What 
ho said the monster with the three heads." The second says "Don't meddle wid
t'ings you don't understand." And of course, the message ends with a belch! :)

The Iron Maiden biography (see item 34, BOOKS related to Iron Maiden) says
that the phrases are taken from Idi Amin's books. To the best of my knowledge
Idi Amin has never written any books (I checked the Encyclopaedia Britannica).
Some fellow netters sent me the following explanation:

According to them both phrases come from a spoof '70s radio show about
Idi Amin. In the show an english actor, John Bird, impersonates Idi Amin
(complete with Ugandan accent) explaining how the disappearing Ugandan
ministers are being sent to Pluto to sort out the economy there. The material
is written by one-time editor of Punch and humourist Alan Coren.

An LP containing the broadcasts exists: It's titled "The Collected Broadcasts
of Idi Amin" (1975).

-->> 9 <<--  Where does the mascot's name, EDDIE, come from?

The original Eddie was just this theatrical mask. You can kind of see it in
the band photos on the first album and on the "Running Free" single picture
sleeve. It's a face right next to the band logo.It was connected to a pump
that would spurt out various kinds of liquids and it would drool all over
Doug Sampson or Clive Burr or whoever was at the drums that time. People
would also try to sling stuff into it. Its full name was "Eddie The Head"
(Edward T.H. on the Live After Death cover) and it comes from the following
old joke:

Eddie was born with no body and no arms and no legs. Just a head. But despite
this slight birth defect his parents loved him very much cared for him and
were always giving him all these presents like hats and blow things at
parties and other cool stuff. So on his sixteenth birthday they run into a
doctor that says "Hey, I can give Eddie a body" so the parents are going
totally nuts because finally their kid can have a body and be like other
normal people. They go home and are really excited and say "Have we got a
surprise for you. It's the best present ever!" and Eddie says "Oh, no, not
another fucking hat!"

They gave the name "Eddie" to that mask. By the time of them being signed to
EMI Records, they got Derek Riggs to do cover artwork. The first was the cover
to the "Running Free" single, and you see that zombie in the back missing an
arm (which somehow is in front of a guy who looks a lot like Bruce Dickinson
running away from that zombie). The band liked the zombie guy so much that the
name Eddie was transferred over to the zombie when they lost that mask with
the pump.

-->> 10 <<-- Who is Osiris/The Powerslave connection?

The origin of Osiris is obscure but by 2400BC Osiris played a double role:
He was both a god of fertility and the personification of the dead king.
This dual role was in turn combined with the Egyptian dogma of divine
kingship: The king at death became Osiris, god of the underworld; the dead
king's son, the living king, was identified with Horus, god of the sky.
Osiris and Horus, therefore, were father and son. The goddess Isis was the
mother of the king and was thus the mother of Horus and wife of Osiris.
The god Seth was considered the murderer of Osiris and the adversary of

According to the most traditional form of the myth, Osiris was slain or
drowned by Seth, who tore the corpse into 14 pieces and flung them
over the earth. Eventually Isis and her sister Nephthys found and buried
all the pieces except the phallus, thereby giving new life to Osiris, who
thenceforth remained in the underworld as ruler and judge. Horus then
successfully fought against Seth and became the new king of Egypt.

Osiris was regarded as not only the ruler of the dead but also as the power
that granted all life from the underworld, from sprouting vegetables to
the annual flood of the Nile. From about 2000BC onward it was believed
that every man, not just the deceased kings, became identified with Osiris
at death. The process of becoming Osiris, however, did not imply resurrection,
for even Osiris did not rise from the dead. Instead it was the assumption
of immortality, both in the next world and through one's descendants on earth.

-->> 11 <<-- Who is Icarus?

In ancient greek mythology, there was once a king of the island of Crete
called Minos, who received a curse for his kingdom: this curse was a monster,
half man and half bull and was called the Minotaur.  (I am leaving out the
why and how this Minotaur was born, but you may find the relevant information
in a good's rather amusing). After a son of Minos was
killed by the Athenians, to avenge his death, king Minos demanded that seven
Athenian youths and seven maidens be sent every 9th year to Crete to be
devoured by the Minotaur. When the third time of the sacrifice came,
Theseus, son of the king of Athens was chosen to go. Theseus decided to
take a shot at killing the Minotaur.

Before Theseus entered the maze, king Minos' daughter, Ariadne, gave him
a long string rolled into a ball, which Theseus unwound as he proceeded
through the labyrinth so as to remember his way out. Our hero succeeded
in slaying the Minotaur and escaped safely.

The builder of the labyrinth was a famous architect called Daedalus, who
was being held captive by king Minos so that he wouldn't divulge the secret
of the labyrinth. Icarus was the son of Daedalus.

At some time, Daedalus tried to escape from his prison by constructing
two sets of wings made with feathers stuck together with wax, one set for
himself and the other for his son Icarus who was to flee with him.
Both father and son were able to fly out of Crete, but it happened that
Icarus was overjoyous and flew too high, getting "very near the sun". The
heat melted the wax that bound the feathers and he fell into the ocean.

-->> 12 <<-- Why don't SANCTUARY and TWILIGHT ZONE appear
             on the UK/European album pressings?

"Sanctuary" first appeared on the Metal For Muthas with "Wrathchild."
This is why neither one made it on the first album. I guess by the time the
single was issued Tony Parsons was no longer a member of the band so they
redid it with Dennis. "Wrathchild" was Adrian Smith's audition piece, and I
guess he must have done such a great job with it that they decided to stick
that onto the next single. 
Already "Running Free" was a single, but only in Europe and I think this 
single was performed by the quartet lineup Di'anno / Murray / Harris / Sampson,
which would make sense that "Sanctuary" would be the first thing done by the
lineup that would appear on the album, but since by now there were two versions
of "Sanctuary floating about in UK but never heard in USA, they stick on the
new version of "Sanctuary" which has the same lineup as the rest of the album
(in my opinion though it's the inferior version. Stratton's solos tended to
sound more or less the same from song to song). 
"Twilight Zone" comes out as a single soon after Adrian joins, but again only
in the UK but not in USA. This is why it appears on USA pressings of Killers
but not in the UK and everywhere else, I guess.
Again, it makes sense to stick it on this album because the lineup that did
"Twilight Zone" is the same that did the second LP.

-->> 13 <<-- Why does the vinyl version of LIVE AFTER DEATH have
             more tracks than the CD version?

The CD version of LIVE AFTER DEATH includes everything that the first three
sides of the LP version contain. The fourth side is not included.

Also, RUNNING FREE is shortened from about 8:16 on vinyl to about 3:16 on
the CD by eliminating the crowd interaction. An experienced listener can
even tell where the track has been cut.

The common factor between the first three sides of the LP is that they are
recorded at the Long Beach Arena in California, whereas the fourth side
is recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon (now known as the Hammersmith Apollo)
in London.

The vinyl version of LIVE AFTER DEATH is around 100 minutes and there's no
way these could fit on a single CD. Granted, they could have released a double
CD but there might have been price considerations. In any case, I like to
think of the fourth side of the LP as an extra bonus for buying the vinyl. :)

The songs extra on the LP version are: WRATHCHILD, CHILDREN OF THE DAMNED,
(The PHANTOM OF THE OPERA performance is brilliant, by the way.)

The LIVE AFTER DEATH video is also recorded at the Long Beach Arena but on
a different night and contains a full gig, complete with intro and encore.
It closes with SANCTUARY which is neither on the CD nor the LP.

-->> 14 <<--  IRON MAIDEN songs, where to find them, and song tidbits

Studio Albums:

