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A Cappella FAQ Part 5/7

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Subject: A Cappella FAQ Part 5/7

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              A Cappella FAQ - Part Five: A Cappella Recordings

Questions answered in part 5:
Q 5.1 Where can I purchase a cappella albums?
Q 5.2 Are there any compilation albums of modern a cappella music?
Q 5.3 How can I find a particular a cappella albums or one by a particular
Q 5.4 Where can I find an archive or fairly complete collection of a
cappella recordings?
Q 5.5 Can someone advise me on selecting a good a cappella recording?

Q 5.1 Where can I purchase a cappella albums?

* CASA *

You can buy the compilation albums CASA produces directly from them, on
their web site.

    PMB #1449
    1850 Union St. #14
    San Francisco, CA 94123-4309
    Phone: 415.563.5224
    Fax: 415.921.2834

* Collegiate-Acappella *

Collegiate-Acappella offers secure online ordering of college a cappella

    427-3 Amherst St, Suite 250
    Nashua, NH 03063-1258
    Phone: 603.886.9660
    FAX: 603.886.9660

* DJ Records *

DJ Records is the official album distributor for all King's Singers
recordings in the US and they also carry a number of choral recordings,
scholastic choral recordings, and other materials that would be of
interest to choral organizations. Contact them for a free catalog.

     DJ Records
     Doug Anderson
     PO Box 95
     McMinnville, OR 97128
     Phone: 503.472.6971

* Mainely A Cappella

Don Gooding, founder of the PAC, has recently formed a new company that
carries "mainly" a cappella recordings and it's based in Maine. Hence the
name. He has a very large selection and also has special offers - like a
10% discount for CASA members. The Mainely A Cappella web site also has
some special sections like a history of contemporary a cappella and a
calendar of upcoming a cappella concerts around the world located at

Mainely A Cappella has secure online buying capability. If you have not
yet visited their "store," go to 

    Mainely A Cappella
    PO Box 159
    Southwest Harbor, ME  04679
    Phone: 800.827.2936
    Phone: 207.244.7603 (Overseas)
    Fax: 207.244.7613 

* Primarily A Cappella *

A major source for a cappella recordings is the Primarily A Cappella
Catalog (The PAC) which is based in California at the same location as the
Harmony Sweepstakes. New catalogs featuring the latest releases and the
best selling albums are sent out several times a year. They also have an
online buyers club and sometimes offer special discounts to people who
order albums via email. Keep an eye on the a cappella newsgroups as well
for information about new album releases and lists of the best selling a
cappella albums. Call, write or email for a free catalog.

     Primarily A Cappella
     PO Box D
     San Anselmo, CA, 94979
     Phone: 415.455.8602
     Fax: 415.459.1622

* Virtual Voices *

A new online service for purchasing albums. They presently have a small
but growing list of clients.

     Virtual Voices
     c/o Mendyke, CPA
     5555 Odana Rd, Suite 207
     Madison, WI 53719-1240
     Phone: 800.711.3627
     Fax: 608.288.1501

Q 5.2 Are there any compilation albums of modern a cappella music?

There are several, most of which are carried by the mail order a cappella
CD outlets.  For complete information on the albuma on the following list,
as well as several others, go to  Mainely A Cappella at and Primarily A Cappella at and check the category of Various Artists.

* A Cappella All Stars *

Since 1997, CASA has released several compilation albums containing many
of the Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards (CARA) Nominated and
Award-winning groups/tracks. For more information, check out

* Best of College A Cappella (BOCA) *

BOCA albums include tracks performed by college groups from all over the
US. These albums showcase some of the best the college groups have to
offer - hence the name. :-) A portion of the money from the sales of the
BOCA CDs goes to support the Urban Harmony Movement (UHM). For complete
track listings of all albums, check the CASA page at

* Best of the Vocal Bands - A Cappella *

A release from PAC Records, this album was conceived to recognize and
support the many professional groups performing in the "vocal band" style.

* Harmony Sweepstakes *

Since 1993 the Harmony Sweepstakes National Finals have been immortalized
on disc. These recordings give you a great collection of music from the
top a cappella groups -- those who have won their Harmony Sweeps Regional
competitions. These are available from the PAC (see above for address).
The PAC has also released a compilation album of some of the best
performances at the National Sweeps, recorded between 1993 and 1998.

* Hot Lips - The Vocal Band Sampler *

A sampler CD released by Hot Lips Records, from Mainely A Cappella. This
CD contains tracks from some of the hottest vocal bands in the world.

* Northern Harmony *

With Northern Harmony, CASA has done something no one has ever done before
-- put seven Canadian a cappella groups on one CD. A live recording of the
first Canadian a cappella tournament, the groups on this CD range from
barbershop to jazz, pop to First Nations folk. 

* Spike & Co. - Do It A Cappella *

Put out by Rhino records, this is one of the best a cappella compilation
available for the first time listener.

     The Mint Juleps - I Want to Live Easy  
     Rockapella & True Image - Under the Boardwalk 
     The Persuasions - Up on the Roof
     The Mint Juleps - Higher and Higher 
     Take 6 - Get Away Jordan 
     Ladysmith Black Mambazo - God Bless Africa 
     The Persuasions - Pass on the Love
     Ladysmith Black Mambazo & The Mint Juleps - The Lion Sleeps Tonight

* Urban Harmony - R&B A Cappella *

CASA's a cappella singing program for teens, the Urban Harmony Movement,
has put together an R&B Compilation CD. It is a tribute to the heritage of
contemporary a cappella and proof that it is here to stay. For more
information check out

* Voices Only-A Cappella Originals *

This album, released on the PAC label, is a great compilation of original
compositions by some of the best known a cappella groups -- proving that a
cappella is more than doo-wop or barbershop and also showing that these
people can create their own great music

Q 5.3 How can I find a particular a cappella albums or one by a particular

Try the CASA A Cappella Group Database Search which allows you to search
for albums using various criteria such a name, title, college or
professional, etc. They try to keep this database as current as possible,
but since life moves faster than the Internet, not all data is up to date.
If you have any corrections or additions to this database, please email
them to  The database can be found at

The PAC has a list of all of the albums they carry at

Mainly A Cappella has a couple of ways to finds your favorite album -- by
title at or by group at

Q 5.4 Where can I find an archive or fairly complete collection of a
cappella recordings?

CASA maintains a Recording Archive at 
The albums are listed by artist, title and year. Many (but not all) of the
albums are in print and available for purchase. If you're looking to
purchase professional albums, your best bet is the Primarily A Cappella
catalog or Mainly A Cappella. If you're trying to locate a collegiate
album, contact the group/school directly. If you don't have any luck
following these channels, information about any of these albums and how to
purchase them can be obtained by contacting CASA at

Q 5.5 Can someone advise me on selecting a good a cappella recording?

Since 1990, CASA has awarded its Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards
(The CARAs) to the most deserving recordings of the year. Buying
recordings by these winning groups is a great place to start your
collection. Check out the list in the Programs area of the A Cappella
Almanac at

You might like to take a look at the reviews that have been done by the
Recorded A Cappella Review Board (RARB). This is a group of volunteers who
review albums and publish their reviews on their own web site.. You can
read those reviews at 

A   PMB #1449, 1850 Union St. #14
S   San Francisco, CA 94123-4309 USA
A   415.563.5224 -

End of FAQ Part Five

                   Ann Griffee - FAQ Maintainer 
           The Contemporary A Cappella Society - CASA
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         Visit CASA on the Web at:
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