              Song Title                 LP Time          Album

22 Acacia Avenue                           6:32  The Number Of The Beast
2 AM                                       5:38  The X Factor
2 Minutes To Midnight                      6:02  Powerslave
Aces High                                  4:30  Powerslave
Afraid To Shoot Strangers                  6:54  Fear Of The Dark
Alexander The Great                        8:35  Somewhere In Time
Another Life                               3:21  Killers
Back In The Village                        5:03  Powerslave
Be Quick Or Be Dead                        3:21  Fear Of The Dark
Bring Your Daughter...To The Slaughter     4:40  No Prayer For The Dying
Can I Play With Madness                    3:29  Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
Caught Somewhere In Time                   7:23  Somewhere In Time
Chains Of Misery                           3:37  Fear Of The Dark
Charlotte The Harlot                       4:10  Iron Maiden
Childhood's End                            4:40  Fear Of The Dark
Children Of The Damned                     4:32  The Number Of The Beast
Deja-Vu                                    4:56  Somewhere In Time
Die With Your Boots On                     5:23  Piece Of Mind
Drifter                                    4:47  Killers
Fates Warning                              4:11  No Prayer For The Dying
Fear Is The Key                            5:36  Fear Of The Dark
Fear Of The Dark                           7:13  Fear Of The Dark
Flash Of The Blade                         4:06  Powerslave
Flight Of Icarus                           3:49  Piece Of Mind
Fortunes Of War                            7:24  The X Factor
From Here To Eternity                      3:34  Fear Of The Dark
Gangland                                   3:49  The Number Of The Beast
Genghis Khan                               3:03  Killers
Hallowed Be Thy Name                       7:09  The Number Of The Beast
Heaven Can Wait                            7:18  Somewhere In Time
Holy Smoke                                 3:49  No Prayer For The Dying
Hooks In You                               4:07  No Prayer For The Dying
Infinite Dreams                            6:08  Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
Innocent Exile                             3:50  Killers
Invaders                                   3:24  The Number Of The Beast
Iron Maiden                                3:31  Iron Maiden
Judas Be My Guide                          3:09  Fear Of The Dark
Judgement Of Heaven                        5:12  The X Factor
Killers                                    4:58  Killers
Look For The Truth                         5:10  The X Factor
Lord Of The Flies                          5:30  The X Factor
Losfer Words (Big 'Orra)                   4:13  Powerslave
Man On The Edge                            4:14  The X Factor
Moonchild                                  5:38  Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
Mother Russia                              5:32  No Prayer For The Dying
Murders In The Rue Morgue                  4:16  Killers
No Prayer For The Dying                    4:22  No Prayer For The Dying
Only The Good Die Young                    4:42  Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
Phantom Of The Opera                       7:05  Iron Maiden
Powerslave                                 7:09  Powerslave
Prodigal Son                               6:12  Killers
Prowler                                    3:52  Iron Maiden
Public Enema Number One                    4:10  No Prayer For The Dying
Purgatory                                  3:18  Killers
Quest For Fire                             3:42  Piece Of Mind
Remember Tomorrow                          5:25  Iron Maiden
Revelations                                6:47  Piece Of Mind
Run Silent Run Deep                        4:34  No Prayer For The Dying
Run To The Hills                           3:49  The Number Of The Beast
Running Free                               3:14  Iron Maiden
Sanctuary                                  3:12  Iron Maiden
Sea Of Madness                             5:38  Somewhere In Time
Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son               9:50  Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
Sign Of The Cross                         11:18  The X Factor
Still Life                                 4:39  Piece Of Mind
Strange World                              5:40  Iron Maiden
Stranger In A Strange Land                 5:39  Somewhere In Time
Sun And Steel                              3:27  Piece Of Mind
Tailgunner                                 4:12  No Prayer For The Dying
The Aftermath                              6:12  The X Factor
The Apparition                             3:55  Fear Of The Dark
The Assassin                               4:15  No Prayer For The Dying
The Clairvoyant                            4:24  Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
The Duellists                              6:08  Powerslave
The Edge Of Darkness                       6:39  The X Factor
The Evil That Men Do                       4:31  Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
The Fugitive                               4:54  Fear Of The Dark
The Ides Of March                          1:44  Killers
The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner 6:31  Somewhere In Time
The Number Of The Beast                    4:48  The Number Of The Beast
The Prisoner                               5:59  The Number Of The Beast
The Prophecy                               5:06  Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner           13:35  Powerslave
The Trooper                                4:10  Piece Of Mind
The Unbeliever                             8:10  The X Factor
To Tame A Land                             7:21  Piece Of Mind
Transylvania                               4:06  Iron Maiden
Twilight Zone                              2:31  Killers
Wasted Years                               5:04  Somewhere In Time
Wasting Love                               5:47  Fear Of The Dark
Weekend Warrior                            5:39  Fear Of The Dark
Where Eagles Dare                          6:09  Piece Of Mind
Wrathchild                                 2:51  Killers

B-Sides And Others:
All In Your Mind               4:31  b-side Holy Smoke Single
Black Bart Blues               6:41  b-side Can I Play With Madness Single
Burning Ambition               2:42  b-side Running Free Single
Communication Breakdown        2:41  b-side Bring Your Daughter Single
Cross-Eyed Mary                3:55  b-side The Trooper Single
Doctor, Doctor                 4:50  b-side Virus CD Single 1
Invasion                       2:39  b-side Women In Uniform Single
                                     also b-side Virus 12" Single
I Live My Way                        b-side Man On The Edge 12" Single
I'm A Mover                    3:29  b-side Bring Your Daughter Single
I've Got The Fire (Live)       3:14  b-side Sanctuary Single
Juanita                        3:47  b-side Stranger In A Strange Land Single
Judgement Day                        b-side Man On The Edge CD Single 1
Justice Of The Peace                 b-side Man On The Edge CD Single 2
Kill Me Ce Soir                6:17  b-side Holy Smoke Single
King Of Twilight               4:54  b-side Aces High Single
Massacre                       2:54  b-side Can I Play With Madness Single
Mission From 'Arry             6:43  b-side 2 Minutes To Midnight Single
My Generation                  3:38  b-side Virus CD Single 1
Nodding Donkey Blues           3:19  b-side Be Quick Or Be Dead Single
Prowler (Soundhouse Tapes)           b-side Virus 12" Single
Rainbow's Gold                 4:57  b-side 2 Minutes To Midnight Single
Reach Out  (Adrian on vocals)  3:31  b-side Wasted Years Single
Roll Over Vic Vella            4:48  b-side From Here To Eternity Single
Sheriff Of Huddersfield        3:35  b-side Wasted Years Single
Space Station No. 5            3:47  b-side Be Quick Or Be Dead Single
That Girl                      5:04  b-side Stranger In A Strange Land Single
Total Eclipse                  4:29  b-side Run To The Hills Single
Women In Uniform               3:11  Women In Uniform Single

Chevrolet                      3:51  (Cover) Marquee Club - 12/19/85
Fighting Man                   5:38  (Cover) Marquee Club - 12/19/85
Lady                           6:58  (Cover) Marquee Club - 12/19/85
Rosalie                        4:37  (Cover) Marquee Club - 12/19/85
School Days                    4:50  (Cover) Marquee Club - 12/19/85
See Right Through You          3:23  (Cover) Marquee Club - 12/19/85
She's A Roller                       (Cover) 12 Wasted Years video
She's Gone                     5:32  (Cover) Marquee Club - 12/19/85
Silver And Gold                6:29  (Cover) Marquee Club - 12/19/85
Try                            4:07  (Cover) Marquee Club - 12/19/85
Tush                           4:43  (Cover) Marquee Club - 12/19/85

Song Tidbits:
Average (Studio) Song Length:  5:09.9
Total Studio Music:  8:05:32

1st Longest Song:  The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner    13:35
2nd Longest Song:  Sign Of The Cross                  11:18
3rd Longest Song:  Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son        9:50
4th Longest Song:  Alexander The Great                 8:35
5th Longest Song:  Fortunes Of War                     7:24
6th Longest Song:  Caught Somewhere In Time            7:23

Other 7-something minute songs:  Fear Of The Dark (7:13), Hallowed Be Thy
   Name (7:09), Heaven Can Wait (7:18), Phantom Of The Opera (7:05),
   Powerslave (7:09), To Tame A Land (7:21).

1st Shortest Song:  The Ides Of March                  1:44
2nd Shortest Song:  Twilight Zone                      2:31
3rd Shortest Song:  Wrathchild                         2:51
4th Shortest Song:  Genghis Khan                       3:03

Other 3-something-minute songs:  Another Life (3:21), Be Quick Or Be Dead
   (3:21), Can I Play With Madness (3:29), Chains Of Misery (3:37), Flight Of
   Icarus (3:49), From Here To Eternity (3:34), Gangland (3:49), Holy Smoke
   (3:49), Innocent Exile (3:50), Invaders (3:24), Iron Maiden (3:31), Judas
   Be My Guide (3:09), Prowler (3:52), Purgatory (3:18), Quest For Fire
   (3:42), Run To The Hills (3:49), Running Free (3:14), Sanctuary (3:12),
   Sun And Steel (3:27), The Apparition (3:55).

Instrumental Songs:  Transylvania, The Ides Of March, Genghis Khan, and
                     Losfer Words (Big 'Orra).

-->> 15 <<-- Song Credits And Other Info

Prowler                         Steve Harris
Remember Tommorrow              Harris - Paul Di'Anno
Running Free                    Harris - Di'Anno
Phantom Of The Opera            Harris
Transylvania                    Harris
Strange World                   Harris
Sanctuary                       Iron Maiden
Charlotte The Harlot            Dave Murray
Iron Maiden                     Harris

Total Songs:  9
Total Time:  40:49
Produced by Will Malone
Sleeve Illustrations by Derek Riggs
Recorded at Kingsway Studios, London
Mixed at Morgan Studios, London

The Ides Of March               Harris
Wrathchild                      Harris
Murders In The Rue Morgue       Harris
Another Life                    Harris
Genghis Khan                    Harris
Innocent Exile                  Harris
Killers                         Di'Anno - Harris
Twilight Zone                   Harris - Murray
Prodigal Son                    Harris
Purgatory                       Harris
Drifter                         Harris

Total Songs:  11
Total Time:  41:22
Produced and Mixed by Martin Birch
Managed by Rod Smallwood
Sleeve Illustrations by Derek Riggs

Invaders                        Harris
Children Of The Damned          Harris
The Prisoner                    Adrian Smith - Harris
22, Acacia Avenue               Harris - Smith
The Number Of The Beast         Harris
Run To The Hills                Harris
Gangland                        Smith - Clive Burr
Hallowed Be Thy Name            Harris

Total Songs:  8
Total Time:  40:22
Produced and Mixed by Martin Birch
Recorded and Mixed @ Battery Studios, London, England
Managed by Rod Smallwood
Sleeve Illustrations by Derek Riggs

Where Eagles Dare               Harris
Revelations                     Bruce Dickinson
Flight Of Icarus                Smith - Dickinson
Die With Your Boots On          Smith - Dickinson - Harris
The Trooper                     Harris
Still Life                      Murray - Harris
Quest For Fire                  Harris
Sun And Steel                   Dickinson - Smith
To Tame A Land                  Harris

Total Songs:  9
Total Time:  46:04
Produced and Mixed by Martin Birch
Recorded @ Compass Point, Nassau, Bahamas
Mixed @ Electric Lady Sound Studios, NY
Managed by Rod Smallwood and Andy Taylor
Sleeve Illustration by Derek Riggs

Aces High                       Harris
Two Minutes To Midnight         Smith - Dickinson
Losfer Words (Big 'Orra)        Harris
Flash Of The Blade              Dickinson
The Duellists                   Harris
Back To The Village             Smith - Dickinson
Powerslave                      Dickinson
Rime Of The Ancient Mariner     Harris

Total Songs:  8
Total Time:  51:01
Produced and Mixed by Martin Birch
Recorded @ Compass Point, Nassau, Bahamas
Mixed @ Electric Lady Sound Studios, NY
Managed by Rod Smallwood and Andy Taylor
Sleeve Illustrations by Derek Riggs

Caught Somewhere In Time        Harris
Wasted Years                    Smith
Sea Of Madness                  Smith
Heaven Can Wait                 Harris
The Loneliness Of The Long
   Distance Runner              Harris
Stranger In A Strange Land      Smith
Deja-Vu                         Harris - Murray
Alexander The Great             Harris

Total Songs:  8
Total Time:  51:26
Produced and Mixed by Martin Birch
Recorded @ Compass Point, Nassau Bahamas and Wisselord Studios, Hilversum,
Mixed @ Electric Lady Sound Studios, NY
Managed by Rod Smallwood and Andy Taylor
Sleeve Illustrations by Derek Riggs

Moonchild                       Smith - Dickinson
Infinite Dreams                 Harris
Can I Play With Madness         Smith - Dickinson - Harris
The Evil That Men Do            Smith - Dickinson - Harris
Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son    Harris
The Prophecy                    Murray - Harris
The Clairvoyant                 Harris
Only The Good Die Young         Harris - Dickinson

Total Songs:  8
Total Time:  44:08
Produced and Mixed by Martin Birch
Recorded @ Musicland Studios, Munich, Germany
Mixed @ Sterling Sound, NY
Managed by Rod Smallwood and Andy Taylor
Sleeve Illustrations by Derek Riggs

Tailgunner                      Harris - Dickinson
Holy Smoke                      Harris - Dickinson
No Prayer For The Dying         Harris
Public Enema #1                 Murray - Dickinson
Fates Warning                   Murray - Harris
The Assassin                    Harris
Run Silent Run Deep             Harris - Dickinson
Hooks In You                    Dickinson - Smith
Bring Your Daughter...To
   The Slaughter                Dickinson
Mother Russia                   Harris

Total Songs:  10
Total Time:  44:07
Produced and Mixed by Martin Birch
Recorded @ Steve's Barn on Rolling Stone Mobile
Mixed @ Battery Studios, London
Managed by Rod Smallwood and Andy Taylor
Sleeve Illustrations by Derek Riggs

Be Quick Or Be Dead             Dickinson - Janick Gers
From Here to Eternity           Harris
Afraid To Shoot Strangers       Harris
Fear Is The Key                 Dickinson - Gers
Childhood's End                 Harris
Wasting Love                    Dickinson - Gers
The Fugitive                    Harris
Chains Of Misery                Dickinson - Murray
The Apparition                  Harris - Gers
Judas Be My Guide               Dickinson - Murray
Weekend Warrior                 Harris - Gers
Fear Of The Dark                Harris

Total Songs:  12
Total Time:  58:39
Produced and Mixed by Martin Birch and Steve Harris
Recorded @ Barnyard Studios, Essex, England
Mixed @ Barnyard Studios, Essex, England
Managed by Rod Smallwood and Andy Taylor
Sleeve Illustrations by Melvyn Grant

Sign Of The Cross                Harris
Lord Of The Flies                Harris - Gers
Man On The Edge                  Bayley - Gers
Fortunes Of War                  Harris
The Aftermath                    Harris - Bayley - Gers
Look For The Truth               Bayley - Gers - Harris
Judgement Of Heaven              Harris
Blood Of The World's Hands       Harris
The Edge Of Darkness             Harris - Bayley - Gers
2 AM                             Bayley - Gers - Harris
The Unbeliever                   Harris - Gers

Total Songs: 11
Total Time: 71:08
Produced and Mixed by Steve Harris and Nigel Green
Recorded @ Barnyard Studios, Essex, England
Engineered by Nigel Green
Mastered at Chop 'em Out by Ronald Whelan
Sleeve Illustrations by Hugh Syme

Overall Song/Album Statistics
Total Studio Songs:  94

Steve Harris = 72 Songs ---> 76.6%
Bruce Dickinson = 23 Songs ---> 24.5%
Adrian Smith = 15 Songs ---> 16.0%
Janick Gers = 11 Songs ---> 11.7%
Dave Murray = 9 Songs ---> 9.6%
Blaze Bayley = 5 Songs ---> 5.3%
Paul Di'Anno = 3 Songs ---> 3.2%
Clive Burr = 1 Song ---> 1.1%
Nicko McBrain = Absolutely None! :)

-->> 16 <<--  Cover Songs found on various singles/live recordings

* "I've Got The Fire" - this is an old (Ronnie) MONTROSE song. Sammy Hagar
  used to sing for them.
* "Cross-Eyed Mary" - this is an old JETHRO TULL song (actually written by 
  Ian Anderson) from the album AQUALUNG.
* "Women In Uniform" - by an Australian band SKYHOOKS
* "Tush" - this is an old ZZ TOP song, played at various places, including the
  Reading Festival 1992 and a secret concert at the Marquee in London,
  December 19, 1985. It wasn't a frequent closer but they did it every once
  in a while.
* "Chevrolet" - Another ZZ TOP song from the 1972 album "Rio Grande Mud".
   Played at The Marquee 12/19/85
* "Try" - ??? also from the Marquee 12/19/85
* "School Days" - ??? also from the Marquee 12/19/85
* "Fighting Man" - This is an Adrian Smith song. It is on the B-side of the 12"
   single of "Silver And Gold." also from the Marquee 12/19/85
* "Lady" - ??? also from the Marquee 12/19/85
* "Rosalie" - this is a BOB SEGER song of which THIN LIZZY have also done
  a cover on "Fighting" (1973). The Thin Lizzy version is probably the most
  widely known. Also from the Marquee Club gig, 12/19/85.
* "Juanita" - ???
* "That Girl" - this was originally done by British 'rockers' FM.
  Apparently, the MAIDEN version is much better, since the FM version is
  heavily drenched in keyboards, etc.
* "See Right Through You" - ??? also from the Marquee 12/19/85
* "Reach Out" - this was written by Andy Colwell later for A.S.A.P.  But it
  was written sometime around 1985.  (Also performed at the Marquee gig
* "Silver And Gold" - This is an Adrian Smith original, probably used from
  the times of URCHIN and BROADWAY BRATS.  He probably just threw it out this
  night (also from the Marquee 12/19/85), and it sounds like him singing it
  actually.  I think he also used other versions of this later in A.S.A.P.
* "She's Gone" - originally by BLACK SABBATH from "Technical Ecstasy", also
  from the Marquee 12/19/85
* "King Of Twilight" - originally done by NEKTAR.
* "Rainbow's Gold" - originally done by BECKETT.  Written by Terry Slesser
  and Kenny Mountain.
* "Massacre" - originally done by THIN LIZZY.
* "All In Your Mind" - originally done by STRAY.
* "Kill Me Ce Soir" - originally done by GOLDEN EARRING.
* "I'm A Mover" - originally done by FREE.
* "Communication Breakdown" - originally done by LED ZEPPELIN, of course.
* "Space Station No. 5" - originally done by MONTROSE.
* "Roll Over Vic Vella" - this is a parody of CHUCK BERRY's "Roll Over
  Beethoven", based on main roadie/driver Vic Vella (who has been with IRON
  MAIDEN since their beginning).
* "She's A Roller" - this was an URCHIN song (Adrian Smith's original band),
  one of 2 songs released as a single actually - from the 12 Wasted Years
* "My Generation" - originally done by THE WHO (written by Pete Townshend)
* "Doctor, Doctor" - originally by UFO (written by Michael Schenker)??

-->> 17 <<-- Song Chart Positions

All chart positions are in the UK, unless otherwise noted.


IRON MAIDEN                     #4
KILLERS                         #2  (#59 on Billboard chart, on for 17 weeks)
THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST         #1  (#33 on Billboard chart, in top 100 for 8
PIECE OF MIND                   #3  (#14 on Billboard chart, on for 43 weeks)
POWERSLAVE                      #2
LIVE AFTER DEATH                #2
SOMEWHERE IN TIME               #3
FEAR OF THE DARK                #5 (#12 in US)


Running Free/Burning Ambition                         #34
Sanctuary/Drifter                                     #29
Women In Uniform/Invasion                             #35
Twilight Zone/Wrathchild                              #31
Purgatory/Genghis Khan                                #52
Run To The Hills/Total Eclipse                        #7
The Number Of The Beast/Remember Tomorrow             #18
Flight Of Icarus/I've Got The Fire                    #11
The Trooper/Cross-Eyed Mary                           #12
2 Minutes To Midnight/Rainbow's Gold                  #11
Aces High/King Of Twilight                            #20
Running Free (Live)/Sanctuary (Live)                  #19
Run To The Hills (Live)/Phantom Of The Opera (Live)   #26
Wasted Years/Reach Out                                #18
Stranger In A Strange Land/That Girl                  #22
The Evil That Men Do                                  #4
The Clairvoyant                                       #6
Infinite Dreams                                       #6
Can I Play With Madness                               #3
Holy Smoke                                debuted at  #3
  (highest debut ever for a single by any group or singer)
Bring Your Daughter...To The Slaughter                #1
Hallowed Be Thy Name (Live)                           #9 on Billboard chart

-->> 18 <<--  Songs Played/Not Played In Concert in IRON MAIDEN's History

Like most other bands, IRON MAIDEN has a pretty constant mainstay of songs
they play at concerts.  Through a collection of bootlegs and being at many
concerts, this is pretty much a compilation of their 'maximum playlist' I'd
say.  If anyone has a bootleg or has heard of Maiden playing any of these
songs below, please let me know!

KILLERS:  All except "Prodigal Son."
THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST:  All except "Gangland." "Invaders" has been played
                          during their Auckland, NZ 1992 concert, about 3/4 of
                          the way through the set.
PIECE OF MIND:  All except "Quest For Fire" and "Sun And Steel." "To Tame
                A Land" has been played live but a live recording has never
                been released.
POWERSLAVE:  All except "Flash Of The Blade", "The Duellists", and "Back In
             The Village."
SOMEWHERE IN TIME:  All except "Deja-Vu", and "Alexander The Great."
SEVENTH SON OF A SEVENTH SON:  All. "Only the Good Die Young" played less often.
NO PRAYER FOR THE DYING:  All except "Fates Warning", "Run Silent Run Deep",
                          "Mother Russia".
FEAR OF THE DARK:  All except "Fear Is They Key", "Childhood's End", "The
                   Fugitive", "Chains Of Misery", "The Apparition", "Judas Be
                   My Guide", and "Weekend Warrior."
OTHER NON-ALBUM SONGS:  "Women In Uniform" (yes), "Invasion" (yes), "I've Got
                        The Fire" (yes), "Total Eclipse" (yes), "Burning
                        Ambition" (no).  (I think).

-->> 19 <<--  Song And Name Origins

* The name IRON MAIDEN was gotten from the movie "The Man In The Iron Mask."
* The nickname "Bruce Bruce" (used during Bruce's days in Samson) 
  is originally from Monty Python's "no pooftas" sketch.
* The nickname "Air Raid Siren" was actually well-earned in Samson when he 
  managed to shatter a huge glass globe at Chelsea College with one 
  particularly well-placed scream).
* "Where Eagles Dare", underlying theme:  Whatever is going on wrong in the
  world, Clint Eastwood will fix it (quote by Bruce Dickinson, Hannover,
  Germany, 4/15/93).  Also taken from the movie of the same name, with Clint
  Eastwood and Richard Burton.  The book is by Alistair MacLean.  There's
  also a part in here that supposed to sound like a machine gun (an instru-
  mental section), but it's not very loud in the mix.  This song was done in
  only 2 takes.  For the Piece Of Mind tour, this used to be the opening
  song, putting a good bit of pressure on Nicko, since he was still new to
  the band.
* The Charlotte series:  "Charlotte The Harlot" (from IRON MAIDEN), "22, 
  Acacia Avenue" (from NUMBER OF THE BEAST). It is argued by some that "Hooks
  In You" (from NO PRAYER FOR THE DYING), and "From Here To Eternity" (FEAR
  OF THE DARK) are continuations of the storyline but others disagree.
* "Run To The Hills" tells the tale of the massacre of the native Americans
  by the pillaging pale-faces from both points of view.  The first part of
  the song tells the side of the Indians.  The second part tells the side of
  the soldiers.  This was the band's first BIG hit single, especially in the
* "The Number Of The Beast" was inspired by the movie "Omen II."  It's about 
  a dream/nightmare that Steve Harris supposedly had (not devil worship!).  
  The scream at the end was originally a sort of attempt to get a great 
  blood-curdling scream at the end like on THE WHO's "You Won't Get Fooled 
* "Children Of The Damned" is a song inpsired by the movie of the same name.
* "Murders In The Rue Morgue" is based on Edgar Allen Poe's detective short
  story by the same name. This story is mainly the reason why Edgar Allen Poe
  is considered the inventor of the detective genre.
* "Bring Your Daughter...To The Slaughter" is loosely based on the poem "To 
  Coy His Mistress."
* "The Sheriff Of Huddersfield" (b-side "Wasted Years" single) is a song
  about Maiden's manager Rod (Smallwallet) Smallwood.  He is notoriously a
  cheapskate, skimping tips wherever possible, and pinching pennies
  wherever.  Just listen to the song!
* "Still Life" is about a guy who's drawn like a magnet to a pool of water,
  sees his face in the lake, has nightmares about it, and in the end jumps in
  and takes his unfortunate girlfriend with him.  I think it is inspired by
  Ramsey Campbell's "The Inhabitant of The Lake."  (This one's from an old
  posting in alt.rock-n-roll.metal).
* "Quest For Fire", inspired by the movie of the same name, is a little less
  convincing than some of the other epics, although the vision it conjures up
  of dinosaurs and Racquel Welch wobbling about is pretty agreeable.
* "Sun And Steel" is a song about Miyamoto Musashi, a legendary Japanese
  Swordsman.  The lyrics make many references to Musashi's book "A Book Of
  Five Rings."  Musashi's first fight was at the age of 13, where he
  (untrained) supposedly beat his opponent, a samurai warrior, to death
  with a stick.  At the age of 16 he had his second fight, and he killed
  that guy, too.  The line "Through Earth and Water, Fire and Wind, you
  came at last, Nothing was the end" is a reference to "A Book Of Five
  Rings."  Musashi also wrote his book in five sections (books):  Earth,
  Water, Fire, Wind, and Void.  "You make your cut by Fire and Stones, take
  you and your blade, break you both in two".  The Fire and Stones cut is a
  movement that Musashi decribes in the aforementioned book.  Also, according
  to the book "Kenjutsu: The Japanese Art of Swordsmanship" by Charles
  Daniel, Musashi died of natural causes at the age of 61.
* "To Tame A Land" is based on the novel "Dune" by Frank Herbert.  The song
  was actually originally titled "Dune," and Steve wanted to use a spoken
  quotation from the book as the intro.  Out of courtesy they applied to
  Herbert's agent for permission, and back the word came from Herbert:  "No.
  Because Frank Herbert doesn't like rock bands, particularly heavy rock
  bands, and especially rock bands like IRON MAIDEN."  Pretty narrow-minded
  attitude if you ask me.  Even though the band thought it would be a good
  advertisement for the book "Dune" and everything, Frank Herbert still said
  no, and that *if* IRON MAIDEN went through with it, then he'd sue them into
  next week, etc.  Bastard!  :)
* "Purgatory" is an old song, and in a slightly different form used to be
  called "Floating".  Then Maiden changed the lyrics and a couple of bits in
  the middle section.
* "Gangland", written by Clive Burr and Adrian Smith, is a bit jazz
  influenced, with the drum intro written by Clive (of course).
* "Hallowed Be Thy Name" is about someone with only a few hours left to live.
  He is about to be hanged, and this deals with how he faces his future.
* "The Trooper" is based on the Crimean War with the British against the
  Russians.  The opening is meant to try and recreate the galloping horses in
  the charge of the light brigade.  Based on Lord Alfred Tennyson's "Charge 
  Of The Light Brigade."
* "Rime Of The Ancient Mariner", as many people know, is an epic (Maiden's
  longest song by far, clocking in at 13:45), based on the poem of the same
  name written by Samuel Taylor Coleridge (required reading in many high
  school literature classes that I know of!)  The song is much easier to
  understand than the actual poem, if you ask me!  :)
* "Invaders" (from THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST) is actually an extension of the 
  old standard song "Invasion" (heard on The Soundhouse Tapes, and as a
  b-side to the Women In Uniform single). It is about the Viking invasion(s)
  of England.
* "King of Twilight" - a cover song (the b-side on the Aces High single) 
  originally done by NEKTAR, from the album "A Tab In The Ocean."  Other 
  NEKTAR albums are:  "Remember The Future", "Down To Earth", "Recycled", and
  "Magic Is A Child."
* "Genghis Khan" is an instrumental about what Genghis Khan's advancing army
  was like.
* "The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner" has taken its title from
  the book by the same title by Robert Heinlein. It is based on the Alan
  Sillitoe short story.  It was also a British movie, 1962. (is this correct?)
* "The Assassin" is based on a killer's motives and how he goes about his 
* "Moonchild" is the name of a book by Aleister Crowley, the most prominent
  ceremonial magician of this century, with the worst reputation. The lyrics
  from Maiden's Moonchild are based to some extent on Liber Samekh, by Crowley.
  It is sometimes referred to the "Preliminary Invocation of the Goetia" or
  "The Barbarous Names of Evocation." Contrast this excerpt with the Maiden
       Thee I invoke, the Bornless One.
       Thee, that didst create the Earth and the Heavens.
       Thee, that did create the Night and the Day.
       Thee, that did create the Darkness and the Light.
       Thou art Asar-Un-Nefer (myself made perfect) whom no man has seen at
       any time.
       Thou art Ia-Besz (the Truth in Matter)
       Thou art Ia-Apophrasz (the Truth in Motion)
  The Scarlet Whore is a deity in Crowley's pantheon.  The Scarlet Whore 
  is, of course, the Scarlet Woman of Liber AL vel Legis, and the Whore of 
  Babylon in Revelations.  The Beast was of course, supposed to be Crowley.
* "The Evil That Men Do" has taken its title from a Shakespeare quote.
  The quote is "The evil that men do lives on after them, But the good is
  oft interred with their bones." This is from Mark Antony's soliloquy in
  "Julius Caesar."
* "Run Silent Run Deep" is based on the movie.
* "Bring Your Daughter...To The Slaughter" was written during Bruce 
  Dickinson's solo project for the Nightmare On Elm Street Part V movie.
* "Prowler" is supposedly about a guy streaking and flashing women, while
  masturbating at the same time.
* "Alexander The Great" tells the life and times of the famous conqueror
  Alexander The Great (duh!).
* "Weekend Warrior" is (possibly) about weekend soccer matches with your
  friends, and especially about the 'hooliganism' that goes on.
* "Holy Smoke" is about the bullshit televangelists, and some of their weird
* "The Duellists" is loosely based on the British movie of the same name,
  directed by Ridley Scott (his debut film).  Also, see the book "The Duel"
  by Joseph Conrad.
* "Remember Tomorrow" is, according to a Paul Di'Anno interview with Metal
  Hammer, about his grandfather. This track was very special and personal
  to him.
* "The Prisoner" is based on the 1960's British TV series of the same name,
  starring Patrick McGoohan.  This series has become kind of a cult and you
  can buy the whole set on video.  In the series, a British secret agent
  quits the secret service and is gassed as soon as he gets home.  He wakes
  up in a place called "The Village" where people have their names replaced by
  numbers.  He is number Six and the numbers get smaller as you go up the
  hierarchy. Number One runs the place.  See also the FAQ on
* "Back In The Village" also has something to do with The Prisoner series.
* "Stranger In A Strange Land" is about an expedition that got lost in the
  North Pole. Their bodies were found almost perfectly preserved in the snow.
  Adrian met one of the survivors and this inspired Maiden to write the song.
  Apparently the man has become a Maiden fan since :-). The title is borrowed
  from the famous Robert Heinlein book but the song is not related to the
  book in any other way. 
* "Childhood's End" is an Arthur C. Clarke Sci-Fi book. The song does not have
  anything to do with the book, apart from the fact that they have the same
  title, just like "Stranger In A Strange Land."
* "Man On The Edge" appears to be based on the film "Falling Down" starring
  Michael Douglas.
* "The Edge Of Darkness" is based on Joseph Conrad's "Heart Of Darkness,"
  on which the film "Apocalypse Now" is based.
* "Sign Of The Cross" may be loosely based on the book "The Name Of The Rose"
  by Umberto Eco. There is also a film by the same name, starring Sean Connery.
  The "Eleven saintly shrouded men" who "came to wash my sins away" is the holy
* "Lord Of The Flies" is based on William Golding's novel by the same name.

-->> 20 <<--  Location of Derek Riggs' insignia on IRON MAIDEN albums

Derek Riggs trademark symbol is something like the following.  It seems to be
his initials...a (mirrored) D, and the R on the right-hand side.  Or some-
thing like that!
                                /   |   \
                                \   |    /
                                 \--|--/  \
                                    |       \
                        .--,        |         \--,
                        |__|        |         |__|

* IRON MAIDEN:  check the second brick from the left, six rows down
* KILLERS:  in the window at the bottom on the right
* THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST:  just right of the Devil's ankle
* PIECE OF MIND: On the back cover, as part of a necklace held within a
  skeletal hand. (The signature is not on the cd version since part of the
  picture has been cut off)
* POWERSLAVE:  at the pyramid's entrance, where Eddie's privates would be
* LIVE AFTER DEATH:  Open up the CD case and follow the stone path back
  through the center of the cemetery.  There's a tombstone in the middle back 
  there with his symbol on it.  Did you notice that another tombstone behind 
  the cat and the red rose has 'Here Lies Derek Riggs'?  This painting also
  has religious references in it.  Just look over all the crosses and 
  tombstones, and of course the shadowy figure in the sky.
* SOMEWHERE IN TIME:  Eddie's breastplate
* SEVENTH SON OF A SEVENTH SON:  in the water (plain as day)
* NO PRAYER FOR THE DYING:  out in the grass somewhere OR  the "dot" over
  the 'i' in Dying appears to be the signature
* FEAR OF THE DARK: (This cover done by Melvyn Grant, see note at end)
* A REAL DEAD ONE:  On the outside corner of Eddie's right eye
* A REAL LIVE ONE:  On the inside of Eddie's right thigh
* Running Free single:  on the cardboard box to the right of the uncovered
* Sanctuary single:  on the folded over part of the IRON MAIDEN poster
* Women in Uniform:  on the stone wall just right of the trashcan, beneath
  Margaret Thatcher's right elbow.
* Purgatory single:  plain as day left of Satan's throat
* The Trooper single: on the ground beneath Eddie's legs.
* Aces High: on the front of the plane, just below the cockpit, on the left
  hand side.
* The Judge (First Ten Years) - It appears to be sideways on the righthand
  corner of the book in front of Eddie.
* The Prophet (inside 7th son): on the right hand corner of the book that Eddie
  is writing in.
* Maiden Japan:  between Eddie's ankle and the 81
* Maiden England video:  at the corner of the Union Jack flag closest to 
* A REAL LIVE ONE: On the head of the bass guitar
* A REAL DEAD ONE: On the wrist of the hand that is pulling down
  on Eddie's mouth.

Note:  The Fear Of The Dark illustration was not done by Derek Riggs.
       According to page 15 of the CD booklet:  "Illustration:  Melvyn
       Grant".   I don't know if Melvyn Grant is a total unknown, or if he
       has done other work or not...  (According to an interview with Bruce
       Dickinson on MTV shortly after FEAR OF THE DARK was released, they
       picked three different artists to do a cover for the album, and they
       would pick the best one out of the three submitted.  He went on to
       state that Derek would still be involved with future artwork and that
       he wasn't fired or anything).

-->> 21 <<--  SOMEWHERE IN TIME cover references/neato things

* "This is a very boring painting" - backwards message just behind Eddie's 
  right leg
* Ruskin Arms reference (old pub they started playing at)
* Clock says 23:58 (2 Minutes To Midnight)
* West Ham 7 Arsenal 3 - soccer score, showing their favorite team West Ham
  well in the lead. Incidentally, West Ham are THE IRONS - see section 24
* Aces High bar, complete with a spitfire flying above.
* The Rainbow bar (another old club they frequented in the early days)
* Live After Death, Blade Runner on the movie theater
* The movie theater is the Philip K. Dick cinema, who is the author of "Do
  Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?", on which the movie Blade Runner is
* Marquee Club (another old club they frequented in the old days)
* Phantom Opera House
* "Bollocks again and again" under "Phantom Opera House". This might be a
  reference to the hidden "Bollocks" message on the Powerslave cover.
* Ancient Mariner Seafood Restaurant
* Herbert Ails on the overpass (probably a reference to Frank Herbert, 
  author of DUNE, who wouldn't allow Maiden to use it as a song title).
* "Tonight GYPSY'S KISS", under the 23:58 sign (hard to see) - reference
  to Steve Harris' very first band
* Hammerjacks - a reference to one of the band's favorite bars in the US,
  Hammerjacks Night Club in Baltimore, MD. The Night Club closed on Jan 1 94.
  The concert hall is still open, however.
* Long Beach Arena
* Nicko is dressed in old-time flight goggles (reference to his being a 
* Nicko is also wearing a shirt saying:  "Iron What?"
* On the back cover there is Icarus falling from the Sun with burning wings
  in the top right corner, in front of the Bradbury Hotel.  This of course
  refers to "The Flight Of Icarus."
* The "Bradbury Hotels International" sign - is this possibly a reference to
  the popular futuristic author Ray Bradbury (author of such classics as "The
  Martian Chronicles", "Ice Nine", etc.)?
* If you look closely, you can see the shadow of the reaper on the back cover
  in front of the pyramids.
* The pyramids refer to the sleeve of "Powerslave".
* All the Japanese around the covers could be connected to "Maiden Japan" and
  IRON MAIDEN's other performances there.
* "Maggies revenge" on the back cover refers to Margaret Thatcher.  She and
  the British government had a dispute with IRON MAIDEN back in 1980/1981
  with the "Sanctuary" and "Women In Uniform" singles, depicting her as dead
  on the ground (killed by Eddie, of course) and hiding behind a wall
  observing Eddie picking up chicks, respectively.
* The street Eddie is standing on is Acacia Avenue, a reference of course to
  "Charlotte the Harlot" and "22 Acacia Avenue", the Charlotte series.
  (You can see this above the IRON MAIDEN poster on the extreme right side).
* In one of the windows on Acacia Avenue, you can see a girl (supposedly
  Charlotte the Harlot herself) sitting in a chair.
* Bruce Dickinson is holding a brain, ala PIECE OF MIND.
* Tehe's bar is where they got the guys to sing backup vocals in the sing-
  along part in "Heaven Can Wait."
* Batman standing under Tehe's bar sign
* Tardis from Dr. Who is above the Rainbow Club sign
* Asimov Foundation Building in background
* Tyrell Corp. right above the causeway (replicant manufacturer in Blade
* Cat with halo, which seems to pop up all over the place
* Eye of Horus above Webster sign to left of Eddie's gun
* One of Eddie's eyes is actually a 'laser'.  This probably comes from the "2
  Minutes To Midnight single"...  Just remember the picture from this single:
  Eddie has a "pirate's eye", probably because of the nuclear holocaust (the
  nuclear mushroom-cloud in the background).
* There is a litter box right under Eddie's left leg attached to the
  lamppost.  This is exactly the same as the litter box attached to the light
  post on the IRON MAIDEN debut album, to the left of Eddie next to the wall.
  Pretty obscure!  :)
* Also, there is a metal plate that connects Eddie's nose to the top of his
  head.  If you look at the wall to the right of sign that has the football
  (excuse me, 'soccer' for y'all in the US!) score on it, you will see that
  little metal plate with two screws that Eddie always has on his head (since
  the PIECE OF MIND era at least, when he was lobotimized.  The screw is
  there now to keep his head all together in one piece!).
* There are also these neon signs, one of which says something in Hebrew, the
  other one in Russian.  The Hebrew bit probably means "God" (?), the Russian
  bit is pronounced KEPHIR and means "yoghurt". This is (or rather was) a
  rather common sign on the buildings indicating a milk-store in Russia.

-->> 22 <<--  Quotations

* The quotation at the beginning of the song "The Number Of The Beast" is 
  from Revelations (ch. xiii v.18):  "Woe to you, oh Earth and Sea, for the 
  Devil sends the beast with wrath, beacause he knows the time is short...Let 
  him who hath understanding reckon the number of the beast for it is a human
  number, its number is Six hundred and sixty six."  The person speaking this
  intro is NOT Vincent's actually a spaker found by an ad agent
  friend of Rod Smallwood's).  [Actually, the proper quote from the Book of
  Revelations is "... its number is six hundred and three score six."]
* "The Prisoner" was a song inspired by the sixties acid-tab TV series of the
  same name and open with a phrase from the series.  The phrase "I'm not a
  number, I'm a free man!" sums up the spirit of the central rebel character
  portrayed by the series writer, maverick Danger Man Patrick McGoohan.
  British heavy DJ Tommy Vance had the tapes so Steve Harris could find the
  quote he wanted; all that remained was to get permission to lift it from
  the man himself.  Rod Smallwood was quite nervous in doing it, but called
  up McGoohan and told the actor the details.  "What was the band's name
  again?" he asked.  "IRON MAIDEN", replied a terrified Rod.  "A rock band 
  you say?" McGoohan mused and then snapped the command "DO IT!"
    The full dialog at the beginning of "The Prisoner" is as follows:
    "We want information...information...information..."
    "Who are you?"
    "The new number two."
    "Who is number one?"
    "You are number six."
    "I am not a number!...I am a free man!"
* The quote on the back of the Piece Of Mind LP sleeve:  again from Revela-
  tions (ch. xxi, v.1):  "And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes, 
  and there shall be no more death.  Neither sorrow nor crying.  Neither 
  shall there be any more Brain."  (where 'pain' was replaced by 'Brain',
  obviously). This refers to Eddie's brain being removed in Piece Of Mind.
* The first and last verses of the song Revelations are taken from an old
  English hymnal by G. K. Chesterton.
* At the end of Still Life, if you crank up the volume right after the last
  note you can hear someone (Nicko I think) say "that was fuckin' great!"
  But it's almost gotta listen hard.
* During the bridge of "Rime Of The Ancient Mariner", the following is
  actually a quotation from the original poem of the same name, by Samuel
  Taylor Coleridge:  "Day after day, day after day, we stuck nor breath nor
  motion, As idle as a painted ship upon a painted ocean; Water, water
  everywhere and all the boards did shrink, Water, water everywhere nor any
  drop to drink." -- Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1798 - 1834).
* During the middle slow part of "Rime Of The Ancient Mariner", the following
  is also a quotation from the poem of the same name, by Samuel Taylor
  Coleridge:  "One after one by the star dogged moon, too quick for groan or
  sigh; each turned his face with a ghastly pang, and cursed me with his eye;
  four times fifty living men, (and I heard nor sigh nor groan), with a heavy
  thump, a lifeless lump, they dropped down one by one." -- Samuel Taylor
  Coleridge (1798 - 1834).
* On the LIVE AFTER DEATH cover: "That is not dead/which can eternal lie/
  yet with strange aeons/even death may die." This is from H. P. Lovecraft's
  "Nameless City." The proper quote is "AND with strange aeons" instead of
  "yet." In the story, this is written in the Necronomicon by Abdul Alhazred.
  The complete works of H. P. Lovecraft consist of only three volumes and I
  think it's worth buying and reading them.
* At the beginning of the LIVE AFTER DEATH album and video, right before the
  beginning of the song "Aces High", there is a Winston Churchill speech,
  from back at the beginning of World War II (the exact date is June 4th, 1940.)
  I think it's the speech he gave as the official "Declaration Of War" speech.
  It goes like this:  "We Shall go on till the end.  We shall fight in France,
  We shall fight in the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence
  and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our island, whatever the
  cause may be.  We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing
  grounds, we shall fight on the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in
  the hills.  We shall never surrender!"
* From the sleeve of the "Stranger In A Strange Land" single:  "The android
  with no name walked into the crowded spaceport bar, eight foot tall, with
  death in his cold android eyes, he strode across the room.  Small green
  aliens scuttled out of his path, fearsome martian warriors would not meet
  his gaze and the air froze when he croaked in his dark gravelly voice, "A
  pint of bitter please, mate".
* At the beginning of the song "Alexander The Great":  "My son...ask for 
  thyself another Kingdom, for that which I leave is too small for thee."
  by King Philip of Macedonia - 339 B.C. (Alexander the Great's father, 
  obviously). King Philip had a wild horse that none of his men could break
  (i.e. stay on!)  Then Alexander who waas around 13 then, jumped on the horse
  and broke it.  The king laughed and said "My kingdom's not gonna be big
  enough for you!" Twisting the English around a little you get a more
  sophisticated version which is what appears on the album.
* "Hello, let me to introduce myself, my name's Rodney, I'm immensely strong...
  The reason I never took up martial arts is because I'm immensely fearsome.
  And I'd probably kill everybody that I came into contact with. I was
  phenomenally with eagle my lad, fly with the eagle, 'cos it's
  what makes the world rotate. And everybody knows that the center of the
  universe is Huddersfield, that's why I don't live there anymore... I live in
  Los Angeles - it's great... I think. I don't know why you make such a fuss
  about it... I'm not in it for the money! I like it here, the sun shines all
  night..." "Also I used to be able to lift 95 navvies on a're not
  bloody listening to me are you?" - courtesy of Rodney Smallwood, Bloody
* On A REAL DEAD ONE, the first track, "The Number Of The Beast" has
  something weird going on before the song starts.  During the Revelations
  quote, at approximately 0:10, 0:18, 0:20 and 0:25, if you turn up the 
  volume a good bit, you can hear some sort of gibberish in the background,
  After it says "For it is a human number", Bruce says "What is it please?".
  Anybody know anything else about this?!
* On A REAL LIVE ONE, Bruce Dickinson takes out about a minute of time
  speaking French to the audience, right before going into the song "Wasting
  Love."  Below is a pretty accurate transcription of what he says in French,
  and its equivalent English translation, more or less...  :)

  Original version (in French)
  Eh bonsoir, bienvenue
  C'est la premiere fois que je parle le francais pour une annee et demie,
  tres dangereux.
  Nous avons un nouveau album, oui c'est ca, Fear Of The Dark, oui.
  Cette chanson, c'est un peu different pour nous de faire ce type de
  chanson, mais pour nous c'est important, parce qu'il est un chanson qui est
  pour le coeur.
  L'amour ce n'est pas seulement un homme fuck(*) un ami, ce n'est pas.
  L'amour c'est, c'est plus en bas, dans la tete, dans le coeur, dans toute
  la forme.

  In English
  Eh Goodnight, welcome
  It's the first time I've been speaking French for one year and an half,
  very dangerous.
  We have a new album, yes that's correct, Fear Of The Dark, yes.
  This song, it's somehow different for us to write this type of song, but
  for us it's important because this is a song which is for the heart.
  Love, this is not only a man fuck a friend, no this is not
  Love is, it's more deep, in the mind, in the heart, in the whole of the
  being (is that correct?)

-->> 23 <<--  Real Life IRON MAIDEN References

* The movie "Phenomena" (UK title) or "Creepers" (US title) by Dario Argente, 
  1984 has "Flash Of The Blade" in a chase scene.
* The movie "Morons From Outer Space" shows "The Number Of The Beast" LP
  cover in a scene.  A person is going crazy, and a person holds up the
  album, points to Eddie, and points back to the person, as if "you're nuts."
* The Beavis and Butt-Head episode "SCARED STRAIGHT" has Beavis and Butt-Head
  visiting a prison, supposedly to deter them from a future life of crime.
  They meet two guys in a cell, one of which has an IRON MAIDEN tatoo on his
  left arm.  Beavis thinks it's cool, the guys says "Yeah...Maiden rules."
  And they start jamming...playing air guitar and singing a piece of "The
  Prisoner":  "Not a prisoner!!!  I'm a free man!!!  And my blood is my own
  now!!!" in a painfully awful Beavis & Butt-Head-like voice!  This is quite
  cool, I think.  :)
* The FAQ where the name Iron Maiden and the songs THE PRISONER
  and BACK IN THE VILLAGE are mentioned
* The Stephen King wannabe author Shaun Hutson seems to be a big Maiden
  fan because several of his books feature quotes preceding chapters,
  and characters wearing Maiden shirts or listening to their music.  I think
  his novel "Slugs" has several such examples.
* Bruce Dickinson and Eddie did a Public Service Announcement for television
  with "The Seat Belt Dummies" circa 1991. The seat belt dummies were in
  the audience jamming to Maiden and then Eddie came out later and they made
  some remark that, "if you don't wear your seatbelt, you may end up looking
  like this (points to Eddie)".  At the end, Bruce says something like
  "Don't forget, buckle your safety belt, mate".
* It seems that a computer virus author who goes by the name of Dark Avenger
  is an Iron Maiden fan. Many of his viruses contain references to Eddie.
  Quoting from the book "Inside the Norton Anti-virus":
        'Eddie is the "dead dude," a character throughout the albums of heavy
    metal group Iron Maiden.  The "The Somewhere in Time" album cover shows
    Eddie as a sci-fi Cyborg warrior.'
        'Other Dark Avenger viruses also contain references to Iron Maiden,
    such as "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son."  The Seventh Son virus is the
    title of an album by Iron Maiden.  The idea is based on the fantasy novel
    series by Orson Scott Card.  In this fictitious history of colonial
    America, magic and folklore are more powerful than science. The seventh
    son has magical power, and Alvin, the seventh son of a seventh son, and
    a messiah figure, has the power to fight the Unbuilder.'
        'The Evil Men virus, a variant of the Dark Avenger virus, contains
    the title of a song from the Iron Maiden album, Seventh Son of a Seventh
    Son, "The Evil That Men Do."  The Evil Men virus and the V800 virus,
    both from Bulgaria, also contain an encrypted reference to the Iron Maiden
    album Live After Death.'
* The Beavis and Butt-Head episode "TAKE A NUMBER" has Beavis and Butt-Head
  watching (most of) the video of "From Here To Eternity" in it.
* In the movie BILL AND TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE, Bill and Ted travel back
  in time, and are in medieval England, when they are caught talking with the
  King's daughters. The King orders "put them in the Iron Maiden."  And they
  look at each other and say, "Iron Maiden?!  EXCELLENT!".  And then find out
  they are to be executed. "Bogus!".

-->> 24 <<--  Interesting Band Stories

* When the group went down to Nassau, Bahamas in early 1983, they earned some
  nicknames.  H was Melvin (the name for his alter-ego, basically whenever he
  was *drunk*!), Dave was Nobby, Nicko was Boomer (because of his really foul
  farts), Bruce was Conan The Librarian.
* Also in Nassau, the boys almost ran out of money.  Credit cards were full,
  and no cash on hand, and taking forever to cable money over from England.
  So they put their faith in manager Rod Smallwood, and he walked down to
  the casino with $50, and came back with $300, 6 nights in a row.  :)
* The drum intro to Where Eagles Dare is another interesting story.  This was
  done right after Nicko entered the band in Dec '82/Jan '83, and when they
  had begun recording Piece Of Mind.  Steve Harris mentioned to Nicko that
  they needed some kind of drum intro.  Nicko was still kind of nervous, 
  etc., but he stayed in working almost all day on a drum intro for Where
  Eagles Dare.  At the end of the day, he had a little 6-7 second thing,
  that entailed hitting basically every piece of his drum kit, going from
  small tom to big tom, like a kind of ending to a song - and then jumped
  into the chorus.  The next day, Nicko played it for Steve and Steve said
  " like that...just something simple like rat-tat-
  tat-tat....rat-tat-tat-tat (you get the idea)".  (Steve apparently tried
  to play something on Nicko's kit, but he's about as good as that as his
  grandmother would be...)  Nicko said " mean like this?" and played 
  it.  "That's it!" replied Steve.  What you hear on the LP is what it was
  in the end.
* After a concert on October 13, 1979 at the Umist in Manchester, England,
  Dave Murray apparently hit on (or did something to!) enough girls, and
  pissed off enough boyfriends/guys, etc., that the next week there was
  actually an article in SOUNDS magazine threatening to kick his ass!  The
  article read:
     "I would just like to warn Dave Murray the lead guitarist of Iron Maiden
  that if he steps foot inside Manchester again I will personally pummell his
  brains in, cos he's ruined what I thought was an ace relationship with my
  girlfriend.  And may I point out that no matter how much she rubs his name
  in my face I still think Deb Brown of Wythenshawe is the best yet.
	  --- Jealous Dave"
  What a loser!  :-)

-->> 25 <<--  Familiar names with IRON MAIDEN

Rob Loonhouse - His picture is on the sleeve of "The Soundhouse Tapes" with a 
   Flying V carboard cutout, which many people think is real.  He was
   actually a wedding photographer in the early days, and used to go to the
   Maiden gigs acting real weird, and used to hop up on stage and jam out
   with the cardboard cut out.
Ross (Mr. Manners/I don't want to spend my birthday in Poland/King Pervert)
   Halfin - Famous band photographer, initially made famous (I think) through
   his connections with IRON MAIDEN.
Dave (I'm already working on the next tour) Beasley (aka Dave Lights) - 
   Lighting Engineer
Rod (Smallwallet/The Raiders/I can tak' it-I'm a Yorkshireman/Sherriff Of
   Huddersfield/Bloody 'ell Fire/Rufus The Red) Smallwood - Co-manager of
   IRON MAIDEN, along with Andy Taylor, since December 1979.
Andy (L.B.C./Aye, a large Bacardi and Coke) Taylor - Co-manager of IRON 
   MAIDEN, along with Rod Smallwood.
Martin (The Headmaster/The Farmer/Live Animal/Pool Bully/The Bishop/Bunter/
   Disappearing Armchair/The Juggler) Birch - Producer of all albums from
   KILLERS through FEAR OF THE DARK.  Formerly worked with DEEP PURPLE and
   other such famous bands.
Tony (Computer Man) Wigens - Tour Manager
Derek (R.I.P./The Master/Blood N' Guts Everywhere) Riggs - Illustrator
Neal Kay - DJ at The Heavy Metal Soundhouse who used to have a heavy metal
   chart, and publish the music magazine SOUNDS, which Maiden first started
   out getting press back in the early days.
Garry Bushell - Author of the IRON MAIDEN biography, and has been hanging
   around with the band (doing what, I'm not sure!) for quite some time.
   He's also a big rock-band writer guy (hence, the author of the Maiden
   biography "Running Free.").
Vic (Crazy Innit) Vella - Maiden's first and present-day head of road crews.
Dick (Dicky/Course I'm pissed-it's a day off) Bell - Production Manager, Tour
Doug (Megawatt) Hall - Sound Engineer
Warren (I've gotta get going real fast) Poppe - Personal Road Manager
Will Malone - Producer of the debut album IRON MAIDEN, which the band was
   apparently very disappointed with.
Keith Wilfort - Head/Secretary of the official IRON MAIDEN fan club.

Management:  Sanctuary Music (Overseas) Ltd. and Sanctuary Music Ltd.
Publishers:  Zomba Music Publishers Limited.

-->> 26 <<--  Other IRON MAIDEN tidbits

* Steve's first bass was a copy Fender Telecaster.  It cost him 40 pounds.
* Steve actually studied to be an architectural draftsman for about 5 years
  or so, and actually received a license.
* Steve Harris is the band's main songwriter, having written or co-written
  approximately 75% of all songs.  I first discovered this fact when I used
  to watch the LIVE AFTER DEATH video and see Steve Harris mouth along to all
  the lyrics while playing bass!  Now I understand why!  :)
* Steve believed the best song he had written was "Phantom Of The Opera",
  then changed to "To Tame A Land", then changed to "Rime Of The Ancient
  Mariner" (as of 1985).  Anybody know if that's changed again since?
* Steve Harris also thinks the best Maiden song that Adrian Smith wrote was
  "2 Minutes To Midnight."
* Dave Murray writes a song about once every 3 years, a process that Bruce
  Dickinson has described as being something like "trying to give birth to
  an elephant!"  Some songs are "Charlotte The Harlot".  Also, "The 
  Prophecy", "Still Life", "Deja-Vu", "Public Enema Number One", "Fates
  Warning", "Chains Of Misery", "Judas Be My Guide", and "Twilight Zone" 
  (the main riffs but not the lyrics, which were written mainly of course by 
  Steve Harris).
* The MAIDEN JAPAN E.P. happened because the Japanese wanted a live product.
  It was produced by IRON MAIDEN and Doug Hall, and released in November of
* IRON MAIDEN is apparently included in the Guiness Book Of World Records
  Museum in Las Vegas, NV. The Guiness book of Records (1990 ed. p. 155) says:
  "Largest PA system: On Aug 20th 1988 at the Castle Donington 'Monsters of
  Rock' Festival a total of 360 Turbosound cabinets offering a potential
  523kW of programme power, formed the largest front-of-house PA. The
  average Sound Pressure Level at the mixing tower was 118dB, peaking at a
  maximum of 124dB during Iron Maiden's set. It took five days to set up 
  the system."
* Nicko McBrain used to play with Pat Travers, but doesn't think too highly
  of him or the experience.  When asked about it in 1988, Nicko replied "I 
  wouldn't stop to PISS on him!"
* Nicko McBrain has (at least) 1 kid, Nicko Junior I believe.  He was born
  sometime around 1982 or so.  Nicko also married an American woman sometime
  in 1988 I think.  I'm not sure what number marriage this was, and if he's
  still married or not...
* The video for The Trooper contains a vicious cavalry charge which the BBC
  wouldn't play un-edited (even though the film it was lifted from, "Die With
  Your Boots On" (do I see trend here?!) was ironically screened at 7pm one
  evening when the band had been told their video was 'too bloodthirsty for
  young people').
* Most concerts during the Piece Of Mind tour clocked it at a little over 2 
  hours (for the first time now at this point)!
* Bruce is an avid fencer, and carries a full set of epees on the road with
* Bruce is also a 'train addict' - fascinated by trains, etc.
* Adrian is an avid fly fisherman.
* It's hard for Nicko to even take a break from playing (even after months
  and months and months on the road) - he likes playing so much!  Even so,
  he is also an avid fisherman, and has pursued and obtained a private
  pilot's license.  During the last part of the World Slavery Tour, he
  preferred flying his private plane to most gigs, as opposed to the guy's
  tour bus.
* The whole band are huge soccer fans.  West Ham (England) is their favorite
  team, but they used to play often on the road, especially gruelling matches
  with Rainbow and Def Leppard guys.  You can also see references to West Ham
  on the SOMEWHERE IN TIME album cover, and even a reference or two in a few
  different songs.
* POWERSLAVE was mixed at famed Electric Ladyland Studios in New York, NY.
* Rehearsals for the World Slavery Tour were done in Fort Lauderdale, FL,
  beginning 06/20/84.  This was followed in early August by 5 days of pre-
  production in Hannover, Germany, where the whole stage set, P.A., lights,
  etc. were put together complete for the first time.
* The World Slavery Tour entailed over 300 gigs in 13 months, enslaving 28
  countries en route.  On this tour they took 120,000 watts of PA, and over
  800 lamps.  For the US, it took 6 45-foot trailers and 5 buses to carry all
  the equipment and crew and personnel (the permanent crew of 12 people 
  expanding to 42 on the road).
* Maiden has always tried to avoid playing big prestige arenas, like Wembley
  and the NEC (both in England) in favor of taking the music to the people
  for as many nights as the people want them there.  Well, at least most of
  the time.  :)
* Steve Harris lives on a farm in Romford, just outside of Essex, England.
* Another popular hangout:  Harrow, London (bowling alley, favorite of Bruce
  Dickinson and Janick Gers)
* Derek Riggs lives in Ashwell, Hertforshire - and supposedly owns a very 
  good pub there.
* As of 1984, Maiden had never played "Invaders" live (even though it was
  thought of as a good 'rock n' roll opener'), or "Gangland".
* The song "Wrathchild" is misspelled on the IRON MAIDEN CD release (it is
  incorrectly spelled "Wratchild"). This is not limited to the U.S., it's also
  appeared in Canada.
* The CD releases of the first 2 albums, IRON MAIDEN and KILLERS, were not
  originally available when CDs first came to be.  They were released later
  on, and subsequently don't have a full inner sleeve, like all current CDs.
  They contain only a front and back cover - the inside is blank, so beware!
  Kinda cheesy!
* Martin Birch has produced all of Maiden's albums, except IRON MAIDEN 
  (produced by Will Malone), and A REAL LIVE ONE and A REAL DEAD ONE
  (produced by Steve Harris).
* The show for the Monsters Of Rock Festival, August 22, 1992, was about a
  2 hour Maiden gig.  On the very last song of the show, "Running Free", 
  Adrian Smith comes out there to play on it!  Bruce said later on that he 
  "didn't miss a note" and they saw tears in his eyes.
* The auditions for guitarists in Maiden's history has differed greatly.
  When Adrian Smith tried out, all he had to do was apparently play the song
  "Wrathchild", down a pint of beer in like 5 seconds, and play soccer halfway
  decent with the guys.  Janick Gers' audition was more difficult:  he had to
  learn "Iron Maiden", "Children Of The Damned", and "The Trooper" in one
  night!  You gotta think though...both of these guys were good friends with
  the band and had some kind of connections to IRON MAIDEN even before they
* Bruce Dickinson was required to learn 5 songs for his audition.  He
  apparently also went above and beyond the call of duty and learned like 10
  or something.
* Paul Sears (ex-GYPSY'S KISS drummer, an old band with Steve Harris) took
  over IRON MAIDEN's management temporarily for a short time in 1977.
* One of IRON MAIDEN's earliest fans was Keith Wilfort, now the head of the
  official IRON MAIDEN Fan Club.  He caught Maiden's first ever performance
  at the Cart & Horses tavern by accident - he was giving a barmaid's boy-
  friend the slip at the time after getting caught taking her out, and came
  in.  He was completely blown away by "Transylvania" and was converted on
  the spot.  One night Keith walked into the Bridge House (another popular
  early gigging spot) with a home-made t-shirt proudly proclaiming "Charlotte
  Rules OK", and soon followed it with a more elaborate "Invasion" t-shirt.
  So, he is pretty much the inventor of the first IRON MAIDEN t-shirt.  He
  later 'graduated' to pushing the band's merchandise, turning his home into
  a pit with thousands of copies of THE SOUNDHOUSE TAPES E.P., and has since
  progressed onto the Fan Club.
* All the b-sides for the SOMEWHERE IN TIME album were played pretty much
  totally by Adrian Smith.  Nicko did drums, Bruce did some vocals, but
  everything else was done by Adrian...some vocals ("Reach Out", for
  instance), all guitar and bass (that's why you don't hear the Steve Harris-
  esque dink-dink-dink all the way through on the bass line).  In fact, it
  was supposedly only these 3 guys in the studio the whole time for these
  singles:  "Reach Out", "That Girl", and "Juanita."  "Sheriff Of
  Huddersfield" was done by the whole band, by the way.
* Think about this:  the first 6 studio albums were in alphabetical order by
  POWERSLAVE, and SOMEWHERE IN TIME.  Then the go in reverse order after
* Here's something else interesting:  with the exception of the FROM THERE TO
  ETERNITY video (which was released sometime in 1992), IRON MAIDEN has
  released a video about every 2 years since their first, LIVE AT THE RAINBOW,
  in 1981.
* All proceeds from the sale of the official IRON MAIDEN biography "Running
  Free" are donated to the Anti-Heroin campaign (as well as sales from the
  1985 "Running Free" 7" poster bag single).
* The song "Moonchild" from SEVENTH SON OF A SEVENTH SON was recorded in only
  1 take!
* "Nosferatu" movie, 1922 - German film, FR Murnau.  Another influence for
  the band.
* Iron Maiden is one of only 3 bands to have made multiple appearances at
  Donington as the headlining act. The others are Whitesnake (twice) and
  AC/DC (3 times).
* The Irons is a nickname for West Ham United, a soccer club from London.
  This is Maiden's 'fave' club.  If you have any doubts about it, check out
  Steve's bass - it's got West Ham logo on it.  The club uses 'Up the Irons'
  as its 'motto' and that is why Maiden uses it as well.  Besides they are
  Irons, too... :-)
* Iron Maiden visited Russia for the first time during Fear of the Dark Tour
  (date indicated in Real Dead One). And connected with that (or may be not)
  they issued a full collection of Iron Maiden albums on vinyl to be sold in
  the stores around Russia - finally a legitimized distribution of their
  albums (before  this they used to copy the albums from friends or from
  by-western-laws-illegal so called recording studios.)

(end of FAQ, part 1)

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